How to Enable Multi Window on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 (Split Screen)

how to split screen android smartphone or tablet: method 2

  • just open one desired application in the usual way;
  • long tap on the “square”. and a list of running applications will appear on the half of the screen;
  • in the list we tap another application we need, and it will open in the same part of the screen;
  • moving the part, adjust the size of the windows.

how to split screen android smartphone or tablet: method 1

# 1. with a long tap (press and hold) on the multitasking button (standard on-screen Android “square”) open the list of running applications;

# 2. select one of them, “take” its window by the upper part and drag it to the upper or lower (left or right) side of the screen;

# 3. then in the list that will remain in the second part of the screen, select and tap the window of the second application, and it will open on its half of the screen;

# 4. the divider that appears between the two windows can be moved up and down (left-right), thus adjusting their size.

We make 2 windows or 3 ways to split the screen of an Android smartphone or tablet

As you probably already know, the new Android N mobile operating system has a special split screen option as standard, which allows you to use two applications on one screen, that is, open 2 windows at once. And in this post. briefly on how to split the screen in the new Android N.

It is worth noting that this feature is somewhat different from the usual picture-in-picture function, which is, for example, in TVs.

In Android N, split screen is actually a real multi-window mode, and you can activate it in two ways:

how to split screen android smartphone or tablet: method 3

  • open the quick settings screen (swipe from top to bottom);
  • there we tap and hold down the “Settings” icon (standard “nut”) until it starts to rotate (if it does not want to rotate, then you need to turn on the developer mode and then try again);

enable, dual, screen, samsung

  • after a couple of seconds, a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen that System UI Tuner has been added to the settings menu;
  • then tap “Settings”. “System UI Tuner” and there we activate the option of splitting the screen with a gesture, after which it will be possible to split the screen by simply swiping up on the multitasking button.

You can also exit multi-window mode in Android N in at least two ways: either by a long tap on the multitasking button, or by dragging the separator all the way to the top or bottom (left or right) edge of the screen.

By the way, in addition to the split screen in Android N, there are a couple of new passing features. Firstly, at the top of the list of running applications there is now a “clear all” button, with which you can close unnecessary programs in bulk, and not swipe the windows off the screen one at a time, as before. Secondly, you can quickly switch between the current and last open application by double tapping on the multitasking button, i.e. on-screen “square”.


  • Open the list of running applications. In most smartphones, it is enough to press one of the side buttons at the base of the device.
  • Select one of the apps you want to use. Long press and drag it to the top of the screen.
  • Select the second application from the list.
  • A small separator will appear between the apps. Use it to adjust the screen area for each application.

Which phones have a split screen option

The availability of this feature does not depend on the specific smartphone model, but on the pre-installed version of Android. The ability to work in two applications at once appeared only in Android 7. All older versions also support the function. Therefore, when buying a smartphone, you need to make sure in advance that it works on the current version of the software.

To check the Android version on your smartphone, you should:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Select the item “about phone”. Most often it is at the very beginning of the list.
  • In most shells, the Android version is listed in the pop-up menu.
  • If there is no “Android version” item, then in the list you need to find the “software information” column. It will contain all the information you need.

How to split the screen into 2 in Android

The way to activate the split screen function depends on the shell that the manufacturer installs. In total, 2 main methods can be distinguished.

The first way

Now let’s move on to the second method, which, in essence, practically does not differ from the first.

Answers to popular questions

As you can see, splitting the screen into two in Android is quite simple. You just need to follow our instructions. and everything will work out.!

Most modern smartphones have a split screen feature. Not everyone knows about it, but it is really very useful. In addition, its activation requires just a few simple steps.

How to split the tablet screen into 2 parts

In fact, everything is the same here, although many users believe that multi-windowing on tablets is created differently. This is not the case: with any Android device, you can use one of the above methods and get a perfectly functioning multi-window.

The only difference is the larger windows based on the size of the display. Of course, here we see only pluses. Tabs will not shrink much if the screen size is 7 inches or more, and you can easily read all the information without unnecessary swiping.

3 way

Exiting the multi-window mode can be done in 2 ways: either hold down the multitasking button, or drag the separator all the way to the top or bottom of the screen (left or right for horizontal orientation)

using the quick settings panel

This is a more non-standard method that does not work on all models of mobile devices. But it is much simpler than the above! So let’s start:

  • Open the top quick settings panel with a downward movement and click on the gear image. Hold your finger for a few seconds. The nut should turn and you can see a new toast notification about the addition of the “System UI Tuner” feature;
  • We go into the menu of this function and activate the screen division with a gesture. Now the opening of the multi-window mode will take place simply by swiping up. Agree, it’s very convenient, and most importantly. quickly.

How to bypass MIUI’s ban on supporting themes from third-party sources?

