How to call Siri on a locked iPhone?

How to activate Hey Siri! on iPhone and iPad?

  • Open Settings → General → Siri.
  • Activate the Listen “Hey Siri!” Function by switching the corresponding toggle switch to the active position.

What Siri Can Do?

Siri can call the number you want or send a message for you. This is convenient if you are driving, when your hands are full or you are just in a hurry. … Add smart prompts to that: for example, if you’re late for a meeting, Siri will prompt you to send a message to your colleagues.

How to communicate with Siri correctly?

You can contact Siri using the Home button

To communicate with Siri, you first need to activate the voice assistant. This must be done in the phone settings, there is a separate Siri item there. To access it, you need to hold down the home button until Siri responds.

How to open Siri with your voice?

Set up Hey Siri to help Siri recognize your voice

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Click Siri & Search.
  • Turn off Listen Hey Siri and then turn it back on.
  • When the Set Up Hey Siri screen appears, click Continue.

How to turn on Siri by voice without charging?

How to use “Hey Siri” even without connecting to a charger

  • First, make sure Hey Siri is turned on. This can be done in Settings → General → Siri → Allow “Hey Siri”.
  • Now activate Siri by pressing the Home button. When it turns on, do not say anything and wait for this screen.
  • That’s all.

How to call Siri on Android?

  • Visit “Google Play Store” on your device.
  • In the search bar (located at the very top of the screen) write “Alice” and click on search.
  • From the entire list of offers, select “Yandex.
  • Go to the page with the application.
  • Give the device time to download and install the program.

How to turn on Siri on 10m iPhone?

Hold the side (Power) button on your iPhone X until you see the Siri screen with a small indicator at the bottom, then release the button. If you don’t know, the side button is on the right side of the iPhone X. When Siri is activated, you can ask your question or ask to execute a command.

How to enable Siri on iPhone 6?

  • If Siri won’t turn on, go to Settings and select the General tab. Select Siri and then turn the slider to ON.
  • You can set Siri to launch automatically by sliding the Raise to Speak slider to the ON position.

What is Siri

Active users of Apple products are familiar with Siri (aka Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface). It is a cloud-based voice assistant that can answer questions and search for information on the Internet. She is even able to talk to the owner of the smartphone, although the stock of witty answers is very limited. The assistant began to speak Russian only in 2014, in fact Siri is an artificial intelligence. She knows how to process human speech, use a navigator and make recommendations based on user requests. Naturally, Siri is changing with the release of updated iPhone models. The assistant can now interact with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and applications installed on the smartphone. Siri will set an alarm on iPhone, find a restaurant and recommend good music. that’s why the voice assistant fell in love with customers.

How to enable Siri on iPhone?

Apple loves to equip its products with “chips” that competitors do not have. An unusual, but thoughtful move. similar ideas that appeared later will not be innovative, but will receive the title of copies. The first association with the phrase “voice assistant” in people is Siri, Apple’s software product that helps the user to quickly find answers and plan things. The assistant was originally an iPhone application, but Yabloko bought the rights and made the mechanical girl part of its own operating platform. “Converts” often do not know how to call Siri on the iPhone, and in this article we will try to understand this issue.

How to activate Siri

Before turning on Siri on iPhone, make sure that the device supports this function. the model must be at least 4S. You need to activate the voice assistant in the smartphone settings, this is done in several steps:

  • click on the application icon “Settings”;
  • select the “Basic” settings item;
  • go to the “Siri” menu;
  • move the toggle switch to the “green” position;
  • save the selected settings.

Older models do not support Siri by default, but installing a voice assistant is possible. just equip your smartphone with a jailbreak. Reverse steps for this instruction will turn off Siri if it is not needed. Not all users are comfortable using the voice assistant, and in order not to load memory, it is recommended to delete unnecessary applications and turn off useless functions. This will also save battery power, and you can always re-enable Siri if necessary.

Which smartphones have Siri installed

Since Apple’s voice assistant was purchased later than smartphones began to be produced, the function is available for models older than 4S. Previously, this aroused violent envy among the owners of early models, now outdated smartphones are rare, and the assistant works properly on “fresh” phones. Siri turns iPhone into a complete companion that can help you plan your day or remind you of a business meeting, all you have to do is ask. Modern models support the function, with the development of technology, Siri also grows smarter and learns. Apple uses updated concepts, revises the functionality and design of smartphones, but does not remove the voice assistant. the future belongs to artificial intelligence. Users hope that the manufacturer will continue to keep the function of the voice assistant in its developments, as well as improve the functionality of the software platform.

