Android OS: how to share the screen in Skype

When you have any minor problems with the phone, perhaps it makes sense to show everything that happens on the screen on the screen, which is well versed in this matter and will help solve the problem? Today you will learn how to share the screen in Skype to receive remote care.

As an alternative, of course, you can use specialized applications for the provision of remote control. It is also allowed to record the entire occurring on the screen in a video file or fixation in screenshots, followed by a convenient way, but it is not always rational.

Now you can use the Skype application for Android to easily provide sharing your screen to any selected subscriber. Demonstrate him only what you think necessary and what concerns your problem.

In order to use this feature, Skype must be installed on your device and on the subscriber phone. Otherwise it will simply fail.

Make sure you use the latest version of the application. Otherwise, update it. Also before starting work, grant permission to access audio and video on your device.



LA competence zoom. These are Google Commands and, like this, it also allows you to share the screen from Microsoft. In addition to the fact that it is an excellent software, it shares the fact that it is ideal for video calls, and little in the face it was able to entrenched in the face of the impressive invasion of Zoom.

Google Teams offers only 60 free minutes for individual video calls and groups, so screen demonstrations for displaying a project or services that need to be hired may be more than enough. Since he is not from Microsoft, and it is enough in software, so if we proceed to a paid subscription, we will have an unlimited time.

Why when the screen is displayed video

Some users complain that they are worth it to start a demonstration of their screen, communicating with the interlocutor in Skype by video, as the show turns off. And at the same time, the contents and what is happening on the desktop appears on the screen.

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The fact is that the program allows the use of only one output stream. Two streams simultaneously do not work. It is for this reason during a video call when the screen show is turned on, the video is turned off and the normal voice call mode is activated.

As soon as the demonstration is turned off, the video will restore.

And it happens that the user can not include a demonstration at all. Here the reason can be only in one. This is the use of an outdated version of the popular Skype Messenger. And therefore the most correct and only true solution will download the latest version of Skype. After that, everything should start working.

How to start showing slides presentations from the first slide?

Open the presentation you want to view as a slideshow. On the Slideshow tab, click Start from the beginning. Select the slide from which you want to start slideshow. On the Slideshow tab, click Play.

Configure sound on your computer in the system parameters, and Teams in the device settings in Teams. On the Mac computer you will need to install the driver when you first turn on the TEAMS COMPUTER SOUNT. Just follow simple wizards and click Install or update.

How to show the phone screen to the interlocutor?

To share the system sound during direct broadcast: Open the collection controls, and then select Share. Select Enable System Sounds.

How to translate from phone to computer

The screen output function of the smartphone on PC has long ago. Since its first appearance, it has undergone many changes. Now we can enjoy broadcasting in different ways, the choice of each of which depends on the functionality of the phone and computer, as well as the availability of additional equipment.

How to transfer an image from your phone to a computer via USB

USB connection can be used both to view files saved in the phone‘s memory and screen broadcast. True, in the second case, you will have to fulfill several preparatory actions, but about everything in order.

If you want to see a photo or video from the phone on the computer screen, it is absolutely not necessary for these purposes to organize broadcast. It is enough to connect the mobile device to the PC using the USB cable, and then open the smartphone folder and start the desired file.

If when connected via USB, the phone folder is not displayed, on the screen of the mobile device, allow the transmission of media.

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This method is known to users for a long time, but it cannot satisfy all needs. Indeed, in this case, the screen is not broadcast, but the transfer of files. To display the phone‘s desktop to the computer, you will need to give permission in the settings:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • In the “About Phone” section, click on the assembly number or version of the OS.
  • Return to the main settings menu.
  • Go to the “For Developers” section.
  • Activate the Usb Debug item.

Now the smartphone will be ready for a full screen output to a computer. However, to implement the operation, you will have to use the USB-A adapter on HDMI, since the standard USB tools do not allow the shell to display another device.

If the adapter is available, then with the specified settings, connect the HDMI to the computer monitor. Instead of conditional Windows, it will display the inteeus of the desktop of the phone, which can be managed at its discretion. Of course, with such an implementation, a number of flaws that alternate with the pros.

Action variability (you can either output a full broadcast or open a separate file)

How to share your screen with Skype, with android smartphone or tablet

Run the Skype application on the Android smartphone and perform audio or video call. During the conversation, tap the (Advanced parameters).

Skype for Android must display multiple buttons at the bottom of the screen. One of them is called Share Screen. Click on it.

Skype asks if you agree to “[] start grab all that you have on the screen”. If you want to share your screen, you will agree with this and tap Start now. If you do not want Skype to ask you the same the next time you open a common access to your screen, check the “Do not show no longer” checkbox.

People with whom you communicate in Skype, can also see the screen of your Android smartphone in real time. While you do it, your screen has a thin red frame around the edges, so that you know others can see what you do on your smartphone.

If you no longer want to share your screen in Skype, open the Skype application and click the Stop Sharing button. which is located both in the lower and in the top of the chat window.

This is it! Enjoy productive calls to Skype using Android smartphone.

If the phone does not see the display, the image is not transmitted: typical problems

1) In my phone features there is no item “Transfer the image”.

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Please note that for the possibility of broadcasting you must have an Android version not lower than 5 (although this feature is on one my smartphone with Android 4.4. But it does not connect with any PC, nor with a laptop)!

In addition, depending on the model and the brand of your phone, the item may be called differently: “Broadcast”. “SMART VIEW” and PR. derivatives.

2) In my Windows 10 there is no item “Project to this computer”.

You may have the “old” version of Windows 10 (find out its version must be no less than 1809). In addition, the professional version of the OS (home does not fit)!

3) In my version of Windows 10, in the “Project to this computer” tab, everything is gray and no settings are changed.

You may have no wireless display module installed (in the article above I showed how to install it). In addition, check the version of the OS.

By the way, if you have not installed the original version of Windows 10, and the assembly from the “folk” craftsmen is possible anything.

4) the phone does not see the wireless display, does not find it at all.

First, devices must be not very far from each other (at least at least at first setting).

Secondly, check that the “Available Everywhere” item stood in the Windows settings (see. Step 2 above), and disconnect “PIN”.

It will not be superfluous to diagnose another telephone (perhaps there is some incompatibility. For example, I could not force the smartphone from Honor to transfer the image to the monoblock from HP).

5) Error in the Windows menu “This device does not support the receipt of the standard signal. “

It is likely that you do not have a Wi-Fi adapter (or it does not work, for example, disabled).

often, nevertheless, the problem is related to the lack of driver on the adapter.

Note: After reinstalling the driver or “manipulations” with the enable / disconnection of the adapter. restart the computer.

If you have never managed to configure the phone and computer to broadcast an image from one screen to another, you can simply copy the photos and video from the android memory to the hard disk of the computer. Cm. Link below!

To help!

How to upload photos and files from phone to computer. 6 ways!