Why is there no sound in Zoom when entering a conference

If you are a member, have received an invitation to join, are trying to enter through the program on your phone or from a laptop, then you will see a similar authorization form:

Notice the Do Not Connect Audio and Mute My Video options. If you activate them, then after adding to the conference room your microphone and camera will be automatically disabled. You will not be seen or heard.

This is the first possible reason. when a user accidentally enters these options. Or they remained active by default after a previous online meeting.

How do I enable audio in a Zoom meeting in this case? Click once on the screen so that the toolbar appears at the bottom. Then on the left we click on the microphone icon. A “Call using device sound” notification appears. In fact, this is a button that you can click to get the desired result.

If you see a red crossed out microphone, you need to click on it to unlock it. If you do not hear the organizer and other participants. check if the speaker is turned on (icon at the top left), if the volume is sufficient:

Sound in Zoom on a computer is enabled in the same way. via the control panel button. Additionally, you can open the menu of audio devices, select the required equipment (if, for example, you have two microphones, external and built into a laptop).

There is also a “Settings” item in the menu. Go to the “Sound” tab and we can check the equipment performance. Here it is also recommended to check the option “Mute my microphone when connecting to a conference”. If necessary. uncheck the box.

How to turn on audio in Zoom in a conference on a phone, computer, if there is no sound

How do I turn on audio in a Zoom conference from my phone if you’re a participant? Many users of this service and mobile application for Android, iPhone face a similar problem. Consider possible causes and solutions for smartphone / tablet and computer.

The host has muted the Zoom in the meeting

If you checked all the options on your part, but nothing helped, then the “problem” is in the restrictions set by the creator of the communication session.

On the Member Management page, there is a Mute for All button at the bottom. This applies not only to current members, but also to new members who join the conference in Zoom. When the “Allow participants to turn on their sound” option is active in the operation confirmation window, the situation can be easily corrected (the method from the first part of the instruction will help). If the checkbox is removed, then there is no way to get around the ban.

Also, on the “Details” tab, the organizer can control the following parameters:

We recommend watching a selection of thematic instructions from our YouTube channel:

How to enable Night Mode on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets

In the proprietary shell of the One UI system, which runs modern Samsung smartphones and tablets, starting from the first released version, there is a dark theme, which was originally called “Night Mode”. With the release of One UI 2.0, the dark theme has been renamed to “Dark Mode” and has acquired new features, including dimming the wallpaper, a blue filter and the ability to enable night mode on a schedule.

Turning on the dark theme not only saves battery power, but is also designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue by limiting the blue color. In addition, many users activate the dimming mode for aesthetic reasons. simply because they like the dark One UI better than the light one.

By activating night mode, the black theme will apply to both the system interface elements and many supported dimming applications, including Gallery, Messages, Phone, Contacts, Google Play, YouTube,. Instagram, Telegram, Viber and other third-party programs.

Two more helpful instructions for owners of Samsung mobile devices:

How to enable dark theme on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets

There are two ways to activate night mode: through the Settings application and using the button located on the quick settings panel. The second option is easier. just fully open the “curtain” by swiping down twice from the top edge of the screen, go to the second page by swiping to the left (by default, the “Darkening mode” button is displayed on the second tab with quick settings), and click on corresponding icon.

night mode settings on Samsung Galaxy

The advanced features of the dark theme are available in the One UI settings menu. To go to them, you need to open the “Settings” application and go to the “Display” section. By clicking on the “Dimming Mode” toggle switch, you can turn on the black theme, and clicking on the name of the item. go to additional options.

In the subsection that opens, there is also a switch designed to manually activate the night mode. In addition, a separate toggle switch is available that is responsible for turning on the dark theme on a schedule.

You can schedule dimming between dusk and dawn. for this, the geodata function must be active to automatically determine the time of sunset and sunrise based on the location of the mobile device.

Also, the dimming mode can be turned on according to the schedule. To do this, select the “Custom Schedule” item and set the start and end times for the dark mode.

