What is AirDrop?

Apple first introduced AirDrop in 2011 with OS X Lion. Its job is to move files between Mac computers in just a few clicks. Since 2013, the tool is also available on the iPhone.

AirDrop (literally “toss through the air”) is a proprietary technology that uses a Wi-Fi radio signal to create an encrypted connection between Apple devices. Gadgets should be no more than nine meters apart.

The main feature of the tool is that you can transfer files of any size! You can transfer information both to your devices and to other Apple users.

AirDrop on iPhone

Send a whole folder of vacation photos to your mom’s iPhone in a few seconds without the Internet? Easily. Using AirDrop. Apple’s development that allows you to exchange files between Apple devices.

How to set up AirDrop?

You can control your device’s visibility for the AirDrop tool.

iPhone 7 and 8: How To Air Drop With iOS 11 and The New Control Center.

  • In the “Settings” select “Basic”.
  • Click AirDrop and adjust the options:

Receive Off: You will not receive AirDrop requests.

“For contacts only”. only people from your contacts list will see your device.

Everyone: Your device will be visible to all iOS devices nearby.

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You can also set up AirDrop in Control Center:

  • On iPhone X or later, or iPad with iOS 12 or later, or iPadOS, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to open Control Center. On iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Hold your finger on the block with the icons “Airplane mode”, cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
  • On the pop-up menu, tap AirDrop and configure the function.

If you can’t turn on AirDrop reception, go to Screen Time in Settings. Click Privacy & Content Restrictions → Allowed Apps. Check if AirDrop is turned on.

In the AirDrop window on your Mac, don’t forget to turn on Allow My Discovery.

AirDrop benefits

With AirDrop, you can send anything: photos, contacts, websites, documents, notes, App Store utilities, location. But what about messengers? Can all this be sent through them? Yes, but not so fast and not in unlimited volume.

In addition, AirDrop uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, but only as tools to create a local encrypted peer-to-peer network. This means that you can transfer files even where there is no Internet.

If NFC technology, which is used in other phones, requires devices to be close to each other, then with AirDrop the distance can be greater.

How to transfer files via AirDrop?

If you send information to another user, he will receive a notification with a preview and the option to “Accept” or “Reject” the file.

If you use AirDrop to share data between your devices, such as sending a photo from iPhone to Mac, the file will be downloaded automatically without showing Accept and Decline buttons. Provided both devices are signed in to the same Apple ID.

On Mac computers, AirDrop can be found in the Finder in the sidebar of the file manager. When the function is activated, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are automatically turned on. You can send files by analogy with iPhone via the “Share” button.

Or, in the AirDrop window, select a user from the list and transfer the file directly to his photo. Accepted content is saved in the “Downloads”.

Disadvantages of AirDrop

The technology has, perhaps, one drawback. it can be used only on relatively new Apple devices:

  • MacBook Air and Pro laptops 2008 and newer.
  • 2009 and earlier Mac computers
  • iPhone 5th generation and newer
  • Tablets iPad Pro, mini, Air.

The fact is that old gadgets do not support the LE module in Bluetooth and have outdated Wi-fi modules.

AirDrop is one of the most convenient but underrated features on iPhones and other Apple devices. Encryption makes transmission secure, and lack of preconfiguration makes it easy. Neither instant messengers, nor mail, nor file sharing services are needed. over, downloading files is faster than via Bluetooth. The whole process fits in a couple of clicks and a few seconds. Everything Apple likes: the most user-friendly.

IPhone Settings

The first possible option to enable AirDrop on iPhone is to go to system settings, where you can easily find the option you need.

Next, you should find the “AirDrop” button, which is responsible for the parameters of data transfer between Apple devices, and tap on it.

Now you need to select the option to enable AirDrop on iPhone.

Note: You can choose one of two items. “Only for contacts” or “For everyone”, depending on what is most suitable for the situation.

Control point

In addition to the settings in the iOS operating system, there is another way to quickly change the parameters of important functions. Control Center.

  • The first step is to open the “Control Center”, which is located at the bottom (you need to swipe the screen up) or at the top (you need to lower the “curtain” from above “). The opening method depends on the model, and starting with the iPhone X the second option works.

Next, open a menu with communication settings by holding and holding the window shown in the following image in the upper left corner.

