How to control the backlight on the MSI keyboard?

If you pressed a hot key or used the software for turning on the keyboard LED backlight, but the keyboard LED backlighting is still not working, press the FN and the keyboard to increase the brightness of the keyboard and repeat the check.

Open the Start menu and find the SteelSeries 3 engine. Click on the MSI PER-KEY RGB keyboard. option. You will see your keyboard and lightning configuration by default.

How to control keyboard backlight?

If your laptop has a keyboard with backlight, press the F5 or F4 key (in some models) on the keyboard to enable or off the light. It may be necessary to simultaneously press the FN key (functional). If the backlight icon is absent on the F5 key, find the keyboard keyboard key in a series of functional keys.

To change the color of the keyboard backlight:

  • Press the keys for switching available colors of backlighting.
  • White, red, green and blue are active by default; You can add up to two user colors in the system in the system settings (BIOS) to the cycle.

How to change the color backlight color on the MSI laptop?

Turn on the laptop and press the F5 or F12 key (depending on the model). Find the FN key next to the Windows button in the lower left side of the keyboard. Press the gap, holding FN to turn on the backlight.

In the place of the FN button is a key with the Steelseries logo, which, however, does not change its functionality. The combinations of FNF5 and F6 regulate the brightness of the backlight, FNF7. F9 control the reproduction, and FNF10–F12 adjust the volume.

How to enable the keyboard backlight on the Lenovo Ideapad S145 laptop?

To turn on / off the backlight, press the fn gap or ESC on the keyboard to change the keyboard backlight mode.

You can find out about the presence of illumination from the official specification or by examining the “F3” and “F4” key for the presence of brightness icon. On the keyboard there should be a “fn” button in working condition. In order to turn on the backlight, click the FN key and press the F4 button several times.

Additional ways to enable the keyboard of the laptop keyboard

For a quick method that allows you to turn on the backlight on the laptop, two paths are used, such as:

Useful programs for changing the coverage of buttons are distributed for free on the manufacturer’s website. Consider some of them. The utility works for PC ASUS brand. It is located on of. ASUS website in the Drivers section.

Download the latest version suitable for the processor and the OS installed on your computer. Thereafter:

  • Open and remove the contents of the archive into a folder convenient for you. After that, conduct the inclusion of the program both in the window that opens either to agree to its installation, or put the daw in front of the “Repair” item and click “Finish”.
  • After installing the program, click the closing button and reload the laptop. The program is installed, and you can start work with it.
  • In the “Start” menu, select “Microsoft Store” and enter your account in it.
  • Inside the store through the search, find Armoury Crate and click on the receipt button.
  • The utility will begin to swing and install automatically.

It remains only to configure the glow:

  • Open the program.
  • Find the keyboard icon on the left and click on the system.
  • In the system, select the backlight and set it up for yourself.This window allows you to change the color of the backlight to selected from the color palette, if the technical characteristics of the laptop allow this. Also, in these settings, brightness parameters are introduced.

If you want a program whose work concerns only a change in the glow, then download the Aura Sync or Tuf Aura Core program according to the above scheme. depending on which sticker about the glow glow glow on the laptop. Try to choose the latest version on the manufacturer’s website, and if it refuses to run, the penultimate. After downloading the file, remove all the data from the archive, install the program through the Lightingservice folder and the ex.“Auraserviceesetup” exesh file, and then start the program.

The settings control in the program are intuitive and simple, and if the result did not like it, then it can always be returned to the former.

What to do if the keyboard backlight keypads do not work or absent

Very often the button responsible for the backlight is noted on the keyboard with a half.sun. If there is no such button, there is a high chance that this function is missing in the laptop.

over, it is important to remember that the same models with different modifications may have a difference in this function, t.e., The model with modification A will glow, but with modification B. no.

But there is a light marking, but the buttons do not glow, no matter how much they press? Then important utilities are not installed on PCs responsible for this parameter. Each utility that should be present is easily downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. So MSI requires the Steelseries Engine driver, and Dell System is suitable for Dell.

These drivers need to be selected specifically for each brand PC and its modification individually. Without them, the combinations of keys that were dismantled above may simply not start working.

Sometimes the FN button is blocked. You can remove the blocking of this key and ESC. Also, in some cases, you can shut off or turning on the glow only through BIOS.

I can’t find a button

There are two options here. First. a regular keyboard is installed on your laptop without backlighting. Most often they are used on office models. Also on some identical models of laptops, but of different specifications. there may or may not be backlight. You can clarify this information on the official website of the manufacturer.

The second option is a button, but you just need to find it. You can independently attach it to the FN button and on all auxiliary keys of the row F1 F12. You can try the combinations that I wrote about. If nothing comes out, then I would turn to the user of your laptop in your place.

You can also contact me in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. write a model of your laptop, and I will tell you what keys you need to press on.

There is a button, but it doesn’t work

If there is a button, but when you press, nothing happens, make sure again that you have taken advantage of the auxiliary key FN. Some models have an independent backlight button, and the FN button is not needed. Check it is very simple. usually on a similar key, in addition to the emblem of activation of the glow, there is nothing more.

If the button is in the right additional clave, then make sure that Num Lock is turned off. You can try to activate the backlight via Windows.

So, you have already tried everything, but nothing comes out. In this case, you most likely have not installed an additional utility with drivers. it is necessary on some models, to work additional buttons. The fact is that most often the keyboard for laptops (especially for game models) is not produced by the manufacturer himself, but by Partner. for example, SteelSeries or Razer.

