How to give yourself free Internet from your smartphone on a PC, the method of poor students

It seemed strange to you too that students from even the poorest and most unequipped dormitories, where there would be no Internet to speak of, manage to download terabytes of movies and play online games from their desktop computers and laptops?


I hadn’t really thought about this until recently, because I was living in my own house and I always had high-speed Internet, and mobile Internet was something useless.

But here I am in quarantine, where there is no normal high-speed internet. With only a smartphone and a desktop PC I tried to set up an access point to access the internet. But the operator immediately realized that I was trying to use the “additional handout service” as he called it. I considered this extremely unfair, and turned to my friends, who for years have been living in the dorms and lead an active life on the Internet just like everyone else.

Students told me the secret of unlimited Internet “from the dorm”, and now I will tell this secret to you.

Ways to distribute the Internet from your smartphone

So, is it possible to give out a Wi-Fi network to a laptop from the phone? The answer is simple. yes, you can. All smartphones with the latest versions of the Android operating system pre-installed, have the “Hotspot and Modem” feature. It doesn’t apply, only to such oldies as Android 2.0. So you don’t have to install any additional software or follow lengthy instructions to give it away.

There are two ways to distribute the internet:

  • Wi-Fi point. a mobile device acts as a router.
  • Bluetooth-modem. suitable for people who do not have a working Wi-Fi transmitter. Using Bluetooth is limited in speed and packet quality. If you move more than 5 meters away from the device, the network will disappear.

Instruction The easiest option is through the general settings of the phone. Go to the Nokia menu and select “Phone settings”, then click on the language options and put a tick next to the language you need at the moment.

To set it up, go to the phone menu, select “Settings”. “Connection”. “Settings.”. “Destinations. You will see a list of Internet settings. Add a new point by selecting the “Access point” option. Next point. Internet“. contains all possible connections.

Setting up the modem mode with Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android (using your phone as a router)

Google’s Android mobile operating system has a built-in function for creating a wireless access point. To enable this feature, go to your phone’s Android settings screen, under “Wireless and networks” tap “”, then open “Modem mode”. Then click “Configure Wi-Fi hotspot”.

Here you can set the parameters of the wireless access point, created on the phone. SSID (Wireless network name) and password. It is better to leave the “Security” item in the value of WPA2 PSK.

Once you have finished setting up the wireless access point, check the “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot” box. Now you can connect to the created hotspot from a laptop, or any Wi-Fi tablet.

How to connect your smartphone as a USB modem

To implement this method, you need to connect your smartphone with a cable to one of the USB ports on your Windows computer. In most cases, the system will detect and install the necessary drivers by itself, but if this does not happen, you will have to download them from the site of the manufacturer of the gadget and install them manually. Note that it is best to use the supplied cable, as its quality may indirectly affect the connection speed.

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After connecting the smartphone, open its settings and in the section “Wireless Networks” select the item “”. You will open the Advanced Settings section, where we are interested in the “Modem Mode” item.

Here it is necessary to check the box next to “USB modem”. As a result a new connection will appear on your computer. To activate it, open the network connections window, right-click on the icon “Local Area Connection” and in the context menu that appears, select “Enable”.

Giving out the Internet via Bluetooth

For this method to work, the smartphone must be visible to other devices. Verify this by going into the Bluetooth settings. If the Internet, for example, is distributed on the PC, the latter must also be switched on.

When the work is over, the modem is switched off to save the battery.

How to distribute mobile Internet from the phone

The situation when you need to give out Wi-Fi from the phone happens quite often. Fortunately modern smartphones have a special hardware module, which allows you to share the Internet. Nevertheless, many users do not know how to share the Internet from the phone. If you belong to this category of people, then you are at the right place. In fact, in this article we will talk about how you can share the Internet with your iPhone or Android.

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How to give out the Internet with Android to a computer or laptop (via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)

Good time!

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What do you think is more widespread and accessible: 3G/4G network or cable Internet. (types of network connections)

Answer: If cable Internet is available only in major cities (and not in all regions), then 3G/4G networks have penetrated not only into cities, but even into regional centers and villages.

I took a look at a map of 3G coverage in various regions. it turns out that now you can access the Internet with your smartphone even in villages that are hundreds of kilometers away from major cities! Grandiose! 10 years ago it was hard to imagine such a thing.

Actually, if the Internet is on your smartphone. it can also work on the PC. About how to share it (t.е. share it). and there will be this article.

  • when you go to the countryside (or will be on vacation);
  • At work, if your main Internet channel is limited (and you do not have access to entertainment sites);
  • or simply as a backup connection (especially if your main Internet service provider often lets you down).