Another way to determine if the iPhone 11 is original is to use iTunes. A genuine gadget is easily synchronized, but a fake one will give an error.

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General differences

There are a number of rules for detecting a fake. Even at the stage of selection, do not be too lazy to go to a large online electronics market and carefully examine the desired model of iPhone 11. Take a closer look at such trifles as the gaps between the case, screen and buttons. Enjoy the quality of materials, clarity of fonts, lettering on the back panel.

The iPhone 11 lid can only be removed by unscrewing the screws on the sides of the charging connector. Therefore, if their heads are scratched or damaged, then the gadget was unambiguously opened, and rather casually.

The original phone only has one SIM card slot. Branded iPhone 11 does not have a memory card tray, USB connector, antenna. Also, a budget replica is given by a removable back cover and a battery. Often, the subject of a fake is the previous model of the iPhone X, which is passed off as an iPhone 11 by gluing a special overlay on the protrusion of the rear camera.
The clear signs of a fake include the incorrect spelling of the brand. Sometimes the number of cameras, color or size is different. Such features immediately catch the eye, so you need to be vigilant when buying a smartphone. Unlike Chinese counterfeiters, the manufacturer makes cases from aluminum, there is no even the highest quality plastic, so the gadget should pleasantly cool your hand.

Serial number

The most convincing way is to check the serial number on the official website. A fake product will not pass verification. In the case of the original, it will be possible to verify its authenticity. First of all, you need to compare the model name, serial number, IMEI on the packaging and in the smartphone menu. In both cases, the numbers must match.


The screen of branded products fits snugly to the body. When turned off, the original iPhone 11 has a deep black screen. Any crevices and gaps indicate that the smartphone in question is a fake. An unpleasant smell can also be produced by a fake smartphone.


First of all, it is recommended to check the main camera, its lens should be larger than that of standard budget smartphones. At the same time, there is a special protective layer on it, so the lens gives off blue. The Chinese counterfeit is extremely similar to the triple optics of the latest generation Apple smartphone. It is equipped with transparent windows for non-existent cameras, and qualitatively simulates additional modules. In that case, pay attention to the Apple logo on the 11 model. It is installed right in the center of the back panel, and on all previous phones, the bitten apple was shifted to the top edge.


Apple is responsible for the little things, including the box. The original packaging is made of thick coated cardboard, it has even corners. On the box there is a corporate logo, applied by embossing. There is a sticker at the bottom of the phone’s packaging, it contains basic information about the smartphone. The branded label must not have printing defects or spelling, punctuation errors. It is recommended to pay special attention to the barcode, it consists of 13 digits, the authenticity of which can be verified on the official website.

The reverse side of the box is supplied with a sticker indicating the model, serial number, IMEI, built-in memory capacity.


One of the main indicators of originality is the package bundle. If you are going to check the originality of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, study what accessories the manufacturer has equipped the smartphone with. Apple packs a Lightning cable, 5W AC adapter, SIM tray clip, Airpods, and documentation in a shipping box. The original iPhone cable is much softer than the counterfeit cable, and there are no defects in the plastic molding. All components are individually packed. The fake kit is as similar as possible to the original. The kit includes instructions, the paper clip looks like the original one, but there are no stickers. The fake charger is not at all like the original, the Airpods are in the old packaging, but very similar to the original ones. The earphones in the original must be in biodegradable packaging, however, in the Chinese version, the packaging does not dissolve in water.


The second way to tell the difference between a fake iPhone 10 is to take a close look at the case. When the model first appeared on the market, fraudsters did not pay attention to appearance, focusing on the main differences between the “ten”. “bangs” and a double camera. Over time, the appearance of the copy began to exactly repeat the mowing line of the original model. It is important to ensure that the speaker and camera portion of the display is cut into the screen and not part of the matrix. So far, the Chinese have not learned to fake such features qualitatively. There are other features that can be seen with the naked eye:

  • a real iPhone does not have a protective film on the screen;
  • the smartphone is not equipped with antennas;
  • there should be no additional connectors for the mini-USB interface, as well as slots for a memory card and a second SIM card. the iPhone has only one SIM card;
  • the back panel of the device can only be removed using additional tools;
  • the lid bears the words Assembled in China, iPhone and Designed by Apple in California;
  • also on the rear panel there is a model number and a certification mark. text in English, no errors or typos.

