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How to add music to iPhone without synchronization

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From this article you will learn how to add music to the iPhone and do not erase the audio files that are already stored in the device’s memory. Also here is also told about how to add Apple Music to the iPhone (for this requires a subscription to the Apple Music service).

Click OK. Now you have disabled automatic adding music to the device when it connects to iTunes.

Connect the iPhone to the computer. For this, charging cable Connect to the USB port of the computer and to the iPhone.

  • If the device connects to a computer for the first time, a query will appear. check the “Configure as a new iPhone” checkbox, and then click “Continue” “Start”.

Scroll down and check the checkbox from handle music and video manually. You will find this option in the “Parameters” section at the bottom of the screen.

Drag the desired composition to the “Devices” section. You will find it on the left sidebar, which is indicated as “[Your Name] iPhone“.

On the iPhone, open the “Settings” application. The icon of this application has the kind of gray gear and, as a rule, is on the main screen.

Move the switch at the Apple Music Show option to “Enable”. It will become green (this switch is located at the top of the “Music” page).

On the iPhone, open the “Music” application. Icon of this application looks like a blue-purple musical note on a white background. To download music from Apple Music on the iPhone, you must have an Apple Music Service Account.

How to find a free app?

iPhone is not designed to download music from a computer.

How to download music on the iPhone for free. this is exactly this question worries a big half of users.

For albums or certain songs in this resource you need to pay.

Synchronize the phone with PC via iTunes is easy, after synchronization, you can control your playlist from two devices.

There are no such sites from which without concerning the safety of the device, you can download music on the iPhone.

This compensates a huge selection of special applications. We will analyze each separately.


All tracks in this application are available for free download. Easy to create your own playlist, listen and download music.

It can be said that SoundCloud is a separate social network for music lovers.

Audio files are loaded by users themselves, so copyright cannot be violated.

The system of likes and hashtegov, well-developed in the application, allows you to conveniently form lists on a given query.


Pluses this application more than enough.

You can download music in a flow, parallel downloading multiple files will not prevent the phone.

Own browser is your own browser for music lovers.

The browser is not inferior to Safari, a simple menu of a large library selection.

You can continue or restore download at any convenient time.

The application establishes a free version, but you can buy a paid.

Differences in the absence of advertising and by the number of files of files at the same time. Otherwise no difference.

Own ratings are automatically compiled.

Statistics are being conducted in frequency of listening, thanks to this, to streamline the phonet, just listen to music.

Perhaps the only negative, music takes a lot of space in the device.

M3 is no longer used by MP3 format, so the seats under the same number of audio files requires significantly less.

IDownLoader pro

The program is universal for iPhone users.

Thanks to her it is easy to download media and audio files, photos and other documents.

Rather, this is a kind of download manager with free content.

Inteeis app completely repeats Mobile Safari.

But instead of an ordinary iDownLoader Pro browser will not work.

Due to multitasking, the speed of downloading files suffers. Immediately after clicking on the “Start Upload” button, the request processing begins.

Then the selected files go to the download manager.

The user is not necessarily downloaded all the added files, but without an additional mark the download will not start at all.

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Resource limitations in this application is not, so you can download from different.

ZVOOQ. Life Music

Make several ready-made playlists at once.

From the automatically created Music Top, choose new and add to one touch.

The most favorite songs can be added to the Collection, which is easy to find the right track.

The ZVOOQ collection is associated with the Shazam application automatically after user resolution.

As soon as the composition was found through Shazam, immediately add it to the playlist.

If possible, “Premium” can increase the speed of download, remove advertising and listening to new tracks without internet.


The most simple way to download not to find. The process is similar to downloading android device, and most familiar with this product is better.

Loading the necessary files goes first to the computer.

The phone must be connected as a flash drive and simply “dragging” the necessary data.

The huge plus is that thanks to Waltr it has become available to download files, the format of which was not supported by the iPhone.

But among the minuses it is important to note that only the pirated version of the program is free.

Files. File Browser Manager

Immediately I want to note, minus the application is that it is possible to listen to the downloaded music only through it.

Now go to the site zaycev.NET and download all the necessary audio to be displayed in the application.

The way is not the easiest, but reliable. There are almost no advertising, but Internet access is open and protected from an additional virus.

How to add music to iPhone

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From this article, you will learn how to add songs to the “Music” application on the iPhone. This can be done if you synchronize the iTunes media (on a computer) with iPhone, buy music in iTunes Store (on iPhone) or use subscription to Apple Music. You can also use streaming (streaming) music service, such as Spotify or Yandex.Music to listen to music for free (but with advertising).

