Films on iPad: downloading methods

Whatever they say from the side, but if you want to download several films into your tablet from Apple for convenient viewing without access to the Internet, then there are also many ways in large quantities. over, each of them is even easier than the previous.

There are methods of loading using a computer using a cable; There are those that use the computer, but connect it with an iPad using Wi-Fi. And, of course, there are opportunities to download a movie in memory of your iPad directly, without using additional devices.

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Loading through iTunes

By default, the iPad understands only mp4 files. As you know, this is an underwater stone when using iPad.

Apple’s leadership considered that this format is the most convenient, after which it assigned it the only video format for iTunes.

The advantage of the “native” format is a high image quality, sound even with strong compression.

The fastest and easiest way is to buy a movie in the Istore store. iTunes will offer you an extensive search list.

After payment, the file will become affordable for downloading and loading directly to the device. Of course, this method carries financial expenses.

Mostly for downloads, users prefer to use PC. this is convenient, since later the film can be synchronized and copy on the iPad.

Before downloading the movie on the iPad, connect the device to the PC and run itunes. On the right, click the “iPad” button, in the window opened, select “Films”.

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Make sure the Chekbox “Synchronize films” is installed. In the upper left corner of iTunes, press the black and white rectangular button and select “Add the file to the media text”.

Then select the necessary movie in mp4 format for downloading.

A file miniature will immediately appear in the ITUNES “Films” section. Also check that an active flag is standing opposite the film.

After that, press “synchronize”. When the movie downloads ends, you can turn off the tablet computer and start watching the movie.


What alternatives are the developers offer users who want to use a device for watching films?

download, films, ipad, computer

The official way to solve the problem is an Apple service called iTunes.

In fact, this is a store that collects a large number of different content, including films.

Itunes offers to rent a film for watching for a while. What are the disadvantages of this legal way?

  • The catalog of films in Aytyuns is very large, but, of course, no more than on the entire Internet. you can’t find author and festival cinema, short films, semi.amateur projects and content of conditionally dubious content, which is quite a lot on the network;
  • Most of the films are paid, the cost differs depending on the class and popularity, the film, its type, however, for the Russian user, and with the current dollar rate, it is still quite high;
  • The service provides cinema in various formats, but the device reproduces only the MP4 format, because the film will have to be paid not only, but also additionally convert;
  • Primary access to the service can only be made if there is an Internet (and in this case you can just watch a movie online).

Nevertheless, Aytyuns is a fairly popular content source for iPades users. It is suitable for those who do not want to maintain intellectual piracy.

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How to download movie in iTunes?

It is easy to use aytyuns. First of all, before downloading the movie, download the application-player application, and follow that it works online and reproduces various formats (so that you do not have to download the converter).

Select a suitable application from a large list of free programs in the AppStore.

Next, act according to the algorithm:

download, films, ipad, computer
  • After that, in the upper left corner of the program window, find the icon with the image of the film and click on it. now you have moved to the section with the films;
  • Use genres catalog and search line to find a suitable film;
  • Click on the button to buy under it;
  • Further, payment will occur automatically if you already have a payment details;
  • If they are not attached, then you will need to enter the card data and make payment manually;
  • As soon as you make payment, downloading will begin;
  • After downloading, the film falls into the category of my films in iTunes;
  • Leave the store, go back to iTunes;
  • Go to the media;
  • Go to the movie section. Finding him in the left menu on the side;
  • Now you need to copy the movie on the iPad (while you have it only in Aityuns);
  • To do this, install a checkbox in a checkbox opposite the phrase to synchronize films;
  • Mark the films that you want to copy;

After the process is completed, turn off the device from the computer.

After rebooting the iPad, you will find a downloaded movie in it. Play it through any available player.

Cloud storage

If the memory on the tablet is not enough to download the film or the series, you can use the cloud storage, for example, Dropbox. With it, you can view the video without downloading them on the iPad. To do this, you only need to install the relevant application.

  • We will use the Dropbox website to transfer the video from the computer to the cloud storage. At the first entrance, register or enter the login and password.
  • In the right menu, click “Download files” and in the window that opens, select the desired video.

How to download video from YouTube by this application.

I didn’t succeed in pumping it right away, everyone talked about some trick, so I had to write a letter to the application developer and they sent me a link to install an additional script:

  • Open the next page in Safari www.Luckybird4649.Blogspot.COM/2011/12/How-to-Download-Ioutube-Videos-in.HTML
  • Click there on the “YouTube Downloader Free” link (or not free), you will be transferred to the “bootloader»It remains only to click” Ready “:
  • Going to YouTube go down and click “Version for PC”
  • Run the video watching and only then click on the YouTube Downloader (in the line of bookmarks):

To download a video clip from YouTube on PC, use special instructions.

Video Saver Pro

The idea of ​​the application is interesting: the ability to download and view a video from various sources. For example, reproduction of photos and videos saved on the iPhone is available here, watching and downloading films saved in Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as downloading videos from a computer via Wi-Fi. And of course, the main function of Video Saver Pro is the ability to download video from almost any sites. Everything is very simple: you go to the site from which you want to download the video, put it on playback, after which Video Saver Pro immediately offers it to download it.

