HDMI or analog cable connection

If your TV has an HDMI output, then you will need a special Digital TV Adapter released by the company to output the picture. It allows you to create a connection and display multimedia content on the TV screen from various Apple devices.

In the event that the TV does not have HDMI or it is not possible to purchase additional accessories, then you should use an analog or component cable from Apple. How to transfer a picture:

  • Insert the adapter into the phone.
  • Connect with cable to TV.
  • Turn on the TV receiver and select the source of the received signal.

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Attention! If your TV is with Full HD resolution, then the quality of the signal transmitted through the iPhone will be lower than on the smartphone screen. This is due to the inability to support composite, component cables with this format.


The features of displaying a picture on Samsung are as follows:

Connecting iPhone to LG TV depends on your TV model and purpose of use.

  • Install the free LG Smart Share app on your TV.
  • Download the Twonky Beam app to your iOS device.
  • Click in the program on “show or hide the visual indicators at the edge of the screen“.
  • Select video file from smartphone.
  • The picture will appear on the LG TV after the inscription “beaming”.

USB cable

The next method requires the presence of the USB cable that came with the kit when purchasing the IPhone. Or you need to purchase a new one.

The iPhone screen can be displayed on the TV in the following way:

  • First you need to connect the equipment to each other.
  • Next, a window will pop up on the smartphone with the item “Recognize as USB storage.” Click on it.
  • Then set up the TV to read media files (change with the remote control by pressing the Multimedia, Home, Source, USB function in the settings. depending on the manufacturer of the device).
  • Change file format: for photo, audio, video.

Features of the output on different models

Almost all models of television devices have an HDMI connector. Therefore, there is no connection complexity. But it’s important to have a USB HDMI cable with you. Picture output is possible on the following TVs:

  • Samsung.
  • Lg.
  • Sony.
  • Philips.

All models are united by one important feature: before establishing contact between two devices, you must turn them off, then connect with a cable and only then turn them on.

Sony bravia

The website of the manufacturer of this brand of TVs provides information on the possibilities of transferring a picture from the IPhone.

  • Use Wi-Fi Direct function.
  • Configure Wi-Fi Direct Features from iOS.
  • Make sure the TV is connected to the Internet.
  • Update Sony or check if the latest update is installed.
  • A TV connected to Wi-Fi will need a UWA-BR100 USB wireless adapter.
  • Next, activate Wi-Fi Direct mode on your BRAVIA TV.
  • Establish a connection with the smartphone (leave the TV on the screen showing the WPA (WPA key) (password) to be entered into the iPhone).
  • Select Wi-Fi in iPhone settings to enable wireless function.
  • On the iPhone screen, tap Direct-xx-BRAVIA to access the password entry screen.
  • Enter the WPA key shown on the TV screen, then select Join.
  • Wait a few minutes until the connection is established and the Settings screen appears.
  • If there is a label for the SSID on the iPhone side, and a dash is on the side of the TV, then the connection is established normally.

Apps missing from iPhone home screen

If there is no connection, you should repeat the above steps, making sure that the WPA Password is entered correctly.

Once the setup is complete, the media can be shared between the iPhone mobile digital device and the Sony device compatible with Wi-Fi Direct.

Wireless connection using DLNA

The advantage of this method is that there is no need to buy an additional AppleTV set-top box. Enough availability:

  • Phone.
  • TV with AboutSmartTV.
  • Connecting two devices to the same network.

A huge advantage of this method is the ability to connect wirelessly using Wi-Fi. There is no need to spend money on accessories and can be handled wirelessly. The only thing is that if there is no built-in Wi-Fi adapter, you will need to purchase it additionally.

  • Connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Download a special program on it (TV Assist or iMediaShare) to display video from the iphone on the TV.
  • Use the app.

Apple TV and AirPlay for streaming

There is nothing better than the joint functioning of devices from the same manufacturer. For showing the display of a smartphone on a TV screen, the Apple TV set-top box is much better than others. Switching on and setting up does not require additional purchase of equipment and complex set-up.

How do I watch the broadcast on the big screen? An AirPlay signal for broadcasting requires the installation of one of the applications: AirServer or Reflector, which are capable of connecting several devices at the same time. They are considered the best. You can connect the device via HDMI connector. The only drawback is that you have to pay for the service after the free trial period expires.

How to add a website icon to the desktop?

How to create a shortcut to a web page on the desktop

  • Reduce the size of the open window so that both the desktop and the Firefox window are visible on the same screen.
  • Click on the icon to the left of the address bar (where the web address of the page URL is).
  • While holding down the mouse button, move the cursor to the desktop and release the key. Thus, a shortcut will appear in that place.