  • MP3 file. You can add mp3 files in iTunes; To do this, double-click on them if iTunes is the main music player, or click “File” “Add a folder”, select a folder with music and click “Select a folder” in the lower right corner of the window.
  • Audio-CD. in iTunes you can add the contents of the CD; To do this, insert the audio in the optical drive of the computer, click the icon as a CD in the iTunes window, and then click “CD Import”.

Connect the iPhone to the computer. One end of the charging USB cable Connect to the USB port of the computer, and the other end to the iPhone charger.

Click Sync. This is a gray button in the lower right corner of the iTunes page. Music copying process will begin on the iPhone.

Wait when the process is completed. It will take some time that depends on the number of songs.

How to download free music on the iPhone

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Although there are no more free music in iTunes, you can get the free music compositions from a variety of other sources. There are a large number of services with streaming music that allow you to listen to the composition absolutely free. over, you can convert video with YouTube to audio files or download music from other websites.

Copy the address of the video you want to convert to the audio file. Make sure that you have allocated in the address bar of the browser and copied the entire video address.

On the site of the service for downloading video from YouTube Insert the copied address of the roller. Do it in the appropriate text field, which is usually located in the center of the screen.

Inserting the roller address, click “Download”. Do not click on banner advertising, which on such sites is masked under the “Download” button.

  • Note the audio file with the corresponding name characterizing the composition stored in this file. By default, the name of the downloaded file will be very unusual.

Downloading audio files, run iTunes. When you finish downloading multiple songs, open iTunes, add them to the library and synchronize them with iPhone.

Add downloaded songs to the iTunes media. Click “Music” and drag audio files to the iTunes window. So you add audio files to the iTunes library.

  • When using a USB cable, connect it to the computer and to the iPhone. Smartphone will appear at the top of the iTunes window. Highlight audio files added to iTunes, and drag them. iPhone will appear in the left sidebar. Drag the selected files to the iPhone icon to synchronize downloaded music files from the iPhone.
  • When connecting to Wi-Fi, make sure that the synchronization function is activated via a wireless network. connect the iPhone to a computer (using a USB cable) and on the “Information” screen check box “Synchronization with this iPhone via Wi-Fi”. Now you can turn off the iPhone from the computer and synchronize the device via a wireless network. Keep in mind that the computer and the smartphone must be connected to one wireless network (USB cable you will not need). In iTunes drag music files on the iPhone icon, and they will be copied to the device.
  • If you are a subscriber of Apple Music, you can add audio files in ICloud Music Library. To start, log in to iTunes using Apple ID, and in the “Settings” menu, enable the “ICloud Music Library” option. iTunes will copy the library in ICloud Music Library so that it becomes available for all connected devices, including your iPhone.
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Connect to a free wireless network (if you want). When listening to streaming music, traffic is consumed, so it is recommended to connect to a free wireless network, especially if you are going to listen to music for some time.

The process of throwing songs

Pour music on iPhone through iTunes is quite simple, but the process takes a lot of time due to the features of loading and designing it. Initially, you will need to transfer the desired file to the “library” of the player, and then spend synchronization with a smartphone. The following is an instruction for a better understanding, how to do this correctly:

  • Start the iTunes application on your computer, after entering your Apple ID.
  • Now add songs to the “Library” application. To do this, click “Add file to the library”, and then from an arbitrary folder on the computer, choose suitable tracks. The load will automatically start and the playlist will be created.
  • Optionally, these tracks are changing or added their own covers, so that when listening to the musical composition looked aesthetically and beautiful. To edit, click on the track and select the item “Details”.
  • We connect the iPhone to the computer using Wi-Fi or direct connection via cable.
  • After connecting, go to the “Music” tab, and then synchronize the tracks with the phone’s memory as shown in the image.

As you can see, add songs on the iPhone. not such a difficult task. After addiction to such a system, it becomes very convenient. The ability to add metadata and free editing information largely simplifies the user’s life.

However, the method of creating and installing ringtones on the iPhone described in this material allows you to use any file in MP3 format. This greatly facilitates the process of creating ringtones or audio alert files for Apple smartphones.

How to upload music from a computer on iPhone or iPad without iTunes

Google Play Music (Recommended)

To download music on iPhone or iPad, it is not necessary to use iTunes or other file managers. For example, for this purpose you can use the Google Play music service, and the paid subscription will not need (however the credit card is necessary).

Go to the Google Play Music Service page.

Complete the procedure for registering a free account:

Go to download songs in the “cloud” and on the iPhone (iPad).

Download the Google Play Music download manager to the computer, which is necessary to download music to the library. Google Play Music download manager is available for Windows and MacOS.

