What is the disadvantage of such a function?

Although it is quite useful and, in principle, does not interfere with the user, it has its drawback. Like any other technology, geolocation eats up its “share” of battery power, which is already short-lived with active use of a smartphone.

Therefore, we advise you to disable this feature when you are not using it in order to slightly extend the battery life of the gadget. And it’s better to simply activate it only when there is a need for it.

Locating iPhone

Disabling and enabling location detection

To use this feature of your smartphone, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the settings menu on your smartphone.
  • At the bottom of the list, find the item “Privacy”.
  • Select “Location Services”.
  • In the window that opens, using the slider, you can activate the determination of your location.

How do I disable this feature? To do this, you need to follow the same steps as described earlier, but move the slider towards disabling this option.

What are the advantages of this technology?

In addition to the fact that it helps to mark the photo, this option of the smartphone helps in navigation. For example, if you are in another city and you need to find a certain place, it will be easier to do this with a map, where your route and its passage are displayed in real time.

The route and its passage on the iPhone map

On the other hand, automatic address detection is often not to the liking of users who want to keep their routes and lifestyle in general within their personal space. Not everyone likes it when, under every photo that is posted on social networks, the place where it was taken is immediately displayed. Such a desire to secure your location and hide your personal life a little, of course, makes sense.

Turn geolocation on and off on iPhone

Geolocation is a handy tool on iPhone that allows you to automatically locate your device and its user. Location pins are used to group photos so you know where they were taken, and can share the pin on the map on social media.

over, this parameter allows you to track your phone if it is stolen, so it is quite significant for the security of the gadget. We will figure out how to turn off geolocation on the iPhone or, conversely, activate it if necessary.

Geolocation is a very useful feature of the phone

Function control

You can leave this system item enabled, but use it selectively, not for all applications. To do this, use the “Geolocation Services” menu. you already know how to find it.

Below the line for enabling or disabling is a list of applications where device location is used. Select one of them and you will see two options. “Never” and “When using the program”.

Accordingly, if you choose the first option, geolocation will not work in the program, if the second, it will be activated when using the application. Thus, you can more accurately customize the operation of your device, adjust it for yourself.

That’s all. now you know where in the iPhone geolocation is, you can use it for individual programs or completely disable it in the system.

How to enable location service on iPhone?

To answer this question, we need to find the location of the geolocations in the iPhone settings. Go to the “Settings” section. “Confidentiality” “Geolocation Services”.

You can customize each app to your liking. We advise you to understand in detail the services and applications or games that you use most often. Flexible customization can significantly save your iPhone’s battery.

To enable the Coarse Location service for your iPhone, check the slider that was moved to the right. If tracking is working properly, the slider will be green, as shown in the screenshot.

For reference! It’s easy to enable geolocation on iPhone 6 or newer iPhone 7. Our instruction is universal and is based on the updated version of the software. iOS 11.

Location services on iPhone. What is it and how are they useful??

Geolocation on iPhone is an integral part of your device. They allow you to track your location all day long. It all depends on the settings, which have a rather flexible functional interface. One of the most striking examples is the search for the most convenient restaurant or cafe for you, the nearest taxi, car-sharing car, as well as an available hotel room.

Most of the services that determine the location of you and your iPhone in particular are easily configured through the standard settings. Apple for setting up geolocations on the iPhone highlights a whole menu item in which you can enable or disable items that use location data, including system services.

enable, geolocation, iphone

You must understand perfectly well. The more apps use your location data, the faster your iPhone’s battery will drain and deteriorate over time. That is why flexible configuration of geolocations in the iPhone is so important, which we will tell you about in more detail below.

Geolocation on iPhone. Enabling, disabling and configuring tracking

Today we will look at how to enable geolocation on the iPhone 5s (for example) and related services that ensure the smooth operation of the device, as well as programs for collecting and processing confidential information.

To answer the question “Where to enable geolocation in the iPhone”, we will try to figure out what the meaning of this function is and to whom it will be useful.

Many of us do not know how to turn on the location finder service on the iPhone, nor do we know how to turn it off. This is not difficult. Read carefully the table of contents in the instructions and choose the most suitable solution to the problem.

How to set up geolocation on iPhone?

The needs of the applications that users install on their devices are different from others. That is why we cannot say for sure what you should enable or disable in the geo-location data settings. But, we will try to provide detailed information about the system location data so that you can make the most informed decision when enabling or disabling various functions.

To set up geolocation on the iPhone, go to the “Geolocation Services” menu item, which you already know from the previous step of the instruction. Scroll down the list of suggested options. Go to “System Services”. It will also allow you to answer one of the popular questions: “Geolocation in the iPhone, where to find?”.