The two remaining functions from the list are responsible for dimming the wallpaper and activating the adaptive color filter. The last option allows you to automatically turn on the blue filter from sunset to sunrise to reduce eye strain.

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How to enable developer mode on Samsung Android

Hey! Today I will show you how to enable developer mode on Android Samsung Galaxy phone. You can very easily and quickly open developer options and settings on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Go!)

On the main screen of the phone, find the Settings button and click on it.

In Settings, at the bottom of the screen, click on the Phone Details tab.

Next, find the Software Details tab here and click on it.

You need to find the Build number parameter here and click on it more than 5 times. When pressed, notifications of the type will appear: Steps before enabling developer options: 3.

Press (usually 5 times) until the notification appears: Developer Mode is on. All is ready.

Return to the settings page. The Developer Options tab will appear at the bottom. Click on it.

All is ready. Here you can take advantage of additional functions:

  • Disable developer mode;
  • Create a bug report;
  • Create a backup password;
  • Enable active mode so as not to turn off the screen when charging;
  • Bluetooth tracking log;
  • Running services, viewing and managing;
  • SRGB color mode;
  • WebView Chrome service;
  • Enable system auto-update;
  • Demo mode;
  • Show quick tiles of parameters;
  • USB debugging;
  • Revoke USB debugging authorization;
  • Include bug reports;
  • Location simulation;
  • View attribute control;
  • Select the application to be debugged;
  • Log buffer size;
  • Authorize wireless devices;
  • Detailed Wi-Fi log;
  • Fast switching from Wi-Fi to mobile networks when the signal is weak;
  • Allow Wi-Fi roaming search;
  • Hardware acceleration in modem mode;
  • USB MTP configuration;
  • Audio codec for transmission via Bluetooth;
  • Transmission sampling rate;
  • Audio coding depth;
  • Audio channel mode;
  • LDAC audio codec for Bluetooth;
  • Show touches;
  • Show pointer location;
  • Show screen updates;
  • Window animation scale;
  • Animator duration scale;
  • Emulate additional displays;
  • Forced GPU processing;
  • GPU overshoot debugging;
  • Enable 4x MSAA;
  • Disable hardware overlay;
  • Visualization tool;
  • Strict regime;
  • GPU processing profile;
  • Do not save transactions;
  • Background processes;
  • Show all ANR;
  • Resetting the ShortcutManager API Call Limit.

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Why T9 is useful for the user?

T9, or auto-correction, is an option that first appeared on push-button devices. Previously, phones used a compact 3 × 4 keyboard. To implement typing on it, manufacturers hung several letters on one key.

Entering words on a keyboard like this took a long time. It is necessary to press one button several times to select the desired letter. Therefore, typing text messages turned into a real test for the user.

To facilitate the task, the T9 function was invented. It keeps track of the entered characters and suggests possible word suggestions to the user. You do not have to enter them completely, and typing is greatly accelerated.

Additionally, the system records frequently used words. Thanks to this, it adapts to the owner of the device, becomes for him a faithful assistant when typing text messages.

Another T9 feature is bug fixing. The system independently removes typos from words when typing, and the user does not need to waste his opinion on this. Naturally, T9 can be wrong, generating unpleasant and funny bloopers.

Samsung a50 problem no media volume,No sound,no audio problem found in a50

Now smartphones have switched to a virtual keyboard. But the T9 function remained in telephones, in many devices it is called Autocorrection. Her task is simple. to suggest words as you type and remove mistakes.

How to enable T9 on Samsung J2? In the future, we will provide instructions on how to activate this option on your smartphone.

How to enable T9 on Samsung?

On old and new Galaxy devices, the procedure for activating the function is slightly different, as they have different versions of the operating system. Therefore, we will study how to configure this option on them.

On older models

  • Go to “Applications”.
  • Open settings.
  • Go to the item “General management”.
  • Open Language & Input.
  • Go to the section “On-screen keyboard”.
  • Open Samsung keyboard.
  • Find the item “Predictable text” or “T9”.
  • Move the slider to the on position.

How to remove T9 on Android on Samsung?