How to return the camera to the desktop?

Create a shortcut for the camera on the desktop

  • Click Start and then All Programs.
  • Click on the webcams folder Acer Crystal Eye.
  • Right click on the Acer Crystal Eye camera. then Send, and then Desktop (create shortcut).

How to get Google stripe back on the screen?

How to reset Google Search widget preferences

  • Open the Google app. on Android phone or tablet.
  • In the lower right corner of the screen, tap Customize Widget.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Restore Default Style Done.

How to find the app icon on iPhone?

  • To activate Spotlight (or search, if you like), swipe down from the center of the home screen.
  • Enter the name of the missing app in the search box.
  • If the application appears under the heading “App Store”, it means that the application is not installed on your device.

How to disable the home button on the screen?

How to remove the home button from the iPhone screen?

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Item “Universal access”.
  • Further to the item “Touch”.
  • Find the item “AssistiveTouch”.
  • Turn it off.

How to customize the Home button on iPhone 7?

How to customize the response of the Home touch button on iPhone 7

  • Open the settings on your smartphone and go to the main
  • Select “Home Button” from the list to access response settings
  • The system offers 3 different options. Try each one and choose the one that suits you best.
  • Leave the settings when you find the recoil force satisfactory for you

How to customize the home button on the screen on iPhone?

How to enable the virtual Home button on the iPhone or iPad screen (Assistive Touch) Open Settings → General → Accessibility → Assistive Touch (in order to quickly find it, scroll down.

Why does the Home button not work on Samsung?

If you are faced with the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Home button does not work (the “home” button does not work), then in most cases this is caused by the previously mentioned falls, mechanical stress, but also the ingress of water (or dirt, dust), which leads to malfunctions of the Home button loop and, as a result, it does not respond

How to add a home button to your screen?

We go along the path “Settings”. “System”. “System navigation”. Open the navigation button settings. Now you need to move the toggle switch to the inactive position, after which “Home” will no longer appear on the screen of the Android device.

How to unlock iPhone without pressing a button?

How to unlock iPhone or iPad with one tap without pressing the Home button (for iOS 13 and newer)

  • Open the “Settings” application;
  • Go to the section “Accessibility” → “Home button”;
  • Activate the “Swipe to open” option.

How to customize the home button on iPhone 6?

  • To set up accessibility shortcuts, go to Settings Accessibility Shortcuts and choose the features you use most.
  • To use the quick command for accessibility, press the Home button three times.

How to lock the iPhone screen from children?

How to lock the iPad screen from taps for kids?

  • Settings
  • The main
  • Universal access
  • Guide access
  • Move the slider to the “Enable” position
  • Set a password

How to add an icon

Adding icons can be done in various ways. The method of how to create a shortcut on the android desktop is selected in accordance with the factor which file or application needs to be displayed for quick access.

For your information! Each smartphone, be it Xiaomi, Miui, ZTE, Samsung, offers several screens for the user at once, so you can easily display all kinds of shortcuts on them. widgets, applications, files, contacts, Internet browsers, etc.

How to display a contact label

Most people call one person every day, so it is easier for them to use the speed dial contact’s shortcut. It can also be placed on the home screen. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Select a place on an empty screen and press on it with your finger, holding for a few seconds.
  • At the bottom or at the top, tabs are activated for selecting applications or files. Select “Widgets”.
  • Next, a list of applications and games that you can add will open. You need to click on “Select contact” or “Add contact”.
  • Find contact for accommodation.

Note! It is not recommended to select contacts to display on the screen. This is due to the risks of its uncontrolled dialing, since often the smartphone is unlocked, and finding the phone in a or bag leads to independent “work”.

How to put a shortcut to a file or folder

Files and folders are more difficult to display. The main condition in the presented venture is the preliminary download of the archiver. Total Commander, which is easily downloaded from the Play Market, will do.

The presented procedure is carried out as follows:

  • First you need to go to the Play Market and find the Total Commander application for download.
  • After that, you need to install the program on your smartphone and open it after downloading. The application immediately offers a list of files that can be displayed on the desktop. It can be photos and videos, any files with extensions that can be played on a smartphone or only through a computer.
  • Click on the file to be output. It should be held for a few seconds.
  • A context menu will appear where you select “Create a shortcut on the table”.
  • A field for filling in information about the created shortcut will open and you will be prompted to change the file name. After the change, confirm their actions. click on “Apply”.

Note! Several files can be combined into one folder. To do this, in the proposed list, select several files at once that you want to place. Confirm the action and enter the folder name.