Advanced options for various connections will appear, where you need to hold the “AirDrop” item.

Everything is similar to the first method. You need to choose for whom to enable AirDrop transmission, and click on the corresponding button.

Note: If you select Contacts Only, only people in your contacts list can see your iPhone. If you select “For all”. the iPhone will be seen by all Apple technology users who are nearby.

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How to transfer iPhone photos via Bluetooth?

To transfer data, you need to activate Bluetooth in the iPhone settings, then go to iBluetooth and select the image to be sent through this application.

Why iPhone doesn’t see AirDrop?

If you are faced with the fact that AirDrop does not see your iPhone, you need to check your smartphone settings. Disable tethering if enabled on your device. Go to the “Settings” window. “Modem mode” and deactivate the slider.

How to Transfer Photos from One iPhone to Another?

The easiest and fastest way is to transfer via iCloud Music Library. To do this, on both devices, you need to enable this option along the path Settings. iCloud- iCloud Media Library. Of course, both devices must have the same Apple ID connected.

How to connect AirDrop on iPhone?

How to enable AirDrop on iPhone or iPhone

  • Make sure that wireless interfaces such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are activated on the device.
  • Turn on AirDrop from Control Center by pressing and holding the button-block with wireless interfaces, and then activate the switch of the same name.

How to Transfer All Data from One iPhone to Another?

To transfer data from one iPhone to another using iCloud, when setting up a new phone, one of the steps will need to select “Recover from iCloud copy” instead of “Set up iPhone as new.” After entering your Apple ID information, the transfer of contacts, apps, photos, SMS and other information will begin.

How to enable AirDrop on iPhone 11?

  • Pull out the Control Center with a swipe. Pay attention to the section with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Press harder on this window If you do not have 3D Touch, then just hold down the window.
  • Open Settings. General. AirDrop.
  • Choose Only contacts or Everyone.

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Mac via AirDrop?

  • Open the file you want to send, then click the Share button in the application window. Control-click the file in the Finder window, then choose Share from the context menu.
  • Select AirDrop from the list of options.
  • Select a recipient from the AirDrop list:

What is Air Drop?

AirDrop is a wireless file transfer technology between Apple devices that allows you to share photos, videos and other content in just two clicks.

How to Transfer All Data from One iPhone to Another?

To start transferring data from your old iPhone to your new one, click the Transfer from iPhone button. If using a cable connection, the transfer icon indicates that the devices are connected. You can also choose whether to transfer some settings from your old iPhone to your new one, such as Apple Pay and Siri.

How to connect bluetooth on iPhone?

Pairing your device with a Bluetooth accessory

How to Turn on AirDrop on iPhone/ iPad! �� [100% WORKS!!]

  • On your device, go to the Bluetooth Settings menu and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Put the accessory in discoverable mode and wait for it to appear on the device’s screen.
  • To pair, tap the name of the accessory when it appears on the screen.

Why AirDrop doesn’t see another iPhone?

To do this, open the control panel, hold your finger on the block with switches, hold down the AirDrop button and select the desired item. 5. Make sure AirDrop is not disabled under Screen Time. Go to Settings. Screen Time. Content & Privacy. Allowed Apps.

How to transfer files via AirDrop?

  • Open the app and tap the Share button. In Photos, you can swipe left or right to select multiple photos.
  • Select the AirDrop user you want to send content to. AirDrop can also be used to share data between your Apple devices.

What to do if Airpods do not connect?

If you can’t connect headphones to your Mac

Go to the Apple () System Preferences and click the Bluetooth icon. If your Airpods appear in the device list but won’t connect, remove them from the list. Select Airpods from the list of devices. Click the X to the right of Airpods.

What is AirDrop on iPhone?

AirDrop is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth file transfer technology developed by Apple and first introduced in OS X Lion and iOS 7.

What is AirDrop in Cryptocurrency?

AirDrop (airdrop) is a free distribution of tokens to everyone for registration. Tokens can be aimed at popularizing a completely new coin, which is not yet on the exchanges, and so far only a preliminary sale of tokens is being carried out. Of course, the distribution of tokens is carried out in a limited amount.

Why AirDrop doesn’t work?

