Detailed instructions on Android smartphones and tablets Nokia turn on and disable mobile Internet.

On this page you will find detailed instructions on how to turn on or disable mobile Internet from a sim card on Nokia Android. So that it is clear to any user we will attach screenshots from the phone screen. Having highlighted the necessary items and settings. If you are the owner of the Nokia on Android, then when buying a phone and before installing a sim card it is better to immediately be necessary for you, you need the Internet or not. Since you are looking for information about the settings of the mobile Internet and got on this page, I think you have already decided for yourself what to do with it. Still, I want to warn that if you install a SIM card with a tariff not provided for unlimited Internet or a traffic package is not connected, then it is better to immediately turn off the Internet in Nokia settings. Updates of the Android and Appendix system may not occupy 1 GB due to which from the balance of your mobile account can write off a considerable amount of money. And if there is a lot of the Internet on the tariff, then you can safely include the Internet and use all the capabilities of the World Pool. And yet, even though I have unlimited Internet, I often turn it off especially at night, I have to at least sometimes relax, not to plant a battery and not spend its resource with frequent charges. The first method is simpler, and the second method allows you not only to turn on the Internet, but also to perform tuning tunes, watch the spent Internet traffic from Simcard and Wi-Fi, as well as set the monthly limit so that the phone automatically warned that you spent the monthly volume of the Internet SIM cards traffic.

Let’s see how to turn on and disconnect the Internet from a sim card in Android Nokia:. The first method is the easiest, pull the screen down from the upper edge of the screen and see the fast access panel to the useful functions of the phone in the panel that opens on the “Mobile Internet” icon, by pressing the icon we turn on or turn off the Internet from a sycracker look at the screens attached below where the necessary icons are highlighted. In the first picture we see a small panel. This is when they pulled a little finger from the top of the screen, in the second screenshot we visible a large panel when we pulled more from the sunk edge of the screen down. It is also clear in the pictures that the mobile iternet is turned off and in gray with a cross, if the Internet is active, then the color may change to blue. Mobile Internet icons on different models of Nokia may differ slightly.

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Now let’s see how to turn on or disconnect the Internet on Android Nokia through the settings where other settings are also available, for example, see the spent mobile Internet traffic with applications, we open on the Android smartphone or Nokia tablet “Settings” in the Settings go to the “Network and the Internet”. Next, we go to the point “Data transmission” as shown in the screenshot below in the data transmission settings, you can turn on and disable the mobile Internet, configure the limit of the monthly Internet traffic consumption after that the smartphone will warn that the Internet from the sim card will end soon, see which applications use the Internet more from the phone or via wi- FI and other possible settings depending on the model.

I hope the instructions above turned out to be useful and you were able to find the information that were looking for. Do not forget to leave a review about whether the infa has approached or not to your device so that the other information remains from you. If on your smartphone, a mobile Internet tablet is configured differently, then ask you to share information below in the reviews, perhaps the infa you left will be the most useful.

Open the back cover, remove the battery and memory card.

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“There are two main ways to turn on Nokia phones. In the first case, there is a separate power button, the pressing of which, often a long press, for five seven seconds, leads to the inclusion of the phone. The second option is a long press, the discharge keys. That is, this is the key that you drop the call, or end the conversation. Often it is a button that turns on the phone. Some other options are possible, but two of the above, the main. specifically, you can see in the user guide, which should be attached to the phone. If such a manual is not at hand, it can be downloaded on the Internet, in particular on the Nokia website.

How to insert a SIM card into the button phone Nokia?

To insert the SIM card into the Nokia 6, open the SIM cards slot using the tool supply included. As an alternative, you can use a pin. Carefully insert a “needle” into a small hole near the SIM cards slot and click so that the slot “jumps” from your nest.

  • Connect a smartphone to a charger
  • If your smartphone supports the activation function through the screen, slip twice on the display;
  • Press on the mechanical button;

Using Viber for voice calls without a SIM card

If you travel abroad, you can use free Viber for Viber calls and messages via Wi-Fi, even if you use another SIM card than the one used to check the activation of Viber. However, remember that if you make a Viber call through Wi-Fi to the non-Viber number, it will be paid.

If you are a Skype user and want to use the SIM minus smartphone. then just connect to local Wi-Fi at home, office, cafe or shopping center. As long as the people you want to connect, installed the Skype client on their phone or computer; You can communicate with them smoothly.

Skype is very convenient, as it works on almost any mobile or stationary device. This really makes it easier for people on Skype, regardless of whether they belong to the smartphone or not.

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The call is not in India from Skype on mobile and stationary phones no longer available. You can still freely Skype Skype calls in India, and you can still name mobile and stationary phones in India because of the country’s borders and make calls from India to other countries.

Cloval settings reset

When changing the PIN code on the phone and its safe forgetting, 2 methods will help (simple and more complex).

A simple way to unlock the device

The phone is completely turned off, and then simultaneously pressed and hold the volume reduction button and stick a plug connecting the charger. If the method has acted, then an exclamation mark should occur on the screen of the device.

