The first inclusion of a laptop after buying Lenovo. What you need to do after buying a laptop. How to update your windows system

When buying a laptop, you should definitely ask the seller if this laptop launched earlier. If not started, the first switching on the laptop should be done in a special way.

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So we can quickly eliminate any criminal. If you find that the charger is damaged, you must buy a new or replacement, but remember that the testimony on the label on the charger must match the voltage of the model we buy. Remember that any use of an uncharged charger can, of course, not necessarily lead to the failure of our equipment or its failure.

If we are enough brave, and our laptop is under war, we can try to unscrew the lower case and inspect the items on the plate. Special attention should be paid to capacitors whose crumpled nature requires frequent detachments and cracks. If you click the button to turn on the laptop, we will start a windmill, it means that one of the components on the motherboard, such as a video card or a bone of the frame, may be damaged. If the design of our laptop allows you to do this, we can try to remove one of the memory bones and try to start laptop again.

When buying a laptop, check with the seller, whether the preset operating system is supplied with the laptop or not supplied. This will help determine how to launch a new laptop. The general rule for launching a new laptop (regardless of whether the operating system is installed or not) is that the battery must be inserted into the laptop, and the laptop itself must be connected to the electrical network. Connection to the electrical network is carried out so that the laptop does not turn off during the operation of the operating system.

Things to do immediately after buying a laptop on Windows 10

10 things you need to do immediately after buying a laptop on Windows 10

Buying a new laptop is always a pleasant event for any of us. They dreamed about him, he was chosen, read reviews and reviews about him. And here it is bought. Box disclosed, pleasant smell of a new thing. You expect new impressions, new sensations and hopes. But after a little time, an unexpected. Your still new laptop for some reason works not as you expected. It is in the first days of use that it is important to configure your device. Today I will tell you that first of all it is necessary to make the purchase of a laptop to be in joy and brought only positive emotions.

one.Check and install the latest Windows 10 updates

In the production of laptops, manufacturers may install not the latest version of Windows 10. After all, your device has been released yesterday. It is necessary immediately when you first enable install the latest Windows 10 updates.

Make it very easy and just. Click on the Start button, go to the parameters, find the Update and Security section. Open it and click the first item Windows Update Center. If your manufacturer has installed an automatic update, the update process itself has already started. If not, it is necessary to manually run it by clicking on checking availability.

You can safely exit Windows Update and continue to use a laptop. The system itself will ask you after completing downloading updates to restart the device. Be prepared for what it is possible to reboot will have several times. But you will get the latest version of Windows 10, as well as download the latest driver updates, especially the Intel HD Graphics driver, which even has some experienced users, sometimes interferes with correct work, especially when connecting an external monitor.

2.Create a recovery point

Running a new laptop, users must immediately take care of creating a recovery point. This is a fixed state of the system on a specific date, at a certain time, with certain system settings and installed programs. It is necessary for you in case any force majeure arises and you need to restore the system. Do not want to lose some specific settings, applications or programs. Of course, Windows 10 independently adjusts the recovery point, but it is better to do it yourself. Especially because it is not so difficult.

If you do not know where to find a tool for creating such a point, then use the start by the Start button. Just write a recovery point. You will open the desired section of the system where you will need to make some important things. First of all, you should enable system protection if it has not been automatically enabled. Next, go to the configure tab.

Here you will see whether the system is enabled and able to set the required amount of memory for the recovery point. After performing all these manipulations, click on creating.

After a few minutes, the system will notify that the process of creating the recovery point has been successfully completed. Now you can safely restore the system at the right moment. Believe me, it’s just useful to you.

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After buying a laptop, an important step in its configuration is to configure the display parameters. Even if you bought a laptop and resolution of his Full-HD screen and above, you can still face that you will have a blurred image on the screen, the text on the site will be very small. The whole problem is that you need to configure the display settings. You can do it if you enter the screen-screen settings.

The system will independently detect the resolution of your screen, but you can check it yourself by clicking on to determine. Now let’s go to the display settings themselves.

Before you there is a slider, with which you can configure changes in the size of the text, applications and other elements. Just do not overdo it, otherwise some applications and programs will not be incorrect. Put on the recommended change, especially since in any browser, you will later install your scale.

Learning below there is an option to select the screen orientation of your device that yourself and select. To me, however, it is much more convenient for landscape orientation, but everyone solves himself.

You can also use the screen brightness level you need using the slider. If there seemed few of these settings, you can click on additional screen settings.

In this section, you can configure more detail and select the display parameters you need.

Recently, I often hear and read complaints that the smartphone, tablet or laptop is quickly discharged. It annoys the users, and they begin to blame the manufacturer of the device or the operating system. But you need to blame before all myself. After all, in any operating system there are settings for power parameters that help save the charge of the device.

So in Windows 10 you can choose a power scheme. To do this, you need to go through the control panel path.Equipment and sound-power or in search Write a selection of power management scheme. You will open the Selection or Setup Power Management Scheme.

Office package

To work with documents, tables, presentations and so on, there are special sets of programs called an office package. The most popular of course Microsoft Office, with the already familiar to us text editor Word, the editor of the Excel tables, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher and other useful programs. He has competitors, although not such well-known a list for you to choose.

