How to increase the battery life of Apple Watch SERIES 6DD

If you want to know the information and statistics of the battery on your Apple Watch, then you can use the “Using” menu:

  • We take your iPhone and launch the Watch application on it;
  • Next, we go down below and select the main section;
  • We go down to the very bottom of the section and find a item called “use”;
  • We scroll down and see information on the battery consumption on your Apple Watch.

Using. this value shows how many hours your Apple Watch has been used from the moment of the last charging. This refers to active use, t.e. the time when the clock was used by you or the screen was active.

Waiting. here we can see how long your Apple Watch watch was used in waiting mode. This refers to the time of the clock when the screen was not active and the clock was not actively used.

Eco.mode. here is the time when your watch was the last time in the mode of saving energy.

I will give some tips on how to save a charge of watch battery:

  • When do not use hours, then turn on the theater mode. This is necessary so that the screen does not light up from any hand movement, thereby saving your battery. The theater mode is activated simply. make the swipe up the screen (draw your fingers from the bottom up) and click on the icon with the image of the mask in the window that opens;
  • Do not launch many applications in the background. Remember that each application launched in the background is spent by your charge of battery on Apple Watch. In order to see which application operates in the background on the clock: click on the side button on the clock, with this action you will open a list of all applications in the background, then the applications that you do not need to turn off, you can do this to the left (draw a finger from right to left) to Disconnect the application click the “Close” button;
  • Activate eco mode when you do not plan to use applications on the clock for a long time. For example, if you plan to do any business and do not use Apple Watch at this time, it makes sense to activate the economy mode. This is very good to save the battery.

In 2015, Apple showed its vision of the “smart” watches that were called Apple Watch. It is worth noting that it was the rumors about their development that gave rise to a huge number of such hours before their release. In this article, we consider how much the charger holds the charge, the durable battery and how charging is carried out, consider the Apple Watch charging cable and what is the plug (Power Bank) for Apple Watch.

The device has a liter-ion battery, which needs to have an interesting feature-charging and its speed depends on which level of the battery and charge at the time of the start of charging. Thus we can say that the charge does not go evenly.

For some research, one percentage of charging enters the device on average in one minute. However, if the clock is charged by 80 percent, the speed drops.

For the same research from 10 percent to 80 it takes about 70 minutes of time, and in order to “finish” up to 100 you need to spend another 40 minutes. It is worth noting that the same data is indicated on the company’s website. It is worth charging Apple Watch correctly in two approaches. But this is individual and depends on how many percent charging remains in the evening. Usually this figure is about half of the charge. Thus, until complete charging, there is enough for one and a half to two hours, which, in principle, is not so bad.

It is advised to charge the device as follows: half an hour in the morning, and then about 40 minutes in the evening. The numbers are approximate and sometimes vary plus minus 10 minutes. You can charge when the clock with Apple is not required to spend the notes: during breakfast, soul, etc.D. If training is planned, then the time, accordingly, increases.

The clock has a mode of energy saving, but according to users, it rarely comes to such a case, and if they forgot to put it on charging in the morning. There are tips thanks to which you can increase the working hours, later we will reveal some of them in more detail:

  • Turn on the economical mode.
  • Monitor the battery charge using widgets for the main desktop with dials.
  • Simple dials.
  • Use less brightness.
  • Disconnect animations.
  • Configure notifications and select only the necessary programs.
  • Play with tactile notifications.

If the Apple Watch does not charge, then learn about the problem in technical support or in the service center.

How to enable energy saving mode on iPhone

Activation is very similar to the deactivation of the function, but it has more branches. You can actively include in 4 ways:

It is worth disassembled by every way. The first is settings. It does not differ from the shutdown of the function. Everything also happens through the system settings. It is enough to go to the “Battery” section in the settings, and then slip to the slider next to the line “energy conservation mode”. If it has become green, then the function works successfully.

The second method is through the settings icon. Knows little about this method, but it also works. For him, you need to keep the settings icon itself, and then select the “battery” item in the list of functions. After that, it will be necessary to drag the slider in the same way in the paragraph “energy saving” into an active state. The mode is automatically activated and start working.

