How to copy movies on iPad from computer

Apple’s tablets are deservedly considered very convenient and compact portable devices, especially the MINI iPad. People often take them with them on a journey, a business trip or even to work. after all, no one forbids to rest on a lunch break and, for example, watch a movie. Nowadays, various video files are becoming more and more accessible entertainment for a modern person, and the iPad is optimally suitable for this.

Despite the fact that the video on the “apple” tablet can be viewed in online mode, many users are interested in how to download movies on the iPad from a computer.

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What video formats support iPad

Apple’s standard media player, built-in and iPad, and iPhone and even iPod supports MPEG4 format corresponding to the following extensions:

  • .M4V.MP4 I.MOV. listed formats easily perceive codec H.264 and reproduce video with resolution up to 4K (finding content of such high quality is fairly easy in iTunes Store and in third-party sources;
  • The only problem is the impressive size of such files. you will have to spend 30 and more of the GB of free space);
  • .M4V.MP4.MOV with MPEG-4 codec (perhaps the most common variant of the video started on the iPad, however, over time, the situation will definitely change, the codec is already outdated);
  • .AVI with Motion Jpeg codec.

As a result, standard methods (using iTunes) add any video with expansion.M4V.MP4.Mov I.Avi. If you find a movie with the listed requirements, it means that two options remain:

  • Use third-party media player. There is everything in the App Store, and with applications capable of playing video files of any format, exactly there will be no problems. The options are there Mass. and PlayerXtreme Media Player with high-quality design, subtitle support and settings panel, which allows you to turn a sufficiently modest (on start) player to a real home theater, and VLC, able to play movies from any sources and immediately download everything on internal memory, and AV Player, easily straightening with any content. even with music. It remains to choose an assistant and figure out how everything works (you need iTunes, the USB cable and described in the following section of the actions algorithm);
  • Get to convert source files to supported format. About such an opportunity. at the end of the article. And, as practice tells, use some video editor downloaded to the computer, it is completely optional. files are processed directly in the browser, you need to find a suitable service.

How to upload video in AVI format on iPhone or iPad without iTunes

Download VLC for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from the App Store (link at the bottom of the article).

Run VLC for iOS and click on the cone icon in the upper left corner.

Click Load via Wi-Fi, the switch will be orange.

On your Mac or PC, enter the network shown (URL) in the Web browser address bar. For example:

Click on the “” sign in the upper right corner and open the desired file in AVI format.

The screen of the progress of the file loading on the iOS device will appear on the screen.

The file will boot on the iPhone or iPad by Wi-Fi.

Just a few simple manipulations will allow you to open an AVI file in the VLC application library for iOS. VLC supports almost all video encodes, so the program can be used to view videos and other popular formats.

How to delete video

Often after watching a movie or with a big collection of kinocartin, the user wishes to remove some of them. Before deleting movies with iPad via iTunes, connect the gadget to the PC using the cable, and then follow the short instruction below:

  • We go to the “Movies” tab, in which all previously loaded movie casts will be displayed.
  • Remove the mark from all the videos that we wish to erase from the device.
  • Remove the tick with “Synchronize movies“.
  • Click “Apply”, and then. “synchronize”.

Everything is ready. Make it just as easy as you download the movie on the iPad through iTunes.

How to download the movie on the iPad

There are a lot of ways, thanks to which the user can download the video to his iPad. They can be divided into two large categories. These categories differ only on one basis:

It is worth noting that it is worth considering only those methods when the user has downloaded a video file from third-party resources for the iOS operating system. If the Owner of the iPad acquired a roller in the official Apple store, in the cinema, then it is worth only to download this document on the tablet, as a rule, the form already corresponds to the desired.

It is worth disassembling every way of injection, because there are fundamental differences, more details about which it is worth talking further.

Through iTunes

The first way is quite simple, but at the same time it may seem difficult for some users. this is the use of a special program from Apple iTunes. In general, the operating system of the phone is characterized by the fact that it itself is extremely protected. Therefore, USB transmission is not at all welcome company. The transmission method with cable can be added to additional viruses into the device, the apple gadget can be infected to such an extent that additional repair may be needed.

ITunes software completely solves this problem, because with it you can pass any files. This is a universal platform for managing the smartphone or tablet. Many users complain that they cannot normally manage it, that is why some users decided to move away from him, replacing iTunes to other convenient programs.

This transfer method is suitable only for MRG4 format. For other files, you will need to convert the file additionally. 4. For other files, you will need to convert the file additionally.

To transfer files using iTunes, the user must be performed as follows:

  • Start the iTunes program itself on his computer that must be downloaded in advance. At the same time, if there is no program on the device, it is worth downloading a file from the company’s official website;
  • Now we tap the “File” button;
  • Tapam on “adding a file to the library;
  • Choose the desired movie;
  • We connect the tablet to the computer using USB;
  • Now it is necessary to tap on the tablet icon, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Now the user needs to be tapped in the “Settings” menu, open “movies“;
  • Taping on the synchronization tick, the film transfer process itself will begin;
  • Agree with the amendments;
  • Tada on the “Synchronize” button to the end.

