How to disassemble the remote from the Sony TV?

To disassemble the remote from the Sony Bravia TV, like many other devices of this type, you need to push off the latch with a knife. Do not pull the halves at once the case in different directions, pass the blade along the edges and click on the hidden fasteners.

1 To turn on the TV, press the button on its sidebar. If the TV is in standby mode (the duty mode indicator on the front panel of the TV is on red), to turn on the TV, press the button on the remote control.

How to find a remote control to Sony Baravia TV

In a situation where the original Baravera device does not work, and in addition, the manual and instruction does not help to restore operation, there is a need to choose a new device, or contain appropriate control on the phone. Consider in more detail what will be required to select the appropriate model:

  • First of all, you will need to look for a model that will be fully compatible directly with the present series of TV.
  • It will be necessary to take into account the available budget to acquire the appropriate console.
  • It is important to take into account the manufacturer of the equipment, or use the universal control device.
  • If the buttons do not work on the remote control, then when replacing it will be necessary to take into account not only the model of the TV, but also a specific assembly with a series.
  • Be sure to find the appropriate encoding for subsequent remote control device.
  • Choosing a suitable model, it is important to consider its functionality, and besides the keyboard layout present.

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In this video, you will learn how to choose a remote: Considering all these moments, after purchase it will be possible to avoid common situations when the TV does not respond to a new and old console. In practice, often everything comes down to the banal replacement of the remote control, but the reason for the lack of a control response can be hidden in the usual clogging of the device, or the appearance of errors from the TV. In the latter case, to eliminate the cause, and solve the issue, why does not respond to commands, it is necessary to reset mistakes from the TV itself to factory values.

Important! In practice, in order not to encounter unpleasant consequences when working with the device, after switching on, you will need to wait a short period of time before submitting commands, which will avoid the situation when the device does not turn on from the remote due to the errors present.

How to restart Sony TV?

Direct the remote control on the backlight LED, then press the Power button on the remote control and hold it down for about five seconds until the message is turned off (POWER OFF). TV reboots automatically.

On the TV remote control, press the HOME button. Go to installation (Settings). Select System Settings. Select the TouchPad Remote Control Setup setting (TouchPad Remote Control Setup), then follow the instructions on the screen.

Tips for care and operation

We will give a few more tips for the operation of the remote control of the remote control, which will help to avoid the emergence of difficult contaminants:

  • It is necessary to carry out preventive cleaning from the outside every 2 weeks, inside. every 3-4 months;
  • Try to touch the console with dirty and wet hands;
  • Do not put the device next to water and food;
  • Follow the children and pets to take a switch in the mouth, did not bite it;
  • Do not leave the console where it fell, try not to drop it;
  • To protect against moisture, dirt and dust Use the case. It can be purchased in equipment stores or make independently from a plastic bag. There are also shrinkable packages that most effectively protect the console;
  • Change batteries in a timely manner, buy high-quality batteries.

In most cases, for a full cleaning of the console, it will be enough to reveal the main box of the device and blow it. Sometimes you need to wipe the individual elements with a cloth. However, it happens when the console is very polluted and only full cleaning can save it. In this case, get ready to disassemble the device as it should be. divide the upper and lower cover, separate the rubber gasket from under the buttons and the board with chips. It is not worth cleaning a fee, it can damage it, but you can even wash the rubber gasket under the crane. In this case, it should be completely dried first and only after drying to use again.

In the most extreme case, if the dirty was even a fee and you want to clean it, they armted with a cotton wand, moisten it with alcohol and wipe with neat, gentle movements, so as not to damage the microcircuit.

If you do not want the remote control quickly and demanded detailed cleaning in a disassembled state, we advise regularly clean it outside, which is much simpler and easier. To do this, you can use ordinary wet napkins or cotton swammed in alcohol. Alcohol Although liquid, however, it instantly evaporates, so it will not harm the console, like chips inside.

There are other preventive measures that will extend the stable work of the remote control without cleaning, this is:

  • Purchase Czech.Simple, but an extremely effective solution, thanks to which you can save the console clean and order. Yes, every time using the remote will have to be removed from the case, but this will allow to protect the device from garbage and dust.
  • Polyethylene.If you do not want to spend money on a full cover, we offer you a simple, but also an effective solution. wrap the remote control. It can even be a food film, the ends of which can either hide behind, or neatly stuck with scotch. Inside the remote will not fall any dirt, while you can replace the film at any time.
  • Hygiene.Of course, the most elementary precautionary method is first of all your personal hygiene, you should not use the device with dirty hands or during meals.

It is worth it all on everything, to resist the temptation and your remote control of the TV will serve much longer and more reliable.

Setting up a universal console for Sony Bravia TV

First you must make sure the batteries in the console. Often such devices are sold without a power source, because of what you have to purchase them separately.

Second step. turn on the TV. On the remote control, turn on the right mode, in our case. TV. Hold this key until the light lights up. Next, consider the process of setting three types.


For auto-tuning, enter the code. 9999. At the same time, the last nine must be closed, hold it until the TV prefix turns off. Then the auto attitudes of the channels will begin. The procedure itself can occur up to 15 minutes.

This option is applied if you cannot find the necessary codes for the TV. But, in the process of using the UPD, problems may arise, for example, the conflict of keys. That is, when one button programmed to a specific function applies to other devices in the house. It is impossible to correct the problem if you used a combination of 9999.