Next, you need to press certain buttons in the following sequence: volume increase. decrease. power button. volume decrease.

If everything was done correctly and the method works, then a gear will occur on the screen and the device will restart. At the time of rebooting, all the data that was stored on the SIM card and in the memory of the phone (contacts, photos, videos, messages and others) will be erased. Only the information stored on the phone memory card is preserved.

This method is valid only for removing the block from the Nokia Lumia screen. For other devices, the next method will come in handy.

How to unlock the Nokia phone using a computer

A difficult way to remove the block from the phone.

  • resistor with a resistance of 4.7 Ohms;
  • strip of island;
  • PC or laptop;
  • USB adapter;
  • Internet access;
  • Blocked apparatus.
  • The lid of the apparatus and the battery is removed.
  • In the middle, contact is neutralized with electrical tape, leaving open plus and minus (contacts at the edges).
  • The device is turned on by pressing the power button (the inscription Test Mode should appear on the screen.
  • The resistor is removed, and the device is connected to the computer by means of a USB cable.
  • This operation loads the required drivers from the Internet.
  • Then you should run the previously downloaded from the network, unpacked and installed Nokia Unlocker.
  • After that, the “Read Code” button will appear on the monitor, that is, the required pin code.

A simple way is used to unlock the screen, and the Nokia Unlocker utility is used to “remember” the PIN code that blocks the SIM card.

People with the same problem (314)

Not one of the possible options is not suitable, I put the code on SIM and I don’t remember, I put my SIM immediately, even 3 zelenes. The tube does not work! How to throw off the password? who knows? It’s sorry, almost new bodies, I would go like a worker ((November 18, 2018

garbage everything that is written here, not what codes did not fit, the change of SIMES and the installation of a password, did the Hard Reset and writes that the code is not set, but for some reason it requests it!? I prescribe a new code for a Hard reservo and writes the wrong one, how is it like that? After all, he is not at all, this is some kind of glitch.Nokia 700 advanced June 16, 2018

Goodnight. My son has set the protective code of the phone when turning on how to remove? Help many thanks in advance. Nokia X1 2 SIM card Damirekaterina September 4, 2017

I didn’t take the code on the phone right later, then I remembered that the code changed the protective code now I turn on the phone I drive a pin SIM is a phone and I can’t unlock how does it require the protective code I am already correctly, but I don’t write correctly, please help Nokia 2330c Ikeruyu on August 22, 2017

Tel Zahl set the settings forced the PIN-code inside 1shm Bil Tel Pinkod opened Prevoy, get up SIM card. SIM card is not scoring that they are doing ipyushoku March 18, 2017

The kid put the protective code on the Nokia x1 and forgot tried 1234.12345.11111.00000. In general, the standard things do not work out help with this pronoun

I have not used the Nokia x1-01 phone for a long time. I accidentally found it, I decided to give it to my grandfather. put the battery loaded, put a SIM card. Now the phone needs to enter a password. And I don’t remember him, t. to. I haven’t used it for a long time. What to do? Etsype November 24, 2016

Good afternoon. I beg, help, the Nokia 220 Dual SIM phone has something turned off with anything, and when turned on, it asks to enter the code. Code 12345 is not suitable ((Yazhag July 12, 2016

Good afternoon! The same situation. When turning on, she asks the PIN SIM, then the protective code! I changed it and now he does not fit or I forgot it! He does not have USB to PC not connect. Nokia x1-01 help how to solve the problem yourself?! Pashagen2014 July 11, 2016

I included a request from another phone to the PIN on SIM card, then I entered the PIN and protective code 12345 in Nokia and everything worked (without PIN the protective did not work) after the configuration of protection turned off the defense of the phone and Pin. Now everything turns on without Killwhal codes on May 18, 2016

My phone after shift SIM asks for a code when accessing it was transcoded, but I do not remember. Here is his IMEI. 351971055896747 Sushum December 1, 2015

Hello, I have Nokia 101 when I taught a non.circulated horse, and now it requires a protective code, I tried 1234 12345 0000 000000 000000 1234567890 1122 does not help and the phone remains very important contacts help me very much, I ask the herd on September 3, 2015

A campaign if the SIM card stood somewhere in other gadgets especially in smarts, then such garbage will be. I got rid by replacing SIM cards. which stood in the 1st slot in the 1st slot in the 2nd slot, and the other which in the smart stood in the 2nd, in the first slot x1-01. Everything worked. Result! Do not stick to him used SIM card. (or clean them in old gadgets). Aamult August 16, 2015

The phone “MTS” put a SIM card another Beeline now requests a pincode from theft. Even if now I insert my SIM card. What to do in services nothing can help. Where to find this pincode from theft. Trying to reset telephone settings does not help anyway asks the PIN-code Natasha Koval on August 3, 2015

Nokia phone for two SIM cards, and requests a protective code to delete from SIM 1 contacts, tell me which code, standard are not suitable for n. Naive July 3, 2015

