How to transfer files from Google disk to iCloud

Both Google Drive and ICloud. Stunning data storage services used by millions of users. Google Disk was created for all Google lovers, and icloud. For fans iOS. Both of these services have their advantages. However, some people want to transfer files from Google disk to iCloud. We are here to help you transfer data from Google disk to iCloud.

Moving the necessary videos and photos from Google disk in iCloud on a computer is easy. Download any data file available on Google disk is very simple. Just repeat the following steps and you can download the necessary files.

Loading and unloading

  • Go to the Google disk in the browser and enter your Google account.
  • Select all important files and folders that you want to download from the Google disk.

Then click with the right mouse button and select “download” to download these files to your computer.

Now, to download these uploaded files from the Google disk in iCloud, you can use the following two ways:

  • First go into your ICLoud account on your computer.
  • Drag the selected files to the folder in the icloud window.
  • Or click on the import sign that appears on the ICLOUD DRIVE toolbar, and select the files that you want to download.

Google Drive and ICloud Apps

Since both google disk and iCloud have applications used on the desktop, you can also download these two applications to your computer to transmit data from the Google disk to iCloud. These two folders will appear on PC after you finish the settings. Follow these steps:

In the same way, download the iCloud application to your computer and enter it.

Now these specific files will be copied with Google disk and synchronized with iCloud. Repeating a similar procedure, all files can be transferred from iCloud to Google disk.

Google transfer to iCloud to iPhone

Since in most cases we use our iPhone more often, using the Google Drive application, you can also transmit files from the Google disk in iCloud on mobile devices.

  • Firstly, in the Google Drive application, select the files that you want to transfer, follow the steps: Open to save in files save.
  • Then go to the “files” application, find and select uploaded files from the Google disk. Select the GT organization icon; ICLOUD DRIVE. Then these files were downloaded in iCloud.

Plus: if you want to make a backup copy of all data in iCloud, go to the “Settings” GT; icloud. In the section “Storage and backup”, turn on the “Reserve Copying in ICLOUD” parameter. Then click on backup now.


Service for storing your files in the ICLUD cloud. It can be anything. a document, a presentation, a book in PDF format, photos, musical compositions, etc.D. You download the content to ICLOUD DRIVE, and then:

  • You get access to it from any Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac) or even PC.
  • Synchronize files and folders. information on all devices is updated automatically.
  • Create new files and folders (in compatible with iCloud programs).
  • You can work (edit) on the same file in different programs.
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In other words, ICLOUD DRIVE is a cloud service for storing, synchronizing and distributing data. The nearest analogues are Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, etc.P.

It is also worth noting that the iCloud Drive is not related to data, the synchronization of which is included in the iCloud settings (contacts, calendars, Safari data, “Key bunch”, etc.D.). In other words, ICLOUD DRIVE does not store the above data.

How to enable icloud drive?

When setting up a new iOS device, you will be invited to enable the service. On the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch C IOS 8 and the new service can be enabled by going to the settings address. icloud. Update to ICLOUD DRIVE, enter your Apple ID and select ICloud Drive.

On the MAC, open the system settings (the Icon on the Dock panel or through the “apple” menu in the upper left). icloud. Put a checkmark opposite the iCloud Drive item.

In icloud.COM (ICLOUD web version) Select the PAGES, NUMBERS or KEYNOTE program and click update to ICLOUD DRIVE.

How to upload photos and videos to the iCloud media text with iPhone and iPad

To work with the iCloud media Teca, all the devices used must have a firmware not lower than iOS

To enable the automatic unloading of media files with iPhone or iPad in iCloud, you must go to the → ICLOUD settings → photo and activate the Mediathek ICLOUD menu item. Yes, at the moment this function is at the beta testing stage, but we can say for sure that the stability of the service is on top, so you should not worry about the loss of data.

Having activated the ICLOUD MediaTheKE, the device in automatic mode will download your entire library of media files to the iCloud server. Photos synchronized with iTunes will be deleted (a pop.up message will notify you about this).

If you have several iOS devices with which you would like to use the iCloud media, then be sure to turn on this function and on them. All media files are unloaded only with an active Wi-Fi connection.

There are two ways to store photos and videos on iOS devices: “Optimization of the storage of iPhone” or “Downloading the original”. The first method allows you to maintain a significant amount of free space due to the fact that the originals of files will be stored in the cloud storage, and the device will remain on the device that are optimized for the permission of the iPhone or iPad images and videos. The second method proposes to store the original files both on iOS gadget and in iCloud.

How to upload and view photos and videos in the iCloud media text using

To view images and videos from iOS devices in the cloud storage, just go from the computer to the official website of the iCloud

At the first stage, you will need to enter data from the Apple ID account, and then open the shortcut “Photo”.