Supplied complete set

The first thing to look at when buying an iPhone is the appearance of the box and the supplied equipment. The fake box either matches the original or exceeds the size. The original box will not contain any inscriptions in Chinese, typos, errors or other textual defects. To the touch, the material of the copy is unpleasant, slippery, and also has an unpleasant glossy sheen. Inside, in addition to the smartphone, the original contains:

  • adapter for Lightning connector;
  • EarPods (Lightning input);
  • USB / Lightning cable;
  • adapter for USB;
  • documents and instructions for the smartphone.

The set of fakes is not so rich, it’s good if you put ordinary headphones and USB charging inside. There are also situations when the set of the copy corresponds to the original, but the accessories are dummies. When buying, do not hesitate to check the functionality.

How to tell an iPhone X from a fake?

iPhone 10 has become a breakthrough in the global electronics market thanks to top-end “filling”, updated operating system and catchy appearance. At the time of the start of sales, therefore, there were immediately found “craftsmen”, in pursuit of profit, releasing the iPhone 10, the fake of which brings an unprecedented income. Previously, fakes were not of high quality; it was possible to recognize them from afar. In order not to run into a clone, it is important to know how to distinguish an iPhone 10 from a fake. technology helps fraudsters to achieve an exact similarity between the copy and the original.

Operating system differences

When you turn on the smartphone, the Apple logo should appear. If the device is fake, then the Android icon will appear, and in advanced cases. the name of the firmware that was ported to the model from another Android device. Also smartphones without iOS cannot connect to Apple services. iTunes and AppStore. If you get error messages when you try to sign in to iCloud, your phone is a fake. It is worth looking through the list of applications. if Google Play services are indicated there, and system applications have a “green man” icon by default, then these are the main signs of an Android smartphone installed. It is also worth connecting the device to a computer. to transfer files to a real iPhone, you will need to install the desktop version of iTunes. Without installing software, files are only transferred to the fake iPhone.

Serial number

Another verification option is to search for the serial number of the device on the official Apple website. The company has specifically provided for a similar method of protection against fraudsters. Information about the serial number is located in the “Settings” of the smartphone. If it is not possible to open the application and view the information, then it is worth opening the SIM card tray. the IMEI number is printed there, which is also suitable for identifying the device. There are situations when there is no access to the device. In this case, it is possible to find the serial number or IMEI of the smartphone in other places:

  • information is indicated in AppleID. it is possible to enter the account from any computer;
  • the phone box also has a sticker with the number and IMEI;
  • if the AppleID account is authorized on several devices, then at the bottom of the profile page in the smartphone settings there is a complete list of devices on which the account is used.

There is nothing complicated in the iPhone X verification methods, so the buyer will be calm about the investment. Even if the seller brings the smartphone to his home, no one will allow the device to be activated before the purchase. Therefore, take a closer look at every little thing so as not to get a fake instead of a real iPhone 10.

How to distinguish an iPhone 11 from a fake

The fake iPhone 11 appeared on the market a month before the official release of the smartphone. It looks very similar to the original, but has a budget internal filling. There are a number of rules for detecting a fake, which also apply to other Apple products. Some tips are relevant and, if necessary, identify fake iPhone headphones, for example, EarPods or Airpods.

Package inspection

Apple is responsible for the little things, including the box. The original packaging is made of thick coated cardboard. It has smooth corners. On the box there is a corporate logo, applied by embossing.

There is a sticker at the bottom of the phone’s packaging. It contains basic information about the smartphone. The branded label must not have printing defects or spelling, punctuation and syntax errors. It is recommended to pay special attention to the barcode. It consists of 13 digits, the authenticity of which can be verified on the official website.

A correct barcode is not a complete guarantee of the elimination of counterfeit. A dishonest seller could have put a fake iPhone 11 in its original packaging. In this case, an incorrect barcode is always a 100% sign of a replica.

Determining the originality of the iPhone 11 at the software level

Another way to determine if the iPhone 11 is original is to use iTunes. Genuine gadget syncs easily. A fake will give an error.

The most convincing way is to check the serial number on the official website. A fake product will not pass verification. In the case of the original, it will be possible to verify its authenticity.

Verification of originality by internal filling

If the buyer buys a damaged iPhone 11, then you can check its authenticity by the internal filling. The motherboard needs to be done neatly. The original battery has the brand logo. Information on it should not contain spelling and other errors.

