How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Samsung Phone

If, before deleting contacts, there were no specialized programs for their recovery on your smartphone, then there is only one way to get them back. Check your Google Account, Contacts app. If you used this account on your phone, then deleted contacts should be saved in this section.

How to Empty Trash Bin on Samsung Galaxy Note 8/9/10/10

Click on the Google services button

Choose among the services. Contacts;

Select in services Contacts

  • Find the contact you want. They are here until they are manually deleted.
  • On the phone, contacts are usually synchronized with the Google cloud. Synchronization may be disabled in the phone. And the system fails to return the contact automatically (unless it has been removed from Google contacts). Contacts cannot be recovered from the recycle bin in your Samsung phone where deleted photos are stored.

    There is no recycle bin on my Samsung phone

    Your model may not support shopping cart. And all files immediately fall into oblivion. A third-party Dumpster app can help. This is a versatile program that can clear phone memory. And recover images and other files. With him, now you are not afraid to clean your gallery from unnecessary photos and videos.

    Dumpster mobile app on Google Play

    At any time, you can open Dumpster and get back the files that you accidentally erased from your Android phone memory. There is no limit on the number of files that can be deleted or recovered. The app is free, but with built-in ads. It is possible to disable it for a paid subscription. Allows you to backup all data in your phone, including contacts and music.

    ES Explorer

    File manager with rich functionality and built-in browser for viewing images.

    By installing this program, you solve the problem of the absence of a basket on your Android phone. Accidentally deleted data will not disappear, but remain in it.

    Let’s consider where to find the shopping cart on the device:

    After deleting files, they go to the temporary storage of the recycle bin.

    • go to main menu
    • tap on it

    Further, these files can be restored or deleted permanently.

    Recycle bin

    The ability to control individual folders and files was created for the free version as well. Works in conjunction with other active programs to view and move data.

    • restore
    • view content
    • permanently delete
    • see properties

    Recycle bin settings.

    From the main window of the program you need to go to “Settings”.

    empty, trash, samsung

    Select the necessary functions to track and control files, audio, video, images, documents, archives.

    The important step is to add a folder that the application will monitor. In the item “Add folder”, select the desired one and save it.

    Only add folders that contain important data.

    Accordingly, in the “Controlled folders” section, all specified target files will be marked for control by the application.

    empty, trash, samsung

    Viewing deleted data is opened by tapping on the basket.

    The Recycle Bin app has a function to auto-clear the contents of the basket.

    In the settings there is a section with the same name, where you can disable and set a certain period of time.

    The time range is set from 1 to 30 days.

    All apps have been tested on Samsung and Xiaomi devices.

    How to empty trash on Android

    To empty the trash bin, you need to do the following

    • Select the objects you want to delete. To do this, hold your finger on the file until a blue color appears.
    • Click on the files you want and click on the “trash can”
    • A notification about deleting objects appears.

    This is how easy it is to empty the Trash on Android.

    Where to find the shopping cart in Samsung A51

    This model range does not differ in the location of functions. But the interface already has some differences. To prevent the user from getting confused, you need to demonstrate the location of the basket in the Samsung A51.

      Find and select the Gallery icon on the main screen;

    Open Gallery in Samsung A51

    empty, trash, samsung

    Here you will find two buttons: Search and Menu. Select the button with three dots;

    Click on the three-dot button on your Samsung phone

    Click on the Trash item in the Samsung menu

    At the top there will be another menu button that you need to select;

    Click again on the menu button in the Samsung Gallery

  • Select Change from the two items;
  • Select the checkbox for all the files that you would like to recover;
  • Select Files to Recover on Samsung Phone

  • And press the corresponding button below.
  • In this model, deleted graphic files will be kept for 30 days. After that, they will be automatically deleted from memory without the possibility of returning them. Now, in the future, you can easily find the trash bin in your Samsung mobile phone and recover files. The same way to find deleted files is suitable for Samsung A10 and A30 models.

    Let’s take a look at another line of Samsung smartphones and find out where to look for files that have been erased. And again, the process is similar to finding a basket on A models.

    • Go to the main desktop and select the Gallery icon; Opening the gallery in a Samsung smartphone
    • Then click on the three dots at the top on the next screen;
    • Select the item Cart; Selecting the Cart item in the gallery menu
    • Click on the Change item at the top and select the photos or videos that you want to recover; Click on Edit at the top of the Samsung Gallery window
    • At the bottom, click on the Restore button.

    You can restore all deleted files from the Recycle Bin that were cleared earlier. There is no limit on their number. But if more than a month has passed since the moment you deleted the files, then they may no longer be here. Depending on how the settings are set relative to the basket in the phone.

    In computers and some mobile devices, the basket is made in order to be able to recover deleted files. It is difficult to imagine the opposite. If every time when deleting, users turned to the Yandex search engine to search for programs that restore files. But fortunately, all computer operating systems are equipped with a folder where files go after deletion.

    Recycle Bin with Deleted Files in Windows 10

    May be useful: How to recover deleted photos on your phone.

    Despite the fact that mobile operating systems were originally designed for cell phones with a touch screen, from the point of view of the architectural device and the features of interaction with the hardware, they are quite close to the desktop. Many functional elements of desktop and mobile platforms coincide, almost copying them from each other. Therefore, it should not be surprising that users often look for those functions in the firmware of their smartphones that they are used to on computers. For example, a shopping cart. But is it worth doing?

    There are almost no baskets in Android smartphones, but in some places it still comes across

    How to recover deleted photos

    It is now normal for smartphones to have 128, 256 or even 512 GB of internal memory, and earlier Android devices had less storage than modern devices have. Therefore, it was illogical to allocate space from the available 8-16 GB for deleted files, which people will probably forget to clean completely. However, some system partitions have their own baskets, and we will talk about the principles of work with them.

