Learn how to enable night mode on Android!

Want to reduce the load on the eyes and protect your eyesight? Learn how to enable night mode on Android devices.

Screens have become part of our life, they are almost everywhere. It is not surprising that the impact of health screens caused a serious problem. Long-time finding in front of the screen not only strains eyes and spoil eyesight, but also affect the decrease in sleep cycles intervals.

Android smartphones manufacturers and application developers began to offer features such as night mode to reduce harm, helping to remove the eye voltage when working with the phone in the dark.

This mode removes blue light that does not affect the eyes. especially if you have to use the phone at night, promising new posts and pictures.

So how to turn on the night mode on Android? What to do if there is no night regime on your phone?

How to turn on the night mode on the phone?

Go to “Settings” smartphone. Find the section “Battery”. There is an item “Inteeis in dark colors”. activate it and ready.

Standard Dark Mode Disconnection. Most of the stable versions of the MIUI firmware there is a dark mode shutdown function. In order to disable: 1) go to “Settings” and in the “Personalization” section, select “Screen”; 2) Disable the “Dark Mode” by clicking on the Switch.

How to turn off the night mode redmi?

Go to the settings by clicking on three points on the right above and select the item of the same name; Here find the item “Night mode” and click “No”. The night mode after that must turn off, and the application can be deleted.

If you are already using Android 10, you can manually change the topic setting on the dark mode. Open the “Settings” application, go to the “Screen” parameters and move the “Dark Topic” switch to the active position. It will paint most of the intees.

What is a night mode?

Night mode. the security mode in which only part of the sensors is activated. Night mode can only work with opening, breaking and motion sensors.

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To do this, pull the notification panel down twice and press and hold the gear icon. After a few seconds it can be released and it will start spinning. The icon is displayed next to the gear. it means UI TUNER is turned on. Now that UI TUNER is enabled, you must install Night Mode Enabler from Google Play.

Dark Mode Setup Guide on Huawei and Honor Devices

The first thing we need to do is open the Google Play application store, find the topic “Topics for Huawei / Honor / Emui” and install it on your mobile phone.

After installation, we open the application and enter the word DARK in the search field. Next, we need to find a topic called Emui9Like Dark (this dark topic is stable and has no mistakes).

Open the topic you need and click the “Set” button, upon completion of the installation, click “Apply”. After all actions, we will need to go to the pre-installed application “Topics” from Huawei, for this, choose “Open Huawei Themes App”.

After we have a standard application, we need to choose the “My themes” item and find the downloaded theme Emui9Like Dark. Next, select it and click the “Apply” button.

After all the actions done, we will get a full-fledged system-wide dark theme, in which all embedded applications are such as calendar, notes, hours, etc.D. will be displayed in night mode.

We also want to note that through the topic “Themes for Huawei / Honor / Emui” can be installed on any Huawei or Honor smartphone: new icons, font, wallpaper, various topics and emoji (emoticons).

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The most frequent questions

No. If your smartphone with an old version of Android, software does not support mode or blocks a shell, then even with root rights you can not manually enable it. You should hope only on your manufacturer of smartphones, which may include this feature in the future.

Yes, and much. The only thing that changes in smartphones with an IPS screen is the overall level of backlight. At the same time, it can be manually enlarged. Smartphones with AMOLED and OLED can completely disconnect the backlight of individual pixels, thereby saving at least 50% more efficient.

Yes, it works so night on devices with Android version earlier than 10. It rather does not reduce the brightness of the screen, and includes a blue filter. There are smartphones with a normal night mode, but it will be sewn into the shell from its manufacturers. On smartphones with old Android you will not get a full-fledged normal night regime.

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Improve night selfie

Now your Huawei P30 Pro also has a night mode for the front camera. So you can use the same AI using the front chamber. Obviously, the front sensor is not as powerful as the rear, but the results of the night selfie will improve significantly if you activate this night mode.

Universal tricks for all Huawei with Android

Application box

While some manufacturers avoid such an application organization format, Huawei allows you to install all applications on the desktop or in the application panel, combining them all in one place. To activate it, log in to:

Settings Main screen and wallpaper Main screen Style Application panel

Priority notifications

You can always establish the priority of notifications over the rest to get them in a privileged place in the center of notifications.

Settings Notifications and Status String Center Priority Notifications

Setting the main screen

If you keep your finger from scratch on the main screen, you will see how it gives you the opportunity to add pages or change the order of icons much faster. In addition, it gives you priority access to the catalog of the widgets, changes the pages transitions, changes the wallpaper and directly appeals to the screen settings.

Signature on the lock screen

Or because you want to specify your name, because you want to add contact information or interest, you can do it in the mobile device screen settings.

Settings Main screen and wallpaper Signature on the lock screen

Search applications

Since Emui. This is an EMUI, that is, HI SEARCH. This is a function that allows you to search between settings and applications installed on your phone, and to find them enough to spend your finger from the central part of the screen down. This will turn on the search bar at the top.

Screenshot with two clicks

If you have wet hands or you are inconvenient to take a screen shot, as usual, you can turn on the touch screen gesture with your finger to capture what appears on the phone.

Settings Special Features Management Motion Make Screen Snapshot

Labels from Lock Screen

Si Arrastras Desde Abajo Hacia Arriba en La Pantalla de Bloqueo, Apareced Varias Opciones. From here you can turn on the flashlight, use HIVISION to recognize the surrounding world, turn on the calculator or use the voice recorder.

Dark “Forced” mode

“Clean” dark mode appeared in Huawei phones with EMUI 10. However, other previous smartphones can use the color inverting feature in the special features menu so that all white tones are dark, and vice versa.

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Settings Special features invert colors

Hang the tube using the power button

If you do not want to touch the screen and want to reject the call, you can turn off the smartphone using the lock button.

Settings Special Features Power Button freezes

Draw letters to open applications

Another of the most useful gestures that we find on our mobile phone. This is the ability to choose which applications we can open, “drawing” letter on the screen. Thus, if we enter “w”, we will be able to open whatsapp or camera, making the gesture “C”.

Settings Special Features Move Displacements Open Applications

How to activate it

We turn on the NFC and Huawei Beam for all devices that you want to join the party. To activate NFC, we can do it from the configuration / connection of the device / NFC and turn on the switch. To activate Huawei Beam, go to settings / Connecting device / Huawei Beam.

Activate permissions and scan QR

Now we open the application and confirm all related maintenance and resolution conditions. Passing all the screens, we press “Start”. Then we click to start a party to create a network connection. If you click “Create Access Point”, the “Activate WLAN” dialog box opens and click “Allow”. By default, a friend can scan the QR code to go to party mode.

Audio channels

After setting up the network, we press three points in the upper right corner of the main phone screen and select “Select Channel”. Then you can touch the phones in different positions to choose audio channels for them. A defined phone icon becomes pink after selection. There are seven available channels and the number of phones on each channel displays. It imitates sound 7.1, so that we can reproduce music or films on the full volume and reach the sound environment by 360 degrees.

Join the Party

Once the previous steps will be executed, we will have to enable partail mode on subordinate phones. To do this, we play “Join the Party”. For this we have three methods. To choose from: Scan QR code, connect using NFC and connect manually. It is important that if the selected method. NFC, the top of two phones are pressed to connect them.