Mi Fit

The first time you connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, you need to create an account. Enter a username into the profile, create a password. This information will serve to log into your account. You can use a previously created Mi-account or take an existing account in Google or But it is better to give preference to a Mi account, especially in phones from Xiaomi. Two trackers are not connected to one Mi Fit account. To attach the second, you must first disconnect the first.

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In order for the application to be able to navigate the capabilities and needs of the owner, he needs to know information about anthropological data. Their application will take into account, determining the permissible load norms.

To connect a phone with a created account:

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Remove Strap and Charge. How to

  • Go to Mi Fit
  • Allows you to get information about geolocation data, location and files.
  • Activate Bluetooth
  • Press “” at the top right of the main screen of the application
  • Place the smartphone and the bracelet close to each other
  • Select “Search for devices”
  • They press on the line “Bracelet”
  • Agree to data processing
  • Waiting for the end of the synchronization process, looking at the device displays
  • Confirm the connection with a button on the tracker
  • Settings are restored and updated

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is now ready to go. If the original language of the tracker was English, then after the connection is established, it will automatically update to Russian.

Using a smartphone

In this case, the smartphone is used as an intermediate link:

  • Using a USB cable, connect the phone to the computer
  • From the options for using the USB connection, select the item “Data transfer to PC”
  • Go to the “My Computer” menu and look for Mi Band 4 among the connected devices

How to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet to the computer

You cannot connect Mi Band 4 to a computer directly via a USB cable. I have to use intermediate methods.

Using emulators

Download Bluestacks Nox emulator or App Player to your computer and activate it. After that, the user gets the opportunity to see all applications installed to the smartphone and devices connected to it, including Mi Fit. Now he can use a PC to control the tracker.

Mi Band 4: connecting to a phone on Android and iOS

To take full advantage of the capabilities of the Mi Band 4, you need to pair it with your phone. But not for everyone, each model has certain requirements for the operating systems of mobile phones. Having bought Mi Band 4, before connecting to the phone, read them in the instructions.

Other programs

The ability to connect the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to any other application appears only after a connection has been established with the phone on which Mi Fit is activated. The developers have limited the ability to authorize him. Then Mi Fit works in the background.

  • Go to a new application
  • Click the “Settings” tab
  • Get into the “Connection to Mi Band”
  • Choose a fitness bracelet from the list that appears
  • Press “Forward”
  • Click “Authorization via Mi Fit”
  • Receive two bind and sync messages
  • Waiting for the update time to update
  • The successful connection is indicated by the appearance of the program icon in the shutter

Mi band master

The Mi Band Master app is not official for the bracelet, but it allows you to customize a few additional features. The app is the only one that works with both Android and iOS. Before connecting to Mi Band Master, they first connect to Mi Fit and allow it to be in the background. After downloading and activation, the software automatically and automatically joins without any confirmation.

You have to pay for downloading the Mi Vand Master program, but in comparison with Mi Fit it has some advantages:

  • Takes into account daytime sleep
  • Better sleep statistics
  • There are notifications about the operation of the gadget
  • You can select the source of weather information

Disadvantages. no workout regimen and no update over the air.

How to unlink Mi band 2 from your account

To upload statistics of steps, calories and distance, you need to create a pair of Mi Band bracelet. a phone. The memory of smart watches is enough for only 30 days, if after a month you do not synchronize the device with a smartphone, then all information will be erased. Therefore, you need to connect to the phone at least once. this will take a few minutes. What to do if access to your account is lost or your smartphone has been reflashed? Until recently, there was only one alternative. to use unofficial applications. Not many device owners liked this, and it was only in December 2017 that software appeared that helps to untie Mi band 2 from the phone without accessing an account on the Xiaomi website. All information in the following paragraphs!

If you have access to your account

To break a couple of watches. a smartphone in the official Mi Fit application can be done in a few clicks. But only if the program is functioning successfully and there is data from the account.

  • Open the application, go to the “Profile” tab.
  • Select a bracelet from the list of devices. Choosing a tracker
  • Scroll to the very bottom and select the “Untie” item. Settings menu
  • Confirm your intentions and wait for the data to be downloaded. We confirm the decoupling
  • Agree with the proposal again.

After that, you can link the smartwatch to another account. With this it is clear, now we turn to the most important point of the article.

No account

It was previously impossible to unlink Mi band 2 from a phone without a Xiaomi account, since when connecting to another smartphone, the message “The bracelet is connected by another user”.

In November last year, on one of the forums dedicated to gadgets, information appeared from a user who faced a similar problem. he could not recover data from the account and the tracker could not be tied to Mi Fit. The owner of the device turned to the seller on Aliexpress and he sent him an application that performed a real miracle. he managed to reset the smartwatch to factory settings and connect to a new account in Mi Fit. After a while, another forum user modified the application and translated it a little into English.

