How to Set Up a Router | Internet Setup

How to distribute the Internet from a computer through a router

Distribute the Internet through Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi router. This is familiar to almost everyone and everyone is used to it, but there are times when there is no Wi-Fi router, there is only a provider’s cable or a 3G modem connected to a computer/ laptop and other devices requiring the Internet (computer/ laptop tablet, smartphone). The question arises: how to distribute the Internet for all devices (computer/ laptop tablet, smartphone) by Wi-Fi? And is it possible to do it at all? POSSIBLY. This is what will be discussed in this article.

Before starting to set up the Internet distribution from a laptop/ computer, you need to make sure that Wi-Fi adapter is turned on. On most laptops, the WLAN-adapter activity indicator is present on the case, otherwise the adapter should be turned on in the network control center and total access.

Check if the laptop is suitable for distribution

Before you start setting up, you need to make sure that Wi-Fi is distributed from the Windows 7 laptop in principle. To do this, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  • In this window we enter the CMD command and confirm the input by pressing the OK button;
  • Then we enter the following command in the command line: Netsh Wlan Show Drivers

Information should appear on the screen about the Wi-Fi adapter installed in the Wi-Fi system. Here you need to find the line “Support for the location” and check that it has the word “yes”. This means that the Virtual Wi-Fi function can be included and configured.

If the word “no” is in the found line, then there are problems with drivers on Wi-Fi Adapter. If they are not installed, then you need to download the driver’s wireless adapter from the site that is suitable for your model and your OS, and install them. In some cases, you just need to update the drivers. Sometimes you need to roll back the installed drivers to an earlier version. The algorithm of actions:

  • We click on the entry button in the Main Menu “Start”;
  • Open the “control panel”;
  • find “equipment and sound”;
  • We go to the “Device Manager”;
  • Click on the icon “” next to the line “network adapters”;
  • Choose the Wi-Fi Adapter used. We click on the line with it with the right mouse button and go into the “properties”;
  • We go to the Driver tab and click on the “roll back” button.
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Further actions can only be performed after setting up network support.

Internet distribution via USB on a smartphone with Android OS

Thanks to Android capabilities on a smartphone, you can quickly give the Internet via a USB cable. You will not need any additional software or any drivers for this. Although small preparatory work, of course, is necessary.

    To begin with, connect the smartphone with a USB cable to the computer, then open the settings in it, scroll them down and select the “for developers” item.

In the settings, select the item “for developers”

Create a local network with a computer, turning on the function “USB Internet”

Click on the item “Change of adapter parameters”

distribute, internet, computer, router

Open the properties of the Internet connection

In access settings, we allow the local network access to the Internet

Open the properties of the local connection

In the window that opens, select “IP version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” and click “Properties”.

Open the settings of the IP version 4 (TCP/IPV4) “

We change the IP address from to and keep changes. The Internet on the phone after that will work.

As a result, we have a working and transmitting Internet traffic channel between the phone and the computer.

How to distribute “wi-fi” from a computer to the phone

Consider how to create a Wi-Fi access point on a computer on a computer, which can be connected from a phone, tablet or any other device.

Mobile hot spot for Windows 10 (transmission via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)

The top ten has a built-in option “Mobile Hotspot” to create a “Wi-Fi” access point. This is the easiest way to transfer the Internet from PC to a smartphone or any other device:

  • Launch the Start menu, click on the gear there. Or just click at the same time “Windows” and I on the keyboard.
  • In the parameters, start the block for networks and the Internet.

Turn on and configure hot spot in parameters

Through the “command line”

This method is suitable for all Windows options. We will need the console of the command line system. How to launch it and what commands you need to perform there:

    On the Start panel (in the “System” folder) or through “Windows Search”, find the “command line”.

Open the line on behalf of the administrator

distribute, internet, computer, router
  • NETSH WLAN SET HOSTEDNETWORK MODE = Allow SSID = »Name_SETITION” KEY = “Password_Set” Keyusage = Persistent. Creation of the Network;
  • Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork. Launching the Network.

Perform two commands in the line sequentially

A Wi-Fi network will be immediately created on the PC, but in order for it to work correctly, you need to open access to the “Internet” on the computer:

  • Run the network “Network”. To do this, click “Vin” (button for launching “start”) and R on the keyboard. Enter the NCPA code.CPL, click on Enter.
  • Find a working adapter (the one on which there is now the Internet). We have this wireless network. Click the right mouse key and select “Properties”.