Another feature of the original iPhone 11 is its battery. It has only one connector. The reason for this is due to the lack of reverse wireless charging.

External inspection of a fake iPhone 11

Some Chinese replicas have clear features to distinguish them from the original. Incorrect brand spelling is a prime example of this. This is the fault of the lowest-grade copies. Sometimes the number of cameras, color or size is different. Such features immediately catch the eye, so it is important to be vigilant when buying a smartphone.


The original phone package contains:

  • paper clip to eject boat SIM card;
  • documentation;
  • wire for connection;
  • charging;
  • Airpods headphones;
  • headphone case;
  • smartphone.

When determining a fake, it is important to check not only the completeness of the package, but also the accuracy of the location of the accessories. All elements must be laid out in their places and securely fixed. It is unacceptable to use films with inscriptions of any other brands.

Summary table of differences

You can distinguish a replica from the original iPhone 11 by a number of characteristic features, an overview of which is presented in the table below.

Table. How to distinguish a fake iPhone 11

Criterion Original Counterfeit
Packaging Has an attractive, prestigious appearance Can be made from recycled materials
Equipment Full Headphones are often missing
Software Branded Apple Android
Build quality High Low
Performance Conforms to manufacturer’s declarations On the level of a budget smartphone
Additional slots Absent Full of variety

Serial number on the package

The serial number on the original charger is the last on the bottom sticker. On fakes, usually to the right above the barcode.

The magnet sticks to fakes

Another good way to check if a charge is genuine is to use a magnet. It must be brought to the USB input. If the magnet sticks, then this is a fake. These devices are manufactured using diamagnets that do not react to magnets. The fake is sure to stick to it.

You can find the original iPhone charger here

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Differences in USB port

You can find the original iPhone charger here

The original Lightning cable is visible not yet unpacked. You should pay attention to how neatly it is wrapped. It should be very neatly rolled up and packed in an oval bay without overlaps or other imperfections. A fake is usually folded inaccurately. it seems that it was packed in a hurry.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the USB cable. there should be no gaps between the cord and the connector. At any bends, the wire does not lose its integrity. The original lightning cable is rigid and has a rough surface. Another distinctive feature is the text on the cable. It is in bold type and contains a serial number. On fakes, this inscription is brighter and clearer.

How to distinguish an iPhone charging unit from a fake

You can find the original iPhone charger here

A lost mobile phone charger becomes a problem for everyone. As a result, you have to deal with the search for a new charge. Apple’s original iPhone chargers are not cheap, so cheap knockoffs are becoming more common. The problem is that fake chargers can permanently damage the gadget, which is why it is so important when buying to know the features of real iPhone chargers.

Seam gluing the box

You can find the original iPhone charger here

If you look at two identical charges, you will immediately notice how the packaging is glued. The original has the seam on the left and the copy has the seam on the right.

How to distinguish the original charger by packaging

You can find the original iPhone charger here

The country of manufacture can be checked by the barcode on the box.

First, you should carefully examine the box from the device. Especially if there are two identical devices in front of you with minor differences.

Side sticker

There is a sticker on the side of the package, on which information is printed. for which gadgets the charger is intended. iPhone and iPad. In the Chinese version, one character is missing from the counterfeits.


If a person has ever held a real iPhone in their hands, they will almost certainly be able to distinguish it from a fake.

Not sure what to look for? No problem! Now we will teach.

more complicated

A person with a trained eye will be able to distinguish a fake, not only without turning on the iPhone, but also without opening the box. There are a few surefire signs that will help you identify a clone right off the bat. Here they are.

How to tell a real iPhone from a fake one

Proven ways to recognize original Apple devices and not fall for the bait of scammers.

The development of technology gives us not only cooler iPhones, but also a lot of copies, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the original. In order not to get into a mess, it is better to buy iPhone only from authorized dealers. It will be more expensive, but safer.

If you still don’t want to overpay, you can try your luck and look for better from gray sellers. Just to get started, arm yourself with recommendations that will help you not to run into a fake.

There are two ways to tell the difference between a real iPhone and a Chinese copy: an easy one and a harder one. Let’s start simple.


