How to switch from Android to iPhone?

We hasten to please you, you are not the only and not the first one to make such a transition. over, due to the fact that such “migrations” occur very often, Apple has released an application for Android, which will help you perfectly with this.

Using Google Photos

If you previously used a Google Photo account to access your Android photos and videos, they will be saved on iOS. And even if you haven’t heard of Google Photos before, you can easily back up your media data and use it on iOS.

For this you need fast internet and a little time.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Download the Google Photo app on your Android
  • Log into Google Photo and enter your Google account password
  • Back up your gallery in the app settings
  • Download Google Photos on iOS
  • Sign in to your google account with google photo

With this service, you can access any of your photos and videos from all sources that have Google Photos and your password entered, if you have an Internet connection. You can also connect accounts for public use: with friends or family.

Also you can save photos and videos by clicking on it.

Link to download Google Photo on Windows, Android and iOS

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

If you are not interested in transferring all files from Android to iOS, or if something did not work out with the first method, then you can use the following method, which we will describe below.

Using a Google account

This method is suitable for you if you used a Google account on your Android (in Gmail, Google Play, or somewhere else). If you’ve synced with your Google account, your contacts may be transferred as soon as you sign in with your Google nickname on your iPhone.

To turn this method you need:

  • Go to settings on your Android
  • Find the “Data Synchronization” or “Accounts” tab
  • Enable Google sync
  • Take your iPhone
  • Enter device settings
  • Select “Mail” (or “Calendar”, “Contacts”)
  • Select “Accounts” then “Gmail”
  • Select “Account”
  • Fill in your account details, notice the sync fields

This operation also requires a network connection, so get a good Wi-Fi.

How to create a Google account on Android

If you haven’t got a Google account, then you can do it on your Android in a matter of minutes.

  • Open the Settings app on your Android
  • Find the “Accounts” tab
  • Click “Add Account”
  • Select “Google Account”
  • Enter the data that the program will ask for (come up with a mail and password)
  • Confirm phone
  • Enable sync
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.From Android SIM to iPhone SIM

This method only works if your Android phone is using the same SIM size as your iPhone.

Just insert your SIM card and keep using the same number. But keep in mind that most older Androids used a different map size, so you may need help from a service center to “fit” it to the desired size.

Moving applications from Android to iPhone

But from the good news, we will hasten to inform you that most Android applications will be available for you and on iOS, so if the application has the ability to register using your mail, login or password, then you can easily restore your subscription to it on your brand new iPhone.

To check if there is an analogue for your Android application in the App Store:

  • Open the App Store
  • Enter the name of the desired application in the “search” line
  • Download if available.

Data transfer application

If you really value your photos and videos, then it’s no wonder that you want to transfer your data to a new smartphone. And this can be done in two ways, which will be discussed below.

Among those verified by us personally, we can advise:

Copy My Data is available for iOS and Android

To move photos and videos using the app:

  • Download the said application on both Android and iOS phones
  • Run the program
  • Register or link Android and iOS
  • Select the files you want
  • Pass them using the built-in mechanism

How to Transfer Contacts and Data from Android to iPhone

Have you bought a new smartphone and do not know how to transfer contacts and other important information from Android to iPhone? We will help you with this.

All Android users in one way or another thought about switching to iPhone, or maybe you already bought a brand new gadget and would not like to lose your music, photos, videos, contacts, calendar data, and so on? Make sure that it is very easy to transfer all this without loss, but we will help you with this in simple instructions.

For professional help in fixing any iPhone system problems. you can contact the iLab service center.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone: 5 Ways

We tell you how to throw contacts from android to iPhone: all at once or only a select few.

download, contacts, iphone

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone via third-party software

There are several programs that allow you to transfer contacts quickly and easily. One of them is Tenorhare’s iCareFone. To import, you will need to create a vCard or CSV file on your Android smartphone. The easiest way to do this is to go to Google contacts on your PC and click on the line in the “Import” menu.

download, contacts, iphone

Then you need to download the iCareFone installation file, install the program on your computer and connect the iPhone with a cable. There is a “Contacts” section in the program interface. select it and click “Import”.

download, contacts, iphone

In the window that opens, find the vCard or CSV file that you saved from Google. The contacts will automatically unzip to your iPhone. The program can also help those who, on the contrary, are moving from iPhone to Android. In this case, you will need to create a vCard or CSV file (“Contacts”. “Export”), and then install it via Google.

If something doesn’t work out, watch the instruction video.

How to forward contacts one at a time

It may be that you only need to transfer one contact. for example, to share your phone number with someone.

  • Open your contact list on your Android smartphone.
  • Select the required number: to do this, hold the contact’s name until a drop-down menu appears for sending or deleting.
  • Tap on “Send” and select the format for transferring information: it can be text, QR-code or vCard file.
  • Further, everything is the same as in the previous paragraph. look in the list for a convenient method of sending (Disk, Bluetooth, messenger) and transfer the contact.
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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone in One File

Another simple method that works even for a large number of contacts. They can be transferred as regular files by combining them into one archive.