Functional application, among the capabilities of which it is worth highlighting the connection to cloud storages, downloading the video from any computer via Wi-Fi (both devices should be connected to one network), installation of the password on the application, as well as download the video from the Internet. The download is as follows: after the ILAX launch on your screen, a browser will open, with which you need to go to the desired video. By putting it on playback, you will see the treasured button “Download” on the screen. Uploaded video will be available for viewing only from the application.

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File transfer from a computer

Since we understand how to watch films on iPad for free without the Internet, you can not do without transferring files from a computer. In this situation, you do not need a free Wi-Fi for iPad, since the movie will simply move from the hard drive of the computer into memory via a USB connection. The main tool for moving will be iTunes, although if you wish, you can use similar applications. for example, iTOLS.

To move the movie downloaded to the computer in memory of the iPad:

  • Make sure the movie file has a mp4 format. If the film has a different format, it should be changed through the converter. Iwisoft Free Video Converter, Format Factory or any other.
  • Connect the iPad to PC and run itunes.
  • Open the “File” menu and select “Add the file to the media text”.
  • Cinema will be on the “Films” tab, in the section “Home video”.

To move the file to the iPad, click on the tablet icon in iTunes and go to the “Films” tab. Mark the file that you added to the media, put a checkmark near the “Synchronize film” item and click “Synchronize”. After synchronization of the movie will appear in the “Video” section on iPad.

download, films, ipad, computer

If you do not want to convert to the desired format and synchronization, use another transmission method. For its implementation, a media player should be installed on the tablet. for example, VLC Player.

  • Install on the iPad VLC Player.
  • Connect the tablet to the computer and open itunes.
  • Press the iPad icon on the top panel and go to the “Program” section.
  • Pour the window down to the “General files” block.
  • Select the VLC Player with the mouse and click “Add the file”.
  • Indicate the path to the film and wait for the update to complete.

The loaded movie can be found on the iPad in the media player itself. The file format does not matter. The only restriction is that the film cannot be reproduced through the IOS player, you can only use VLC Player or other player.

The first way

We use the Apple application. With it, you can download films in memory of the device or watch online.

  • We go to iTunes Store. Below we see a movie item. We turn into it.
  • Open the search tab. Here we introduce the name of your favorite movie. Now it remains only to buy it, after which, it will always be in your collection of films.
  • Or you can rent a movie. The principle of rental is simple. Cinema is given to you for 30 days, you pay much less, but after the expiration of the rental period, the film disappears and it will need to be taken again.

Before you buy a movie or take it for rent, make sure that you have enough funds on Apple ID or a bank card with a sufficient amount of money is tied.

Apple services

It is worth noting, despite the closeness of iOS, Apple does not directly prohibit downloading files, including video, from the Internet to memory of its devices, but at the same time leaves the user a small selection of documented methods of this action. We are talking about a close binding of iPads and iPhone to the services of the company, in particular. iTunes Store and Apple Musis. According to the developers, the owners of “apple” smartphones and tablets should receive the bulk of the content through these services, paying for their services.

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Of course, the above approach somewhat limits the capabilities of users, but the latter have advantages. The work of the offers offered by Apple is organized at the highest level, there is no illegal content, which means that you can be sure of the quality of videos and films, and also do not worry about an unintentional violation of copyright of the creators of the video. In general, the use of iTunes Store and Apple Musis to download files is characterized as the easiest and most reliable way to replenish your own collection of films, music clips and other videos stored in the iPhone/iPad memory.

For the effective use of the video described below, the video from Apple, the latter should be tied to the appropriate Appleid appropriately. Check out the material by the link below and make sure that the procedures described in it are completed. Particular attention should be paid to the addition of payment information if you are not going to limit yourself to loading free video clockwork from service catalogs.

Let’s start with the description of the actions that you need to make to download most often films or cartoons, but also clips and podcasts from iTunes Store in memory. The specified store offers a huge selection of the above content and is able to satisfy almost any needs regardless of the preferences of the user. In fact, to download the video from iTunes stor to the device, you just need to buy your favorite work, in the example below. a collection of animation films.

    Open Itunes Store. Find a film or video content expected to download in iPhone/iPad, using the search by name or viewing the categories of the content offered by the service.

If the load is planned later, click “Not now,” in this option, under the name of the film in iTunes Store, the “Download” button in the form of a cloud with an arrow will appear. the element can be used at any time.

To go to the list of a busy video, touch the “” button in the lower right corner of the screen, then slip off the “Buying” item and go to “Films”.

how to download FREE movies on ipad/ iphone

You can also get quick access to viewing the above content of content also by opening the video pre.installed in iOS.

Music lovers who are looking for a method of downloading video clips in the memory of iPhone/iPad, for the goal, will most likely prefer the Apple Music service, despite the fact that in iTunes store this type of content is presented in exactly the same assortment. In relation to the purchase of Apple Music clips, it allows you to save. the price that you will have to pay for a month of subscriptions to the music service does not exceed the cost of a dozen clips in iTunes stor.

    Launch the “Music” application preinstalled in iOS. If you have an issued subscription to Apple Music, you will be given access to an extensive catalog of musical content, including video clips. Find the video you are interested in using the search or tab “Review”.