Apple has a very reverent attitude towards detail, and it is expressed in everything about the iPhone, from the packaging. This box should be made of thick coated cardboard with even corners and a logo made by embossing. On the lower part there is always a sticker with the model name, serial number, IMEI and storage capacity. But the main thing is, of course, the contents of the box.

Accessories and equipment

Each iPhone comes with a charging cable, headphones, USB adapter, as well as an envelope with documentation, stickers and a paper clip to remove the SIM card tray. All accessories should be neatly wound and packed in transparent films. Original cables, unlike fakes, are much softer, and the plastic on their connectors is impeccably smooth and has no burrs or sagging. Of course, everything should be laid out in its place in perfect order.

IPhone appearance

The smartphone itself should give the impression of a quality thing: the weight is felt, the metal pleasantly cools the hand. All modern iPhones are made of aluminum, in fakes, the case material can be any, up to painted plastic.

On a real iPhone, the parts fit tightly together and have minimal gaps. The buttons and the silent mode switch should clearly respond to pressing and have no backlash. There is an IMEI on the back cover of the smartphone, which matches the numbers on the box and the SIM card tray.

Assembled in China, on the other hand, is not to be feared. It is perfectly legal, because iPhones are only developed in the USA, and manufactured and assembled in China.

An outright fake with giblets will give out details that simply cannot be in a real iPhone. These signs include:

  • removable back cover and battery;
  • support for two or more SIM cards;
  • slot for memory cards;
  • microUSB connector;
  • telescopic antenna.

But even if the fake is of high quality and it is outwardly difficult to distinguish it from the original, all doubts should be dispelled after switching on.

Software and internal stuffing

The days of clumsy translations and hieroglyphs on the menu are long gone. Now the Chinese have learned to imitate the interface and repeat the fonts exactly. What they can’t do yet is fake functions: neither Siri nor Find iPhone in a clone will work, of course.

Also, a fake cannot have a valid serial number, which will be verified on the Apple website. Therefore, checking the balance of the warranty by the serial number is the easiest method to determine if the iPhone is real or fake.

To check, you need to find the serial number in the system settings (in the section “General” → “About this device”), make sure that it is identical to the number on the SIM card tray and the box, and then enter it in the verification form on this page. If the iPhone is genuine, the site will provide model details, warranty balance, and other information. Otherwise, you will see the message “Sorry, this serial number is not correct” or something similar.

Another guaranteed express method for determining the authenticity of an iPhone is syncing with iTunes.

The media combine automatically detects the connected device, showing all information about it, and, as you might guess, it will see through the fake at once. Just take a laptop with iTunes installed to the meeting with the seller and take care of the Internet connection.

Have you come across iPhone clones and fraudulent sellers? Be sure to share your experience in the comments.

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a fake?

Some of them focus only on the appearance. such “products” are quite easy to see through, you just need to turn them on. But some create copies that are quite similar to the original, although such fakes are more expensive, but the similarity with the original is also very serious, so today the question of how to distinguish the original iPhone from a fake remains relevant.

Easy ways to check

The easiest and most affordable way to quickly distinguish an iPhone from a fake is an external examination of the device, paying close attention to certain points.
First of all, you need to compare the appearance with a sample of this device. Many manufacturers of fakes admit a lot of flaws and inaccuracies in the arrangement of elements, material of manufacture, and quality of performance. All phone controls must be located in strictly designated areas.
The second step is to check if it matches the technological features of the iPhone:

  • Genuine devices do not have removable back covers, and counterfeits often have.
  • iPhones are not manufactured with two or more SIM card slots.
  • Apple products are not charged using the USB connector or its mini and micro versions. Charging is made only through a specialized connector with a proprietary charger.
  • IPhones do not support microSD expansion cards or any other. If there is an expansion slot. in front of you is a fake!

In addition, you should definitely check the package contents of the phone with the original one, inspect all accessories for at least the appearance of the original, since the images, which clearly show how to distinguish an iPhone from a fake, are quite easy to find.
The third step is to verify the serial number. Each iPhone has its own unique number, which is easy to check if you have access to the Internet. To do this, just go to the page and enter the serial number indicated on the device in the request window. In the case of a fake device, it often turns out that such a number does not exist at all in nature, or it belongs to a device of a different model.