If you are faced with the fact that AirDrop does not see your iPhone, you need to check your smartphone settings. Disable tethering if enabled on your device. Go to the “Settings” window. “Modem mode” and deactivate the slider.

How to enable AirDrop on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11 and later

On iOS 11, Apple redesigned the Control Center again (for the second time in a year). This time, all the radio buttons are back to the same page and they are all separate widgets. Best of all, they are finally customizable.

With the new design, some functions have been relocated. For example, if you pull down the control from the bottom of the screen, you will no longer find the AirDrop icon. But she is there. Just tucked away in a new widget dedicated to feature switchers. Here’s how to enable and use AirDrop on iOS 11 and newer.

How to enable AirDrop in Settings

The AirDrop function is hidden in the control center, but on iOS 11 there is a separate section for it in the settings.

Open Settings.

Go to Basic.

Select AirDrop. Here you will also be offered three options for settings.

How to enable AirDrop in Control Center

Pull out the control point from the bottom of the screen.

On the top left, there will be a square with switches for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. If you have an iPhone 6s or newer, click on this widget using 3D Touch. If you have an older model, just hold down the widget.

The widget will expand to full screen and the AirDrop icon will appear on it.

Hold down the AirDrop icon and a window will pop up with three options. Receive Off, Contacts Only, and For Everyone. Select the appropriate one and you will be taken back to the control center screen.

How to turn off AirDrop

To turn off AirDrop, repeat the steps above except for the last point. In the last step, select “Receive Off”

Where iPhone AirDrop Files Are Saved?

In the case of macOS, everything is simple: the file you receive via AirDrop will be in your Downloads folder. It can be accessed either through the Finder or from the Dock, where it is located by default. Images, documents, videos and any files received via AirDrop are dropped in “Downloads”.

How to Transfer All Photos from iPhone to iPhone?

Answer: To transfer photos from iPhone to another iPhone, you can use iTunes sync, iCloud My Photo Stream, or cloud sync using third-party services such as Dropbox or Google Photos. You can download iTunes on the official website.

How to enable AirDrop on iPhone?

To choose who can see your device and send you content using AirDrop: Go to the Settings menu and select General. Press AirDrop and then select the option you want.

How to enable data transfer on iPhone 7?

To turn on cellular data on your device, follow these steps:

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • Select from the menu: iPhone (iOS 6): “General” → “Network”; iPhone (iOS 7 and above): Cellular; iPad (iOS 6 and above): Cellular Data.
  • Turn on the Cellular Data toggle switch. Related Articles

How to find downloads on iPhone?

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down and find the Safari section.
  • Find the “Downloads” option and click on it.
  • Choose On iPhone or iPad from previous iCloud Drive.
  • You can also click “Other” to select another directory of your choice.

Can I Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone?

how to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone using Apple ID

  • Open the App Store on your new iPhone.
  • Click the Purchased option at the top of the screen.
  • Click the Not On This iPhone icon.
  • Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac via AirDrop?

Using AirDrop on Mac

  • Open the file you want to send, then click the Share button in the application window. Control-click the file in the Finder window, then choose Share from the context menu.
  • Select AirDrop from the list of options.
  • Select a recipient from the AirDrop list:

Data transfer

Using the iPhone XS as an example, an example of transferring photos via AirDrop is considered:

  • Launch “Photos”, select the ones you need and click “Share”. To select multiple, you can swipe left or right.
  • Tap AirDrop to share data between your own devices or transfer content to a friend’s devices with AirDrop connected.
  • If the receiving iPhone 8 is in your contacts, you will see the user’s name and icon. If there is none, then only the name will be displayed, without the icon.

Frequently used contacts and devices (eg iPad) may appear in Quick Connect with an AirDrop icon. Devices can get to the top line if you repeatedly performed such operations for them.

If the operation is from MAC to smartphone:

  • Run the file and click “Share”.
  • In the Finder window, Ctrl-click the file, then select Share from the context menu.
  • Select a contact from the address book list to start sending.
  • You can also go to the AirDrop section of the Finder sidebar. Drag and drop the files required for transportation to one of the suggested contacts to start the process.