How to call Siri assistant

No complicated manipulations need to be performed. the voice assistant will kindly respond to “Hello Siri”. It is possible to form specific queries: “Hello Siri, what is the dollar exchange rate today?” The assistant will also tell you about the weather, events and important dates. Now about how to call Siri on iPhone 10. the concept of the assistant has been changed for the updated generation. To call you will need:

  • press the side button;
  • hold down the key;
  • say a voice prompt.

This method is suitable for large requests, because Siri will listen to the owner’s voice until he releases the key. A handy feature that helps you optimize your web searches. Therefore, the voice assistant Siri remains an important part of the concept of Apple mobile devices. competitors cannot yet boast of such convenience and quality of recognition.

Calling the assistant by voice

To activate the mobile assistant using your voice, you must say the key phrase “Hey Siri.” The user then adds a passphrase in which the question is embedded. For example, where is the nearest restaurant or how the word “apple” is translated into English.

In this case, the gadget must be connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi or LTE / 3G / edge). The voice assistant will immediately respond to the command and provide the owner with the information of interest. It doesn’t matter if the gadget is active or in a locked state. The method is relevant only for the latest version. iPhone X. Previous models require an additional launch of the Home button.

How to start Siri with the lock button

This method is considered more primitive than the previous one. To use Siri assistance again, you need to hold down the Power button. After a few seconds, a window with an assistant will open.

The method is good if the microphone is out of order or it is not possible to use the first method. The user will be able to set a specific command in the usual way. using the keyboard.

How to enable and call Siri on iPhone X

The decision to get rid of the Home button led to a change in a number of algorithms for working with the iPhone. One of the most requested features is the voice assistant. Let’s take a closer look at how to call Siri on iPhone 10 using several methods.

How to call Siri on iPhone X

The main tools for working with the iPhone X are gestures and the voice of the owner. There are three ways to launch the mobile assistant. The user will be able to decide for himself how best to contact Siri.

How to enable Siri on iPhone X

To turn on the Siri voice assistant on iPhone X, you need to perform a number of manipulations with the gadget. How to enable Siri on iPhone 10:

  • Go to the settings section. Select the “General” department. Select “Siri” from the list of possible functions.
  • Switch the toggle switch to the active position using the touchpad of the gadget.
  • The assistant prompts you to use the “Configure” button. For better memorization of the owner’s voice, he pronounces a number of standard phrases. It is advisable to observe this point. Otherwise, it is likely that the program will work with strangers.

After that, the iPhone owner will be able to call the voice assistant at any time convenient for him. It is worth considering that the battery life with the active work of the mobile assistant will be reduced. It is recommended to turn off the program to save battery power.

Call Siri on headphones or headset

If, in the process of working with audio files, the iPhone owner needs to immediately contact Siri, just hold down the center button. The bell button will work in the same way. Since the microphone is in relative proximity, you can immediately voice the actual request. Only active promotional codes on the website for new casino players

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How to enable and set up Siri on iPhone and iPad running iOS 10 and iOS 11

Siri is a voice assistant that simplifies many of your daily tasks on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. For example, you can use it to set an alarm, create a reminder, make some kind of note in your notes, send a message, dial the desired subscriber, find out information from the Internet, or do many other actions. In other words, this assistant, which “lives” around the clock in a smartphone and a tablet, can really come in handy in many cases, so you should turn it on.

To enable Siri on iPhones and iPads running any version of the operating system, including iOS 10 and iOS 11, simply launch the Settings app and then find the section called Siri. To activate the voice assistant, just switch the toggle switch opposite “Siri” to the green “active” position. Below you can also configure additional parameters. it is highly desirable to do this.

The Lock Screen Access option means you can access Siri even when the screen of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is locked. This is convenient, but you need to remember that in this way attackers, in physical contact with the “apple” device, can see some confidential information, so this item should be activated at your own discretion.

The “Hey Siri” option is very helpful. So, it is enough to say this phrase out loud next to a smartphone or tablet, and the assistant will immediately become ready to perform any tasks. Note that this feature only works on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and iPad Pro tablets. The function is definitely useful, so we recommend turning it on.

To call the voice assistant, it is enough to hold the “Home” button under the screen of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for 1-2 seconds, or aloud “Hey Siri” next to the device.