Software tests

If visual inspection did not show any discrepancies, then it’s time to turn on the phone and take a closer look at its contents and performance. It should be remembered that all Apple products work only under the operating system iOS, there can be no versions of Android or other OS on the device in principle. This is another way to distinguish the Chinese iPhone from the original: carefully examine all the menus, windows, prompts and other elements displayed on the screen. As a rule, scammers try to reproduce the appearance of iOS as accurately as possible, but they do not always succeed. This device cannot have any errors, poor quality translation.

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a Chinese counterfeit on Android using Apple ID

Apple ID is a universal account for many Apple services. You can create an Apple ID even if you don’t have an iPhone, iPad or Mac. The thing is that counterfeit iPhones are based on the Android operating system, carefully disguised as iOS. the graphical interface will not allow an inexperienced user to detect a deception. However, the Chinese device does not have the functionality of the original.

How to create an Apple ID without Apple devices (any computer with iTunes installed is required), we described in detail and showed in the video in this material.

Having your own Apple ID, you will identify a fake with a 100% guarantee, for this:

Launch the Settings app and go to the iTunes Store & App Store.

If such a section is present and someone’s account is not indicated in it (the Login button), enter your data. If nothing prevents you from logging into your account, then you have the original iPhone in front of you. It should be like this:

For more confidence, go to the App Store and search for iMovie or Garage Band. These are Apple apps that are not available on Android. It is logical that if such applications are in the search results, then the iPhone is original.

How to tell an original iPhone from a fake one

iPhone is a mass device used by all segments of the population, including children, old people and women, most of whom handle technology at the level of an insecure user. It is these people who often become victims of scammers who sell fake Apple smartphones via the Internet or from their hands. In this article, we will show you how to 100% distinguish an original iPhone from a fake one.

Taking advantage of the lack of fundamental differences in the design of some generations of iPhone (5 / 5s / SE, for example), scammers often try to pass off one model for another, or at least sell a device with a memory capacity that does not correspond to the declared one. In this case, a thorough check will be required, which we talked about here.

However, cybercriminals often act even more insolently, offering people under the guise of iPhone Chinese (mostly) Android fakes that differ from the original like a tank from a slingshot. Naturally, an experienced user can easily detect a fake, but a person who is not versed in technical intricacies may well buy a “linden”, especially if the deal is concluded at the meeting. a prepared fraudster has a strong psychological impact on the buyer. However, it is quite easy to bring the seller to clean water; this can be done using the recommendations below.

How to tell an original iPhone from a Chinese counterfeit

Nowadays, Chinese craftsmen have reached incredible heights in the production of high-precision copies of Apple smartphones. We will not describe in detail the external distinguishing features between the original and the fake, since there are very high quality fakes, but let’s dwell on the main verification methods, which should not be neglected in any case.

Appearance and accessories

Often a cheap replica can be identified “by eye”. it will be given by a plastic case, a box of “toilet paper” instead of high-quality cardboard that Apple uses, a connector and, accordingly, a MicroUSB connector instead of Lightning, etc. In addition, some large manufactories avoid confrontation with the apple confrontation lawyers and indicate their names with a mistake (lPhone, iPhon, Spacve Gray, etc.) or draw the Apple logo with an apple bitten on the wrong side.

But again, the market is overflowing with very high-quality counterfeits that look very similar to the original iPhone. Here is an example of a high-quality Android copy of the iPhone 6.

Please note that externally (design, materials, buttons, graphical interface) the smartphone looks exactly like an Apple product. Even the About this device menu in Settings looks like a real one.

Even the settings are faked

The Apple website has a special page where you can enter the serial number and check the warranty for the original iPhone, while the system, of course, will not accept a craft. However, you should be careful here. fraudsters can provide documents and a box from a real iPhone with the correct serial number. It can also be viewed in the phone settings, but even there it can be tampered with.

The Serial Number on the above mentioned counterfeit refers to the real iPhone 6. As you can see, Asian craftsmen very competently use original Apple devices to create a counterfeit.

However, an experienced user would find a catch on the above Settings page. Pay attention to the line Capacity. 64 GB and Available. 63.98 GB. The difference between these values ​​is only 20 MB, which is not possible in practice.

In other words, on a real iPhone, the difference between the declared and actual storage capacity shown in the settings will always differ significantly. Why this happens, we described in detail in this article.

Actually, here we come to the description of the necessary actions that must be performed without fail.

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a Chinese counterfeit on Android using iTunes on a computer

This method is also one of the most reliable. The only drawback is the need to take a laptop with you to the meeting with the seller. How to check?