We advise you to leave enabled services such as: “Calibrate compass” and “Tracking”, “Find iPhone”, “Time zone” and “Find cellular network”.

enable, geolocation, iphone

To determine the location of a person or iPhone, you should carefully prepare your geolocation settings. This is necessary so that no one else but you can change the GPS settings or completely disable the tracking services “Find iPhone”.

Restrictions on the use of settings in the menu of your iPhone should be introduced. Go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Restrictions”. Enter the preset passcode. Scroll through the restriction settings to the “Privacy” section. “Geolocation Services”.

How to prevent iPhone from tracking user location

iPhone can track the location of the owner. This allows you to navigate the terrain, search for a lost device and perform a bunch of other tasks. On the other hand, location information is your personal information. If they fall into the hands of intruders, they can be used against you. Today in the UiPservice blog we figure out how to prevent the iPhone from tracking the user’s location.

The location of the iPhone is handled by the geolocation service algorithms. Maps and Find My iPhone work on their basis, so we do not recommend disabling tracking completely. It is enough to reduce the tracking of the device to a minimum: disable geolocation for unnecessary system functions and configure its use by applications.

How to turn off location detection by iOS features

Open the menu “Settings”. “Privacy”. “Location Services”. If you do not want to share your location data with loved ones, turn off the “Share location” function.

Return to the previous menu, then select “System Services” at the bottom of the page. In the tab that opens, you will see switches for different system functions. Here is an approximate list of options that can be disabled.

  • Apple Geolocation Ads
  • Geo offers
  • Apple Seller Identity
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • Setting the time zone
  • HomeKit
  • IPhone Analytics
  • Improving maps

To prevent iPhone from remembering places you visit frequently, turn off Important Locations as well.

How to properly configure location tracking by applications

Open the menu “Settings”. “Privacy”. “Location Services”. Select each app in turn and customize the use of device location data.

  • Never. blocks the app’s access to the iPhone’s location.
  • Ask next time. allows you to use location data only after user permission.
  • When using an application. automatically uses location data when using a specific application.

For applications that you rarely use, it is best to choose the “Never” option. This way they will not be able to receive data about your geolocation, and you will not worry about surveillance.

Once again, we remind you that you cannot completely disable geolocation services. In this case, you will not be able to use the cards normally and find your lost or stolen iPhone.

If you are unable to disable some options, you have encountered other software problems, or you have crashed your iPhone, visit us at UiPservice.

How to increase iPhone battery life through geolocation settings

One of the most voracious features in smartphones from Apple Corporation is geolocation. If you have never understood it or turned off the GPS, then it eats up a very large part of the battery charge in your iPhone.

And here the problem arises: you cannot disable it, leave it too. Well, if not a service with maps, it will explain how to get around the traffic jam, which bus or tram to take to an unfamiliar street? On the other hand, you want your favorite gadget to work longer, at least for an hour. And with GPS turned on, this will definitely not happen.

In this case, you need to dig a little in the Geolocation Services settings and disable all unnecessary options. We have already figured out which toggle switch is responsible for what, so we will make it easier for you.

iphone x, xs, xs max, and xr gps not working. solved

How to properly set up location services on iPhone?

Frankly speaking, the battery life on all modern smartphones is not encouraging. Users who want to increase the operating time at least a little have to constantly turn off their mobile Internet or Wi-Fi while they are not using them.

Apple smartphones last much longer than devices from other manufacturers with the same battery capacity. Nevertheless, even these gadgets have to save power. And it doesn’t matter what model you have, be it an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 12 Pro, a full battery lasts for one day. Well, maximum one and a half.

Well, let’s go disable unnecessary functions!

First, go to Settings. Privacy. Geolocation Services. System Services.

Further, the order and name of the services may differ from those that you have on your iPhone, depending on the operating system installed on it.

The first system service is Geo Suggestions. It is only intended to serve you ads based on your location. For example, you are passing by some restaurant. And after a few seconds, in some application, you are offered to go into it. If you are tired of advertising, feel free to turn off the slider.

On the second line is the Geo-Alerts option. This is actually a very useful feature. But only for those with location-based scripts set up.

If you go home, and you receive a reminder “Feed the cat”. it’s convenient. But if you don’t have a cat or scripts tied to some place. turn off the toggle switch.

Data & Wireless is the next slider. It is needed to more accurately determine the location of apple gadgets in the same room and start the exchange of information between them using the encrypted UWB protocol without an Internet connection.

The trick is cool, but so far it works only in a few countries and Ukraine is not among them. Therefore. turn off the toggle switch.

Calibrating the compass. If you regularly use navigators or maps, then this option should come in handy. Without it, you will have to wait a little while the service determines which direction you are looking and moving.