The most convenient way to use AirDrop is from the Control Center:

  • Swipe up from the bottom to open the “Control Center”. Below the volume slider is the “AirDrop” icon. click it.
  • In the menu that appears, you can select three options:
  • OFF. turn off the option.
  • ContactOnly. the option will work only when pairing with phones, the numbers of which are recorded in your device address book.
  • Everyone. iPhone sample data from all gadgets that support “AirDrop”.
  • To receive files from another gadget, select the “For all” mode to receive content on your smartphone without possible restrictions. Do not forget to turn off the option after receiving. Otherwise, going into a crowded place you may be “thrown” of any content by “well-wishers”.

When is data exchanged?. you need to enable AirDrop on the iPhone that transmits and the one that receives data. When the function is activated, it will turn white, plus Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are activated.

How to use AirDrop on iPhone and iPad: transfer photos over the air

The AirDrop option was first seen by iPhone users in iOS 7. Its main purpose is to facilitate the exchange of photos and other data between the owners of phones with the Apple logo. Within the framework of this article, it is considered. how to enable AirDrop and quickly transfer the necessary photos.


When you receive the file transfer, a notification will appear on iPhone with a preview of the content. You just have to accept or reject it.

When you agree to accept the file, it will be saved in the same program with which it was sent. This is true for iOS 12 and older versions. Photos will be saved in the Photos app, websites will open in Safari, and software links will open in the AppStore.

When transferring to apple products linked by a single Apple-ID, the protection window does not appear and the files are immediately sent to your second device. For the option to work correctly, make sure that on: iPad, MacBook, iPhone 10 and even the old 5S, you are logged into the same Apple-ID.

The receipt process on MacOS looks similar. Reception from a device with a different ID will be protected, requiring the intervention of the owner of the device.


Finding “AirDrop” isn’t just in Control Center. According to the standard, it is available in the section: “Settings”. “General”. Works exactly the same as in the “Control Center”. Pressing an option brings up a menu with three modes.

If “Receive off / Off” is active and does not switch:

  • Go to “Settings”. “Screen Time”.
  • Click on “Privacy Restriction”.
  • Tap to select Allowed Software and check if AirDrop is working. If not, then activate.

Control center

First, we need to activate everything we need in the Control Center, as well as the new iOS 7 feature. To do this, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen and, as it were, “pull out” the Control Center from the bottom. Then you will see the AirDrop label. Click on it.

The text will turn white and Bluetooth will automatically turn on.

Setting up AirDrop

After you click on the AirDrop label, a pop-up window will appear asking who you will be visible to when you turn on AirDrop.

By default, the settings are only “from contacts” (only to people from the contact list).

To be guaranteed to receive a file from another device, select “Everyone”.

How to use AirDrop on iPhone

Hello dear friends! Many of you who have already heard, and maybe even installed the new iOS 7 firmware, know that it has a new interesting function AirDrop, which is designed to finally make up for the lack of data transfer between devices, for the absence of which many Android users ” poked “all users of Apple technology. Well, let’s see how this feature works and what you need to know to use it! Let’s first define what AirDrop is.

“AirDrop is a Wi-Fi file transfer technology developed by Apple and introduced in Mac OS X Lion and iOS 7. Apple is positioning the technology as an easy way (without prior configuration) to transfer files between computers using the Wi-Fi environment. and Bluetooth for authenticating iOS 7 devices. “.

Yes, everything seems to be great. But the problem is that mobile AirDrop is not as good as the desktop one designed for OS X. First, the number of devices that can work with AirDrop is currently limited to only the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5 and 4th generation iPad.

The owners of the still quite relevant iPhone 4S and 3rd generation iPad were left without a much-needed function.

But if in this case we can refer to the insufficient performance of the hardware of these devices, then the lack of work with AirDrop for OS X is simply discouraging.

Well, okay, Apple has always been distinguished by such a “cut” of functions, so we are no stranger to it. Another thing worth considering is that AirDrop requires WI-FI and Bluetooth to function properly. But the best part is that you don’t need an internet connection. Now let’s talk about how to use AirDrop on iPhone.

AirDrop data transfer

Now we select the file to transfer. It can be anything at all, that is, photos, videos, notes, events. After you have selected the file for transfer, click on the “Share” button, which looks something like this:

For example, open the “Photos” application, select any image and a panel with this icon will appear at the bottom. Click on it.