Run Google Play Music download manager and log in using Google Account (Gmail) login and password.

Choose a place on a computer where Google Play Music download manager to search for music and click Continue.

Select the music displayed by the download manager on the computer and click Continue.

Loading music in the Google Play Music Media Begin. It can take a long time. it all depends on the number of downloadable music and the speed of the Internet connection.

Uploaded files will be placed in the appropriate sections.

Open on the iPhone or iPad downloaded in.2 Google Play Music IOS application and login using Google Account (Gmail) login and password.

That’s all! Music will begin to appear in the application on the iPhone or iPad.

To listen to music, select the “Foreca” section in the main menu.

Pressing the icon with the image of three vertical points in the player will open the parameters of the current song:

Do not forget to visit the Settings section in the application and on the service website. Here is information about the number of downloaded tracks, parameters of the quality associated devices, caching settings, and T.D.

The application allows you to save (cache) downloaded music in memory of the gadget, so you can enjoy your favorite melodies and without connecting to the Internet. It is worth noting that the download of music in the service is limited to 50 thousand. songs, but this quantity is more than enough, even the most passionate music lovers.

In order to save (cache) a song in the Google Play Music application, you must run the playback of the track and click on the arrow icon in the circle. After loading, the icon will change to the “tick in an orange circle”.

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Google Play Music can be used as an alternative to native music “Music” on iPhone or iPad. The service offers a convenient inteeus, and playable tracks are displayed in the control point and on the lock screen. Advertising in the appendix no, which is very significant.


Naturally, there is a mass and other alternatives to Apple Mediacombine iTunes, which allow you to copy the desired content from the computer to a mobile device in several clicks. For example, you can use the desktop program Waltr from Softorino. Her principle of work is extremely simple, and even despite the English-speaking inteeis, even a child will be able to move music on the iPhone or iPad. In fact, you only need to connect the device to the “Big Brother” and drag the necessary files to the program window.

How to add music to iTunes

I think it is the most difficult and time spent from the methods considered in the article, but there are advantages in it:

  • In iTunes, for each music file, you can register ID3 metadata for the convenience of grouping and organization of tracks;
  • On any track you can put your own cover, which looks beautiful in the “Music” application on the iPhone;
  • To any track, you can install your own equalizer settings and volume level;
  • In iTunes it is very easy to create playlists that are loaded into the iPhone during synchronization;
  • iTunes can download all media library or elected playlists, genre, albums or artists in the iPhone.

As you can see, even despite the shortcomings of the iTunes program, it has its own advantages, and when you learn to add music to the iPhone through iTunes, forget about the shortcomings.

To download music on the iPhone, iPod or iPad you must first download audio files to the iTunes library.

  • To begin with, run the iTunes program. The latest version can be downloaded from Apple.
  • Music is added to iTunes very simple, for this you just need to drag the media file or even the entire folder with the palaces in the program window. After which iTunes will start adding them to the library.
  • Select a folder with tracks or one track, press the right mouse button and select “Details”, and now fill the ID3 metadata and add the cover.

After filling out the musical collection, you can start downloading music from a computer on the iPhone. You can certainly not fill, but when you fill it all much more beautiful looks.

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How to save songs from Apple Music on iPhone and iPad for listening without internet

How to save a song that is not in the media

For example, you simply listen to one of the tracks offered by the service and want to keep it for further listening without the Internet. To do this, you must first add the composition to the library. To do this, run the track, click the button with the image of three points in the middle of the screen and in the context menu that appears, select Add to the library.

At the same time, we will repeat that if the automatic download option was activated on the path of the configuration, then pressing the “Add to the library” will add track to the library and automatically downloads it to the iPhone or iPad drive.

How to save a song that already exists in the library

The inscription “Download” in the context menu means that the track has already been added to the library, but was not loaded on the device for listening offline. To download the song, click on the “Download” item, after touching the dot menu on the player screen.

How to save albums or whole playlists

The process is identical to the above. Open album or playlist. Above the cover will be placed the “Add” button (in case the content is not added to the library) or the “Cloud cloud” icon (if the compositions are already in the library).

In case of configuration path → Music, the automatic download option was enabled, pressing the “Add” or “Cloud with Arrogance” icon downloads the entire playlist or an album on the iPhone or iPad.

A similar action can be performed when the menu-dot menu is touched by the right.

Where you can see all the albums stored on the iPhone or iPad, playlists and tracks

In order to access all Apple Music downloaded compositions, albums and playlists, click on the Mediamatka tab in the lower left corner and select Download Music. In this section, information on all compositions, playlists and albums saved on the device will be stored.