What is growth for Samsung

Due to the very popularity of South Korean smartphones, on the technique market you can often find fakes or “gray” devices. The latter, of course, cost cheaper. But for them there is no guarantee. In addition, there is an option to buy a non.working device. All smartphones are marked with letter combinations, which will help to get ahead: “white” or “gray” apparatus in front of you. We’ll figure it out: what is growth for Samsung, what is Eurotest, what is their differences.

These are smartphones that are imported into our country officially. Rostest. an official organization that carries out work on metrology, certification, laboratory tests of industrial goods. Tests are carried out both over Russian and imported goods.

Important: new Samsung Galaxy S10 models receive EAS marking instead. Reason: in 2017 there was a replacement of the official icon. Now marked with an icon that is valid throughout the Eurasian Economic Union.

If a similar marking is visible on the packaging with Galaxy 10, this means:

Real vs Fake Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge. Best 1:1 Copy. China clone. Full Review [HD]

What is the difference between Rostest and Evrotest

Of course, the manufacturer produces gadgets for the whole world. The difference between devices is different firmware. That is, the buyer of the “gray” of the device gets unprofitable firmware (or crooked Russified), which does not work 4G due to other communication standards abroad. But that’s not all. Differences in the Euro.Best:

The only plus attracting many buyers is the cost. “Gray” options are much cheaper.

Checking the characteristics

Each phone has its own declared characteristics. Chinese fakes may differ. You need to go to the site with information about the smartphone model and compare it with your phone.

For example, if the Samsung official website indicates that the camera should be 16 megapixels, then on the original phone its value must correspond to the declared.

It is recommended to install the AIDA 64 utility. This application displays all the characteristics of the smartphone on the screen. It remains only to verify them with the official.

How to identify a forgery: a few simple ways

Buying an inexpensive Samsung phone, you should not worry. most likely, you will have an original in your hands. But with the devices of the flagship series Galaxy S and Note, you should be on the alert. they are faked most often. And if in the old years the quality of copies was frankly weak, which made it possible to easily identify the forgery, then recently it can be very difficult to do without certain knowledge. Often, the falsifier is how skillfully copies the brand device, that problems with it are detected only during operation. Some applications are not placed on such a smartphone, even with a slight load, it begins to hang and “bug”, which requires constantly cleaning its memory, reloading, etc. D. If you decide to buy samsung Galaxy Note 10, S Plus and T. D. offline or in the online store, then check it according to several criteria.

  • Carefully inspect how well the smartphone is assembled. Even cheap Korean.made apparatuses have no creaks and crackling when pressing, not to mention models of expensive series. The latter are made of premium materials and look appropriate.
  • Test the work of built.in software. Find in the Samsung Garexi settings the information about the apparatus and compare the version of Android and firmware with information from various sources, including specialized forums. On fake phones, it is often installed with “sewn” viruses that can transmit confidential information to third parties: online passwords, numbers and secret codes of bank cards and accounts, etc. D. Remember that the manufacturer constantly improves its firmware and releases updates to optimize processes and safety. If such updates are not available, then this situation is an occasion to think about whether the phone is genuine.
  • See if there are company branded programs among the installed applications (for example, Samsung Pay). The manufacturer introduces them directly into the OS, therefore, on the falsified devices of such programs, it cannot be.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the translation of individual points and words in the menu. There will be no inaccuracies, errors and non.transmitted words and phrases in the genuine device.
  • When activating the device, try to go to the pre.created Samsung account. If this is not possible to do this, then taking such a device is definitely not worth.
  • Check the quality of the main and front cameras, inspect the display for the presence of “broken” and “hot” pixels, evaluate the sound quality and make several trial calls.
  • When making a decision to choose something from the latest Samsung Galaxy models, be sure to “try on” the apparatus in a company store (unfortunately, only residents of large cities have such an opportunity). Evaluate the speed of the sensor, image quality, inspect the menu and settings, make a couple of photos and videos. Holding the original in your hands, you will easily identify a fake when buying a cheaper version of the Galaxy S9, S10 or Note 9 (10) at any outlet or online store.
  • Go to the service menu and test the performance of individual components of the device and its functioning. This can be done using a combination #7353 #or #0 #, which is entered in the open window of the “Phone” application. You can find access code to the engineering menu of older models on thematic forums. It should be noted that the lack of access to such a menu is a direct occasion to refuse to buy.
  • Check if Samsung Galaxy has a manufacturer’s guarantee. Often, sellers offer “gray” devices that are imported to Russia unofficially and at the same time give a guarantee from the outlet. It is clear that if such a store closes, then there will be no one to ask with. the official service in the free repair of such a device will refuse. Therefore, it is best to purchase Samsung products, which enters our country in an official way. By the way, you can buy Samsung Galaxy Note or S Rostest in our online store. In this case, your purchase will be protected “100%”.
  • Finally, IMEI should be applied on the packaging, the device itself and the official website. Of course, for modern craftsmen there are no difficulties to fake the code of the original apparatus, but the features are not joking. suddenly even such an elementary check will reveal a discrepancy and refuse to buy in time.
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As you can see, identifying a fake Samsung Galesx is not so difficult. However, you can avoid the need for such a check by buying electronic equipment in trusted online stores-they include Best-Magazin.com on which you are now. We offer only certified Samsung Galaxy smartphones, S and A with the sign of the PCT (Rostest) and give a warranty card from the manufacturer. As the proposed products and the high level of the Best-Magazin service.COM can be seen by watching the reviews of our customers.

