Enable Wi-Fi access point

No matter what model of the device, Mi6, Mi8 or other. The algorithm is the same. First of all, you need to turn on the access point, so that it will be possible to send the Internet from Xiaomi to other gadgets via Wi-Fi, like from a router. This is done as follows:

  • Open the settings;
  • Find the line “Access point”;
  • It does not need to be activated yet. It is necessary to press “Settings”;
  • Enter the name of the Internet network, if necessary;
  • Make sure to set a password. To do this, go to the “Protection” tab;
  • Select WPA2 PSK;
  • Then, enter a password, preferably a difficult one, but memorable;
  • Press the “OK” key.

After you have done this, the user must be redirected to the back page. Here, activate the “Access Point” tab, move the slider.

To activate it most conveniently, you can display this button in the top menu, which opens by swiping down from the desktop.

Xiaomi as a Bluetooth modem

Now let me show you how to make a Xiaomi Bluetooth modem.

For my example, I will connect my old Xiaomi Mi 5 to my current Mi 9 SE phone via Bluetooth to transmit internet to it.

To do this in the settings of the phone, which will be the source of the Internet and act as a Bluetooth modem, find the item “Wi-Fi hotspot”. In it activate the toggle switch “Bluetooth modem. On the device to be connected, in my example another smartphone, we turn on Bluetooth.

If you go back to the source phone, go to the menu “Bluetooth” and look for a line of available devices to connect the name of another, in my example is the “Mi MonoPhone”. You will have a different name. Let’s click on it. A pop-up window will appear on the screen with the security code, which must be entered in the appropriate window on the connected device. In my case, the security code was automatically displayed on Mi 5. On both devices I clicked on the “Accept” security code. Pairing completed. Now look for the device in the list of connected on the source, again, in my case it is “Mi MonoPhone”, and click on it to establish a Bluetooth connection. The connection is established in a second.

Check, now the connected device should have Internet.

How to distribute Internet via Wi-Fi from Xiaomi (Redmi) to other phones or computers

It is good, when you have a cellular operator plan with a large amount of traffic, which you do not have time to spend in a month on Xiaomi. But what about those who do not have such an impressive volume, or those who come to visit you from another country and the tariff does not imply the use of voluminous Internet traffic?

The “Wi-Fi hotspot” feature available in Xiaomi smartphones comes to the rescue.

Как раздать интернет на Xiaomi или точка доступа

In active mode, Xiaomi gives out the Internet at the expense of the cellular network.

To activate the function go to general settings and find there the item “Wi-Fi Access Point”. To enable the mode, click on the “Wi-Fi hotspot” button so that the switch becomes active. Once it is activated, the smartphone will disconnect from the Wi-Fi network, if it was connected to it, and will start using the cellular network as source of internet. Below the item “Setting”, there is nothing complicated in the setting, do not be afraid.

  • SSID. this is the name of the network you created, the name can be anything within reason.
  • WPA2 PSK. this is the method of traffic encryption, I do not recommend to change this value, leave it like this.
  • Password. for the Wi-Fi network, so that only the people you know and who were given a password can connect. This is a security feature, never disable password.
  • Device identification. leave it set to “Access Point”, otherwise other devices won’t see your network.
  • Wi-Fi frequency range. depending on the Xiaomi phone model, you can choose 2.4 Hz or 5 Hz. Theoretically the network with frequency of 5 Hz will work faster, but its range will be significantly reduced, I recommend to set it to 2.4 Hz.

To instantly transmit the login and password for connecting to another phone, it is possible to use a QR-code, the function Code for connecting to the point is responsible for this. It is enough to click on this menu, a QR code will appear on the screen, which must be read from another smartphone, if it succeeds, it will connect to Xiaomi. With the settings we have solved, now look at the other menu items. Next on the list is “Single traffic limit”. This value will set the amount of traffic for each of the devices connected to you for one session, so they don’t get cocky. You are using the Internet from mobile network, where the traffic limit may be higher, 20Gb or even 30Gb, but it is final. If your friends connect to you and start watching YouTube videos at 4K resolution, even this impressive limit will be exhausted. To prevent this and there is this setting, by default it is disabled, I recommend setting a limit of no more than 1 GB, so do not be cheeky. Auto Disconnect. a useful feature that disconnects the Internet distribution through Xiaomi, if there has been no connection to it in the last 10 minutes. People forget to disable sharing, as a result the battery runs down. This setting will help save it, leave it active. Connected devices. this section displays all devices connected to Xiaomi Wi-Fi. For example, I connected an old Windows Phone, instead of the name of the phone displays its address. If you connect a modern smartphone or laptop, there will be its normal name. So it is possible to track who is connected to your network, how much traffic he spent and you have the ability to forcibly disable a particular device. Having configured once, there is no need to return to the depths of the menu over and over again, when you need to turn on the Internet again. To do this, there is a special icon in the shortcut menu in the notification bar. To pull it out unlock your phone, bring up the shortcut menu and find the “Sorting” icon. Now you can see not only the active commands, but also hidden ones, among which you need to find the icon “Hotspot”, then drag it to the open area and click on the button “Done”. Now you can start distributing Internet from Xiaomi with one click.

