How to install games on the tablet

Games. It is this category of applications that the most popular among users of a variety of gadgets. Now there are all the conditions for their development and implementation. The developers use this, because niche in this sector is really profitable and not requiring large cash investments. The user, on the contrary, is often offered free products. Only in rare cases you need to pay money. As a rule, everything is limited to watching advertising. Now there is a new trend: the game is actually free, but money takes for upgrades, improvements, etc., that is, for what you can refuse. In this article we will show how to download games on the tablet.

To install an absolutely any application on your Android gadget, you need an archive.APK. This is a container with all the necessary data. You may have already installed PC games (with Windows OS) and remember that you need to start the EXE file. There is a difference in the very essence, since it is absolutely different types of data. The main thing is to remember that in your case you need an archive.APK. Move on.

    The installation of applications on MID with Android OS can be carried out in two ways:

  • Download and Installation with Play Market.
  • Download via the browser on the tablet or computer, then install it.

Method 1

How to throw out the game on the tablet through the Google store? Do not do anything. Just go to the application from Google, choose what souls and click the “Download” button. In this case, the same APK archive will boot, then it will unpack and install. If additional data is required, you will be asked to download them after the first launch of the application. The user will need only wait a bit. Everything will be done in the background. At this time you can do your affairs. In very rare cases it will be necessary to go through the registration procedure.

Method 2

But how to download from a computer to the tablet Appendix previously loaded through the browser. There may be other options. In most cases, the computer simply download data (in particular, large files with cache).

Main question: where to transfer downloaded data? On the usual all Windows Operation, files can be thrown into any directory. But going to the Android file structure, users start “rub”. No familiar name. Instead of discs. SDCard.

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How to find applications in galaxy apps

Some of you can be experienced applications hunters and just want to know how to enjoy your device. If you are you, go to “How to upload applications from Galaxy Apps”.

  • Run the Galaxy application on the main screen or pressing “applications” in the lower right corner of the screen. This is a rounded white square with an inverted rainbow and the inscription “Galaxy”.
  • Find the application you want to download.
  • Click “Category” to view applications in groups such as “Games“, “Social Networks and Communication” and “Photography”.
  • Click Best Picks or swipe left to view applications recommended by Samsung.
  • Click “for Galaxy” or swipe left to view applications available exclusively to Samsung users.
  • Press Top or swipe left to view apps Top rated in store. To view paid content, click “Top Free” to reveal it, and select “Top Paid”.
  • Click “Search” in the upper right corner of the screen to search applications by name.

Click on the application to view the application information and reviews.

How to register a children’s tablet samsung to download games and t. D.?

Exactly like an adult tablet. Do what they write on the display.

download, games, samsung, tablet, want

Help the teapot. I can not deal with the tablet samsung galaxy tab 2 I ask you if there is such an opportunity to extract carefully. The question later I wish to download games to the tablet, I go to your card file, download, try.

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Method Third. How to download games?

In fact, the same as in the above first method, but after launching the Tablet PC will offer you to roll out Cash. Click “Download”, wait. After a fairly fast downloading game will automatically start.

Approximately the same as in the second way, but besides the download of the APK file, you need to download and Cash. Be sure to closely look, it happens that Cash for different devices is completely different. Choose your device, well, or your series (for example, Iconia Tab Axxx), graphics processor (Tegra 2). Apk how you now know exactly, you can download where you want, but Cash. no. Therefore, be attentive!But if there is no needed folder, then boldly create it. To avoid errors with a file by file, you can run the scope of Sash for mobile Internet in just a couple of seconds. Then quickly cancel, and see where the game began to download sash.I hope that after read articles you will not have a question, how to download the game in the tablet!

Like on huawei download instagram

This is a PETAL SEARCH service. It allows you to download anything

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Confirm download and use forbidden applications

  • You will appear a list of applications that meet your request and platforms from where you can download them;
  • Click on the desired application and confirm its download.

Before you download something, pay attention to whether the application is downloaded. The name of the Internet playground is indicated directly under its pictogram. If this resources like APKPURE, APKMIRROR or DOWNLOADAPK, be prepared for the fact that the installation file is first downloaded, which you have to install yourself, and then remove from the device so that it does not occupy the precious space. However, for those who do not like to pay for the software, the loading of software from the outside is quite ordinary practice.

Without computer

Play Market

To install free games on the tablet, it is recommended to use the official store for Android. Play Market. If there is no you managed to find an application or developer restricted access to content in a specific region (it is impossible to download a program or update to it), then you should move to the method discussed below.

To install the game via Play Market you need:

  • On the page that opens, click on the “Set” button. Click “Accept” in the pop-up window to start downloading to the tablet. It should be pre-familiar with the conditions (which data will be opened by the game).

Note: If you want to watch movies on the tablet, find out how to download video on iPad.

Through the browser on the tablet

Play Market is the most reliable and secure game to download games, however, there are certain restrictions in the official store. You can bypass them, downloading free games for the tablet with a browser. This method is associated with risks. the device can be infected with various viruses through applications from unverified developers.

To download the game, you will need:

  • Enter the name of the game in the address bar, add at the end “Download” and search. Go to one of the sites proposed in issuing.

Tip: Download the best antivirus for Android to protect your gadget from malicious programs.

Method 1. Bought earlier in Play Market download to the memory card

In essence, we simply release the place on the internal memory of the device for the desired application. For this you need already existing one or more applications (depending on their volume) transfer to the SD card.

  • We go to the “phone settings”, select “Applications”, then “Application Management”.
  • Next, select the desired application and click “transfer to MicroSD” now the place was released, and you can download the desired application, but, note that it will be back in memory of the smartphone (internal).
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Download games through Google Play

This method is the easiest and most convenient, since you will only need to go to the official website, find the desired application and click the “Install” button. Also in this way you can be sure that the game does not contain viruses and is suitable for your device. You can automatically update the application to the latest version. But this method is not suitable for everyone. After all, unlimited Internet and the speed of your Internet should be high enough to download a large file (some games weigh gigabytes). This method is also not suitable for those who are not ready to pay money, but wants to receive paid content. For example, on our site we often post games with mods in which there is a lot of money, and all paid content is available at all free.

Installing APK using a computer

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 smartphone is connected to a laptop

Not everyone likes to poke your finger in a small screen of the smartphone, trying to get into the desired letter, driven by the program name in the search engine, so many prefer to download everything to the computer. There is nothing complicated in this.

You need to find the APK file, and then download it to any folder of the computer. Then you should connect to the PC Android device to which you are going to put the application. Then, when the internal memory or memory card of the device opens as a separate folder, transfer the file APK there. The main thing is not to forget where it was he moved to not spend an extra time in search. Next, you should click on the Uploaded APK file, agree with the start of installation and wait for the completion of the process. That’s all!

There is a huge number of APK file sources on the Internet. The main thing is to choose a resource with a decent reputation to minimize the possibility of infection with viruses or booting pirated software. One of these sources is called APK Mirror. Usually it is possible to safely and quickly download the desired APK file, but it’s better before downloading Read user Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

If you know other proven sources and you can share useful installation experience APK. Welcome to Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Do not forget that you can discuss the news in our telegram chat.