Check for updates

Recovery restores your computer to an existing state if it worst. If you drop your computer or suddenly out of order due to overstrain or something else, recovery will lead to the fact that your computer will again work if possible. On the other hand, backup. This is mainly insurance of your computer. You can take all the files that you never want to lose, and you can put them on an external hard drive. These measures guarantee that you never have to worry about lost work.

Windows 10 already has a full-time browser Microsoft Edge. This is a completely new and very good browser, which is not inferior to competitors. But, if you still get used to Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox or some other browser, you can immediately install it by the default browser. This means that all references, programs and T.P. will open in your chosen browser. This will facilitate your work and save nerves.

To do this, go through the start path.Options.System.Default applications. Select Web.browser.

There you will see that Microsoft Edge is already installed by default. If you want to replace it with your browser, then click on it, select Your List and install it by default. And all, now it is your browser main in a laptop.

The touchpad (it is a touchpad) for a laptop was invented as an alternative to management without using a mouse, which was designed to provide even greater mobility of this technical means.

As practice shows, the use of this management method is convenient not all. Many prefer to use the usual or optical mouse. However, if you use TouchPad for a long time, you can learn how to use this feature with maximum convenience and efficiency by performing configurations. That is why the question of how to configure the touch panel on a laptop, for many today is very relevant, because the use of this device can do work on a laptop more pleasant and faster, opening a lot of options that you did not suspect. When applying TouchPad, it should be remembered that it is developed on the basis of capacitive technology, which involves contact with the surface exclusively with fingers.

The settings are very easy to find if you go through the start path.Options.Devices.Mouse and touch panel.

Here you can configure the settings of the mouse and the touch panel, if you have on a laptop. It may be turned off with you, then turn it on and adjust the touch panel scroll direction below.

If you did not find these settings, you should search them through the control panel. All control panel elements. Locate the mouse section there and open the touchpad settings. You will get the opportunity to adjust gestures, as well as the direction of scrolling the touchpad.

7.Configure Computer Settings Notifications

For any user it is very important to know about all the changes that will happen in its computer. This is especially important if you are not alone using a laptop. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you need to configure notifications about changing computer parameters. This will give the opportunity to control everything that will be loaded or installed on the device will lead to fundamental changes in the settings. Even sometimes it helps when installing different Trojans programs. At least you will at least be notified that something has changed in a laptop without your local.

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You can configure notifications if you go through the control panel path.All control panel elements.user accounts. Click on Change Account Control Settings.

Using the slider, adjust the level of notifications. If you are annoyed by pop-ups notifications and do not want to watch them more, then move the slider to the lowest position, click OK. they will not disturb you.

eight.Delete trial programs and utilities loaded by the manufacturer

Laptop manufacturers always try to stuff their devices with trial and unnecessary software. Someone will say that in this bad? If you want to be constantly distracted by pop-ups asking register, buy a commercial version of the product, and sometimes just distracting banal advertising, you can leave them in your laptop.

Find and remove trial programs and utilities, as well as the manufacturer’s software, you can pass the path.System.Applications and opportunities. The process itself is very simple and will take some time. Just remember that some standard Windows 10 programs you will not be able to remove. You can define such programs in the absence of the remove button.

Some programs can only be deleted through the control panel. System independently in case of such a need to redirect you to the Delete Program section.

Performed several manipulations to remove unnecessary programs, not only free the hard drive, then save your nerves.

Different files will be stored in the device, with different extensions. To easily navigate this sea, first of all you need to enable file name extension. For some reason, Windows hides them, but it can be fixed. Open the conductor. Select the View option. It will only be left to check the box in front of the file name expansion item.

Now you will see in your folders an extension of any file that, without any doubt, will facilitate your work with them.

The system does not always show its files and folders. You need a specific folder or file, but you can’t find it. Configure the display of hidden system files and folders, too, in the explorer using the View option. To begin with, you must put a tick opposite the hidden items item. and then go to the parameters. You will open the folder settings section. Come in the view again. There in the list of folders, remove the checkbox from the point to hide protected system files (recommended).

How to set up Lenovo laptop for the first time?

Hold the keyboard key or one button, which in this model is responsible for the transition to BIOS. It is usually F2 or F12, or DEL, or a special button on the end of the laptop. Do it need to have time before running, even if it’s just just DOS.

  • Update the operating system
  • Delete unnecessary embedded software
  • Install Antivirus Software
  • Install the protection against theft
  • Optimization of power settings
  • Configure automatic backup

What you need to do immediately after buying a laptop?

Now select the appropriate configuration. CTRLF1 and so on. Keyboard keyboard choose that will be convenient for you. There is also a laptop switching setting option. To do this, in a special column you need to select the “Mouse Left / Right” item (right or left mouse button).

Alternative options how to turn on the laptop

Specialist. Buttons for entering BIOS / UEFI

Carefully inspect your laptop. On some devices (for example, on a number of Lenovo laptop models) there are special buttons for entering BIOS. In essence, this is an additional (emergency) button on the device, and if the main button does not work for you, then try using it.