Install iTunes on your computer (you can download it here)

Connect your iPhone using the supplied cable to the USB port on your laptop.

iTunes should detect the connected iPhone (if fake, iTunes will simply ignore it), an icon with an iPhone should appear, click on it.

You will be presented with a screen showing the iPhone settings (model, serial number, iOS version, etc.)

Other ways to detect counterfeiting

Siri. Apple Voice Assistant is launched by pressing and holding the round Home button. To be sure, you can ask Siri a few questions. This doesn’t work on Android. On the original iPhone, it looks like this:

Original iOS features. The operating system iOS, which is installed on the iPhone, has dozens of unique features that Android devices lack (or differ). With their help, you can also easily identify a fake. Many reviews of various iOS features are posted in this section of our website.

Differences in case design

To distinguish an original gadget from a cheap copy, you need to carefully examine the original. Take a closer look at its body, pay attention to every little detail, right down to the location of the connectors and other outlines. Often cheap copies are equipped with a microUSB port. This is a real copy, because every iPhone from the official manufacturer is equipped with a Lighting port (it has a different shape that allows you to insert the cable either side).

You can recognize a fake iPhone 6 by the presence of a memory card slot. For many users, its presence seems quite normal and does not arouse suspicion, only Apple never gives its smartphones the ability to expand memory. If the seller tells you that this is a new modification, then in no case believe him and refuse a dubious purchase. There are no slots for a memory card in any iPhone and it is unlikely that they will ever appear.

The manufacturer’s smartphones have great functionality. One has only to list the capabilities of the device, as it will be difficult for a person to refuse a purchase. If the seller assures that this sample has a TV and even shows a retractable antenna, then you can no longer believe a single word of his, because there are no analog and digital TVs in iPhones. TV can only be viewed by downloading a special program. Retractable antennas are generally left in the distant past and can only be used in the cheapest Chinese phones.

Airpods and other wireless headphones for iPhone 7

What else should alert in the case of the device

The original iPhones are now produced at Chinese factories, but despite this, they do not have any hieroglyphs. If you have them, you have an obvious fake in your hands. There should be no additional connectors and a removable back cover. IPhones are manufactured in a monolithic case, which can only be disassembled in a service center using special equipment. The design should have a single slot for a SIM card. this is one of the features of the manufacturer’s equipment.

Be sure to pay attention to the build quality of the phone. Twirl it in your hands, make sure there are no creaks and backlashes. They should not be in the original device. If the case is loose, then for sure you are dealing with a copy, because the manufacturer keeps production under control and does not allow such moments. If the battery is removable, then it is 100% fake. In a real iPhone, it is not removable.

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Other ways to tell the original from the copy

This is 100% proof that you have in your hands a copy on the Android operating system, which has nothing to do with the original device. You can distinguish the original by using the manufacturer’s official website. Here you can check the smartphone by its serial number indicated on the back cover. If the gadget is original, then the site will confirm this fact. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to recognize a fake. But sellers go to the trick, printing a serial from a real iPhone on the cover.

Make sure that the number on the back cover and the box from the device matches. If this is not the case, then abandon the purchase. You can check for originality by connecting iPhone to PC via iTunes. She only recognizes the original.

iPhone 11 Fake/Clone. [Purple]. Things Are Getting Serious!

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Differences in device design

Chinese manufacturers go to great lengths to improve the quality of the equipment they produce. In this regard, every year it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish an original gadget from a copy. Suppose that you are holding a device in an identical case, exactly the same as the original. But how can you be sure of its originality? First, let’s go to the settings menu. it should look like in the original device. You can find out how the iPhone settings menu looks like in the picture below.

Translation quality, russified menu

But Chinese manufacturers do not sleep and almost completely repeat the interface of the iOS system, so it is not always possible to find differences. Check the russification of the menu, you may be able to find errors in translation, which is quite common in Chinese technology.

The question of how to distinguish an original iPhone from a fake will most likely be resolved at this stage, since translation errors are almost always encountered. The best option at the time of buying a new device is to take with you a friend who has an original iPhone in his hands. By comparing the devices, you will be able to verify the authenticity of the gadget that the seller is trying to inspire you.


At the beginning of the 20th century, Bakelite was created out of curiosity by the American chemist Leo BACKLAND.