Launching the “Photo” application will have to wait a bit while the files are prepared. The time of the operation depends on the number of files in the media text.

ICLOD photo.COM is almost similar to such in the mobile application. ICLOUD users.COM can make images loved ones, adding them to favorites. Having deleted any image or video from the iCloud server.COM, users will automatically remove them from all devices and vice versa.

The Best iCloud Drive Setup.

Upload photos to iCloud.COM can be both simple to drag files from the Finder conductor, and by clicking the “Download” button, which is in the upper right corner of the ICLOUD service “Photo”.com next to the user name. Since the service is in the beta testing stage, you can load the image from the computer only in JPEG format. Neither images in PNG format, no video in MOV, you can’t unload.

Well, of course, do not forget about the rigid policy of Apple in terms of the amount of free space provided. only 5 GB. But it is given not only under the media, but also by mail, backups of the device, application backups and other data. Otherwise, you will have to use free cloud storage facilities, or draw up a paid subscription to ICLUD.

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How to upload photos in iCloud to iPhone or iPad

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In this article we will tell you how to upload photos and videos from iPhone/iPad to your iCloud account to get an online access.

Touch your name. You will find your full name and image at the top of the screen. Apple ID menu opens.

  • If you select “optimize the storage”, photos and videos on the device will be replaced by their optimized versions (with less resolution). Versions with full resolution will be stored in iCloud.
  • If you select “Download and save the originals”, original versions of the photo and video will be uploaded to iCloud and will remain on the device.

From now on, all new photos and videos will automatically be loaded in iCloud (if the device is connected to a wireless network).

How to upload photos on iCloud on a computer

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In this article, we will tell you how to upload photos to iCloud on a computer with Windows and MacOS. On a computer with Windows, you need to install the iCloud program, which can be downloaded at https: // support.Apple.COM/RU-RU/HT204283.

  • Launch the “Photo” application (you will find it in the “Program” folder).
  • Open the menu “Photo”.
  • Click “Settings”.
  • Go to the icloud tab.
  • Set the ICLOUD MediaTheT TECHNOWN.
  • Close the window.
  • Select “Download the originals on this Mac computer” or “Optimize the Mac computer storage”.

Launch the photo “Photo”. You will find it in the “Program” folder. Draise any photo stored on a computer to this application to upload a photo in iCloud. on the folder with the necessary photos. If the folder is inside another folder (for example, “loading”, “desktop”), click on the folder on the left panel, and then on the photo folder.

Select the necessary photos. To select several photos at once, hold ⌘ Command and click on each of the desired photo.

Drain the selected photos to the photo “Photo”. Photos will be uploaded to your account iCloud. on the uploads folder. You will find her on the right panel. You need to copy photos in this folder.

Open the folder with the desired photos. Do it in the new conductor window. As a rule, photos are stored in the “photo” or “image” folder.

Select the necessary photos. To select several photos at once, hold Control and click on each of the desired photo.

Drain the selected photos to the Uploads folder in another conductor window. Когда фотографии скопируются в папку, они загрузятся в iCloud.

Tips for preserving photos on ICloud Drive/My Photo Stream

In addition to uploading photos to the ICLOUD library, you can also save photos in ICLOD DRIVE OR My Photo Stream. How to save photos in different icloud services? You may not have a clear idea, even if you used them for several years. The following paragraphs describe in detail the ways of storing photos in icloud services.

How to save photos on ICLOUD DRIVE

ICLOUD DRIVE. this is the initial solution to manage documents and files. You can also save photos on ICLOUD DRIVE with files and folders. It also allows you to manage iCloud photos on all your devices. To save photos in ICLOUD DRIVE, you can learn more about the method, as shown below.

Launch the application settings on your iPhone or other iOS devices.

Go to the iCloud option and turn on the iCloud Drive option.

To make sure that photos are synchronized with all devices, you must enable the option for all devices.

When ICHLOUD DRive is turned on, you can find some applications for working with photos that provide seamless integration with ICLOUD DRIVE. It will automatically save photos in ICLOUD DRIVE.

You can also upload photos in iCloud using Windows in Windows 7 or later versions. Mac users can save photos directly in ICLOUD DRIVE. Whatever the device you have, you just need to go to iCloud.COM in any browser for storing photos in icloud. You can save photos in the iCloud Drive folder and edit them on different devices.

How to save images in “My photo stream”

When you need to save photos in the iCloud My Photo Stream, you must remember the limitation of 30 days or 1.000 photos. If you decide to save images in “My Photo flow”, new photos taken on iOS devices will be saved in iCloud when the device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Go to the settings application on your iPhone. Select photos and camera or photo opportunity to upload photos.