For reference. In general, this button (“with the arrow”, see. The photo below) is used directly to enter the BIOS (and not additional. Emergency for switching on). Press it when the laptop is turned off. After clicking, the device turns on and the start menu appears on the screen with a proposal to enter the BIOS or carry out the rules. Download.

Where to look for it, as it looks: Most often it is located either next to the input to power, or next to the power button. As a rule, to click on it, you need to use a pencil (handle).

Lenovo B70. Button to enter the BIOS next to the input for power. Press the most convenient pencil or handle

Lenovo G700. Input Button in Device Settings (including BIOS)

After turning on the laptop using such a “alarm” button: just select the “Normal Startup” option and continue to work in normal mode. Or, if there is no normal download option, you need to enter the BIOS and exit from there without saving. the device must reboot.

By the way, if you have problems with the inclusion of the device, then as an option, you can not turn it off, and translate into sleep mode. Just from the sleep mode, the laptop can be displayed using any keyboard or mouse button. To configure the automatic translation of the laptop into sleep mode, go to the Windows Control Panel to the “Power Supplies” section (see. Screen below).

Disassembling laptop and closure contacts button

Important! Disassembling the device may cause warranty service. In addition, not neat and hasty actions can be brought to an even more expensive repair than a simple replacement of the power button (therefore, all that is done on the tips below. do at your own risk).

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In general, the POWER button is designed to close the pulse contacts for the PC / laptop. Condakingly, if the button itself does not work, then these contacts can be closed in any conductive object, for example, a conventional screwdriver.

By the way, probably, many remember how in popular militants to start the car, break the castle and instead of the key use several wiring, closing them among themselves. Here is all the same.

That you mean, on the motherboard there must be PWRSW connectors: If you turn off the button from them and close the pWR and Ground contacts by 0.5 ÷ 1 second The device will turn on!

However, here may be their difficulties. Laptop designs Great many, and not always so easy to get to the power button. In this article (of course), I can not give step-by-step instructions for disassembling a laptop (use the specification for this to this device, and disassembly reviews on specialized resources).

In his example below, he led a couple of laptop photos with a very simple disassembly:

  • To get to the power button, it is enough to pry a protective cover located next to the keyboard;
  • Next, under the power button, there is a small loop with a loop that goes to the mat. Plate. There are two ways: you can close the contacts on this small board with a screwdriver, and you can turn off the loop. boards and close the contacts directly on it.

Instead of a button closing the contacts with a screwdriver

You can close contacts on the motherboard

Alternatively, you can instead of the button to display a laptop cable loop. And to turn on the device, you will close contacts with each other. In general, there are options here.

By the way, I want to note that if your laptop does not respond to the power button. it is possible that everything is in order with the button itself and the reason lies in the other:

  • Sorting battery;
  • Faulty power supply (in T.C. Damage to the power cable);
  • those. Mature malfunction. boards, processor, etc.

I recommend to get acquainted with one of my past items about why the laptop may not include (it contains the main reasons, and how they can be solved).

Tell me, is it possible to turn on the laptop if the power button does not work? The fact is that I have already changed it once, I used to press 10 times for 10 times until the laptop was turned on (the laptop body in the place of the button is spoiled, so the button always falls on the button).

The question is of course interesting. If you turn off the laptop in different ways, including without physical keys (buttons), then with inclusion everything is more complicated. Much still depends on the model and design of your device.

In this article, I will give several options for solving the problem, so say, with minimal “costs”. So.

First start

By clicking on the “Start” button, you should not expect a lot from the device. You will not be able to immediately go online or change the settings for yourself. The laptop will start working with the system, asks to log in with the help of the account and connect to Wi-Fi. This is an ordinary practice when to get to the “desktop”, is spent 5-10 minutes. After you have finished working with the system after the first launch, you will have to determine which programs you intend to use regularly, and what add-ons are needed to ensure the work of these programs.

Naturally, Wise Game Booster provides the ability to roll back any optimization that was carried out through the program. This window can be called when clicking on the Restore button, which is located in the upper right corner of the main program window.

There is a detailed accounting of the changes made. be it a change in system settings, or completion of processes and services. So you can always return the initial option of settings.

Optional: Upgrade Drivers

This step is not for all. Few things can enter unpleasant consequences faster than a driver that refuses to work for any reason. If your personal computer is working fine, and you are only planning to perform basic tasks, such as Seering on the Internet, working with Office, and the like, feel free to forget that there are drivers that you also need to support and update. In any case, new drivers for your equipment should appear in Windows Update.

Windows Update Center is not always on the edge of driver updates, and new drivers, such as your motherboard or network card, can provide useful features and improve your PC performance. Gamers especially need to update their graphics card drivers often, it will always keep the PC performance at the level.

It is worth noting. that of course, there are other tasks you need to perform, for example, moving files from an old computer and saving the product keys for Windows and other installed software, but you can do all this at your leisure.

At the moment, just enjoy the fame of the possession of the new PC, reliably realizing that it is fully optimized, protected from attacks and can be restored if a catastrophe occurs.