You can deactivate this function in the same way as you turned it on. Only in the keyboard settings, you need to move the slider to the off position. The procedure for deactivating the option will not cause problems.

How to enable T9 on Samsung

How to enable T9 on Samsung? It is not difficult to activate this function, you will need to spend no more than a minute on it. In our material you will find instructions describing the procedure.

On new models

An easy way to activate automatic fix on modern machines:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “Management” section.
  • Go to Language & Input.
  • Choose among the options the Samsung keyboard.
  • Find “T9 Mode” in the list and activate it.

How can you replace T9 with Samsung?

You have learned how to enable T9 on Samsung J5 and other smartphones from the Korean manufacturer. Most owners use a standard keyboard, which is set by default as the main one. She copes well with her tasks and is quite convenient to use.

But the manufacturer allows you to replace the standard keyboard if necessary. Gbord is in demand among Android users. This is a keyboard from Google that provides comfortable typing, has a lot of settings to adapt to the owner of the device, supports changing the design.

How to activate the function

The speakerphone turns on very easily when making a call.

On the desktop, you need to launch the “Phone” application (an icon in the form of a green square with a white tube). Next, you need to select a subscriber in the list of contacts to make a call, or just click on his name, if he is in the list of dialed or received numbers.

The connection will be established, at the same moment the buttons for the functions available during the call will appear on the screen. One of them, at the bottom left of the display, shows a loudspeaker. This is the option of interest. After clicking on it, the user will see that the button has changed color (usually to green) and will hear beeps from the external speaker of the smartphone, and then the voice of the interlocutor.

If the call is incoming, then you can activate the option only after accepting it.

If the mode is turned on by accident, for example, when the screen is carelessly touching the face during a conversation, the question appears. how to turn off the speakerphone on the phone? It’s easy to do. just click on the speaker image on the bottom left of the display. Option will be disabled.

If no sound is heard after activating the function, you should restart your mobile device. a failure could have occurred. If the problem persists, a flashing or repair of equipment is required.

The next step is to disable the standard “Contacts” utility:

After you have managed to disable the standard “Contacts”, you need to set a new program for making calls:

Now, for incoming and outgoing calls, the speakerphone should function normally.

Using an alternative application “Contacts”

If the manufacturer of the mobile device did not bother to equip its product with a speakerphone or it does not work on the existing firmware, you can try to install an alternative version of the program on Samsung that is responsible for incoming / outgoing calls. This requires:

  • From the desktop of the device, enter the standard for Andro /

After you have managed to disable the standard “Contacts”, you need to set a new program for making calls:

  • Open the “Application Manager” and call its properties by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Select the “Default Applications” section. In some firmwares it may be called “Preferences”.
  • Go to the “Phone” or “Call” tab and install the previously downloaded utility (for example, Drupe) as the managed software.
  • For correct operation of the changes made, restart the mobile device.

Now, for incoming and outgoing calls, the speakerphone should function normally.

Turning on the speakerphone function

Turn on hands-free function.

  • From your desktop device, enter the standard Android Play Market application.
  • In the search box enter “Contacts and phone book”.
  • In the window that appears, select one of the programs with good user feedback and download it to your mobile phone.

Hands Free

As an alternative to such a device, you can use the hands-free gadget, which is attached with a built-in clothespin either to clothes, or directly to the steering wheel. At the same time, during a conversation, complete freedom of hands is provided.

The advantages of the above communication methods are the simplicity of equipment, installation and configuration, as well as their low cost. You have the ability to connect different models of phones with Bluetooth function in this way.

Plantronics K100 In-Car Bluetooth

Hands-free communication in the car can be provided using this device, which has proven itself as a convenient, reliable and practical device. The K100 has simple controls. The design provides only three buttons and a volume control.

The buttons here are as follows: for receiving and rejecting a call, turning on the radio and completely turning off the sound. The device is equipped with a double-acting microphone, which, in turn, filters out noise and interference, transmits voice without distortion.

This completes all the settings, except for the selection of sound parameters.