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How to enable / set up Siri on Apple iPhone XR?

How to enable Siri on Apple iPhone XR? How to use Siri in Apple iPhone XR? How to enable Siri on Apple iPhone XR? How to enable Siri on Apple iPhone XR? How to add Siri to Apple iPhone XR? How to set up Siri on Apple iPhone XR? How to set up Siri on Apple iPhone XR? How to Control iOS Using Voice in Apple iPhone XR? How to enable voice control in Apple iPhone XR? How to enable Siri with “Hey Siri” on Apple iPhone XR? How to enable siri using the home button in Apple iPhone XR? How to turn off Hey Siri voice prompt in Apple iPhone XR? How to disable Siri from turning on with the home button of Apple iPhone XR? How to enable Voice Assistant on Apple iPhone XR? How to change Siri’s voice in Apple iPhone XR? How to change Siri language in Apple iPhone XR? How to Allow Siri on Locked Phone in Apple iPhone XR?

Siri. an assistant that uses voice prompts and a natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and take actions, delegating requests to a number of Internet services. It is a very useful tool that makes our life easier and more convenient, it is worth keeping it on your Apple device. Today we’re going to explain to you how to turn on Siri, you can activate it using the Home button or simply by calling Hey Siri. Follow our instructions and install Siri in a few easy steps!

  • In the first step, open Settings.
    enable, siri, iphone
  • Second, go to Siri Search.
    enable, siri, iphone
  • Now you have the opportunity to enable Siri and choose how to activate it.
    enable, siri, iphone
  • Select activation method or both and confirm by clicking Enable in the notification window.
    enable, siri, iphone
  • There you can also adjust some of the options according to your needs, for example: language, voice feedback, Siri voice, or turning it on on a locked device.
    enable, siri, iphone
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How to enable Siri?

To use this function, you need an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or a cellular data network.

Go to the “Settings” category ⇒Select the “General” tab ⇒Find the “Siri” category ⇒Then put the slider in the “ON” position. If necessary, in the “Language” category, you can select the language for using voice commands.

After these actions, Siri can be turned on by pressing and holding the “Home” button (the main large button), a microphone image and the text: “How can I help?” Will appear. Voice the command or ask any question of interest.

In the “General” settings ⇒ the “Siri” category there is an option “Allow“ Hey Siri ”, which will allow you to activate the Siri function using a voice command without pressing the“ Home ”button.

enable, siri, iphone

Activating the function using the phrase “Hey Siri” is allowed only when the Apple device is connected to power. For iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users, it is possible to use this feature at any time.

Also on the display there is a button “?”.

Examples of commands that you can easily use using the Siri function:

  • Phone: “Call Ivan”.
  • FaceTime: “Call Ivan on FaceTime”
  • Programs: “Launch Photo”
  • Messages: “Tell Ivan: I’m busy, I’ll call you back later”
  • Calendar: “Schedule a meeting at 10 am”
  • In order to understand how to enable Siri, we will first familiarize you with the benefits of this function.

    Siri is an “intelligent” voice assistant for Apple devices built into the operating system that recognizes and understands human speech, which will help you find information of interest using voice commands. This feature is built into all new Apple devices.

    Help with Siri:

    If the “Hey Siri” function is not responding, check if it is disabled in the “Settings” menu ⇒ the category “General” ⇒ the option “Siri.

    Siri may not work if you are having problems connecting to the Internet. She may say, “Sorry, there are problems connecting to the network,” or “Please try again later.” You need to check your network connection and try again.

    Lightweight and multifunctional in use, Siri is able to perform tasks of varying complexity and be used for various purposes (work, entertainment, etc.)

    On which iPhones and iPads does Siri turn on by voice work?

    Calling Siri with your voice will work on supported devices as long as they are connected to a power source. The exception was top-end gadgets such as iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s. iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE and iPad Pro, which are almost always ready for the request “Hey Siri!” respond and execute a voice command.

    On a MAC computer

    To open the assistant on an Apple computer:

    • Click the “Siri” button on the touchbar or on the main screen in the upper right corner.
    • Press the “Command Space” key combination, and hold in this position until the voice assistant appears on the screen.
    • If you are using a Mac from 2018, just say “Hey Siri” and then ask your question.

    How to call Siri on iPhone

    If you have not changed any settings, then the Siri voice assistant should be turned on. Try pressing the Home button (below the screen) and holding it for about a second. If Siri is on, you will hear a beep and an inscription will appear on the screen: “How can I help.” This inscription means that Siri is on and ready to talk.