How to define Rostest

And how to determine that you are buying exactly certified products with which there will be no problems in the repair plan in the future?

  • The first thing you should do when buying a new mobile phone is to make sure that there is a special growth icon. It is usually located on a box and under the battery. Next to him you will find the icon of the Russian Ministry of Communications. SCS.
  • Look carefully at the instructions. It should be in the form of a small book in Russian. If, instead of normal instructions, separate sheets with text in clumsy Russian are invested in the box, then it is better to refuse the purchase.
  • Take the box and look at the name of the phone, it must completely coincide with what you actually take. If questions arise, ask the seller directly whether this product has a certificate of conformity.

Rostest Galaxy S9. “white” smartphones

Of course, this is not about the color of the smartphone case. The word “white” means a completely legal product.

White or Rostest Galaxy S9 is a smartphone officially imported into Russia. He received all the necessary certification, passed laboratory tests, all taxes were paid for him and in general he is all so white and fluffy. Previously, on a box with similar goods was a sign of PCT.

At the moment, the PCT sign is abolished and replaced by EAC (Eurasian correspondence). it can be found on the packaging Galaxy S9. At its core, this is the same growth, only this technical regulation applies to all countries to the participants of the Customs Union. Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan.

What has changed from the consumer? Nothing. some three letters changed to others 🙂

What is the goodstest Galaxy S9? Yes, to almost everyone-he has an official guarantee, he is tested with our cellular networks, he will definitely work with Russian SIM cards, etc.D.

What is bad Galaxy S9 Russian certification? Price.

And where then the Galaxy S10 eurroteses come from?

These are unofficially placed on the territory of Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. They were originally intended for sale in the countries of the European Union. He has his own customs zone. As a rule, they, like smuggling, are cheaper.

According to the conditions of the Samsung warranty, free service on the Russian territory on the Galaxy S10 does not apply. If such a smartphone breaks, you can fix it only for money. over, not every authorized service center is generally associated with them in practice.

In addition to Eurotest in Russian online stores, you can find modifications of the Samsung Galaxy S10, designed for sale in Southeast Asia and other countries. The situation with them is completely similar. Including on the provision of warranty service.

How to distinguish the original Samsung phone

Due to the very popularity of Samsung, we decided to tell you how to determine the original phone from fakes and not make a mistake with the choice. Everything is quite simple, but about everything in order.

To begin with, let’s understand what phones you can find on the Russian market and what you can “run into”. There are several types of smartphones from the purchase of which we would like to protect you. This is.