Open Internet access for other devices

How to configure the automatic mode of operation of such a network

So that you do not have to open the “command line” and start a virtual access point, do the following with each new computer launch, do the following:

  • Create a text document on the desktop and rename it. You can set the file name at your discretion, it is important that the extension is.Bat.
  • Open the file and insert the Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork Combin.
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Insert the command to start the access point on PC

Through special applications

You can do without a “command line” when creating a wireless network on a computer. Free programs will help you. It’s very simple to work with them. Consider several of them:

    Mypublicwifi. You can download the application on the official website (http: // www.Mypublicwifi.COM/PublicWifi/EN/Index.html). It is enough for you to download the distribution of the program, and then start the installation. Then you need to select the name and password for the “wi-fay” in the integration and activate the network. In the settings, the utilities can limit access to different sites for network users.

Indicate the name, password and connection in the settings

Select your Internet source in Network Card menu

Write a password twice for an access point

We distribute the wired Internet through the application

If the above methods are not suitable for you or there is another reason, share the wired Internet connection in Windows 8 or 7 with other wireless devices using applications. I recommend trying an open source application Virtual Router.

distribute, internet, computer, router

Install, run, indicate the name of the network (SSID), set the desired password, and select our wireless connection that we want to distribute. Press the Start Virtual Router button, and you’re ready. Below you can see a list of connected devices. There is simply nowhere easier.

How to connect laptop to router with ethernet cable

Setting up the Internet distribution via Wi-Fi may seem to someone a troublesome occupation, but in fact it is not so difficult. It all depends on which version of Windows you use. In addition, you can always use an application of a manufacturer, working with which comes down to an even simpler way to make an access point from your computer or laptop.

Now you can always use this article to distribute your Internet channel via Wi-Fi, even if there is no Wi-Fi router at hand.

2 Method to distribute the Internet using a mobile 3G/4G Wi-Fi router.

For this method, it is enough to purchase a mobile 3G/4G Wi-Fi router, insert a SIM card into it and use. The pluses of this method is the autonomy of the device, we can take it with us and use it anywhere, minuses. its purchase and dependence on the level of the battery charge.

How to distribute the Internet from a Windows 10 computer via a hot spa

Easy method to distribute the Internet from a computer via Wi-Fi without wires, it does not require unnecessary utilities and long settings. Necessary:

distribute, internet, computer, router
  • We find “joint use”, open and determine with the type of connection: Wi-Fi or Internet.
  • Click “Change” the window will be displayed, you need to write a login and code for a new network, the computer will be divided on it and will share the Internet.
  • At the top of the window we turn on the function “Allow”.
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Upon completion of the operation, you can use the new network via Wi-Fi. For use we connect and write password. This function is disconnected in the “Network” section.

Problems and solutions

Sometimes, after all the necessary actions, the access point does not start, or there is a network on a laptop, but gadgets cannot connect. Or gadgets are connected to Wi-Fi, but the Internet is missing.

One of the common problems is Wi-Fi launching error. Depending on the method by which you set up the connection, the message about problems may be different. For example, when using the command line, it will be like this: “It was not possible to start the placed network”.

When using programs, the message will be in each program. For example, in the application it will look like this:

  • The wireless adapter is physically not connected to the computer;
  • The adapter driver is not installed;
  • wireless connection is disabled;
  • The driver does not support Softap technology.

First check if the wireless adapter is connected. and connect it if necessary.

How to check whether the driver is installed, and whether it supports Softap technology, was described above. If the adapter software is absent, it must be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website and install it.

To check whether Wi-Fi is included and, if necessary, use it, go to the “Networks Management Center”-“Change of Adapter Parameters”. If the wireless connection is disconnected, it is necessary to enable it. To do this, click with the right button by the required connection and, from the context menu, select “Turn on”.

A situation may arise when a Wi-Fi network is created, but it is not possible to connect to it. Messages appear on the gadgets: “The connection failed”, “It is impossible to get an IP address” and similar. In this case, in order to eliminate problems, you need to turn off the antivirus, most likely, it blocks the connection.

It also happens that the network has been created, gadgets are connected to it, but the Internet is not distributed. In this case, you need to configure the overall access to the Internet. At the same time, check whether the connection is included in general access. If the computer is connected via a local network, and for the Internet, the connection of Rostelecom PPPOE is configured. then the total access should be provided specifically for Rostelecom. Antivirus or firewall can also block the connection. In addition, the reason may be in the connected gadget.