Cool app features

“Diagnost” can update the firmware (file is needed) and test Mi band. The last option is quite interesting.

  • Connect the tracker to charging.
  • Run the utility, select the device.
  • Press the first button.
  • A rectangle will appear on the screen. this is a check for dead pixels.
  • The interface displays the firmware version and data on the health of the smart watch components. Analysis of characteristics

The application is really very useful, as it helped the owners of Mi band 2 to untie the devices from their account or phone and get it from the dusty shelf.

How to untie Mi Band 4 from the phone

For the fourth generation of Xiaomi fitness trackers to work, just like for its predecessors, synchronization with a smartphone is required. But in some cases, gadgets need to be disconnected from each other, for example, in the case of a gift or sale of a bracelet, as well as when you change any of these devices. In the article, we will look at the easiest and safest way to untie Mi Band 4 from the phone.

Why it is important to do the right decoupling?

The Mi Band 4 bracelet, although it is considered more thoughtful, unlike its predecessors, is easily damaged. If the actions are performed incorrectly, the gadget fails, and it can be difficult to return it to a working state.

Unlinking is required in the following cases:

How to Unpair XIAOMI Mi Band 5 – Disconnect with Phone

  • replacement of the bracelet with a new version of Mi Bend;
  • the need to connect the tracker to a new phone;
  • malfunctions in the watch (not connecting to a smartphone, etc.);
  • the desire to give or sell the bracelet to someone;
  • loss of one of the devices (smartphone or watch).

In all these cases, there will be one shutdown instruction. we will consider it below.


Disconnecting Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 from the phone is carried out in a few clicks on the second screen. At the same time, the procedures for unbinding from Android and unbinding from iPhone are no different from each other. In addition, the version of the operating system, the manufacturer of the phone and other technical features of the gadget do not matter here.

To disconnect Mi Bend 4 from a mobile device, you will need to go through the following steps:

  • Open the official Mi Fit app.
  • Go to “Profile” and open the tracker settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom.
  • Press the “Disable” button and confirm the action by pressing the button with the same name.

After that, Pair first will appear on the tracker screen. It is she who will notify about the lack of synchronization with the smartphone and the need to connect to it for further functioning. After unlinking, all data is automatically erased from the tracker and, like a new device, it can be easily connected to another phone.

Unlink from Android and iPhone via Mi Fit

Using the official Mi Fit app is the easiest way to untie the bracelet from your phone. For this:

  • Log in to the application on your smartphone;
  • Open the “Profile” tab;
  • Find Xiaomi Mi Band 3 or 4 in the list of devices used;
  • Click on the “Unlink” button located at the bottom;
  • Confirm Action.

For Android and iOS, the procedure for unlinking the bracelet from the smartphone via the application is the same.

Unlinking via support

This method is relevant for people who do not have access to a smartphone or Xiaomi Mi Band 3, which are related. To use it, you must:

  • Contact the official support service;
  • Provide employees with the receipt received upon purchase, as well as packaging and available documents for the device;
  • Use the issued Mi Fit account access to unlink the fitness bracelet.

If your bracelet is buggy, then resetting Xiaomi Mi Band to factory settings may help. After its implementation, the device will return to its original state and all failures and glitches should disappear.

How to untie Xiaomi Mi Band 3 from the phone

The need to untie Xiaomi Mi Band 3 from the phone may be required in case of loss of the smartphone, its sale or failure during synchronization. In this manual, we will show you how to do it in three ways.

Unlink via a third party application

If the above methods cannot be applied, the “Diagnostic” application will help solve the problem.

You can find it in any search engine by the phrase “Diagnostic APK”.

After installing the program, follow these steps:

  • Open the app;
  • Synchronize your smartphone and fitness bracelet through it;
  • Select the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 tracker in the opened list of devices;
  • Click on the line “Reset to factory settings”.

The disadvantage of this method is that together with the release of the fitness bracelet, all the settings set on it will be deleted.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if these methods helped you or not.

How to untie Xiaomi Mi band from a smartphone

When buying from hands or when selling your fitness bracelet, it should be disconnected from the linked device, otherwise the device cannot be connected to another smartphone. It is not difficult to do this, but many Xiaomi Mi band users do not know how to cancel pairing.

How to untie Xiaomi Mi band from a smartphone.

To check if the bracelet is locked, you need to try to bind it to your phone. On the phone, you need to turn on Bluetooth, install the MiFit program from the market, launch the application.

After that, go to the “Profile” tab and click the “Add device” button.