  • The so.called Eurotest phones (smartphones released for the foreign market, most often for Asian).
  • Refresh (well, or restored phones, devices that were collected from two or more defective phones).
  • Fakes (just Chinese copies of famous phones).
distinguish, samsung, phone, original, fake

Let’s start, perhaps, with the smaller of the evils, namely with the so.called eurroste. All of you are well aware that Samsung produces phones not only for the Russian market, but also for Asia, Europe and America. Most often this is the same phone, but with local firmware. The maximum that you can run into when buying a foreign phone is the optimization of the Russian menu, and in the worst case. foreign standards of mobile communications (in other words, Russian 4G may not work for you, which is quite unpleasant). But here we can face another problem. If your phone breaks down, and the store shall be blessed by warranty obligations, then the burden of expensive repairs will fall on your shoulders, since the Russian representative office of the company accepts only devices issued for our market for service. Distinguishing growth is extremely simple. Let’s start with the box. In most models, the color name should be in Russian, and the box should have instructions in Russian (do not forget that the manufacturer does not complete all the devices with the instructions and it is better to immediately clarify with the seller if it is in the kit). The following is of course a serial phone number. https: // www.Samsung.com

For complete confidence, it is better to call 8-800-555-55-55. And just break through the number in the official service center. The next method is to drive the service code #7353 #, on the stock Android this team is missing, but it is on Samsung phones. If you see such a menu, then everything is fine.

I want to say right away that the original can be distinguished by price. You perfectly understand that official growth can not cost cheaper than a certain minimum, and if, for example, you see the Samsung Galaxy S7 for 20-25 thousand, then with almost one hundred percent confidence I can say that this is definitely not Rostest. I want to tell you right away that all Samsung mobile phones, in our online store, Rostest.

Almost every second buyer of Samsung’s mobile phone asks us if the phone is. And here we can tell you with one hundred percent confidence that all the phones in our online store are completely new. Check it is quite simple. If you have a normal phone, then the first: all the details must beat perfectly tailored, and you should not notice the cracks and uneven lines by eye.Serial numbers on the phone itself, box and service code # must match. Restored phones can be dangerous in that often the assembly of the so.called refresh is not engaged in specialists or just people who are only aimed at benefit. And almost anything can be installed on the phone. Most often. these are Chinese copies of screens and low.quality batteries. This can not only affect the durability of the phone, but also cause a fire (in the case of low.quality batteries.)

And of course the worst thing in our article is Chinese copies of phones. I want to make a reservation right away that the word copies are not applicable to these phones, it is better to use the word fake.

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On the Russian market you can find many fake Samsung phones. I will say more it is even difficult to say how many types and types of fakes are sold by unclean sellers. Most often, these phones cost almost half the cheaper than the original, and according to the statement of many “they are no different from the original”.

Let’s deal with this question. Of course, each of us wants to save money and, if there is no difference, why pay more. But I want to upset you. Of course there is a difference. The first is, of course, the very quality of the assembly itself, the second is performance, well, the third is the quality of components.

Fakes can be divided into two large groups.

Of course, you understand that now I rely, first of all, on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and on its copies.

You should not talk about cheap fakes. They are very easy to distinguish from the original. Often they are made of poor.quality materials and they have something that should not be in the original, namely a TV with an antenna, stylus, etc.D. If you see this, then do not waste your time and money. This phone will not serve you faithfully, but most likely it will break in 2-3 months.

The next class is the middle class fakes. In such phones, the Chinese are trying to recreate the original as much as possible and do not even stint on the materials.

It is much more difficult to identify such a phone, but you can still. The algorithm of actions is the same as with the definition of Eurotest and refresh. The fake will not break through on the original site and of course it will not respond to branded service commands, plus you can understand the original whether you are in front of you to localize the firmware. In real phones, it is perfectly translated into Russian and in it you will not find typos and outright crap. Of course, you can ask me what the fakes are terrible, and I will answer you that you will find all the problems in them, previous groups. Here are poor.quality components and of course the lack of service and plus to this, copies are noticeably lagging behind the original about performance.

To determine what is inside your new phone, use the benchmarks (Antutu, Geekbench), which will show you what kind of filling is installed in the device and in general who produced the phone.

Which smartphones of the Samsung line are most often faked

According to statistics, the flagships of Galaxy S and Note are most often faked. But since 2018, cheap copies of all episodes began to appear, even j and a. Based on this, all potential buyers should be on the alert and know the techniques how to check the Samsung phone for originality.