The third way is through siri. For him, it is necessary to have a vocal assistant on in advance. To do this, you can see this https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?V = Prywglkcwl8. If the user has already activated it, then you just need to say: “Hello, siri. Turn on the energy saving mode “. All. The function will automatically go into operating mode. The user can simply and easily with the help of his own voice activate the possibility of the system he needs.

The fourth and final option. through the notification. It works only once. When the user receives a notification that there are few interest on its device, the system automatically offers him to activate the energy saving mode. Click on the corresponding button. The user does not ignore the proposal from the device to use the function. Thus, the user can quickly, without understanding the settings, turn on the function he needs.

What is better to do to avoid an ambulance?

When you received an automatic notification that the gadget battery is sitting, you should think and immediately decide on the choice. Of course, everyone knows that Smart hours can be removed from the ESR at any time. However, this will lead them into final inaction, since the excess reboot or simply the operational action will lead to the depletion of energy reserves on the device.

Before leaving the Power Reserve on Apple Watch, also take your time. After leaving the ESR, the gadget will get access to functions that will speed up the discharge process.

It is worth noting that after the transition to the Iwatch ESR, you can use it not only as ordinary watches. In this version, they are still able to take screenshots, that is, screen pictures, consuming as little energy as possible.

Theater mode

Apple Watch Theater mode allows you to turn off the activation of the screen at the time of the hand.

For example, in time for watching a film or visiting the play, when the owner of a smart watch does not want to distract other visitors to the event with a hired screen. In order to enable this mode, you need:

  • Touch the screen or raise a hand for its activation.
  • Put a finger up the display several times before the moment there is no icon with the image of two masks on it.
  • Click on the icon, after which there will be descriptions of this mode.
  • Press it again to fully activate the regime.

The creators of the smart watch of Apple did not equip the device of the “tenacious” battery, but took care of maintaining the charge in a different way, introducing the Power Reservo function. If there is no ability to charge the Apple Watch, the activation of the energy.saving regime in this case will be very useful. Using a function, you can extend the viability of the “apple” clock, of course, donating a number of functions at the same time. You can activate energy conservation in different ways, with the remaining 10% charging the user will also be proposed to transfer the device into the energy saving mode. In the absence of the need to function this option in Apple Watch, it can be also simply disabled and disconnected.

How to turn off the eco mode on Apple Watch

If you managed to activate the energy conservation mode, then the question will naturally arise: “How to disable eco mode on Apple Watch?”. You can remove this mode in only one way. you need to restart your watch.

  • Press and hold the side button (not a wheel) on the clock before the time appears on the screen. a bitten apple;
  • After some time, your device will reboot and eco mode will turn off.

How to extend the operating time of Apple Watch with Watchos 7

Reload Apple Watch

Turn off and turn on your Smart hours. During charging, this will not work. To turn off the Apple Watch, click the side button, and then pull the slider. To turn them on, just click the button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If you can’t turn off the Apple Watch, you can use a forced reboot. To do this, simultaneously click the side button and the Digital Crown wheel for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. Many report that this is what solves the problem with charging on Smart hours.

Reload the iPhone

Also, the problem can solve the reloading iPhone.

On the iPhone X and more new, click the side button, and then pull the slider. On older models, hold the side or upper button, and then pull the slider. You can also turn off the smartphone through the main settings turn off.

Remove your Apple Watch

You can try to untie your iPhone Apple Watch, and then connect them again.

Note that the process will drop all the content and settings from your Smart hours, but the iPhone will automatically save their backup, and you can use it to restore it.

Open the Apple Watch application on the iPhone. On the “My Watch” tab, select the Apple Watch “I” icon to break a pair from Apple Watch. If necessary, enter your Apple ID password to disable the Activation Lock.

Now set your Apple Watch again and restore data from a copy. This can solve the problem with charging consumption.

Now let’s move on to simple tips that can extend the work of your Apple Watch. This is not a solution to the problem, but just small tricks.