Choose the type of connected device, in our case, “Bracelet”

Try to connect the device, to do this, bring the Mi band to your smartphone and shake it. If the device was previously linked to another phone, a corresponding message will appear.

In order to untie the fitness bracelet from your phone, you need to press the “Settings” button on the profile tab, which is located at the very bottom.

On this we can assume that the unlinking of the Xiaomi Mi band fitness bracelet has been successfully completed.

reasons why you need a smartphone

How to disconnect Mi band 2 from the phone. How to untie Xiaomi Mi band from a smartphone

However, the opportunity is there. An unofficial Diagnostic app was released online. It is able to untie Mi Band 2 from the phone by resetting the bracelet to factory settings.

After that, you can link a new Xiaomi account and sync with the new device.

Sync wristband to iPhone to reset

  • Try to remember your account details;
  • Find the person who owns an Apple smartphone / tablet. Ask to download the Mi Fit app from the AppStore. Next, launch the application and try to connect to the bracelet. It is likely that the utility will generate an error prompting you to reset to factory settings;
  • Try to restore Mi profile.

If none of the above methods helps, you will only have to use a pedometer, watch and heart rate monitor in Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

How to untie a lost Xiaomi Mi Band 2 from a smartphone

To untie the bracelet from the phone, you need:

  • Go to the official Mi Fit app, Profile tab.
  • The user will be presented with a list of paired devices. One of them will be the Mi Band bracelet.
  • Select it by clicking on the name of the gadget in the list.
  • In the menu that opens, scroll to the very bottom, find the “Unlink” item. it is presented as a separate button.
  • Confirm your action, wait until the data from the bracelet is erased, confirm your consent again.

It is very easy to untie the bracelet, but for this you need to remember the data from the Mi account.

How to properly untie Mi Band 2 from a forgotten Xiaomi account

The only correct and correct way is to recover the password from the Mi account. It is quite easy to do this if the user is the original owner of the Xiaomi watch.

Xiaomi has developed a service that allows you to create a new password for your account if the old one has been lost. To use it, you need to know your phone number or email (initially linked to your account during registration).

  • Going to the official Xiaomi website, namely the password reset page, you need to enter your email or phone number in the specified field, then click “Next”.
  • The service will send a letter to the user by phone / email by pressing the “Send” button. You will probably have to enter a captcha.
  • Next, you need to go to the next page, where you need to enter the received code. Also, there is a button “Resendcod”, that is, “Resend code”.
  • After confirming all actions, the user will be prompted to enter and confirm a new password.
  • That’s it, the password is restored, you can log into the Mi account again and untie the bracelet from the phone.

We untie using the Diagnostic application

  • Download and install the Diagnostic tool on your smartphone.
  • Turn on Mi Band.
  • Wait for the application to detect the Mi Band. From the devices presented in the list, select the desired.
  • A kind of device window will open, in which you can select “Firmware update” or “Reset to factory settings”. You need to choose the second.
  • By pressing the button on the tracker, the user must confirm the reset.

So, after that, the bracelet will be untied from the smartphone. Its Mac address will change, after which Mi Band 2 will connect to the new phone. By the way, the new Mi Band 2 can be tied to the old gadget.

If you do not see the Advanced item in the Mi Band 4 menu

If suddenly you do not see the Advanced item, then you (or someone else who set up the bracelet for you) deleted it. In order to return the Advanced item, you need to do the following.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Launch the Mi Fit app.
  • Wait for it to pair with your Mi Smart Band 4.
  • Go to Profile.
  • Select your device:
  • Scroll down the settings screen and enter Display Settings:
  • Here drag the hidden setting to the top group and click Save:

How to set a standard watch face if Mi Band 4 slows down

In this article I will tell you how to return the standard dial. the one that was installed by default, if after installing another “theme” fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 began to freeze, slow down, glitch, in particular, stopped responding to gestures and clicking. I will say right away that both the problem itself and its solution were a surprise to me.

Returning the default watch face design to Mi Band 4

So, here’s how to fix the problem with braking, glitches and a frozen screen. We carry out all actions on the fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band itself. neither the Mi Fit application nor a smartphone is needed!

  • Press the Home touch button below the screen to turn on the device.
  • Scroll down to the Advanced section and enter it:
  • Scroll down again and enter Display:
  • Here, select one of the standard dials. you don’t even have to scroll up and down, and then the dial that was originally installed will be selected.
  • And the final action: to apply the standard design of the dial, press it, hold your finger for about 1-2 seconds and then release it. After you release your finger, you should hear the vibration of the fitness bracelet. This means that the default watch face is applied to your device: Default design

By the way, I like the default design more than third-party ones. Somehow the information about steps on the screen looks more readable. Therefore, I now use it again.