WI-FI hotspot works in conjunction with mobile Internet, consuming packet traffic. Setting up the distribution is as follows:

  • go to “Settings” of the device. Under “Wireless networks” select “Wi-Fi hotspot”;
  • turn on the toggle switch against the “Wi-Fi Access Point”. the network will become available for detection by other users.

If you can not give out mobile Internet, problems with entering a password, smartphones do not see the network, go to “Setting up the access point. There you can:

  • change the name of the handout in the “SSID” item;
  • choose the “Protection” traffic encryption protocol. set it to “WPA2-PSK”;
  • see the password by tapping on the eye icon in front of the corresponding line, or set a new code;
  • In the line “Device Identification” select “Access Point”;
  • Remains to set the “Frequency Range”. Older devices are only compatible with 2.4 GHz, newer devices support 5 GHz.

5GHz is faster and more stable than 2.4GHz, but only up to 5 meters away.

Now go back to the menu “Wi-Fi hotspot”. Open the “Single Traffic Limit.”

  • turn on the slider next to the function name;
  • Set the traffic limit in MB or GB;
  • check what to do if the device exceeds the limit: send a notification and disable the distribution, or just a notification.

The advantage of this method is its versatility: with one Xiaomi smartphone can distribute the Internet to your computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

Connect to the new hotspot as follows:

  • in the “Settings” open “Wi-Fi”;
  • Tap on the created distribution. Authorize by setting a previously set password;
  • After a short synchronization on the other device the Internet will appear.
  • among the items in “Wi-Fi hotspot” select “Code to connect to the hotspot”;
  • A QR code will appear on the display. Use the built-in or downloaded scanner on the Redmi 7A, 8 or other Android phone to get a connection to the hotspot through it.

How to distribute the Internet via USB by Xiaomi

Make sure to use the original USB cable, this is important, only it provides a stable connection to your computer or laptop, or not original, but a good, full. I say this because I have in my hands a USB wire, perfect looking, but it is only good for charging, it is impossible to transmit data because of the design features.

Connect the USB cable to your computer and to your Xiaomi phone, then enter the settings of the gadget and find the line “Wi-Fi hotspot”. Yes, I understand the strange placement of the USB modem settings here, previously it was available in the “Connection and sharing” menu, but on the current firmware it has moved under the Wi-Fi roof. Find the “USB modem” line, it should be available to activate, and the status bar should say “USB connected, check access”. This means that the computer is ready to receive internet from the phone. After activating the function on your computer you will be asked to connect to the new network, agree and now you can use mobile Internet from Xiaomi on your PC.

Another method

Useful for those users who are used to frequently give out Wi-Fi from their phone. To do this, go to the home screen, gently pull the curtain with your finger from top to bottom. This curtain is filled with a variety of icons.

Of these, we want the TD (waveform picture). It is enough to tap on it for it to turn on. If you do not have this icon on the curtain, it is simply removed. In this case we need to look at the settings, and set this shortcut on the curtain.

How to give out via Wi-Fi?

Mobile transmission is a simple and convenient way to distribute the internet. It allows you to connect to multiple devices at once. To do this in your smartphone should make the setting.

  • Think up and write the name of your access point.
  • Choose the technology to protect your data when you go online. The most modern and reliable way to protect your data is WPA PSK. Among several offered protections you can safely choose it.
  • Think of a password so you can access the Internet. The password must consist of letters and numbers of at least 8 characters without spaces. Letters should be typed in Latin letters.

Setup is complete. To activate it, open the “settings” icon again and go to the “personal hotspot” tab. Check the box next to the “Wi-Fi hotspot” tab. You have activated the distribution of Internet to other devices. But only those to whom you told your network password can connect.

How to share the Internet on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 smartphone

On the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 smartphone, go to Settings. Select Connect and share, tap Wi-Fi hotspot, turn on the switch in the Wi-Fi hotspot row.

To set up the access point, specify name and password, go to Access Point Settings. You can turn the hotspot on and off through the top notification curtain.

How to connect your smartphone as a USB-modem

The method is suitable if you need to distribute Internet from your smartphone to your computer. The procedure in this case is as follows:

  • Open the settings item, go to the menu with an additional tab.
  • Select the section with USB-modem.
  • In the network connections on the computer itself should appear a new item. USB modem.
  • Right-click on “Local Area Connection”.
  • Choose to turn on Wi-Fi in the menu that appears.

Important! This method is suitable if the computer is not equipped with a WLAN module. The phone in this case serves as a receiver for the wireless signal.

In addition, USB modem mode will allow you to use the Internet without any time limit. The battery of the device itself will be continuously charged via the cable.

Please note! The main thing is to keep in mind that the capacity of the battery in this case is reduced by constant use of such modes. The tablet is not an exception to these rules.