    I do not want to generalize, but the firmware of most smartphones still contains baskets for photos and videos. This is a special segment of the Gallery application, where temporarily. this is very important. deleted pictures and videos are moved. Unlike the computer recycle bin, where files can remain indefinitely, they are stored in the Android recycle bin for no longer than 30 days.

    Finding a basket on Android is as easy as shelling pears:

    • Go to the “Gallery” and open the “Albums” section;
    • Scroll and find the Recently Deleted album;

    All smartphones have a section with deleted photos, which are stored for 30 days after deletion

    • Open the “Recently Deleted” album and view the contents;
    • If necessary, select the required snapshot and click “Restore”;
    • And if you need to empty the trash, click on the delete icon at the very bottom.

    How to recover deleted files on Android

    However, there are exceptions with a real system recycle bin, where all deleted files are moved in general. True, as a rule, deleted photos are not moved there. apparently, so as not to mix. For example, such a section is available in all Huawei and Honor smartphones based on EMUI 11 and Magic UI 4.0. However, finding it will be a little more difficult than the section with deleted photos and videos.

    Some smartphones allow recovering deleted files within 30 days

    However, in order for the files to be in the recycle bin, you will have to first delete them “correctly”, as if not deleting them, but moving them to the system partition for temporary overexposure of deleted files with the possibility of recovery. After updating in EMUI and Magic UI, files can be deleted in two ways. The first way is when you just delete the file, and then confirm the deletion.

    And the second is to check the box next to “Move to Recently Deleted” in the confirmation dialog box. In this case, the file will go to the system trash, from where it can be safely restored. However, remember that this can only be done within 30 days. Still, the memory capacity of modern smartphones, whatever one may say, is still less than in computers.

    Android smartphones are used by many different people, including those who are not the only ones. Despite the seeming implausibility of such a combination, some iPhone owners always have a device based on the OS from Google in their arsenal. They have the hardest part, because they cannot make a choice in favor of one ecosystem and use only it, but are forced to combine. But if there are no problems at all with the use of Google’s own applications on iOS, then with access to Apple services on Android things are frankly so-so. However, there is always a way out.

    Despite the fact that most users do not know other search engines besides Google, Yandex and, perhaps, Yahoo, in fact there are many more of them. Another thing is that no one can easily say how they differ from each other. The maximum that the average user knows. that’s what Google is good for global queries, Yandex is good for narrowly focused Russian speakers, and Yahoo isn’t good for anything at all. Against their background, DuckDuckGo looks like a real dark horse, which appeared unknown when and it is not clear why.

    Everyone has their own attitude towards Instagram, but it’s hard to deny the fact of its popularity. Even TikTok, which overtakes one social network after another in audience, is still in a separate league rather than actually competing with Instagram. There is no special secret of such popularity. This social network is simple, straightforward and focused simply on people, and not on some complex tasks. The only catch is that this was true only until recently, but now Insta has found itself a hostage to its own simplicity. She needs to develop somehow, which means. become more complex and acquire new functions. Now we know what awaits us, but not all new items will be good. Already there is something to be upset about.

    How to empty the trash in an Android app?

    Many users put Android apps on Samsung that replace the shopping cart. In this case, the “trash bin” needs to be periodically cleaned out. A popular program is Dumpster. To clear the trash on Samsung, do the following:

    • find the required document;
    • click on it until a menu appears where you can select several options;
    • put the marks;
    • click on the trash can.

    Another way to empty the trash bin on your Samsung phone is to go to the Empty Dumpster section, which is in the sidebar. Check the box Delete all.

    Smartphone owners often use ES File Explorer. To delete, find the file of interest, click on it and hold until the corresponding inscription appears. Then transfer the data to the trash can. This does not completely delete the data. Return to the main page of the program, enter the “junk files storage” and there will be a previously deleted document. To clear the “trash bin” completely, click on the file and hold your finger at the house of the moment until a mark appears, and at the bottom of the menu with the required option. Select Delete.

    How to Empty Trash on Samsung Phone Easily?

    Phone users often ask how to empty trash on Android Samsung. Note that Android smartphones do not provide such a tool as “Recycle Bin”. Nevertheless, there are several options for how to delete unnecessary files from the device, via Google Photos or from special applications.

    How to Empty Trash on Android Phone to Free Up Storage?

    How to clean up Google Photos junk storage

    To delete data from the Google Photos app, log into the app on Samsung from Android, select a photo or video, and then move it to the trash bin. Next, at the top right, click on the basket. If you are prompted to delete an object without restoring it, this indicates that the deleted file storage is full (up to 1.5 GB). To clear it, follow these steps:

    • sign in to the Google Photos app on Android;
    • go to your Google account;
    • click on the sign with three stripes;
    • go to the Cart section, and then ;
    • click Clear and Delete.

    After completing the work, you may wonder how to get back deleted files from recycle bin on Android Samsung phone. To do this, take the following steps:

    • Sign in to Google Photos on Android on your Samsung phone;
    • at the top left, click the three horizontal stripes;
    • enter the shopping cart;
    • select the object that you plan to restore;
    • at the bottom of the screen, click Restore.

    The recovered data appears in the Android Gallery on Samsung, in the application library, or in the albums where it was located before being cleaned. If the object is missing in the deleted file vault, recovery is not possible.

    Clearing the cache

    The extra files of a Samsung phone do not accumulate in the trash can, but in the form of the so-called cache applications. To clean your Android smartphone from this junk, follow these steps:

    • go to Settings;
    • enter the application manager;
    • find the program you need;
    • click the Clear cache button.

    To remove all garbage, go to the Memory section and click on the Cached data section, and then confirm the cleaning by clicking OK.

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