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How to reset steps on Mi Band 3

How to enable dual screen on Xiaomi?

Split screen is a long-awaited feature on Xiaomi smartphones that allows you to run two applications at the same time on the same screen. Watching movies and chatting on social networks, surfing the web and working with the file system. now all this can be done at the same time. How to make a dual screen on Xiaomi?

First, you should alternately launch those two applications that you would like to see on the same screen.

Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus: How to Use Split Screen View (Multi Window)

Next, click on the touch button “Menu” to see the list of open applications and activate the “SplitScreenMode” mode in the upper left corner.

After that, select the card of the application that you want to place at the top of the screen and drag it to the inscription “Drag here to use split screen”.

For the bottom of the screen, select the second application and click on it. The height of each of the windows can be adjusted using the slider located on the black dividing bar.

In order to go to the desktop, press the “Home” button, and to return to the two-window mode again, press the “Click to return Multi Window mode” button located in the upper part of the display.

It should be borne in mind that this function is absent in MIUI firmware below version 9, as well as those running under the Android operating system below version 7. You can view the version of the firmware and operating system installed in your smartphone by going to “Settings”. “About phone”.

How to delete a theme on Xiaomi?


I have a split screen on Redmi 4 Prime (Android 6.0.1 with MIUI stock). But it is written that to exit the window split mode, you need to move the divider to the very bottom of the screen.

Dmitry, I have a Redmi 4 Prime on the 6th Android with firmware version This function is there and it is buggy, because when clearing memory when some application is turned on, it itself turns on the split screen. The function itself is superfluous and bothers me.

Honestly, I haven’t come across this, so the only solution that I see now is to install the firmware, where there is no such problem.

An idea came to my mind that, perhaps, will help disable the split screen on Xiaomi (but this is not accurate, you need to try).

Alternatively, this function in your firmware is assigned to a hotkey and because of this it is constantly called at the most inopportune moment.

Try to go to the smartphone settings, select “Advanced settings” and there open “Buttons and gestures”. One of the items will be “Split Screen”. See if a frequently used button is assigned to it. If yes. open and select “No”. It seems to me that this is the problem.

How can I disable this feature altogether? She worn me out. I don’t need this function at all.

There is no way to remove it from the firmware yourself. What’s the problem? She turns on herself or what?

I must say, I find this function in the current version extremely unused.
The most understandable use case for me is when a photo with text is open and you need to type this text in another application. It would seem that it is easier. I open the photo from the top, shift it to the part where the text is, click on the text input, enter. But it was not there! When the keyboard opens, the separation curtain jumps up, and the photo shifts even higher, and the text is no longer visible. It is almost impossible to move the photo so that when the curtain “jumps” the text remains visible. And even if it was possible, as soon as for some reason I had to go to the upper application (with a photo), you will have to “calibrate” again.
I thought maybe it’s the applications themselves? But no, with standard applications: “gallery”, “notes” and keyboard “gboard” the problem persists.
Hopefully in the future there will be some updates that will fix this, or I will find a solution myself. While disappointed in this particular function. fortunately, I did not take the phone because of it. Redmi 5 Plus Phone, MIUI Global

Indeed, from this point of view, the split-screen function is not very convenient.

How to use two apps at the same time on Samsung Galaxy devices

With one of the latest updates to the Samsung One UI proprietary shell, the company has brought a lot of positive changes. But at the same time, the multitasking function was rather complicated. It can still be used. Fortunately, there are several ways to use two apps at the same time on Galaxy S10 smartphones and any other Samsung device.

The method is suitable not only for the already mentioned Galaxy S10, but also for S9, S8, Note 9, Note 8 and in general any smartphone with the One UI installed.

How to use multitasking. Method 2

There is another way to use split screen mode. The second application will be launched in a pop-up window.

  • Run the application, open the “Recents” menu.
  • Click on the app icon.
  • From the list of options, click “Open in Popup”.
  • The app will now open in a popup window.
  • You can drag the app anywhere on the screen, and you can even resize the app. Then just run the second application.
  • To close the pop-up application, simply click on the “X” icon or drag it to the trash can that appears at the top of the screen after a long tap on the program.
  • How to use multitasking. Method 1

    As mentioned above, Samsung has changed the way users access the split-screen feature to use two apps at the same time. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps.

    • First, launch both applications you want to use together.
    • Open the “Recents” menu and then click on the icon of any app you want to use in split-screen mode.
    • Then click Open in Split Screen Mode. This option will only be available if the application supports multitasking. Otherwise the function will not be displayed.
  • You should now be able to select the second application and start multitasking. When selecting apps, both will be automatically displayed in split screen mode.
  • How to use multitasking. Method 3

    If you often use two specific applications at the same time, then Samsung makes this task easier by pairing.