Yesterday we bought a phone, today it is turned off and requests a protective PIN code, it does not react to 12345 and 00000 either, like everyone who writes here. It only helped if you change the SIM cards or if you leave one SIM card on the phone. But it is unpleasant ((the phone of this model is already 4 and this did not happen with the previous ones ((Ele2253 July 27, 2013

The C6-01 also requires a protective code, the entire Internet is already, and there is no sense, please help, and the programs where you can remove the wire through the USB, I can’t use them, the computer does not see the phone since it does not even start Alelyk on May 6, 2013

I also encountered such a problem (the Nokia X1-01 phone requires a protective code), I found the way out: when you turn on the phone, you need to press the call key several times, and then there will be no request for entering the protective code, everything will work. LLLOOO March 25, 2013

bought a phone for two days Nazat turned off. Included a query of protective code, I introduced standard 12345 writes that it. what to do? Andr4y December 9, 2012

I have Nokia 6500 put the protective code and forgot it! Now, when turned on, he requests him! I tried to wrap it in a servo menu (code #7370 #) UNIONTHOMSOL (lattices and stars are not wireless) help! I am grateful in advance TRIL December 2, 2012

Nokia 01-00 phone with two SIM cards, requests a phone code code when you start two SIM cards, the standard code is not suitable, but I don’t know how to change the code. I can’t restore standard settings. thanks in advance. Irina33 12 August 2012

Good afternoon! I didn’t do anything with the phone (the Nokia model x1-01), it requires a protective code, I change the SIM cards in places, I put the SIM cards in the previous places again requires protective code, 12345 does not help! Saimol June 28, 2012

I turned on the phone and there the protective code was written, the Nokia X1-01 model, but the phone was in my and I did not touch the protective code help you unlock the craning on June 14, 2012

It’s all the same, the phone with one SIM card works and I insert the second as I ask you to enter the “Five Code” A Code 12345. Not suitable! what to do? Buffon June 7, 2012

I have the same problem, only it arose otherwise. I dropped the phone into the water, after which he began to request a protective code. luchik_lu May 2, 2012

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Good afternoon. People please help people. I want to enable the restoration of standard phone settings, the phone requests the protective code of the phone. I him.

I did not drop the phone, he did not fall into the water. But for some reason I wanted to call, and he writes that “only emergency calls”. And there is no network either. Help.

How to turn on the phone if it does not turn on: recovery mode (hard reset)

The smartphone may stop turning on due to a malfunction in the operating system. If you constantly ignore errors issued by the OS, then do not be surprised why the phone does not work and suddenly stopped starting. We install applications on the smartphone, then we delete them and put new. But the programs are far from always withdrawn from the gadget completely. Residual data slow down the phone and can lead to the “freezing” of the screen. The smartphone just stops responding to buttons presses. In particularly difficult cases, resetting the phone to the original settings will help.

Problems with OS arise for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect firmware installation.
  • Damage to the system with viruses.
  • Ignoring error messages.
  • Incorrect discharge to factory settings.
  • Installation of the pirate version of.
  • Damage or overheating of the phone.

Restoration to factory settings (hard reset) is a radical solution that should be resorted to only in extreme cases. All data stored on a smartphone in the process of such a procedure are irrevocably deleted. Before reset to factory settings, a backup copy of the data should be made. The phone may stop turning on at any time, even for reasons beyond your control, it is better to make backups from time to time, so as not to lose important information one day.

If after the recovery procedure the smartphone still does not turn on, then most likely you will not be able to start it yourself. The device should be attributed to the workshop.


In Android, the launch of the recovery mode occurs in different ways, depending on the manufacturer and model of the device.

  • Turn off the device.
  • At the same time, click the power buttons and volume (increase). On some devices you need to clamp 3 buttons: Bixby power (“home”) volume.
  • Select Recovery Mode. For moving the menu, the volume increase/decrease keys are responsible.
  • Pressing on the power button will confirm the action.
  • Choosing Recovery Mode/Reboot System.

If the system gives an error when you are trying to enter the hard reset mode, quickly clamp and release the power buttons and increase the volume buttons.


You can go to the iPhone to recovery mode by holding the “home” key and at the same time connecting the device to PC. Next, you need to start iTunes and restore the settings of the device.

Sim card and Sim network problem solve | fixed Sim is not working in android phones.

Restoring and updating the firmware

In rare cases, even hard discharge will not help turn on the smartphone. If the phone is not restored, then it cannot be excluded that the software of the device is damaged. You need to restore the firmware of the phone based on the image provided by the manufacturer of the smartphone. Find the name of the phone model on the Internet and the corresponding firmware with the instructions.

eSIM Setup Full Process ⚡ Ab SIM Card Ki Jaroorat Nahi!!

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The phone may not turn on for various reasons. Before taking the device to the Master for the repair of smartphones, you can try to independently reanimate the device. Check if the gadget is charged and whether it is possible to restore it through a special loading mode. If the device does not respond at all to any manipulations, then there is a serious breakdown. In this case, they will only be able to help you in the workshop.