If there is a device in range to which you can transfer the file, then you will see a list of those people who already have AirDrop activated. Choose one of them and wait.

At this time, an offer to accept the file will appear on the recipient’s device. He should agree and after some time the file you transfer will be on the recipient’s device.

That’s all the wisdom! After use, do not forget to turn off WI-FI / Bluetooth or in the Control Center click on AirDrop and in the pop-up window, which I mentioned above, and then click on “Turn off”.

Airdrop feature. what is it on iPhone and how to transfer files

Airdrop technology is designed to simplify the transfer of files between iPhone, iPad, Mac devices. It allows you to exchange encrypted files over a short distance. The use of technology requires knowledge of its features. It is available on most Apple gadgets. The article will tell you about Airdrop, what is it on the iPhone, what is it used for.

What to do if Airdrop does not see iPhone

When Airdrop does not see your iPhone, it is recommended that you try the easiest method first. To do this, it is necessary to reboot both devices participating in the transfer. You need to make sure that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are active. If this is not the case, you need to run them.

You must also make sure that the Bluetooth version is at least 0x6. If it is lower, you will need to replace the HCI module to make it possible to use the Airdrop.

Sometimes activating the “Continuity” or “Handoff” functions helps. To carry it out, you need to open the “Basic” section in the settings. There is a line for Handoff. To activate, just slide the switch. To activate Continuity, go to the FaceTime section and activate the “iPhone Cellular Calls” switch. After that, the option will work. These two functions are present on the smartphone in operating versions of iOS, starting with the eighth. After making changes to the settings, it is recommended to restart the gadget.

How to use Airdrop on iPhone

The use of Airdrop is relevant in cases where the user wants to transfer files to another device without access to the worldwide network. An important feature of this technology is that data is reliably protected during transmission. It uses 2048-bit RSA encryption. To understand what an iPhone Airdrop is, you need to take into account that this level of encryption is very reliable.

The transfer determines whether the other party has an iCloud account. After that, a connection is established between the devices. Safe file transfer in such a situation is guaranteed.

Note! If the receiving party does not contain the sender in the contacts, you need to set the Airdrop mode to “For all” in order to transfer the file.

To send the data, you need to log into the iPhone Control Center. To do this, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen. If the Airdrop function is activated, it can be used to transfer files. In this case, the wireless connection will turn on immediately for data transmission.

If necessary, you can transfer data to your Mac computer or from it to your smartphone. During transmission, the computer can be both the receiving and the transmitting side.

Airdrop what’s this on iPhone

Airdrop technology enables data transfer between iPhone, iPad or Mac devices. In this case, there is no need to have access to the Internet. The transmission takes place using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. The transmitting and receiving devices must be kept at a distance not exceeding one meter. The data will be encrypted during copying. To understand what AirDrop is on iPhone, you just need to try to transfer data with it at least once.

Using Airdrop, you can transfer files from built-in applications:

  • Safari browser.
  • Contacts.
  • Photo.
  • Cards.

You cannot transfer music in this way. This technology is available on iPhone models 5, 5s or later. At the same time, in order to use the Airdrop, the iPhone must be running iOS version 7 or later.

AirDrop Not Working on iPhone & HOW TO FIX! ��

Transferring in this way can be applied to iPad 4th generation or later. It is available for Apple computers manufactured after 2010. Airdrop technology can be used when the operating system OS Lion is installed on the computer. It does not work on older ones. For example, if Mac OS X is installed on such a device, then the technology in question cannot be applied. Transfer requires an active iCloud account on both devices.

Note! It is not possible to transfer files to a computer on which Windows is installed using Airdrop.

Where to find Airdrop on iPhone

This technology is available on most modern iPhones (5, 5s, SE and others), iPad and Mac devices. However, to use it, it must be activated on the device. First you need to see if there is a corresponding button in the “Control Center” and what is its background. To do this, you need to make a movement with your finger from the bottom up and a small movement at the bottom of the screen.

On the page that appears, there should be a button labeled “Airdrop”. If it is not there, you will need to go to the settings and then go to the “Restrictions” section. You need to find the corresponding line and activate the switch on the right.

Note! Recently purchased devices may have the technology turned off by default. In this case, the activation is carried out independently.