  • At first, it was used to create spare parts and housings for machines and electrical engineering, adhesives and varnishes.
  • In poverty after World War I, Germany, they came up with the idea of ​​creating products “like amber” with the help of bakelite.
  • Then the fashion for such fakes spread throughout the world.

The phenol-formaldehyde resin itself, from which Bakelite is made, is colorless. But after treatment with chemical reagents, it acquires colors from honey to red-brown.


Unlike copies, amber is famous for its luminescent qualities:

  • In ultraviolet light, it acquires a greenish, bluish, purple or brownish color.
  • Counterfeits are generally non-luminescent.

To check, compare with plastic jewelry of the same size.

  • Real fossil resin is lightweight.
  • Amber necklace can’t be heavy.

This is not the most accurate way to tell the difference between natural and artificial amber, because some of the plastic fakes can be of similar weight.

Melting odor

Another effective method for checking the authenticity of amber at home is melting.

  • Choose the subtle side of the gem.
  • Apply a red-hot needle to the surface.
  • Natural amber emits a pleasant resinous smell, fakes. chemical.
  • The glass will remain unchanged.


  • The first information about amber counterfeiting dates back to the 18th century.
  • The peak of the popularity of imitations came at the end of World War I.
  • This period coincided with the invention of the first plastics and the decline in the standard of living of mankind, when people could not afford expensive jewelry and invented cheap analogs.
  • Since then, there have been many new ways to counterfeit the plastic sun stone.

Distinctive features of celluloid:

The material for imitation of amber has ceased to be used, as it is explosive and easily flammable.

Chemical reagents

Alcohol, ether, or stearin act as solvents.

  • When in contact with reagents, the surface of fakes becomes cloudy or sticky.
  • Natural gem remains the same.

Let’s try to identify the main differences, first external.

A person who has never held his own iPhone in his hands will find it difficult to determine the originality of the device. over, even an experienced user of Apple products will not easily understand what the catch is. At first glance, the fake iPhone looks quite believable. The difference is in the little things. In general, the ideal way is to have the original iPhone with you for comparison.

All existing iPhones have no memory card slot, no retractable antenna. These improvements from Chinese manufacturers have never been applied in native devices.

The SIM card slot for iPhone5, iPhone 4 (4S) is located on the side. They are designed for nano-SIM for iPhone 5 or micro-SIM for iPhone 4 (4S), respectively. First generation devices and 3G, 3GS have it on the top. Phones only have one SIM!

The back cover of a real iPhone cannot be removed; there is no access to the smartphone battery. No removable covers!

Fake iphone. how to distinguish an original iphone from a fake

Demand creates supply. Chinese manufacturers have long established the production of well-known brands. Apple devices are no exception. I was prompted to write this article a couple of cases when, faced with a fake, I could not unequivocally determine the authenticity of the iPhone. You twist the phone in your hands, and everything seems to be in place, but something is not right. Let’s try to determine what you should immediately pay attention to when buying a hand-held phone. It makes no sense to analyze in detail the difference between the original iPhone and its Chinese counterparts. There are quite a few similar “left” manufacturers, and each is trying in his own way. In addition, counterfeits are found in all previously produced and released generations of smartphones. And it will probably be the same in the future.

Just want to warn against unnecessary fears. The back of the iPhone bears the words “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” This is true, and you shouldn’t be intimidated by it. All original iPhones are assembled in China at special Apple factories. Non-original iPhones are assembled in the same country.

It is worth noting that checking the authenticity of the phone by the IMEI number through the SNDeepInfo service may lead nowhere. I met a fake iphone, where the real IMEM and the current firmware version were registered in the paragraph about this device. This data was consistent with a real Apple phone.

But the main differences are determined in the work. You need to turn on the device.

Open the Settings app. “Basic”. Pay attention to the Russian menu. The Russian language is one of the most difficult and it is not an easy job to translate the menu correctly. If there is something wrong with cases or abbreviations like “Return”, then this is not an iPhone.
The menu items here are different from the original. As a rule, there is no “Software Update” and “Siri” in fakes.

If possible, connect the device to your computer. When you connect your iPhone to your computer, iTunes will recognize it. Fake phone won’t sync with iTunes in any way.

If you are sure of the originality of the smartphone, then in this article you can learn in more detail how to check the iPhone before buying.