How to put a battery charging percentage on Samsung Galaxy S8

Battery is the most important element of the smartphone. It depends on how long the device will work offline, that is, without connecting to the power grid. Behind the charge level allows you to monitor the status bar, where the icon is located in the form of a battery, which is filled, then depletes. Unfortunately, it does not allow to determine the exact level. Therefore, it is recommended to enable the battery percentage of Samsung Galaxy S8 in one of the ways described below.

Samsung Galaxy S8, like any other device on the operating system Android 6 and above displays the charge level in the form of icons. With its help, it can be assumed how roughly charged the battery: 100%, 75%, 50% and so on.

So that the system is able to display accurate percentages of charging, you need to make a swipe from the top of the screen down. Then the curtain of notifications opens, and information on the level of charge will appear on the battery icons.

Despite the fact that the phone can always show the percentage, this method is unlikely to be called comfortable. After all, the user will have to give the curtain every time to familiarize themselves with the exact charge. In this regard, it is recommended to pay attention to alternative methods for changing the icons, that the percentage was always displayed. Even in the case when the curtain of notifications is closed.

How to enable battery charge percentage?

In order to enable the battery charge percentage on Samsung Galaxy devices with One UI, do the following:

1) Go to “Settings” and select the “Notifications” section;

2) Press “Status String” and activate the “Show Charging Percentage” function.

In order to enable the percentage of battery charge on Xiaomi C MIUI 12 devices, do the following:

1) Go to “Settings” and select the “Screen” section;

2) Open the “Control Center and the Correction of Notifications”;

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3) Press “Battery Indicator” and select the desired icon.

Using the Battery PERCENT ENABLER application (Percentage Battery)

If for some reason you cannot enable System UI Tuner, you can use a third-party Battery PERCENT ENABLER application (or “battery with percentage” in the Russian version), which does not require special permissions or root access, but reliably includes a charge of charge percent Batteries (and, simply changing the same system setting, which we changed in the first way).

  • Run the application and mark the “Battery with percentage” item.
  • You immediately see that the percentage of the battery began at the top line (in any case, I had so), but the developer writes that you need to restart the device (completely turn off and enable).

Ready. At the same time, after you changed the setting using the application, you can delete it, the charge percentage will not disappear anywhere (but you will need to reinstall if you need to disable the shift of charging in percent).

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How to set a charging percentage on samsung a51

Going in the “Settings” menu, you can configure a lot. In our case, we are going to go to the Notifications section.

From there Touch the status string. In this menu, at the bottom of the list there is a simple switch-switch, which, when turned on, displays the percentage of the battery in the Galaxy A51 status bar.

If you go to the Play Store and download the free application called “Quick Settings”, you can add a shortcut in the battery menu to your quick settings I, for example, from this shock, and Korean does not offer it.

After downloading the application, press the side parameters at the bottom of the screen, click “Utilities” and then “Battery”.

When the icon is added, open the rapid settings on your A51, tap the three-point menu in the upper right corner, select “Button order” and drag the battery icon to the desired location.

Only it will be added, this shortcut will open the battery usage schedule when you click on it. Have a good day.

The first method on the Samsung A50 is included in percent battery

As always, we go to the settings with all changes. To find yourself there easily for them answers the badge in the form of a gear.

He finds out in the menu. We will assume that you found it. Now we are looking for a string of “notifications”. not far from above.

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Found? Click on it. We need the parameter “Status String”. It will also see quickly. Click.

Now the last step to move the slider in front of the Row “Show Percentage” to the right. All. Now check your Samsung A50 must submit a battery charge in numbers.

How to enable charging percentage on samsung a30 and a30s

Samsung A30 and A30S Mobile Device Battery is the most important resource during its use.

This is due to the fact that without this component the phone will not recharge, and therefore no actions can be taken, such as sending messages, receiving notifications or the execution of phone calls among many other.

That is why we should always know that this resource is constantly filled, and, if it is not so, it is useful to know what to save a charge.

To do this, in the Samsung A30 and A30s phones there is an assistant who allows you to always know the percentage of battery charge during its use.

And it is for this reason that in this lesson will show the process of its installation in these smartphones with the Android operating system.

To activate this alternative, you must only perform only four of the following actions, more precisely. 4 touches.

To begin with, since you must make changes to the system, you must search for the option “Settings”, which is in the parameters panel of this device.

Once inside, you must access the Notifications tab, which is the third on the Alternative panel that you will see.

There will be an option described as a “Status String”, which is in this section to continue clicking on it.

Now you will see that the last version of this alternative mentioned above is called “Show the Battery Charge Percentage”.

To enable charging percentages on Samsung A30 and A30S, you just need to move the options tab to the right, and everything is ready. Success.

Battery Charging Percentage on Android 9 and 10

If you use the phone with the Android 9 or 10 operating system, then turn on the battery charging percentage will not be difficult. All you need to do is go to the device settings and open the section “Battery”.

Here, among other things, the option “Battery level” option will be available. After its inclusion, the exact value of charging value will be displayed next to the battery icon.

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If you have an older version of Android, we recommend trying other ways that we consider below.

Through the settings

Make interest batteries visible on an ongoing basis allow you to make the SAMSUNG GALAXY A03 Core settings. If you have never enjoyed this option, refer to the instructions:

This method is working if you updated your Samsung Galaxy A03 Core before Android 9 and a newer version of the operating system. If you use the old firmware, the algorithm will be slightly different:

  • Lower the curtain of notifications.
  • Click on the gear icon and hold a finger on it for a few seconds.
  • After about 5 seconds, you will be taken to the settings section, and the “System UI Tuner function is added to the settings menu will be highlighted below. This will evidence that you managed to unlock the advanced parameters menu.
  • Now you need to go to “System Ui Tuner”.
  • Select “Status String”.
  • Click on the “Battery” function and activate the percentage of battery charging for the status string.

When using a modified firmware name of some menu items may differ. But it does not prevent configure percentage on an ongoing basis. You just need to focus on the “Battery” or “battery” sections, and if necessary, you can use the search for settings.

Using the application

Put the percentage of charging, you can not only with built-in tools of the phone, but also with the help of special applications like “Accumulator percent”. You can easily find it in Play Market. There is also a mass of other similar programs that can act similarly with the task.

To display the percentage, you need to start the application and mark the checkbox that is responsible for displaying accurate charge level. For all programs, it acts about the same algorithm, so it can be used regardless of which the utility has downloaded the owner of Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018).

At the same time, it is worth explaining that the percentage will be shown separately from the battery icon. Many this fact may seem unusual and uncomfortable. In addition, for permanent charge display, you need to allow third-party application to work in the background.