The complexity of the difference lies in the relatively high quality of the fakes, which visually accurately copy the original samsung. Problems are opened later, with the direct operation of the smartphone. applications do not “get up” on it, software defects are detected, and the quality of communication leaves much to be desired. In order not to waste money and save your own nerves, it is better to learn in advance about the intricacies of differences in copies and real models and deliberately approach the choice of the seller.

distinguish, samsung, phone, original, fake

Build quality

Original samsungs are assembled from high.quality components available on the market at the time of release of the model. All components, including processors, memory modules, displays and cameras, are developed at the base of the company, or they are strictly selected for well.proven suppliers.

Copies of Samsungs are collected on underground factories using inexpensive obsolete spare parts and components of dubious quality. Because of this, fakes work worse and with constant malfunctions, which gives out their origin over time.

By device

Samsung designed for smartphones is two.time testing before the release of models. First, the software is checking in the company testing department where errors are detected and failures are corrected in work. Then Google is tested as the creator of Android, checking the speed of work and the quality of protection. Thanks to this serious approach, Samsung smartphones and tablets are provided with a high level of safety: on the originals you can safely use online banking and tie cards for payment services.

For installed smartphones on Samsung, it is constantly developing updates that serve to optimize the operation of devices, eliminate small failures and defects, as well as improving the level of security in the conditions of steadily development of cybercrime.

It is clear that fakes cannot boast of this, they are not high.quality and reliable enough, the main thing for the manufacturer is that the model is turned on and outwardly copies the original. The danger of such products lies not only in guaranteed failures, but also a high probability of penetration of phishing viruses into an unprotected system.

Official services and functionality

Original samsungs at the time of sale already have installed branded services that have no analogues in their system. These are Play Market, and the popular Google Corporation services, and the unique Samsung Pay. Since all branded programs work in a single system and specially designed for software and complex components of smartphones, on fake devices they simply will not function.

All the originals from Samsung are attached to a guarantee, in this book the seller fixes the date and place of sale. The presence of this important document will allow the buyer in the event of a breakdown or the identified factory marriage to get a working smartphone for free.

Fake samsungs have no guarantees, and this is carefully hidden by sellers. In the box of the smartphone, the coveted book is simply absent or there is its fake, and when buying a phone by hand, the person selling it will say that it is lost or no longer needed, since the warranty period has expired.

The main differences of the original Samsung and the fake

Chinese craftsmen learned to accurately copy Samsung smartphones. It is difficult to determine the falsifier externally, so the problems begin after the purchase. So that the phone is not “died” a few days after the purchase, you need to be able to distinguish the original Samsung from the fake.

FAKE vs REAL Samsung Galaxy S8. 1:1 Clone. Buyers BEWARE!

Build quality and materials

Samsung real gadgets are collected from branded components. Memory modules and processors, displays and cameras are developed at official factories. The Korean manufacturer strictly monitors the quality of parts, so the elements are selected and tested.

At the time of creating the Samsung model, components are modern and powerful.

Copies are collected in artisanal conditions from iron of dubious quality. Instead of the declared characteristics, outdated details are used. The touch screen of the device does not respond well to movement, inhibits.

Real Samsung smartphones in weight is heavier than fakes. The plastic of the case looks expensive and solid. Models in metal cannot be light. The back cover fits tightly, leaving no gaps. The buttons sit tight in the nests, do not stagger, do not stick and do not creak.

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Check the authenticity of the gadget is on the official website.

The name of the model finds a proprietary configuration. If other parameters are declared in the characteristics, then the device is non.original. Often install a low.power processor or a weak camera.

Samsung branded software before entering the market passes a complex test system. Check is carried out in 2 stages:

  • In the company’s department. Reveal errors and malfunctions when working with iron.
  • In Google Corporation. The creators of the Android OS determine the speed of functioning and the quality of protection.

Samsung regular updates are used to optimize devices, eliminate defects and errors.

In falsifications, the operating room is not modernized until the latest official versions from Samsung. Often use poor.quality firmware from unverified sources. The device slows down, buggy or throws out of applications.

Official services and functions

In the original Samsung gadgets, branded programs from the manufacturer are preinstalled. Software is developed for the technical characteristics of the device, so they will not work on weak devices.