In this case, the auxiliary key “FN” may not work at all. Here is a table of programs that are used with certain models of laptops:

  • Go to the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop.
  • Find a section of support with drivers.
  • Next, find your laptop model.
  • Look in the list of drivers and utilities, there should be a program that works with keys and keyboard.

So that you do not climb the open spaces of the site, you can drive the name of the laptop model or Yandex, and after the search, just switch to the official page of the manufacturer. There should be a section of support. If you yourself cannot find this program, then write the name of the model of your laptop in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and there we will figure it out together.

How to Turn On Keyboard Backlight

In some cases, the keyboard can be included in BIOS or UEFI. After rebooting, go to BIOS. for this, hold one of the keys: Delete. F2. F10 (look at the hint of a boot screen). After that, go to the System Configuration section or Keyboard Illumination, and turn on the parameter “Action Keys Mode”. If this is not there, then look for something similar.

I hope the article helped to make your keyboard glowing, if not, we contact the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the article.

How to turn off the backlight on a laptop?

If the laptop is equipped with a backlight keyboard, press the F5 or F4 key (on some models) on the keyboard to enable or off the backlight. You may have to simultaneously press the FN key (functional key).

To turn on or off the backlight, press the fn gap or ESC on the keyboard to change the keyboard backlight mode. There are three modes: off., Low (dull) and high (bright). Click the keys again to change the modes.

How to unlock the keyboard on the MSI laptop?

When blocking on the keyboard of the laptop of the touch panel (touchpad), click at the same time FN and F7. If you use the FN key in combination with others to unlock or lock, then it will be important for you to pay attention to the characters drawn on these keys.

  • Go to the device manager. In Windows 10 and 8, this can be done through the menu by the “Start” button
  • In the “keyboard” section of the device manager, click on your keyboard with the right button and select “Disconnect”
  • Confirm the keyboard shutdown.

Installation of LEDs in the body of the keyboard 760

Before installing the backlight tapes, you need to draw up a scheme of all output points of additional elements. This applies:

Thus, the diagram must be required:

  • output points of additional wires;
  • the location of the rubber substrates;
  • The points of internal fasteners of all wiring, connections.

Since all the strips are connected to one knot, a thoughtful plan is needed to lay this part. So that its volume does not interfere with the installation of the panel with the keys.

MSI GS65 BACKLIGHT PROBLEM! Steelseries RGB Green backlight DEAD! 🙁 [Keyboard RGB Update]

DIY keyboard illumination requires a certain accuracy. When installing the tape, the first task is to dismantle the case. All elements of fasteners must be carefully disconnected, paying attention to the possible outputs of various connectors.

In the case of a solid key panel, it makes sense to melt holes for the release of diodes with a soldering iron. For such a manipulation, an accurate calculation of the location of the diode along the guide and the mounting places of the keys will be necessary. The attached wire, by the beginning of the chain, makes sense to attach with adhesive tape to the main wires of the keyboard for greater convenience of operation.

The adapter of the connector for the diode tape power wires is mounted on the wire. We connect it directly to the power source. The backlight shutdown button can be inserted into the place of output of the boards by breaking one bar.


Although the backlight is a convenient option for working at night, when the light from the screen creates glare on the buttons, and does not illuminate them, it is, nevertheless, not on all laptops.

In particular, such an option is not on old models, as well as on economy class devices from this brand.

Therefore, if all the backlight instructions proposed below did not help, it is possible that there is simply no such function on your device.

The backlight is not always convenient. For example, in the case when the buttons are smooth and glossy initially (or steel as a result of wiping with long use), the backlight can interfere, as it will create additional glare on the keys, and as a result of the image of the letters will become indistinguishable.

Exceptions are cases when the letters also glow and when the backlight is optimally balanced by power.

Advice! Look at the buttons on your laptop. If the images of the letters on them are translucent, then the backlight is almost certainly in your device.

Also, you can sometimes consider the LEDs directly next to the keys, and they are perfectly noticeable if the button is removed.

How to unlock the MSI keyboard?

Press the FN and F1 F12 buttons at the same time. Probably, this combination with one of the functional keys of the device will help unlock the keyboard.

On some laptops to turn on/off the keyboard, a combination of the FN functional button and one of the keys of the F1-F12 in a series is used-for example, FNF1. To understand which key you need, carefully look at the icons. Look for a button with a lock if you press it with FN, the keyboard is blocked.

How to turn off the backlight on the PC keyboard?

To turn on or off the backlight, press the fn gap or ESC on the keyboard to change the keyboard backlight mode. There are three modes: off., Low (dull) and high (bright). Click the keys again to change the modes.

It is the simultaneous pressing of the FN and the F5-F12 keys that allow you to perform such non-standard actions as disconnecting the backlight, control of the player (Steelseriesf7–F9), the volume control (Steelseriesf10-F12) or brightness of the backlight (Steelseriesf5 and F6).

How to turn on the FN button on the MSI laptop?

Press the FN and ESC keys again to turn on the functional keys [FN] by default, while the FN Lock indicator goes out.

Automatic keyboard shutdown.

Instead, you need to go to the “System Settings Keyboard”. On the keyboard tab, install the checkplace “turn off the keyboard backlight after inaction”. You are invited to choose from the range from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. I chose the average option. 30 seconds.

How to change the backlight on the HP laptop keyboard?

If the laptop is equipped with a backlight keyboard, press the F5 or F4 key (on some models) on the keyboard to enable or off the backlight. You may have to simultaneously press the FN key (functional key).

The main reasons why the backlight may not work in your operating system. Obsolete or wrong drivers. If the keyboard drivers (on a laptop or external) are not updated to the latest version, you will not be able to access all functions, including backlight. Hardware problems.