  • To do this, go to the “Contacts” application on your Android smartphone again, open the settings and select “Import / Export contacts”. “Send contacts”.
  • Your phone book will open, where you can select the numbers of people you want to transfer from android to iPhone.
  • Then click “Send” and select the method of transferring the file with numbers. You can use mail, messenger, cloud or bluetooth.
  • For contacts to appear on iPhone, you will need to download and upload the sent file.

download, contacts, iphone

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone using a SIM card

Perhaps the easiest way to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone is to save numbers on a SIM card and connect it in a new smartphone. However, it is important to consider here that a SIM card can store a maximum of 255 contacts, and if you need to transfer more information, use other methods.

First, make sure your contacts are saved on the SIM. To do this, open the “Contacts” application on your Android smartphone and go to its settings.

Select “Import / Export Contacts“. “Export to Storage: SIM”. Next, you will be asked to choose where you want to copy contacts from: from the phone book, Google, WhatsApp or other instant messengers. Tick ​​the necessary contacts and confirm your choice.

download, contacts, iphone

If there are records on the SIM, it will be enough to insert the card into a new smartphone to transfer them to the iPhone. To upload contacts to your iCoud or Gmail account, you can go to settings and select “Contacts”. “Import SIM contacts”.

download, contacts, iphone

How to sync contacts with Google

We recently discussed how to combine calendars on a computer and smartphone using a Google account. The same trick can be used to sync contacts and transfer them to a new device. even when it comes to transferring data from Android to iOS.

Create an Apple ID

Create an Apple ID according to this instruction (if you already have one, then check if you remember the password. This can be done at

How to Transfer Contacts from SIM, Gmail or Phone to iPhone and iCloud

New iPhone users often face a number of problems related to the differences in the structure of the iOS interface from other platforms. In particular, many newly minted owners of Apple smartphones experience certain difficulties in synchronizing contacts. Let’s analyze this situation in more detail.

download, contacts, iphone

To begin with, many users who bought their first iPhone ask themselves the question: “How to transfer contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone.” It should be clarified here that just transferring contacts to iPhone is not enough. ideally, you need to set up sync with iCloud (don’t be alarmed, it’s very simple) so that your contacts are never lost.

We also strongly recommend that when switching to iPhone, stop using any third-party services (for example, Gmail) to save contacts in favor of iCloud (details).

How to Transfer Contacts from Old Phone to iPhone without Cutting SIM Card

If you have few contacts and do not want to bother with cutting the SIM card, then you can transfer contacts manually using the web version of the iCloud service.

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Go to Settings → iCloud and enter your Apple ID account details.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

download, contacts, iphone

On iOS 10.1 and earlier iOS versions:

download, contacts, iphone

Set the Contacts switch to the On position.

download, contacts, iphone

download, contacts, iphone

Log into from your computer and enter your Apple ID account information.

download, contacts, iphone

Click “” at the bottom of the screen and select the “New Contact” option.

Fill in the contact details manually, adding a photo if necessary (it will be displayed in full screen when you call), then click the Done button in the lower right corner and proceed to filling in the next contact, repeating step 6. For convenience and speed of action, you can invite help you dictate contact information from your old phone.

download, contacts, iphone

Everything! The contact will automatically “fly” to the iPhone. Check!

How to properly transfer contacts from old phone (SIM) to iPhone and to iCloud

How to Transfer Contacts Directly from SIM Card to iPhone

Currently, there are 3 types of physical SIM cards in use:

  • Standard (aka Mini). used from iPhone 2G to iPhone 3Gs,
  • Micro. in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s
  • Nano. iPhone 5 and newer

If your old phone worked with Standard or Micro SIM cards, then it can be trimmed to Nano format. In this case, it should be borne in mind that the older the SIM card, the larger the chip size and, accordingly, the higher the chance of damaging it along with the contacts stored on it.

Import contacts from SIM card to iPhone

After you cut the SIM card, insert it into the iPhone and go to Settings → Contacts and click on the Import SIM contacts button (for iOS 9 and earlier, the path is slightly different: Settings → Mail, addresses, calendars → Import contacts SIM).

download, contacts, iphone

Setting up iCloud sync

After the data from the address book of the SIM card has been saved in the phone, it must be synchronized (exported) with the iCloud cloud. To do this, you need to follow these steps (iPhone must be connected to the Internet):

Open the Settings app and go to iCloud settings;

download, contacts, iphone

On iOS 10.1 and earlier iOS versions:

download, contacts, iphone

Go to the iCloud section, switch the Contacts checkbox to the active position and in the window that appears, click “Combine”;

download, contacts, iphone

How to export contacts from iPhone to Gmail (2 ways) | Backup iPhone contacts to Gmail

download, contacts, iphone

Wait a couple of minutes and go to from your computer and make sure your contacts are successfully synced (more on this below).

How to Transfer Contacts from Gmail (Google) to iPhone (iCloud)

In the menu on the right, select Export.

download, contacts, iphone

In the window that appears, select the contacts to export or All contacts and specify the vCard format (“vCard (for the” Contacts “application on iOS devices)”).

download, contacts, iphone

Click the Export button to start saving contacts from Gmail to your computer in vCard format (file like contacts.vcf).

Log into from your computer and enter your Apple ID account information.

download, contacts, iphone

Click on the gear icon in the lower left corner and select the “Import vCard” option.

In the window that appears, specify the file with contacts uploaded in step 3 and click the Select button.

Everything! The contacts will be automatically added to iCloud and will appear on the iPhone in a few seconds. Check!