  • Then click “Change” and in the upper left corner of the screen you can see an option in which you can create a pair for applications.
  • Now you can select the two applications you need from the list, and when this is done, click on the “Finish” button.
  • The couple is created. Now, in order to launch a couple of applications, bring up the Edge panel from any screen.
  • To do this, you need to swipe from the right border of the display, approximately in the middle of the screen. You will see a pre-created pair. Tap on her.
  • You can find out more news in our Telegram channel.

    How to turn off the mode?

    If desired, the user can turn off the split screen mode on the Samsung phone at any time. To do this, you can use one of two methods:

    • pressing the multitasking button;
    • dragging the separator all the way up or down.

    In the latter case, an open application overrides another program.

    Now you know how to do it first, and then how to remove the dual screen on Samsung. This option is indispensable for active smartphone users who often work in two applications at the same time. In this case, the algorithm for enabling the function may differ depending on the version of Android. Starting with version 9.0, the smartphone manufacturer (including Samsung) hid the function deeper, so it took a little longer to make the dual display. In this case, calling the function after correct configuration can be faster.

    Here is such a question arose. Is it possible to split the monitor vertically into 2 desktops on a widescreen monitor. Exactly 2 desktops. not windows like in the eight, not Snap Assist and not switching between virtual desktops. I know about such a possibility in Linux. I myself have 2 monitors connected and I connect a TV via HDMI. The question is purely academic. Are there specialists? I think that many will be interested. For example, for such a monitor:


    Another way to enable dual screen on Samsung is to use settings. The instruction looks like this:

    • Bring up the quick settings screen by moving the top bar down.
    • Click on the settings section (developer mode may be required).
    • Click Settings, and then select System UI Tuner.
    • Activate the split display option with a gesture.

    Further separation is possible by clicking on the multitasking button.

    There is another way how to make split screen on Samsung through settings (for some models). The algorithm is as follows:

    • Enter Settings Mode.
    • Go to the Additional Features section.
    • Activate multi-window mode.
    • Press and hold the Recent button to switch the program from full screen to split mode.

    As a result of the described actions, it is possible to make a display divided into two equal parts with the possibility of simultaneously launching two different programs.

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    LG Monics have built-in screen split LG functionality, but you need to Google if it works for igor. Nakrajnyak windowed borderless gaming.

    I’m downloading the DisplayFusion prog I will test on a laptop for now

    Soryan for necroposting, didn’t you solve the problem? I bought myself a hellishly wide monitor, I also asked myself such a problem.

    you need to know what fucking need to separate the monitor if to work as a multi monitor then the Snap function is suitable if for outputting 2 pictures from 1 card it will not work

    It is from one card of 2 pictures. Axes have been multitasking for a long time. Vidyuhi are powerful. On Windows, in general, it is possible to organize 2 workplaces (2 keyboard, mouse, monitor, 1 sistemnik). Why problems with undoing the monitor

    Um, at the level of a regular user OS, without connecting server services?

    Yes. And without KVM. In regional post offices (in villages) I installed this 8 years ago to ensure universal access of the population to the Internet. Paid. Chuvashia.

    Type in Yandex “point of collective access to the Internet” and see the photo. There is one sistemnik, one Windows, one vidyuha (output 2), and 2 desktops on different monitors are independent and even with a specific binding of their keyboard and mouse.

    This topic has already been discussed on the forums and more than once. I immediately found

    And why didn’t fusion fit? He seems to have everything that is needed

    Perhaps in my trial version. Not all functions are available. Thanks, I’ll figure it out after work

    In your description, the usual win10 virtual tables are enough, why they do not suit you?

    Nahu. but by the way, okay. Not, as far as I know. Only two monitors can be divided into two tables.

    It would be perfect. Without unnecessary troubles and immediately at the OS level

    Bubunta is worth the second wasp. Therefore, the question arose a question. I want it like in Bubant 🙂

    but on more expensive ones the division is implemented in hardware

    Intercept interrupts programmatically? Hardware solutions from video card manufacturers?

    That’s right. read the post carefully. There are 2 connected TV monitors. The post is not about that.

    And how to connect two tables into one? I’m suffering from the reverse problem

    one monique, 4K, two halves, the connection in the middle fiercely enrages, it seems to be not there, but it is

    Launch 2 or more windows and arrange them as you want

    I think no. The technology is new, expensive, and so far the person is not in demand. In a couple of years, such an opportunity awakens 100-pounds, when such functionality is added to the OS.

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    Multi-user systems are different. Not to mention that the prohibition in the license is primarily on the number of simultaneously running Windows accounts, and the number of registered user accounts in Windows seems to be still not limited by the license. Not the number of desktops per user.

    there is only one desktop in Windows, do not confuse it with virtual desktops, multi-monitor and tiling systems.