They do the same in actions, how to pull an icon out of a folder on Android. To do this, open a folder with files and click on one of them. the one that needs to be removed and placed separately. Pressing must be long to wait for the context menu to appear. It offers actions where you select the item “Install on Desktop”.

Using a file manager

You can use the file manager, for which the explorer is downloaded beforehand. “ES Explorer” is often used, which is offered for free use on the Play Market.

  • You need to open the file manager.
  • Select the desired file in the explorer, all games, files and applications available in the smartphone will be displayed.
  • Wait for a short vibration signal, this is a notification about the choice of a future icon.
  • A form with future actions will open, select “Add”.

Note! The icon will appear on the main desktop. You can move it to another screen, for which, while holding the icon, at the same time swipe to the side.

How to create a site shortcut

Sometimes a smartphone owner often uses the same website. For convenience, you can display its link on the desktop of the mobile device. The sequence of actions depends on the browser used.

Important! First, you need to download a browser that will be used by the owner of the smartphone. They do it in the Play Market for free.


To download a site link, you need to find the page you want. To do this, go through a browser to a search engine and enter keywords to find the information you need. Once the site is found, you need to click on the main page of the browser menu. A context menu will open with functions that can be used on the smartphone. You need to select “Add to Home Screen”. The link to the site page will be added to the screen.

Opera Mini

Here you also need to open the desired site in the browser and select the menu. Actions will be proposed that can be performed on the existing operating system. Select “Home Screen”.

It is noteworthy that when working with browsers of all varieties. Opera, Yandex, Google Chrome, etc icons are always placed on the main desktop. If you want to move the label, transfer it in the above described way.

How to make an incoming call with a banner or full screen on iPhone

Even though I’ve never had any complaints about the usability of the iPhone, iOS 14 should take it to the next level. Apple took into account the requests of users and implemented almost everything that was asked of it: widgets, replacement of standard applications with third-party ones, payment by QR in Apple Pay and, of course, redesign of the interface of an incoming call. Now it is not a separate page covering all screen elements, but a small banner at the top of the display, which does not distract at all and does not interfere with the current tasks. And what to do if this option does not suit you?

Don’t like the current look of an incoming call? Choose the one you like

For starters, I have to give Apple its due. It is obvious that the company’s developers spied on such an implementation of an incoming call from independent designers who create concepts for iOS updates. After all, this version was first presented in the author’s incarnations of the operating system. He liked very, very many, but only a few were ready to believe that Apple would be ready to implement something similar in iOS. Still, this banner looked too bold and even somehow not Apple-like. But in iOS 14 it happened.

How to customize the call box in iOS 14

True, as it turned out, not everyone liked the banner of the call. Some users considered this performance too innovative and expressed their desire to return everything as it was. In the end, even Classic said: “The habit is given to us from above, it is a substitute for happiness.” Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that some demanded that Apple return the design of the incoming call to its original state. But in Cupertino, everything was foreseen in advance and added to the settings the ability to independently choose the type of call.

Customize the incoming call interface in full screen or as a banner

Calls in messengers

The type of incoming call in the messenger will depend on what type is selected for regular calls

Although the banner informing about an incoming call appears only at the top of the screen, you can click on it and the call interface will expand to full screen. But from this state, it will no longer be possible to roll it back. Therefore, personally, I would still prefer the banner display option, because it does not interfere with the execution of current tasks, which is very convenient if you do not want to answer the call. But in FaceTime, I would make a call in full screen, because it allows you to see the caller even before you answer.

Despite the fact that third-party applications do not allow you to manually select the interface of an incoming call, they often use the one that you have chosen for regular calls. This is due to the fact that many instant messengers use a standard phone interface. At least Telegram uses it, which has been tested for a banner call. It can be expanded to full screen to answer a message or reject a call and remind to call back.

Longreads for you

MacOS hasn’t always been as good as it is now. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, it was the new Mac OS that saved the company from bankruptcy. In this article, we’ll take a look at what Apple’s operating systems looked like 20 years ago and how they have changed over the years.

While the iPhone without connectors looks like something fantastic, Apple has found something to replace Lightning. And no, this is not USB-C, but something much cooler. MagSafe, but not at all the same as we saw in the iPhone 12.

Jamf, which develops software for organizations using Apple devices, has announced a new tool, Jamf Conn

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You waited for this!
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My banner you will come to me!

Ways to connect Iphone to TV

Synchronization of these devices for video transmission and image transmission using a cable is possible in the following ways.