    If, after a long press on the “Home” button, nothing happens, then this means that Siri’s voice assistant has been turned off on your iPhone.

    How to activate Hey Siri! on iPhone and iPad?

    Activate the Listen “Hey Siri!” Function by switching the corresponding toggle switch to the active position.

    The assistant prompts you to press the “Customize” button and repeat some simple expressions to memorize your voice better, to further reduce the chance of others accidentally activating Siri on your device.

    After the done manipulations, calling the voice assistant will become even easier.

    Note to the owners of top-end devices in which you can activate Siri without connecting the gadget to a power source. the battery life will certainly be reduced.

    Physical button press

    On devices that have a physical home button (e.g. iPhone 7):

    • Click “Home”.
    • When you activate the lower band of the sound wave image (you can already use Siri services at this moment), ask a question.
    • For example: “Siri, who won, Justin Gage or Tony Ferguson?”

    How to call Siri on iPhone X and other Apple devices without the “Home” button:

    • Press the side button.
    • Keep it pressed for a couple of seconds until a beep appears and Siri is activated.
    • Next, you can ask your question.

    These options are also available on a locked device. No additional settings required.

    Through Airpods

    When your Apple Wireless Headphones are paired with your phone and in your ears:

    • Double tap the outside of one earbud.
    • Wait for an accompanying beep.
    • Ask your question.

    In doing so, you can customize the assignment of headphone options through your iPhone 8 (or younger model). If you are the owner of the second generation of Airpods, you just need to say: “Hello Siri”. so that she turns on and you can use her help.

    Download Yandex and turn on voice activation

    At the moment, Alice does not have her own separate application. Russian search engine has built Alice into an application called Yandex on Android and iOS platforms.

    Make sure that Alice’s voice activation is enabled in the Yandex application on your iOS device (after installation, it is enabled by default).

    enable, siri, iphone

    Enable “Listen Hey Siri

    In order for Siri to respond to your voice commands on a locked phone with the screen off, you need to enable a couple of options in the settings:

    • Click “Settings”.
      enable, siri, iphone
    • Click “Siri and Search”.
      enable, siri, iphone
    • Click on the “Listen Hey Siri” and “Siri with screen lock” switches, they should be green.
      enable, siri, iphone
    enable, siri, iphone

    The fastest way to launch Alice on iOS is to use the widget that is included in the Yandex application, we wrote about this earlier. Many people are looking for a way to launch Alice with their voice, just like they launch Siri. But Apple, of course, does not want to provide users with the ability to change Siri to other voice assistants, and there is no such possibility in iOS. And in Android, by the way, you won’t be able to replace Google Assistant with Alice either. Yandex Phone is the only Android smartphone that allows you to launch Alice with your voice on any screen.

    But we will describe a life hack, thanks to which you can still launch Alice on a locked phone without pressing any buttons. The workaround works thanks to the ability to launch apps through Siri and the Always Listen feature available on iPhone 6S and up.

    We warn you right away, you will have to disable the phone lock to test this method. And launching Alice through Siri, of course, is not as convenient as saying “Alice” to a smart column in Yandex Station. But the method works, as you can see by watching the video.

    Turn off Passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID

    With the default iPhone settings, when you try to launch the application using Siri (we need to launch the Yandex application), the operating system will ask you to unlock the device.

    enable, siri, iphone
    enable, siri, iphone

    Therefore, if we want to run the application without hands, we need to disable unlocking using both a digital password and Touch ID and Face ID.

    • Click “Settings”.
      enable, siri, iphone
    • Click “Touch ID and Passcode”.
      enable, siri, iphone
    • If the switch “Unlock iPhone” is green, then click on it and it will turn off and turn gray. This operation will disable unlocking iOS device using Touch ID.
      enable, siri, iphone
    • Click “Turn off password code”.
      enable, siri, iphone
    • A warning will appear. Click “Disable”.
      enable, siri, iphone
    enable, siri, iphone

    How to enable Yandex Alice by voice on iPhone

    How to activate Alice using Siri, without pressing the phone buttons.

    enable, siri, iphone

    How to launch Alice through Siri

    Of course, the described method has a serious drawback. your iPhone data will not be protected. Therefore, this life hack is suitable only for those who are ready to sacrifice the security of their data for the sake of voice launching the assistant from Yandex. But, judging by Apple’s policy, we won’t have other ways to launch Alice with a voice soon. In the summer of 2018, a smart column Yandex Station with built-in Alice will go on sale, and there the voice assistant from Yandex will work in the “Always listen” mode by default.

    enable, siri, iphone

    We have made a reference application for the commands of the Russian assistant, which we update regularly. By installing this application, you will always have the most up-to-date list of commands:

    Own sound commands

    IOS has the ability to record your voice commands to call specific applications, perform certain actions.