How to Transfer via Airdrop from iPhone to iPhone

To transfer files from one device to another, you need to place them a short distance from each other, turn on AirDrop on the iPhone, and turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both phones. To transfer photographs, for example, you need to take the following steps:

  • Open the built-in Photos app.
  • A list of files will open, among which you need to mark the images that need to be transferred.
  • On the bottom line of the screen, on the left, you can see an image of a square with an arrow. You need to tap it. This icon means that the images want to be shared.
  • Then, at the top of the page on the right, a “Next” button appears, which you need to click.
  • A menu will be shown with several icons (Messages, Mail,). Clicking on any of them will show the corresponding detailed contact list. You need to specify the person for whom the files will be transferred. To select, you need to tap on the avatar.

After that, the image will be sent to the recipient within a few seconds. After the end of the action, the message “Sent” will be displayed on the screen.

During the described procedure, when working with AirDrop, the actions of the recipient should be as follows:

  • A message will appear on his screen stating that they want to transfer a file to him.
  • It will have two buttons for accepting or rejecting. To receive a picture, you must agree. click “Accept”.

After that, the picture will be uploaded to his gadget.

How to enable Airdrop on iPhone

How do I enable AirDrop on my iPhone? This option can be activated on the iPhone through the “Control Center”. To open it, you need to do the following:

  • Swipe at the bottom of the screen from bottom to top.
  • On the opened “Control Panel” at the bottom of the screen, under the volume control there is a button to enable Airdrop. You need to click on it.
  • After that, the user will be presented with a menu in which one of the following three items can be selected: “For contacts only”, “For all” or “Disabled”. To enable you need to tap the first or second line.

AirDrop should be enabled on all devices participating in the transfer.

If Airdrop is enabled, the icon will be white. This will automatically activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This setting can be done on various iPhone models: 5, 5 s, and others, up to the most recent. X, XR.

The most universal option is “For everyone”. In this case, the user who accepts the file can easily retrieve it. However, this option may not be suitable in cases where gadgets are located in crowded places. In this case, it is more convenient to use the “Contacts only” mode. In this case, a program will be available that comes from a friend present in this list.

How to activate and deactivate the option on a smartphone

Before transferring files via AirDrop to iPhone, you need to enable the app on your phone. The easiest way to complete the activation is using the Control Center. Some users make it difficult for themselves by trying to connect using the gadget settings. This method is also relevant, but first it is worth considering the process of how to activate the service through the “Control Center”.

First, the client should find this section, to do this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. The required icon with the function image will immediately appear on the screen. Now the option should be enabled, but for this to happen, the client needs to set additional parameters:

  • Shutdown. If you click on this item, the service will be completely disabled.
  • For all. In this case, the smartphone will be able to receive sent files from any gadget that is located in a suitable radius.
  • For contacts only. If you set this parameter, then the smartphone will receive video and photos only from those gadgets that are saved in the phone book.
  • note
  • The last item is always active by default.

You can use the latter mode if you need to receive information from a smartphone that is not in the contact list. It is not recommended to activate this mode in a crowded place. When the client chooses the option that suits him, the icon will change color to white. This will indicate that two file transfer modules have been activated.

Now it’s worth telling more about how to activate the option through the smartphone settings. The procedure is performed according to the following scheme:

  • a section with settings located on the screen opens on the smartphone;
  • then the item “Basic” is selected from the list;
  • now from the list you should click on the section “AirDrop“.

All that remains is to move the slider to the active position. This instruction can be used for all versions of smartphones on the iOS operating system.

How to use the function on the phone

Now we need to consider how to use AirDrop on iPhone. The file transfer process takes a minimum of time, even a beginner can handle it. To transfer data, you must follow the instructions:

  • the “Photos” tab opens on the smartphone, it is located on the main screen;
  • then you should select the picture that you want to transfer;
  • an icon with an arrow is selected on the screen; it is located on the bottom left of the screen;
  • when the photo is highlighted by the system, you can click on the item “Next”;
  • a pop-up window will appear at the bottom, it shows three sections to choose from;
  • in the upper section there will be a list of those contacts to whom you can transfer;
  • you should click on the user’s avatar where the file is uploaded.

When the transfer is complete, the smartphone displays the message “Sent”. After that, all actions will be performed by the recipient. A message will appear on its display stating that the owner of another smartphone is sharing an image with him. If the user clicks on the “Accept” button, the picture will be uploaded to his cell phone.