In order to use this method, the Internet is not so important, however, if the program is not downloaded in advance, then you should take care of it. The film is automatically added to the tablet library that the user needs to be so.

With cloud storage

If the user does not want to deal with how the software intees works, or the user simply does not have the ability to use a cable for connecting the planet, then it can download a simple cloud storage from the company or to use special Internet services for transferring and storing information.

User can download a file from any cloud comfortable to him.

Important! For this method, the Internet is necessary, since the transfer will be carried out exclusively through it.

It is worth considering the algorithm for transferring ordinary cloud storage. The more detailed process is:

  • We register on any user-friendly server, for example, it will be Yandex. Disk;
  • After that, he must create a folder for the film and transfer the movie there, which the user must be transferred further to the tablet;
  • Now open cloud storage on the portable device;
  • Go to the folder as needed;
  • Now through this server you can watch the record online or download it through the official service on the tablet immediately.

The user must take care of video format in advance. details about the encoding is worth talking further.

In general, it is not so important which cloud storage is used by the user. Each service has its advantages and disadvantages, a person remains to choose the most convenient option for it.

Through file sharing

Using file sharing similar to the injection method through cloud services. File Procedures are designed to transfer information from one device to another with the Internet. It is worth looking for a list of the most popular services. file sharing applications:

download, movies, ipad, iphone

The film transfer process is simple enough:

  • To begin with the server that the user has chosen for data transfer must be registered;
  • After that, you load on your account that movie that I would like to convey;
  • We get a link to download the file;
  • Use the address received for your own purposes to download the desired movies on the iPad.

After that, just download the file to the tablet that he received by reference. This is not the most popular data transfer method, because any file can be downloaded directly or transferred through the cloud, however, the files of the files are many as the advantages and minuses.

Among the main advantages of using this method, it is worth noting the following:

  • The user can convey even those files that weigh quite a lot;
  • Saving space on internal memory;
  • It is necessary only a link to download, you do not need to download additional applications;
  • User can download video at any time.

Using cloud services

Now you know how to download a movie on the iPad using iTunes. But there are other ways, for example, to use cloud services. Among them are to highlight Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex. Disk. This method is one of the easiest. To add a movie on the iPad with cloud services, you can follow such advice:

    Cate down a new folder in the cloud storage;

When using this method, do not forget that the “apple” device reproduces video only in MP4 and M4V format. If the movie in WMV, MKV or AVI format is necessary to use the converter to reformat the file or use a third-party player. Also in the search engine, many are looking for tips on how to write a film on the iPad. And again cloud services, along with iTunes will help to cope with such a task.

The same sequence of actions applies if you wonder how to download the movie on the iPad mini.

Copying video from computer on iPhone and iPad in iTunes

Apple has provided only one option to copy media files, including video from a Windows or MacOS computer to iPhone phones and iPad tablets. using iTunes (hereinafter, I assume that iTunes is already installed on your computer).

The main limitation of the method is the support of only formats.MOV.M4V I.MP4. And for the latter case, the format is not always supported (depends on the codecs used, the most popular. H.264, supported).

To copy video using iTunes, it suffices to perform the following simple actions:

  • Connect the device if iTunes does not start automatically, run the program.
  • Select your iPhone or iPad in the Device List.
  • In the “On My Device” section, select “Movies” and simply drag the desired video files from the folder on the computer to the movie list on the device (you can also select the “File” menu. “Add file to the library”.
  • In case the format is not supported, you will see a message “Some of these files were not copied, as they cannot play on this iPad (iPhone).
  • After adding files to the list, click the “Synchronize” button below. Upon completion of synchronization, you can disable the device.

Upon completion of copying video to the device, you can view them in the video application on it.

How to upload a video on the iPhone or iPad over the local network using Wi-Fi

Naturally, the video from the computer can be downloaded to the iPhone or iPad via a Wi-Fi network without using a cable. It is convenient for this to use such media players as: Oplayer Lite, AvPlayer, PlayerXtreme and T.D.

Consider the process on the example of the latter.

First you need to install the Free PlayerXTreme application from the App Store and make sure that the iPhone or iPad and the computer are connected to the same network. Next, we start the player, in the main menu we find the Wi-Fi section and switch the status to the “Enabled” mode.

Now copy the IP address from the “Web” string and enter it into the address bar of the browser on the computer. On the page appeared, click the “Add Files” button and load the desired video,

After that we click the “Start” button. soon the selected content will be available in the application on the iPhone or iPad.

The rest of these applications work in a similar way.

This method can be downloaded videos of any format without prior conversion. The main disadvantage of using this method is a relatively low data transfer rate.

Method 3. Torrents

The most famous and popular way to download movies and not only on PC can be used on iOS devices. If a jailbreak is made on the iPad. then just download the iTransmission extension from Cydia. It works easier simple, when loading from any Torrent file tracker, open it in the application, where the download will start after selecting files. Do not forget to disable the Autoblock option, as well as use the charger, since itransmission is a fairly resource-intensive application.

If the jailbreak is not made on your device, you can still easily install torrent client on this instruction.

After loading the movie via iTransmission, you can open it via ifile or use the Open option to To transfer the movie to any video player installed on the device.

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