  • In the flagships, they will necessarily put the Samsung Pay payment system and the Automatic recognizer PASS.
  • In all models, you do not need to independently install the Galaxy Store store, cloud storage and browser. If the user tries to create or add the Samsung account, then the smartphone will give an error. Often the menu does not have a job as a manufacturer’s accounts.
  • Google services are prescribed in original phones. The standard Play Market complements Gmail mailbox, YouTube application and Drive disc. At the first access to the Internet, the device will ask for the programs. Software does not give errors and does not fly out after automatic loading.

The original Samsung phones provide a separate proprietary warranty of the manufacturer. In the passport with the logo and the name of the model, the seller enters the date and place of sale, put the seal. Documentation will help the owner to repair for free in case of breakdown. If they identify a factory marriage, then they will replace with a working copy.

The fakes have no guarantee from Samsung. There is no passport in the box or lies a book of thin paper. Instead of the manufacturer’s branded obligations, the store provides its own service. After breakdown, the owner is refused to repair or replace.

Original Samsung smartphone Fake
Properly designed papers open access to a free service center to the user. Incorrectly completed documents. There is often no date and place of acquisition.
Payment documents are present. There is no check.
The print of the wet stamp will be a guarantee of the branded obligations of the manufacturer and the seller. No print.

How to check the Samsung phone for originality by special codes. methods of 2022

In online and offline electronics stores, tempting promotions on smartphones often apply, including Samsung gadgets. But you do not need to rush with the acquisition, because the product may turn out to be fake. To avoid such a situation, it is worth remembering several ways to check the authenticity of a smartphone.

By serial number IMEI

A potential buyer can check the authenticity of IMEI on the official website of Samsung.

To do this, just perform the following actions:

  • Introduce the combination #06 #.
  • Get a code, which is then entered into a special field on the official website of the manufacturer.
  • Press the “check” key.

After a few seconds, the system will give a message about whether the smartphone corresponds to the specified data.

IMEI code is necessarily prescribed on the box and under the battery. If the data coincides with the information that was displayed on the screen, then in your hands. the original. Otherwise, from the purchase of the gadget it is worth refraining.

The easiest way to check the smartphone for originality is to check its IMEI code, which can be found under the battery and on the device box

Using service codes

The authenticity of the smartphone can also be checked using special codes. Usually simple Android does not contain a test menu. It is added by Samsung developers.

To call it and understand, a real smartphone or fake, you need to dial a combination #7353 #.

A list that contains several names will float on the screen: “Melody”, “Vibration”, “Speakers”, “Dimming”, “Camera”, “TSP DOT MODE”, etc.D. If, after entering the code, the screen remains empty, then this is a fake.

distinguish, samsung, phone, original, fake

The second code that will help to identify a fake contains assembly number, production date and device model. It is enough to enter # and wait for the response of the system.

If the screen remains empty, then it is better to refuse the purchase of a smartphone. There are times when one code is triggered and the other is not. It also suggests that the gadget is fake and does not deserve attention.

Reconciliation of the QR code on Antutu

Those who want to check the authenticity of the smartphone will come in handy for the Antutu application. It can be found and downloaded in the Google Play service.

Next, you should adhere to this algorithm:

  • Go to the browser.
  • Enter the address of the web page Y.Antutu.com. A QR code will display on the screen.
  • Launch the Antutu Officer utility on the screen.
  • The Start button will appear in the new window, which must be activated.

The message will come in response, and if the inscription “good” is indicated in it, then the phone is original.

Another way to check the authenticity of the Samsung smartphone is to use Antutu Officer utility, where you need to enter a QR code

Phone Info application

Another application is available in Google Play, which attracts attention with its informativeness and ease of navigation. Its name Phone Info Samsung. It is enough to download it on your phone and run it. Then go to the General tab, where data is stored on the date and manufacturing country.

General advice

We also give a list of recommendations that will help you protect yourself from purchasing a fake.

  • When buying a device from your hands, insist on a personal meeting, and if one is impossible for objective reasons. agree on verification after purchase and reverse sending if the goods are in doubt.
  • Do not go to offers with a price that is much lower than the average market. as a rule, this is an unambiguous indicator of fake.
  • If you purchase a gadget in an online store, we recommend reading reviews about it (the absence of such or a continuous positive call) and check if cases of fraud are connected with it-if the latter is mentioned, it is better to look for proposals from another seller.
  • The most important rule is to trust intuition: if the product causes you at least the slightest doubt, it is worthwhile to search for another option.