Simple clip loader with Russian language support. Allows you to download from three sites: Vimeo, and YouTube. The video can be exported in maximum quality and separately saved as an audio file in mp3 format. In addition to the online service, you can install a downloader program on your Windows and Mac computers. But the fastest way to download a clip using this service is to just add the letters “gv” right before the address instead of http.

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In addition to the indicated sources, download of video content from Vimeo is also supported

Video grabber

Video Grabber is an online downloader, video editor, converter and screen recorder. The list of supported sites is quite impressive, there are YouTube,. among others. VEVO,, USAToday. Video Grabber pulls all possible format options from the specified clip page and even allows you to export the file in HD quality. The service is free, the only drawback is the absence of the Russian language.

The resource is easy to manage, but often gives errors


The list of sources from which you can download video clips using TubeOffline is so extensive that you simply don’t know most. The service supports work with Vimeo, PutLocker and other sites. A big plus of the site is that it recognizes blocked video files. Of the minuses, we can note the absence of a Russian-language version of the site and a slightly confusing management: first you need to select a site in a long list, then specify the link.

download, video, computer

TubeOffline has a huge number of sites to choose from


A popular service for downloading videos without software. SaveFrom allows you to download videos from almost all video sites, including YouTube, Odnoklassniki, Rutube, Vimeo. VK, Dailymotion and others.

You can download a plug-in for the Yandex browser on the official website. After that, you don’t even need to visit the service to save the video clip. just click on the arrow under the video player, and the video will be downloaded to your computer. A major plus of the resource is that it allows you to save even protected video.


SaveDeo can pull links from YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, TikTok, Vine, Twitch, Apple trailers, AdobeTV, Coub. You won’t be able to download videos from Russian-language sources like VK or OK. The service does not know how to bypass copyright and regional protection, so not all files can be downloaded. On the other hand, there are no restrictions on the available links either in quality or in the number of formats.

How to Download Any Video From Any Site On PC (free & easy)

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The service does not know how to recognize hidden and protected links

Catchvideo supports most popular video services and allows you to choose any video resolution. Additionally, you can download an extension for web browsers that helps to quickly download clips, as well as a plugin that allows you to search for video clips on the Internet by a key phrase without a link.

There is a special version of the plugin for android and a separate application for downloading from This site is attentive to security and copyright, so you will not be able to download protected streaming video.

The service allows you to manually select the resolution

How to download videos in VSO Ultimate ?


The main window will display a line where the desired video is lit. By clicking on it with the right mouse button, a menu will appear. select “Start / Resume”. It remains only to wait until the end of the process. When the clip is downloaded, right-click, select the converter from the context menu and convert the video for an Android tablet, extract mp3 from mp4, etc it’s simple!

Saving and viewing

Downloading starts. Its speed depends on the size of the video and your internet connection. If you want, you can pause or cancel it using the dedicated buttons. Upon completion, all files are available on the “History” tab.

How to download videos from any site?

A working solution is special services and programs that can download almost any video from sites. There are many similar applications, but in this article we will look at a few of the most convenient and functional ones. Also, any presented program for downloading videos has clear menus, does not take up much space during installation and is not demanding on computer resources, which is important.


Find the necessary video file on the site, run it and copy the web page address in the browser with the right mouse button or crtlc combination. As soon as you do this, VideoFrom will launch from the tray, offering to select the quality and format. You can even download it in FullHD quality, it all depends on the source and the fullness of your hard disk. the size of the clip is shown next to the format. After selection, click “Download”.

Inserting an address

Go to the video you like, which we will save. In the browser window, select the address bar and press “Ctrl” “C” on the keyboard. Now you need to add this copied address. in the upper left corner of the utility, click “Paste URL” (in the settings you can set a hotkey for this action).

How to download video from the site. all ways

Found an interesting video on the Internet and want to save it to your computer? This seemingly simple task is often difficult to accomplish. On popular sites, there is no download option, and downloading from unfamiliar sources threatens to infect your computer with viruses. But then how to download a video from the site? From the article you will learn the fastest and safest ways!