The radio function is configured by pressing the corresponding button, and if desired, the radio wave signal can be transmitted to the car radio. To do this, it is enough to tune the tape recorder to the appropriate wave and the signal from the K100 will be broadcast through the car’s audio system.

The autonomous charge will last for fourteen hours of talk time.

The device works in standby mode for fifteen days. The battery can be charged either from a car or from a computer via a USB cable. Thanks to the presence of AD2P, the device supports voice commands for GPS navigation.

Second method:

  • Hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • When the menu appears, select “Restart” and confirm it.
  • If the Samsung Galaxy A10 logo appears, press the Volume Down button.
  • Release this key when you see Safe Mode.
  • Fine!

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How to enable safe mode?

You can activate protection mode on your Samsung phone or tablet by following the instructions:

  • Turn it on and at the time of boot, when the manufacturer’s logo appears, hold down the volume down button.
  • Hold the key until the startup is complete.

If all points are completed correctly, then at the bottom of the display you will see the corresponding inscription.

Safe Mode Samsung Galaxy A51 as in

How to enter Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy A51? How to open safe mode in Samsung Galaxy A51? How to quit safe mode on Samsung Galaxy A51? How to Boot into Safe Mode Samsung Galaxy A51?

Here you will find answers to all these questions. Find out how to access Android 9.0 Pie’s hidden mode called Safe Mode.

Safe Mode Samsung Galaxy A50 as in

How to enter Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy A50? How to open safe mode in Samsung Galaxy A50? How to quit safe mode on Samsung Galaxy A50? How to Boot into Safe Mode Samsung Galaxy A50?

Here you will find answers to all these questions. Find out how to access Android 9.0 Pie’s hidden mode called Safe Mode.

First way:

  • Hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • In the next mode, press “Shutdown” until you see information about safe mode.
  • Now click “Safe Mode” two times to open it.
  • Wait until Safe Mode appears on the screen.
  • To exit this mode, hold down the power button and select Restart twice.

How to enable Safe Mode on Samsung

Safe Mode (Samsung Galaxy A50)

Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017). entering / exiting safe mode. video

SAFE MODE Samsung Galaxy A50. How to open and exit Safe Mode. video

How to turn on sound on a laptop?

There are several ways to turn on the sound and increase its volume on laptops running Windows:

  • through the taskbar;
  • using function keys.

Both methods are distinguished by their simplicity and speed. Of course, they will not be able to figure out why the sound on the computer does not work, however, turning on the speakers will not be difficult.

Task bar

In this case, you can activate the laptop speakers in just 2 clicks:

  • Left-click on the corresponding icon on the taskbar.
  • Turn on the speakers with one more click.
  • Yes, it’s that simple. Difficulties in this case will not arise even for beginners.

How to turn up the volume on a laptop?

There are many ways to make the sound loud and amplify the signal. over, you can even adjust the volume from the keyboard. The most popular options are as follows:

  • through the taskbar;
  • using the function keys;
  • via windows options.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, all of the following methods allow you to make the desired sound settings.

Function Keys

Using function keys, users can quickly turn on the touchpad on a laptop or put the device into airplane mode. To turn on the sound on Asus laptops, you must simultaneously press the Fn and F10 buttons on the keyboard.

Secret Hidden Audio Mod For Your Samsung Galaxy

Note: Notebook combinations of other brands may have different initial combinations. There is only one universal rule. the user needs to press the Fn button and the F key, marked with a crossed out speaker.

Function Keys

You can also add volume using the function keys. As a rule, they are located next to the on / off sound button. To set the desired sound on Asus laptops, you need to press Fn and F11 (volume down) or Fn and F12 (volume up). For laptops of other brands, the buttons may be different. In any case, they will be marked with the appropriate icons. By the way, using the function keys, you can adjust the brightness on the laptop.

Windows settings

This method is a little time consuming. To amplify the sound and make it louder, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Right-click on “Start” and select the “Options” option from the menu.
  • Open the “Sound” subsection and set the mixer to the desired volume.
  • Raising the volume is somewhat more difficult in this case. However, you can adjust other sound settings you want in the Windows settings. The variability of the presented customization method is higher.