    You do not have a word about the number of desktops under the link. There is exactly about the number of concurrent users. Desktop and workplace are different things.

    this is a violation of the Windows license, 2 desktops are 2 jobs, but of course you didn’t know and don’t want to pay)

    Shta ?, That is, if I use 2 monitors, each of which has a desktop, then I violate the license agreement?

    Whether with forging? What about Windows virtual desktops? If you don’t understand, then please don’t meddle.

    PS to Topikstarter: try Virtual monitor manager or matrox powerdesk.

    How to split a monitor into two screens

    The owners of smartphones of the South Korean brand often ask how to make a dual screen on Samsung and thereby expand the capabilities of the device. After enabling this function, you can simultaneously work in several applications on the same screen. Previously, it was necessary to install additional applications, but with the advent of Android 6.0, a built-in option became available on Samsung devices. On some smartphones, the dual screen appeared only with the 7.0 version of Android.

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    Many of us spent our evenings in front of a warm tube TV with friends, playing on consoles. It was always especially pleasant to play together at the same time, without waiting for their turn.


    Unfortunately, currently many game developers do not add such a mode. new games with splitscreen can be counted almost on the fingers of one hand. One spring evening, I got the idea to try to bypass the restriction imposed by the developers and make the split-screen game mode more accessible.

    I chose World of Tanks as a guinea pig for the game for several reasons:
    1. The ability to play together, this mode is called “Platoon”.
    2. The game on the minimum settings is not demanding enough. any average performance PC should pull 2 ​​copies.
    3. The gameplay of the tanks is quite simple, although the developers are positioned as a “massively multiplayer online action game with elements of RPG, shooter and strategy” (Wikipedia). But as for me. an arcade game for puff-puff.
    4. Probably the biggest reason is me, a few hours a week, and my youngest son loves to shoot. With the older one, we sometimes run in Portal2, there is a split screen mode for TV.

    These guys hopefully are familiar to many

    A more detailed study of all the components for tanks together on TV led to the following:
    1. Configure the game client for the possible launch of two copies
    2. It is necessary to divide the TV screen into two virtual.
    3. Solve the problem of sending button clicks / deviating sticks from the gamepad to an inactive window.
    4. Send vibration to different gamepads from different clients.

    How to make a dual screen on Samsung?

    In order to use this useful option in practice, it is important to know how to split the screen into 2 parts on Samsung. There are three ways to do this.

    What can it be useful for??

    The split screen feature is very useful. Its disadvantage is that it only works well in powerful smartphones. When using it on weak phones, the picture will slow down. This is especially true if the user is running two powerful applications at the same time. For optimal performance (no brakes), your Samsung phone should have at least 2 GB of RAM or more.

    Here are some ways to apply dual display on Samsung:

    • Open YouTube and a website with text information. Watch your favorite videos and listen to lectures at the same time. Alternatively, along with media content, you can open a forum and communicate with other users.
    • Read books and chat in any messenger. If you make double mode, you can not waste time switching between windows when the next message arrives.
    • Viewing YouTube and mail. In this case, you can watch your favorite clips and do not miss the moment when an important letter comes from work, on study issues or from a friend.
    • Simultaneous play. If you want, you can play several applications, but for this, the latter must support the multi-window mode.

    If you do dual screen on Samsung, you can find many ways to use this option. And if in early smartphones there were problems with the speed of work, in modern devices with a powerful processor, there are no problems with this issue.

    Split screen or how to enable dual screen on Xiaomi?

    The function of splitting the screen into two parts for the simultaneous use of two applications appeared several years ago, and is actively used in the MIUI firmware. If you still don’t know how to split the screen in two, you’ve come to the right place. we know. The example uses MIUI 11 firmware.

    What’s the first thing to do? That’s right, run both applications in turn, which one you want to use. In our example, we will take “Messages” and “Settings”.

    That is, they clicked on the application icon. and left, on the desktop. Clicked on the icon of the second application. again went to the desktop. After that, click on the “Recent Applications” button. here it is in the screenshot:

    Here we see two of our applications (in fact, there can be much more if you have launched other applications). Click on the “Split Screen” button.

    We see the message “Drag the application here”.

    Click on the application that we want to see at the top of the screen, hold it and carefully transfer it to the inscription, then release your finger.

    For the second app, just tap on it and it will be activated at the bottom of the screen. Like this:

    You can use two applications at the same time. However, please note that some applications do not support dual screen mode, for example, “Calendar” (relevant at the time of this writing).

    How do I get out of dual screen mode? Exit to the desktop by clicking on the “Home” button.

    At the top of the screen, the “Back to split screen” button will appear. press.

    You see the “Exit” button, which you need to tap. tap on it.

    Done, the first application is working as usual (for some reason it did not appear in the screenshot above, but in reality it is shown on the screen).

    It remains just to go to the desktop by clicking the “Home” button.

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