    • From the Siri & Search menu, select All Shortcuts.
    • iPhone will suggest the actions that the user takes most often. For example, let’s choose to view incoming e-mail.
    • After pressing the red button (“record”), we pronounce the command with our voice, which we will subsequently use to start viewing incoming mail.
    • We edit and delete previously recorded voice commands in the section “My quick commands”.

    Record your voice command for Siri

    What iPhones are Siri friends with?

    The Assistant does not work on all iPhones. It “gets along” with versions of devices from the fourth iOS and higher. Calling a subscriber by voice is possible on supported devices if they are connected to a power source, that is, the battery is being charged. However, popular top models work without recharging, these are: iPhone SE, 6s, 7, 8, X, XR, XS.

    The above models of devices are always ready to execute the voice command of their owner. You can “talk” with your phone both on the street and at home.

    The latest versions of the devices do not require an obligatory internet connection. If a person searches for a network, but the server is unavailable due to a lack of connection, the data will not be displayed. This is a standard 404 error.

    How to Set up Siri on iPhone 11

    How to use the Assistant

    For the selected type of setting, Siri goes into active mode when you press the Home button for 1-2 seconds or a voice command. The first is not always convenient, since it requires manipulating the phone. For example, driving is not even safe.

    Voice activation is more practical, but you should configure your phone according to the instructions above so that intruders do not launch Siri without your knowledge.

    How to enable, set up and use Siri on iPhone (Siri)

    Siri is a voice assistant that helps out iPhone owners in many ways. They use Siri to call a taxi, view certain links in an Internet browser. They also dial the subscriber’s number or call back the contact at the right time, turn on the alarm for the selected hour, write messages, dictate texts. And this is far from the definitive list of Siri’s abilities.

    To fully experience the Assistant’s functionality, you should try to make the settings yourself. The assistant has become indispensable for users of Apple gadgets, so let’s figure out how to enable Siri on iPhone.

    How to enable Siri

    A conversation with the Assistant, his call are made after activating the function. It usually connects automatically. However, there are situations when a user purchased an iPhone in the secondary market, could not find the settings on his own, accidentally knocked off the parameters. In this case, the installation is done manually.

    Activation is performed as follows:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Select “Siri and Search”.
    • Activate green toggles, including the Listen Hey Siri option.
    • Next, we say the phrases offered on the screen so that the iPhone remembers your voice.

    The assistant follows the iPhone owner’s commands by responding to their voice. Therefore, you need to make settings for your own timbre and rhythm. This will reduce the chance of unlocking your phone by unauthorized people. Other features are also provided to make the work of the voice assistant more convenient. These include:

    • management of applications, programs;
    • calling a subscriber;
    • analogue answering machine and others.

    Possible problems

    Sometimes a malfunction occurs when the voice assistant function is turned on, but it does not work. The problem is that the gadget is in a horizontal position (in a. backpack, on a table). The iPhone is immediately protected against false unlocking. Pick up your phone to give any Siri setting.

    But when the Assistant displays information incorrectly, does not understand a clear command, the problem is in the hardware platform. It is recommended to update the system, connect the required updates, and restart the device. Then, with pleasure, use the services of the Assistant.

    Siri, of course, helps out always busy people, saves them time, so it’s worth “getting” such a “secretary friend” for yourself. Calling Siri on the iPhone at the right time will not be difficult.

    In the spotlight

    This is the name of the iOS search engine that appears when you swipe down on the screen. If you have Siri Suggestions activated, you’ll be able to find recently opened apps or ones that the assistant thinks you might want to open. If, for example, you usually open an Apple TV app at night to watch a TV show and access a search engine during those hours, it may be that the app exits as suggested.

    In Safari

    In the browser, we can find several Siri functions. If you have set your favorite bookmarks as your homepage, you will see that at the bottom, the wizard suggests a series of websites based on your recent searches or visited sites. Also, if you received the link through Messages, you can access it from there.