How to set up sound on a laptop?

Many laptop and computer users often do not know how to turn on Bluetooth or what to do if the keyboard does not work. However, sometimes more trivial tasks also cause difficulties. For example, people don’t know how to turn on the sound and turn up the volume. In fact, it is very simple to cope with the solution of these tasks.

enable, sound, mode, samsung

On Samsung Galaxy, screen images become negative how to set up to return to normal view.

Let’s see what to do if the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen starts displaying negative images. Most likely, the negative mode was activated on the phone, perhaps by accident or because of whatever widget on the phone. For those who faced a similar problem, when the Samsung Galaxy screen began to show everything in the form of a negative, we will try to explain several ways how to exit this mode and restore the normal display of the picture on the phone screen.

enable, sound, mode, samsung

1) Disable the negative mode on the Samsung screen like this. go to the Settings Menu Accessibility Negative, on the contrary, put or uncheck the box.

2) This method will also allow you to turn off the negative mode on Samsung Galaxy, for this we call the main screen menu by holding your finger on the phone screen, then you will see the “Home screen” menu on the screen where we select “Applications and widgets” and get into the menu with widgets. Find the “Negative” widget in it and drag it to the desktop. To enable or disable the negative mode, you just need to touch it on the display.

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All service codes for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets

  • #. will show software version, modem and region
  • #. displays the IMEI number of your phone
  • #. this code will bring up a menu where you can check the functionality of the gadget components, including the LCD panel, infrared port (if any), speaker, cameras and much more
  • #. with the help of this menu you can see the coefficient of absorption of electromagnetic energy by your body
  • #. displays the status of your GSM network, namely, the registration status, which band is in use, and so on
  • #. this menu displays information about the status of the battery. You can also calibrate it by clicking the “Quick Start” button
  • #. you can configure the USB settings. Don’t touch them if you don’t know what they mean.
  • #. system dump mode. You can get dumps of system resources, as well as the logs of their work, by which you can find problems
  • #. it displays information about the touchscreen software. You can also check the Wi-Fi version.
  • #. HSDPA / HSUPA control menu
  • #. over-the-air update options
  • #. wireless engineering menu
  • #. data consumption status
  • #. proximity sensor test mode
  • #. light sensor test mode
  • #. Nand Flash memory serial number
  • #. built-in GPS receiver control menu
  • #. sound test mode
  • #. vibration motor testing
  • #. your MAC address
  • #. Bluetooth test mode
  • ###. more GPS test settings
  • ”your IMEI number” #. show / change region (instead of “your IMEI” enter the IMEI number of the phone).
  • I repeat that you should not touch those parameters, the meaning of which you do not know. You risk losing the functionality of your phone or valuable data.

    How to enter a service tag?

    Everything is very simple. Open the dialer and enter numbers with characters that correspond to the menu that you want to execute. After entering the last character, the menu should automatically start, no additional action is required.

    Denial of responsibility: this information is intended for advanced users. You shouldn’t try to change anything in the settings. if you are not familiar with mobile devices. We are not responsible for any subsequent problems, including data loss or hardware damage.

    Service codes and key combinations for Samsung Galaxy smartphones

    Service tools become useful in cases where the user needs to access some functions that are not available in normal mode. By and large, they were invented to test the operation of the device, but we can also use them to call up various menus.

    Advanced users deal with them all the time. For example, on some Galaxy devices, you can adjust the sound volume, find out hidden information about the phone, and much more. Now we will analyze the most useful service codes that will suit users of Samsung smartphones and tablets.

    Useful keyboard shortcuts for Samsung Galaxy

    • Enter recovery: in the off state of the phone, we press the volume buttons up, Home and power
    • Bootloader / fastboot mode: you also need to turn off the phone, and then hold down the volume down, Home and power buttons
    • Take a screenshot: on the desired screen, hold down the volume up, power and, of course, the Home button.
    • Make the phone go off: simultaneously hold down the volume down and power buttons

    We hope these system codes and key combinations will be useful to you, but, as for the 100th time, we want to warn you that it is worth using them with double caution.

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