Include in my photo flow the ability to download photos in My Photo Stream iCloud, respectively.

Compared to two other solutions, you can only get access to the photos of the iCloud of my photo flow from devices. This means that you cannot save photos in ICLOUD online using My Photo Stream.

With the exception of restrictions on the number of photos, you save photos in ICLOUD from My Photo Stream in a resolution optimized for the device, which accelerates the download and saves place on the disk. When you save photos in ICLOD My Photo Stream, they are displayed on the “All Photos” tab in the “Photos” application and streamlined at “Moments”, “Collections” and “Years”.

How to access ICLOUD DRIVE in a web browser

There is another way to access files saved on iCloud Drive, and this is especially useful if you do not have access to one of your Apple devices. You can even use a computer with Windows or Linux!

Here you can download files or upload new ones, as well as create folders. Files can also be deleted or sent by email to other users through your email address ICLOD.

download, folder, icloud, google, computer

You will also find the web versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote that will allow you to edit these files.

How to add more icloud storage

ICLOUD DRIVE is only one part of the total 5 GB of free iCloud storage, which is received by all Apple owners, which is also used to backup iOS, iCloud e.mail and ICLUD photographs or to storage data from the contacts “Contacts” and “Calendar”. Any space remaining after they all occupy their piece are available for storage on ICLOUD DRIVE.

ICLOUD can be added more by paying a monthly subscription: 50 GB. 79P / 99C, 200 GB. 2.49 /2.99, and 2 TB. 6.99 / 6.99 per month.

The update is performed on Mac in system settings by pressing the icloud icon, then the “Management” button and, finally, the “Change storage plan” button.

iCloud for Windows 10! [EVERYTHING EXPLAINED]. 2020

On iOS, the update is carried out by choosing iCloud in the “Settings” application, pressing the “Storage” header and the link “Change the storage plan”.

If you use iCloud to backup two or more devices (such as iPhone and iPad), as well as for your photographs library, it is unlikely that there will be too many for the iCloud Drive, which makes up the modernization of virtual necessity.

Copying files and folders in the iCloud Drive by dragging

To copy the file by simple movement in the iCloud Drive. the following actions must be performed:

Open two windows (tabs) Finder with the desired files and the iCloud Drive folder (so that it is displayed in the side menu Finder. you need to open Finder → Settings (⌘,) and in the “lateral menu” tab, put a checkplace opposite the corresponding point).

Select the files necessary for moving.

Move files from the keyboard keyboard ⌥option (ALT).

Copying files and folders in the iCloud Drive by using hot keys

The procedure is carried out in a classic way to copy. put with hot keys.

Select the necessary files in Finder and click on the keyboard a combination of the Command C (⌘ c) keyboard.

In the iCloud Drive folder, click on the keyboard a combination of the Comand V (⌘ v) keyboard for insert.

How to clean iCloud?

You can free up a place in ICLUD from unnecessary media files in two ways: delete existing photos and disable the unloading of new pictures.

If you have an iPhone synchronization (iPad, Mac) with iCloud, then those photos and videos that you delete in the device gallery are also erased from the “cloud”. You can also clean iCloud from any device (including Windows and Android). For this:

  • Play your Apple ID on the icloud
  • In the “Photo” section, select several or all photos, videos and click on the basket icon.
  • The data will move to the “recently deleted” folder.- Everything is like on iPhone or Mac. This folder also “eats up” the place, so clean it and it. But keep in mind: the photo will be deleted without the possibility of recovery.

To delete a photo in ICLUD, without washing them from the device, turn off the synchronization with the “cloud” in advance.

To turn off the unloading of new photos in iCloud, go to “Settings”. your name is icloud. And then click the “off” next to the “photo icloud” item. This will not lead to the removal of existing pictures on the server, and they will still be available.

Important: If you have the function “Optimization of the storage”, then your pictures are stored in good quality in ICLOUD. On the phone, they are available in the form of reduced copies. If you disable synchronization with the “cloud”, but leave activated optimization, getting access to full pictures will be problematic.

How to return photos from iCloud to iPhone?

Using This method is suitable for any devices, not only iPhone. For this:

  • On the site go to the “Photo” section.
  • When the gallery of media files loads, open the desired file and click on “Additionally (a circle with three points in the lower right corner).
  • Select “download” and open a downloaded file (it will be in downloads).
  • Click on the “share” icon and click “Save the image”. After this photo will appear in the iPhone gallery.

Questions arose? You can contact the i-Store: our experts will help you deal with iCloud. And also consult on any issue related to the use of Apple technology.