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With the help of specialized software

For those who want to save files from the Russian Internet on a regular basis, the previous methods are not very good. To make the process as simple and convenient as possible, you should use a special add-on or a full-fledged video editor on your home computer.

First, let’s figure out how to download a video from a link from any site through an add-on that is installed in the browser. There are a lot of similar ones, so just choose the one that seems most convenient and suitable for you. For example, for Google Chrome you can use Free Video Downloader.

To save a clip, simply click on the above icon and a list of captured video files will appear. Select the one you are looking for and follow the instructions to save.

Downloading via Free Video Downloader

If videos from the network are required often and in large quantities, you cannot do without a good assistant. A convenient program for downloading videos from the Internet will allow you to download clips directly through your interface and continue working with them. An excellent option is to download the video editor “VideoMASTER”.

How To Download Video From YouTube To Computer, Laptop, USB

To start downloading, click “File” and use the download from sites option. An instruction will appear, following which you will receive the desired file. It is enough to copy the link and paste it into the editor window.

download, video, computer

Add a link to the video in the program window

Select the required image quality, correct the name if necessary and click “Download”. A program for downloading videos from any site allows you to work on the resulting material: crop, apply effects, convert to another format.

Without using additional software

If you need to download a video from the Russian Internet on a one-time basis, you are unlikely to want to install special applications. Consider methods that do not require this:

Through a specialized online service

There are many resources that allow you to download videos from VK and other network sites without programs. One of the most popular is SaveFromNet. It will allow you to pull a clip from YouTube, Odnoklassniki, VK, etc.

To get the video you want, please copy the URL first. On the page, put the link in the download box. The service will offer to define the format: MP4, 3GP, etc. When you specify the appropriate extension option, the video will start downloading.

This method allows you to pull out absolutely any video clips from almost all Internet sites. Let’s analyze the sequence of actions using the example of Google Chrome. To save the video file to your PC, go to Developer Tools. Click the “Menu”. “Additional Tools” button and find the desired function in the drop-down list.

A window will appear on the right. We need the “Network” tab. When you go there, start playing the video. The window will display a list of all user requests.

So how do you download videos from the internet now? Find the line with video material. usually mp4 appears in the title. Right-click to bring up the drop-down list and click Copy Link Address. In the address bar of a clean browser tab, paste the saved URL and press Enter.

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The desired video should open in the tab. Right-click on it. Now, with the “Save Video As” option, you can easily download the file to your PC.

Sounds complicated? Then simplify your task and use special helper apps.

How to process a downloaded video

Sometimes it is necessary not only to pull the video material from the network to the hard drive, but also to perform the processing. Cut ads, add captions and effects, insert your own video clips or improve the quality of the picture. To do this, you need a handy video editing program, for example, “Video Montage”. What can you do in it?

  • Crop, crop video material to get rid of unnecessary things. Thanks to these functions, advertising inserts from films are easily removed, foreign objects caught in the frame are eliminated.
  • Improve the image by adjusting the brightness, color saturation, adding contrast. You can apply automatic adjustment, and “Video Editing” itself will make the picture as attractive as possible. There’s also an image stabilization option in the enhancements section that removes camera shake.

download, video, computer

  • Add titles, screensavers and footage. Enhance your project with a beautiful introduction and closing slide. The video editor has ready-made templates that can be adjusted to fit your needs.
  • Combine video clips and add smooth transitions. Create a single movie from multiple clips and smooth transitions between them with beautiful animations. In the editor you will find more than 30 different interesting transitions for any occasion.
  • Apply special effects to transform the picture. Children’s, vintage, romantic, dynamic, landscape and other filters will allow you to create a completely new unusual mood.

download, video, computer

Transform your image with cool effects

  • Replace sound and add background music. If you wish, you can completely re-sound the film or simply superimpose your own melody over the original audio track.
  • Save in a convenient format. It does not matter in what extension the original file was, “Video Montage” will allow you to convert it to any format, prepare it for viewing on various devices or for recording on DVD, as well as create material for online publication.

download, video, computer

You have read how to download videos from YouTube and other sites to your computer for free without programs and what software is suitable if you still decide to install an assistant program. Now it will not be difficult for you to get any video clip from the network and do the processing in VIDEO MONTAZH. Try it now!