Now you know how to remove the buggy dial and return the Mi Band to its original appearance.

Mi Smart Band 4 freezes, lags and glitches

In my case, it was like this. I bought two Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 bracelets, myself and my wife, and everything was fine. And then I changed the theme of the dial design, so that it was somehow more fun and the design of the screen differed from that on my wife’s bracelet. On the same day, I noticed that Mi Band started to glitch strangely:

    when you swipe across the screen, nothing happens. I can swipe the screen at least 5 times, but Mi Band does not scroll through the menu. Looks like the gadget is frozen.

At first I didn’t even understand why the screen froze and did not respond to gestures and taps, but then I remembered what exactly I changed in the bracelet settings and decided to try setting the default dial. Then a second surprise awaited me: I could not figure out how to return the factory “theme”. I changed the design through the Mi Fit app. But there, in the My watch faces section, there were only those third-party designs that I added while I was choosing the right one. Unfortunately, there was no standard theme there (and you will not have it either).

How To Unpair Mi 4 Band From Mi Fit Apps Xiaomi Health Band


Please write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what problems (braking, glitches) you observed when using third-party dial designs on your Mi Band 4 and was the problem really solved by returning to the standard theme? Was there such a problem in Mi Band 3 and other models? If there are useful observations and additions, also write. Good luck!

Connectivity technology

The interaction between the Xiaomi Mi Band tracker and the smartphone is carried out using Bluetooth. On the bracelet, this module is almost always in the on mode, while on the phone it can be activated manually. You can read more about Bluetooth connection errors here.

The fitness bracelet is controlled using special applications installed on the smartphone. Therefore, if Mi Band 4 constantly disconnects from the phone, then you can try to “dig deeper” in their settings.

Using third-party applications

If Mi Band 4 loses connection with the phone very often, then you can test the connection with third-party applications.

One of these is Bluetooth Scanner. Bluetooth finder-pairing. The sequence of actions when using it is as follows:

  • Find the program in the official Play Store repository and download it.
  • We activate the GPS function on the smartphone.
  • Launch the installed Bluetooth Scanner.
  • In the main window of the program, open the “Devices” tab and click “Start”.
  • We are waiting for the scan to complete. The search can take a long time (from 1 to 5 minutes).
  • After the program finds a fitness bracelet, connect to it via Mi Fit.

If everything went well, then the Bluetooth Scanner application can be removed from the phone, we will no longer need it.

What to do if Mi Band 4 disconnects from the phone?

Fitness bracelets have a wide range of options. In addition to monitoring the state of certain body parameters, they can help their owner in controlling the smartphone: signal incoming calls, show SMS notifications, receive data from. WhatsApp, Viber, etc. However, for the last actions, a bluetooth connection between the bracelet is required and a smartphone. Usually, after the first setup, it is almost always constant. However, sometimes there are situations when Mi Band 4 loses connection with the phone and cannot automatically restore it. Let’s consider this problem in more detail and determine the ways to solve it.

Checking the connection between devices in Mi Fit

The connection of the bracelet is almost always automatic. However, it is not possible to visually determine whether everything went well.

For Mi Band bracelets of previous models, it was possible to set vibration upon successful connection. There is no such feature in the fourth version. You can check whether the tracker is actually disconnected from the phone only after launching the application.

Immediately after activating Mi Fit, synchronization starts on the main screen. As soon as it reaches 100%, it means that all data has been transferred and the connection has been established successfully. If the process remains at 0%, then the bracelet is disconnected from the smartphone.

Reconnecting Bluetooth

First of all, it is desirable to exclude the possibility of errors in the interaction of two devices. To do this, you need to remove Mi Band 4 from the list of paired devices, and then add it again. details on how bluetooth works can be found here.

The sequence of actions will be as follows:

  • Launch the Mi Fit application and go to the profile tab.
  • We click on the name of the bracelet, in the tab that opens, scroll to the very bottom and click “Disable”.
  • Then it is advisable to reboot the bluetooth on the phone.
  • We add the device again in the application according to the standard scheme.

In most cases, if Mi Band 4 disconnects from the phone, such manipulations can fix the problem.

The bracelet needs to be charged

The owners of the gadget noticed that Mi Band 4 is constantly disconnected from the phone if its charge level is below 15%. This problem does not happen to everyone, but many complain about it.

The solution here is absolutely simple. to charge the fitness bracelet to the maximum (or at least to the mark above 15%). The connection should be restored automatically.

What to do if a disconnection occurs

In most cases, the problem lies in an unstable bluetooth connection or due to the peculiarities in the operation of specific models of smartphones.