But in practice, modern maps determine this while you move. Therefore can be disabled, if you don’t use cards every day.

Then we see the line Calibration of motion accounting. It is needed to determine the number of steps per day, the distance traveled, and more. If you are using the pedometer directly on your iPhone, and not on your Apple Watch or other sports bracelet, then leave the slider. If you have sports accessories, you can turn off option.

Find iPhone. Well, who does not know about this very useful function. It helps to find a lost smartphone and even lock it and erase data in case of loss. So by no means do not turn off.

System Setup. Using an optimized charger? Maybe your apple gadget automatically turns on NightShift at dusk or dawn time? If not then turn off.

Share location. If you send your location to friends in chat or Latitude to make it easier to meet, then this feature will still come in handy for you. Better to leave it on. If not. can be disabled too.

Search for a cellular network. This option collects information about the geolocation of the user and the cell towers around him. At the same time, there is no benefit to the user from it. Better to disable.

Setting the time zone. Even from the name it is clear what this service does. It determines which time zone you are in and automatically changes the time. In quarantine, while we are not going to fly anywhere and are not going to travel. You can turn off the slider.

Emergency calls and SOS. This is again a really useful feature for the United States. But absolutely useless in our region. It determines the exact location so that if the SOS mode is activated, the police and the ambulance can find the victim. While this service does not work in Ukraine, therefore turn off the slider.

DeviceManagement.framework. in short, this function was created for schoolchildren and students. It has never worked for us and will definitely not work in the near future. Disable.

HomeKit is cool and useful. Needed for those who have a smart home and it is configured on Apple accessories. Allows you to activate a variety of scenarios for the home. For those who do not have a smart home system, you can turn off.

Important locations. The service keeps track of where you go, what places in the city you like and what institutions you visit. If you don’t want to waste your energy and get annoying ads. turn off.

Product improvement. This is a whole list of sliders that enable Apple’s App Validation Services. This option does not bring anything useful to the user. Disable.

Let’s summarize

So that you don’t get confused in all the points, let’s say it again: Disable everything except the Find iPhone option. And your smartphone will start working a little longer. But you better go through each item separately.

App permissions

If the application does not detect your geolocation and therefore does not work correctly, you need to check if the application has permission to access geodata. To do this, go to “Settings”, “Privacy”, “Geolocation Service”.

Here you can independently choose the programs that will have access to your location. By the way, by the way, you can remove the geotag on the photo so that the photos published on Instagram do not reflect your location.

How to fix GPS on iPhone

It’s hard to imagine a phone without GPS. We do not notice at all that we have it turned on. But immediately pay attention when the GPS fails. When applications for calling a taxi or courier delivery require location data, but our iPhone cannot do this. Why this is happening, how and where to solve the problem in your city. the topic of this material.

How to understand if the GPS on iPhone is faulty

Most often this happens for the following reasons:

  • No GPS signal;
  • GPS does not update geolocation;
  • GPS determines the real location;
  • COMPASS does not fire or points in the wrong direction;
  • Applications that work in direct connection with GPS stop opening or notify about the need to enable geolocation.

The mere fact that in a browser search, search queries are displayed without reference to your location should already be alarming.

Reset Location Settings on iPhone

Reset geolocation and network data

We resort to this method only when the previous ones did not help, as well as when there is a backup copy of your iPhone.

In this case, we do the following. We go to “Settings”, “General”, “Reset”. Then we press and click “Reset network settings” and “Reset geo settings”. Keep in mind, in this case, not only your geodata, but also your mobile network settings will “fly off”.

Next, we enter the Apple ID password to confirm our actions. Then we connect to the Wi-Fi network and set up all the dropped services on a new one.

Checking the GPS signal

Before taking any action and even restarting the phone, leave the forest, basement, building and other premises or room where the signal may disappear. The fact is that the GPS radio signal does not work with the same strength everywhere. In order to check this, you need to change the location of the iPhone.

How to fix GPS not working on iPhone

Below we describe several ways to solve the problem on your own. But all these solutions will not work if the module itself is damaged, if none of the methods described below worked, then we are waiting for you at the Apple Lab service center. In the meantime, do not give up hope and try to fix the problem on our own.

Turn off and on geolocation on iPhone

Sometimes the iPhone software crashes. GPS stops working by itself. In this case, it helps to simply turn off. turn on the function in the quick access menu. To do this, we do everything the same as in the method described above. Turn off the switch opposite the item “Geolocation Service”, and then turn it on again.

Disabling all wireless connections will also help solve the problem. To do this, activate the “flight mode” in the quick access menu, and then turn off.