Use simple dials

There are new dials in Watchos 7. To extend the work of Smart hours, do not use animated dials, dials with cartoon characters and dials with complex graphics. Instead, select a simple dial.

Disconnect always an on display

This applies only to Apple Watch Series 5 and 6 users. You can turn off the always turned on the display to extend the work of your Apple Watch. Yes, this is inconvenient, but the option is effective.

To do this, open the settings on the Apple Watch, select the screen and brightness and turn off the always turned on the display.

Disconnect the activation by lifting the wrist

This function activates the Apple Watch screen when you raise your wrist to check the time or notification. If you often raise your hand for another reason during operation, it is better to turn off the function.

On the iPhone in the Apple Watch application, select the “My Watch” tab, and then the main activation of the screen. The function can be turned off on the clock itself through the settings the main activation of the screen.

Turn on the reduction in movement

This function of universal access can extend the work of Apple Watch. In the Apple Watch application, select the main universal access reduction and turn on the function. This will limit animation on the clock.

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Use soundless mode

The use of a silent regime will help to save energy a bit. Apple Watch will not make a sound with him when new notifications come. At the same time, alarm clocks and timers will still be with sound.

Use optimized charging

All Apple Watch models have a lithium-ion battery, which eventually loses its initial capacity. The battery has fixed charging cycles.

Periodically, it is worth checking the battery capacity of your Apple Watch. If it falls below 60-50%, then it’s time to replace the battery. Also in the clock settings you can enable optimized charging to save the battery capacity.

Turn on the energy saving mode in training

The energy conservation mode in the training section can extend the hours of watch, as it turns off the heart rate sensor. Because of this, the amount of burned energy may be displayed inaccurately.

Turn on the shades of gray

This is an extreme step, but it also helps to extend the operating time of Smart hours. In the iPhone application, select the main universal access. Turn on the function of the shades of gray to deprive your color.

How to extend the operation of Apple Watch if the device is approaching the disconnection

There are several ways to extend the work of Apple Watch:

  • Switch the screen mode to black and white. This is the most economical charge of charge consumption, in addition, such a screen looks discreet, but stylish. To do this, open the “Clock” application on the iPhone. Next, go to the “Universal Access” section, enable the “shades of gray” icon.
  • Reduce the brightness of the screen. Another of the most effective ways to extend the battery operation of any devices. You need to go to the “settings” on the clock, and then select “Screen and Brightness”, adjust the saturation of the screen with a special runner.
  • Activate the options “Do not disturb”. This mode allows you to save a battery charge, it will be necessary to: click on the dial and hold it until the point “Management” is displayed. Submer up, press the “Do not disturb” icon. You can turn off the mode manually, and it is also possible to set the period after which it will turn off automatically.
  • Put the clock into energy saving mode. You can do this by clicking on top on the Apple Watch screen picture depicting a charge percentage. It is necessary to move to the right, switch to the “Ecoremas” option. When this mode is turned on, all the functions are turned off, you can only control the time by pressing the side button on the device.

Friends, I hope I helped you solve the problem when the Apple Watch is quickly discharged, and you were able to independently optimize autonomy in Smart hours. If there are any questions, I am glad to answer them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to disable the economy mode Apple Watch

How to turn off the energy saving mode on Apple Watch when it is no longer needed. The algorithm of actions is very simple and, depending on situations, you can choose one of the proposed methods.

The first way

How to turn off the economy mode on Apple Watch using the device parameters:

  • In the iPhone settings, you need to go to the section with the clock and open the energy subsection;
  • In the parameter energy saving, select the disconnect button.

The second method

The function is turned off following the same way as when turning on. Only the slope of the switch must be moved to the other side. Rebooting the device after disconnecting eco-mode is not necessary.

The third way

This is the easiest and fastest way to turn off the eco.mode on Apple Watch. It is used most often. But in some cases, you need to turn off the Apple Watch eco.mode right in the clock:

  • The shutdown button is held until the logo appears;
  • When the clock is rebooted, the user will be offered a choice. whether to leave the saving mode included.