  • Via HDMI cable or composite connector. If the TV does not have the ability to connect to a wireless network, this is the most budgetary option for how to transfer media content.
  • Using proprietary AirPlay technology.
  • Via an optional Apple TV set-top box. Thanks to this device, even the simplest modern TV without Smart TV can be turned into a powerful multimedia center. Of course, purchasing such a media player just for the purpose of broadcasting video from the iphone to the TV is not rational. If the user’s goal is not only to connect a gadget, but also to equip his TV with other useful functions, it is worth thinking about such TV equipment. The choice here is not limited only to “apple” technology: Smart TV set-top boxes are offered by many manufacturers.
  • Via wireless DLNA connections. If the TV has the function of connecting via WI-FI, then you can solve the issue of synchronization without additional equipment. It will be enough to install a free application on your gadget and connect to TV.
  • Via Chromecast device. This is a small digital media player from Google. Using it, you can also connect the iPad to the TV.

Roku TV

The RokuTV is modest in size and connects via HDMI. The latest models have 4K video support, and the ease of setup makes the device popular with users. Minus. bad interface russification.

For switching, the iPhone and the set-top box are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. SmartBox will automatically detect all devices within sight. select the one you need and perform pairing. Automatic display of the picture from the iPhone to the TV starts.

Advice! For more detailed customization, it is recommended to install the RokuTV application on the phone. it is available in the AppStore.

Connection via other set-top boxes

As mentioned above, to equip your TV with Smart functions it is not at all necessary to choose an expensive AppleTV. There are other set-top boxes that also allow you to connect your iPhone to any TV.

Five ways to output video from Iphone to TV

Modern technical devices open up great opportunities for users: for example, having understood how to display video footage from an iPhone on a TV, you can easily turn your gadget into a mobile cinema. Transferring images and videos from the Iphone is available in various ways, and it is not at all necessary to purchase additional equipment. Modern mobile devices have essential built-in functions.

How to connect iphone to TV via HDMI cable or analog jack

Apple’s mobile gadgets use a proprietary connector. Depending on the models, this is 30-pin, as in the iPad, iPhone 4, or iPod touch (4th generation), or Lightning 8-pin, starting with the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation. A large number of various accessories are produced for such standards, including the Digital AV Adapter. a digital adapter that allows you to duplicate digital content from an iPhone, iPad or iPod to a TV screen. It has an HDMI interface, which is available on most modern LCD TVs. To connect a mobile device to a widescreen panel using such an accessory, an HDMI cable is required, which is also sold separately.

In the absence of the possibility of transferring video from the iphone via HDMI to the TV, a composite or component cable can help. This is a standard that is simply called “tulip”. This option is suitable for television equipment that has an analog connector. In this case, you need to purchase a Composite or Component AV cable from Apple as an adapter for your mobile device, respectively.

Instructions for connecting iPhone to TV via cable.

  • Connecting the adapter to the phone.
  • Connecting HDMI, Composite or Component Cable to TV.
  • Turning on the TV and switching it to the corresponding input signal mode.
  • After everything is connected, it is easy to display the video from the iPhone on the TV screen. you just need to turn on the video on your mobile device.

Thus, you can not only broadcast video in HD-format with a resolution of up to 1080p. (for Lightning), but also image, music, presentations, view applications, Internet resources, etc.

It is worth noting here that the analog and 30-pin connectors for early versions do not support Full HD video transmission.

AmazonFire TV

Amazon consoles were not very common in the Russian market, but after the release of devices with a Russified interface, the situation began to change. The FireTV is connected to the TV via HDMI output. Next, on the TV, the power source (used connector) is selected, and the set-top box is configured. This is a standard and simple procedure, you just need to follow the steps that appear on the screen.

Important! Controlling the set-top box from Amazon is more convenient through the proprietary voice assistant Alexa. By installing it on a set-top box, you can perform most of the actions by voice requests. the control panel has a built-in microphone.

To connect an Apple smartphone to a TV via FireTV, all devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Further, in the settings of the STB in the item “Devices” scanning is enabled. In the list that appears, you need to select the required gadget. After pairing, you can use it as an external memory or simply duplicate a picture from it. Amazon console hardware allows you to stream online videos in high quality without delays.

AirPlay technology

The creation of this technology has led to the ability to transmit any information, play online video and duplicate the iPhone screen on the TV.

An important requirement for providing such a connection is the presence of support for the TV function. If it is not provided, then you can use the AppleTV console or analogs, their capabilities are described in detail below.

Connect iPhone to TV using AirPlay as follows:

  • device and TV are connected to the same wireless network;
  • with a swipe down, you need to open the shutter and find an item in quick access. screen duplication;
  • in the window that opens, find the Smart TV with which you are pairing;
  • after selecting TV, a window with a password will appear on its screen, which must be entered on a mobile phone.

To disable duplication, just open the shutter again and tap the AirPlay function button once.