What is airdrop on iPhone, how to enable and use it

Every iPhone has a special feature for transferring files called Airdrop. The option allows you to transfer photos from one phone to another. It is worth telling in more detail how the function works, how to enable Airdrop on an iPhone and how to enable the technology on a cell phone yourself.

What is this service and how does it work

The offer is designed for iPhone users, it allows you to transfer photos, videos and music between gadgets that are nearby. The process of transferring files occurs at high speed. The procedure takes significantly less time than using Bluetooth.

The client has learned what this is an Airdrop on the iPhone, now it’s worth talking about how the program works. For the function to become operational, you need to connect the gadget to Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi network. When flipping information is performed for the first time, it is recommended to attach the devices as close to each other as possible. In subsequent operations, you may not observe the proximity of smartphones.

  • note
  • The service is safe to use. The company uses secure and encrypted channels.

For the option to work, you must follow some rules:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are activated. These two systems must be connected on two devices. If you do not activate the network on one of the gadgets, the transfer will become impossible.
  • Owner must configure When the client configures the option to receive data, he will be able to receive and send files.
  • On the smartphone, you must turn off the “Modem Mode”, otherwise transferring music and videos will not work.
  • The sender’s number is added to the list of contacts, you can also use the e-mail of the owner of the smartphone.
  • note
  • If the customer is unable to use the service because the connection fails, it is recommended to reinstall the phone software version.

How to properly configure the program for file transfer

You can fully use the function after the owner configures it. The client has the right to choose who can transfer the photos to his cell phone. To do this, you must follow the following instructions:

  • a section with settings opens on the smartphone, it is located on the screen;
  • then the item “Basic” is selected from the list;
  • now in the list you should click on the name “AirDrop”;
  • the appropriate parameter is selected.

Also, the user will be able to configure the settings through the “Control Center” section of the smartphone. To do this, you need to follow this procedure:

  • first, the user must open the “Control Center” section on the gadget;
  • in the left corner there will be a network settings card, you need to press and hold on it;
  • then the owner must click on the “AirDrop” item and hold it for 2-3 seconds;
  • a list of parameters will be displayed on the screen;
  • suitable options are selected from it, for example, you can click “Receive off”, then connection requests will not be received;
  • you can also select the section “For all contacts”, in this case the smartphone will be shown only on those gadgets that are included in the contact book;
  • if you set access “For everyone”, then the gadget will be displayed on all devices, without exception, that are nearby.

Additionally, through the settings, the client can independently change the current name of the iPhone. The procedure is performed according to the following instructions:

  • the main screen opens on the smartphone and the section with settings is selected;
  • then the item “General” is selected from the list;
  • now you should select the subsection “About the program”;
  • the owner must click on the name of his gadget, it is located in the top line of the screen;
  • here the client will be able to come up with a new phone name, it will also be displayed when transferring data via AirDrop.

The procedure is completed by clicking the “Finish” button. When the client clicks on the key, all data will be saved.

How to find a program on a smartphone

Now it’s worth considering the information on how to enable Airdrop on iPhone and where this feature is located. If the customer needs to send files, they first need to find the option on the phone. The service is easy to find, it is located in the control panel of the gadget. To find it, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You can also find this offer through your cell phone settings.

Reasons for the failure of the program, what to do for the owner of the gadget

If the user has problems with the option, a list of possible causes should be considered:

  • AirDrop is missing from Finder. If the owner has encountered such a problem, it is recommended to update the software to the latest version.
  • The phone does not see users who are nearby. If such a problem occurs, it is recommended to first deactivate the option, and also turn off Wi-Fi on two gadgets. Then activate the function again. If such actions also did not help, you should check your Internet connection. There may have been a glitch.
  • Blocking connections. If any incoming connections are blocked in the settings, the option will not work. You just need to turn off the lock.

When the user is unable to solve the connection problem on their own, it is recommended to contact Apple Technical Support. Experts will diagnose the gadget and help you understand the problem.

The AirDrop function is designed to transfer files between smartphones running on iOS. The user can independently connect the option through the “Control Center” or smartphone settings. Data transfer is faster than Bluetooth service.