For different stamps UPD, the setup procedure will be different. For example, connect the universal remote control to the Sony Baravia TV when using the Supra model (Supra):

If you have questions or have complaints. let us know

  • Turn on the telik.
  • Direct the remote device on it.
  • Press “POWER” and hush it until the indicator lights up.
  • On the screen you will see a sound change icon.
  • Check control, for example, reduce the volume. Works? Auto-tuning worked.

Huayu implies the following instructions:

  • Run TV.
  • Press the “SET” and “POWER” key. Hold them for a few seconds.
  • Then click on “Power”.
  • Sound adjustment should appear on the screen.
  • To exit the setup mode. double click “SET”.

How to connect a universal panel to Panasonic: codes, instructions

If the instructions did not come up, try the third option:

  • After turning on the TV, clamp the “TV” button until the indicator lights up.
  • Then clamp the “Mute” key. It will start the search.
  • Wait for the completion of the procedure and check the control.


Each telly has a special password designed to pairing. If you know this code, you can smoothly program any key to Up.

  • Hold “Power” and “Set”. Light bulb should burn continuously.
  • Enter the code of four digits.
  • After entering the password, the light bulb will stop burning.
  • Press “SET”.

Ambulance with moisture

The fluid that fell on the fee leads to the oxidation of the latter and deterioration of its performance or the full breakdown. Therefore, it is not recommended to put the console near the plumbing crane or put a cup of drinks next to it. Depending on the type of fluid that fell internally, the following actions must be taken.

Primary contact practically does not have a negative impact on the device. It continues to work in the same mode. But this does not mean that the rescue measures should refuse. The console must be immediately disassembled and left in such a form for graze on one day.

disassemble, remote, sony, device, clean

Be sure to remove the batteries from the compartment, they are strongly oxidized upon contact with water.

Sweet drinks

Sugarization or compote contain a large amount of sugar, and therefore after hitting it inwards the remote control should be rinsed with running water. And fee including. Then thoroughly dry up with a soft cloth and leave in disassembled form for several days.

Coffee or tea

The procedure is similar to getting on a feet of any sweet drink.

Sugar makes it difficult to transmit the signal, which means it must be completely removed by running water.


Electrolyte leakage occurs when using old or fake power items.

Remove the electrolyte can be flowing water, it is good to laugh with a rag and dried for several days.

Useful advice

Attention! Before proceeding with the process, you need to watch the video instructions on the Internet, on the topic “How to Disassemble the SAMSUNG SMART panel”.

Currently, the SAMSUNG SMART TV remote control is an indispensable product. For a long time, Samsung has been released by remote control, to work with a large amount of products. Some of them are universal and are suitable for several types of devices. To buy a similar device, you need to decide on the list of characteristics you want to receive for a certain value. The more expensive the remote control, the better its characteristics.


In the case of frequent drops, there are different problems. But the inner breakdown itself can be the most pleasant breakdown. That is, the lid will be a whole, and the internal chip is cracked.

In such cases, it is better to trust professional repairmen, but if you have at least not much experience in the radio mechanic, you can try to cope with this problem yourself.

It is necessary to disassemble the device of the Du (how to disassemble the TV panel, it was described above). After that, careful inspection of the board for scratches, disconnecting individual radio components and integrity of the conductive track. To do this, we must arm a magnifying glass, because you can miss small flaws. Also the necessary element will be a table lamp to ensure good lighting.

Check starts from approaches to nutrition elements. They are inspected by tracks, and ending inspection, radio components.

We offer to familiarize yourself how to clean the glass form for baking

If the electric wiring break is detected, it is necessary to replace them, or repair. If diagnostal damage is revealed, then in some cases you can change. In the case of damage to the chip, it is better to buy a new remote.

Buttons failure occurs for various reasons. these are pollution, dust or just spilled tea. After which oil film appears. Repair of the remote control is carried out on its own, simple wipes inner contacting elements.

From too frequent use of the same buttons, a partial failure of a push-button mechanism is possible. This happens because of the abrasion of graphite spraying.

Repair of such consequences is also held with your own hands. For work requires:

Demolition of the device is carried out and the rubber part is extracted. On the revolving part of the foil buttons, paper to the buttons. In stores for sale kits designed for this type of breakage. The kit includes: glue and buttons with spraying. For repair, it will be enough to stick over old, new buttons.


In the case of the formation of an oily layer, which significantly aghesives the operation of the push-button mechanism, the question is brewing. how to clean the remote control from the TV? It is necessary to clean the inside of the device. The troubleshoot can be eliminated on their own as follows:

  • A cotton swab is taken, wetted in alcohol and rubs a microcircuit. Such a simple method removes fully a raid, which prevents the proper operation of the mechanism.
  • The inner part of the button mechanism is wiped in the same way.
  • Cleaning spring contacts for batteries. In the case of a rusty plaque, contacts are cleaned with sandpaper.
  • Spend drying for 5 minutes and collect device.

Cleaning the console from the Chinese production TV, is carried out with the help of water-soap solution. The inner part is cleaned with neat movements, after which water is washed with water temperature. At the end of the washing, it is necessary to wipe with a dry paper napkin and wait for a complete drying. After that, the device is full assembly and performance testing.