How to determine that Apple Watch has switched to saving mode

Understand that the saving mode was included, you can by an affordable set of functions. In saving mode, the user can only find out the time and take a screenshot. In addition, tracking the action of the hand also becomes inaccessible. To see what time you have to press the button.

If you need to find out about the use of the charge, you need to use the application clock on the smartphone:

  • launch of the Watch application;
  • basic parameters;
  • Point use. This contains information about the use of the device.

Detailed information about the “energy conservation” mode on Apple Watch

What functions will be disconnected in energy conservation mode on Apple Watch?

  • Display mode “Always inclusive”
  • Notifications of heart rate with irregular rhythm, high or low pulse
  • Background measurements of heart rate frequencies
  • Background measurements of oxygen level in the blood
  • Reminder of the start of training
  • Когда iPhone нет поблизости Wi-Fi и сотовая связь будут отключены,— это означает отсутствие телефонных звонков и уведомлений.

The energy saving mode also means:

  • A telephone call may take more time.
  • The background update of applications is less common.
  • Extensions are updated less often.
  • Siri can process requests longer.
  • Some animations and scrolls may look less smooth.

How the energy conservation mode works?

In addition, the battery charge button as a percentage at the control point, charging animation and night mode are yellow.

If you often discharged Apple Watch, you can use the compact charger “puck” from manufacturers.

How to enable the energy saving function on Apple Watch

In order to enable the environment.power function on Applewatch, the following actions must be performed:

  • Swim up the screen. After the menu opens, now click on the battery charge indicator.
  • Complete information about the current state of charge will appear on the screen, and the Ecoremus button will be displayed below. It is necessary to draw along the slider in the direction on the left to law and the energy conservation mode on Apple Watch will be included.
  • A pop.up information window will appear, where it will be necessary to click on the “Further” button.

How to disable the energy.saving mode in Apple Watch

In order to turn off the energy.saving mode on the Apple Watch, you need to click on the side button on the clock and hold it for a few seconds. The system will reboot, and the device will begin to work as usual.

Friends, now you know how to get out of eco.regimen or turn it on on an Apple Watch watch. By the way, I note that the instruction is suitable for all generations hours: Apple Watch 3, 6, 7, SE and others.

What functions does the new mode of energy conservation affect Watchos 9

Watchos 9 received a new energy saving mode for Apple Watch Series 4 and more new models, which is designed to extend autonomous operation by turning off or limiting some functions and sensors, such as always turned on the display and background monitoring of heart rhythm.

In the new support document published today, Apple described in detail the specific functions that are disconnected or affected by the energy conservation mode included:

The energy saving mode disconnects these functions. Always on Display (always turned on the display). notifications of the heart rate for irregular rhythm, high and low heart rate. background measurements of heart rhythm. background measurements of oxygen in the blood. reminder of the start of training

The energy conservation mode turns off these functions when your iPhone is not nearby-Wi-Fi and cellular communications-incoming phone calls and notifications

The energy conservation mode affects these functions. the bell can take more time. the background update of applications occurs less often. extensions are less common. Siri can process commands longer. some animations and scrolls may look less smooth

For safety reasons, Apple states that the detection of a fall continues to work in energy conservation mode.

To enable the energy saving mode, brush up the clock on the control center, press the control button of the battery charge and turn on the energy conservation mode.

When the percentage of the battery of the Apple Watch battery drops up to 10%, there will be a proposal to turn on the energy conservation regime. The energy conservation mode is automatically disconnected when the Apple Watch is charged to 80%, if users do not turn them on manually for the established number of days.

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Apple states that users can automatically include energy conservation mode at the beginning of training, while indicators such as heart rate and pace are still measured.

Apple notes that when the energy conservation mode is included without your iPhone nearby, and you open the application for which the connection is required to transmit data, Wi-Fi or cellular communication will resume so that the application can function properly, which can lead to “significant battery consumption”.

Watchos 9 was released today as a free software update for Apple Watch Series 4 and later versions. The new energy conservation regime works separately from the existing Apple Watch Ecoregies, when only the current time is displayed.