    There is also an interesting feature for preloading websites in the background. For example, if the best result of your search. this is Apple’s website, you will see that when you want to login, the website took less time to load because it was already loaded earlier. This can lead to the loss of more mobile data in the account if you have limited speed and you do not always get access to the first results, but otherwise it is a very important utility for faster navigation.

    Siri suggestions on iPhone: how to turn them on or off

    One of the benefits of having a smart assistant on your phone is that it learns from your digital habits, and its suggestions can be very helpful. That is why in this article we will tell you all about Siri suggestions on the iPhone, either in Safari or in the search engine, although we will also teach you how to turn them off if you want to.

    What are Siri Suggestions

    Thanks to the artificial intelligence with which it is equipped, Siri can make certain suggestions when using the iPhone to make the user experience much faster and more convenient. And all this without having to call it using the appropriate button or the well-known “Hey Siri” command. It is available in various parts of the system.

    Other offers

    The wizard will also offer you helpful suggestions in the following sections:

    • On the locked screen, you will receive useful advice on daily routine, for example, how to turn on the alarm or start a phone call.
    • When you Share any type of file, such as photos, you will receive suggestions for possible recipients and applications through which they can be sent.
    • When you leave for an event marked on the calendar, you can get information about traffic or public transport to arrive on time.
    • Check your flight status if you are traveling by plane.
    • Suggestions as you write. All kinds, from proper names to movie titles.
    • When you confirm via email or web service that you will attend an event, you can add it to your calendar directly.

    Turn suggestions on and off on iOS

    If you want to check if you have Siri Suggestions activated, follow these steps:

    • Open settings.
    • Go to Siri and search.
    • Go to Show Siri Suggestions.
    • Activate or deactivate options:
    • When searching.
    • On a locked screen.
    • On the home screen.
    • By sharing.
  • If you want to set search permissions for apps, you can enter them in this menu and activate or deactivate the following options:
  • Suggest an application.
  • Show application in search.
  • Show content in search.
  • Suggest shortcuts for the app.
  • On the other hand, if you want to install Safari Suggestions, you must do the following:

    • Go to settings.
    • Click Safari.
    • Activate or deactivate options:
    • Search engine suggestions.
    • Safari offer.
    • Preloading the best result.

    Also in this last section, if you click Siri and Search, you can grant Safari permissions as an app so that the rest of Siri’s suggestions can also access the browser.

    “Hey Siri!” Or How to enable Siri with your voice on iPhone

    The “Hey Siri!” Function, which brings up the voice assistant, is one of the relatively few features that was impudently spied on by guys from a rival platform (“Ok Google”). In this article, we will tell you what Apple devices it works on, why it is needed and how to turn it on by voice and make some personalization settings. Instructions for beginners!

    enable, siri, iphone

    Thanks to the voice assistant Siri, almost every owner of iPhone (4s and older), iPad (third generation and older, as well as all devices of the iPad mini line), iPod touch 5G and Apple Watch can voice calls, set alarms, write messages and even dictate texts. A more detailed list of useful commands can be found here.

    And if earlier it was required to hold down the Home button to activate the function, now it is enough to say the phrase “Hey Siri!” (the feature appeared on iOS 9 and also works on later firmware versions). True, there are some nuances here.

    On which iPhones and iPads does Siri turn on by voice work?

    Calling Siri with your voice will work on supported devices as long as they are connected to a power source. The exception was top-end gadgets such as iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s. iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE and iPad Pro, which are almost always ready for the request “Hey Siri!” respond and execute a voice command.

    How to activate Hey Siri! on iPhone and iPad?

    Activate the Listen “Hey Siri!” Function by switching the corresponding toggle switch to the active position.

    enable, siri, iphone

    The assistant prompts you to press the “Customize” button and repeat some simple expressions to memorize your voice better, to further reduce the chance of others accidentally activating Siri on your device.

    enable, siri, iphone

    How To Enable Siri On iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Mini & 12 Pro Max!

    After the done manipulations, calling the voice assistant will become even easier.

    Note to the owners of top-end devices in which you can activate Siri without connecting the gadget to a power source. the battery life will certainly be reduced.

    Why “Hey Siri!” enabled but not working

    Yes, the whole point is that if the device is in the user’s or is located on a horizontal surface with the display down, then the protection against false positives is activated. We have already written about this in detail on the pages of our website.