Compact charger REMAX RPP-51 Pino Power Bank 2500MAH

The compact and unusually stylish external battery Remax Pino 2500MAH for mobile devices is suitable for charging a huge number of gadgets. Perhaps the main advantage of this battery. Its compact size, stylish elegant flat design and corresponding light weight. The case is made of pleasant to the touch of colored plastic. This thin and flat mini charging is to fit in any even smallest. insureing you from not foreseen situations. You can doubt the purchase of a more powerful Power Bank, but definitely, every modern person should have this baby! The device has bright, positive color variations and restrained classic options for a choice, and therefore, equally suitable for both guys and girls.

In everyday life, it is best to have two batteries. One with a larger capacity, for long trips and charging several devices at the same time, for example, on the train. And the other. comfortable small size, with a small container sufficient for 1-3 charger of your smartphone. For these purposes, you can confidently recommend that the REMAX RPP-51 Pino Power Bank 2500MAH checks. Rl Bank Remax Pino. This is a compact portable battery of the size of no more than powder, but it will quickly charge your mobile phone in the absence of a network. The device is very compact and convenient to use-just connect a regular USB cable and press the button.

Once bought, for a relatively small amount, the Remax Pino charger will help you and your loved ones more than once. Remax company. This is a popular and trusting world brand. Buying the external battery of the manufacturer Remax, the everyday life is confident in its quality and reliability! Great option for a gift!

Model: RPP-51 Pino (Remax 2500mah Pino Small Mobile Phone Large Capacy Mini Power General Charge Treasure Extra Power Backup Power RPP-51)

Colors: white, gray, black, pink, blue

Dear buyers! We draw your attention that the original REMAX products differs from fakes by the presence of a branded hologram Remax, a QR code with a manufacturer’s website, instructions and an appropriate product quality certificate that is located on the website of the online store. Also, the real battery capacity must comply with the declared manufacturer. Our online store is engaged in the sale of exclusively original products of TM “REMAX” and we want to protect you from buying low-quality goods.

You can buy this product in St. Petersburg and with delivery to regions by mail.

Clumsy Chinese hands or small repair PowerBank

Good day.I decided to share with you my repairs not related to the machine.I bought a year and a half PowerBank (the goods are no longer in stock) type with a solar panel. In the hope that it will be charged from the sun. I used it and sacredly believed that “the sun in business”.And now he has burned out one of the luminaries, which on the indication of the charge.

It is not difficult to disassemble: 4 screws are removed, then an effort is applied and both covers are peeled off.Inside there are two standard telephone batteries with a total capacity of 3200 mA (Sori did not take a picture).I decided to search for something and noticed a discrepancy:

Without delving further, he dragged everything further as it should be and about a miracle he began to charge (the lights began to flash as they were charged) without a connected wire.Next, we fall out of the non.working candle and go to the nearest radio component store (the benefit is 300 m from the office). They did not take such a size in stock large, there was no desire to disassemble PB.In order for the purchased ones to get up to modernize them:

Only the legs did not cost. I had to hide the case on the left and right, so that the centers of the luminaries would be tightly soldered into the holes in the housing.

The check turned out to be very simple, just connect the solar panel and the voila works everything.

As a result, what we have:. a working solar panel, which charges PB without wires;. all working lights;. reduction of light from the included PB, The lights are planted deeply.Well, the result of the work itself (all the lights are burning and charging from the lamp):

After properly, I constantly use it. Summary of PB:-the capacity is enough for 2-3 charges of Hytysa Van Dualsim-in the daytime in the light it is discharged (with a phone connected) more slowly-in the daytime, it is charged faster-it is charged on the windowsill independently, but for a very long time.

Hiper WP-222 ⁠ ⁠ battery analysis

Hello. In attempts (torment) to make out this device to see what has broken in it, or just pull out the worthless batteries of 18650, I decided to write a post to make life easier for others. Since neither google nor search on sites such as ifixit did not give the result. I also hope for your help in determining the reasons for the breakdown. The device stopped working, the post of how the night lay on charging from a faulty charging unit (a conder swollen). At the time of the shutdown, he was very hot and refused to work as charging, but at the same time working properly as a flashlight.

So, I’ll start analyzing. I am too lazy to look for a photo of a whole device, so I will attach a photo in the process of analysis.

Having twisted it in my hands and not finding obvious places for the screws, I decided that he was tightly ̶b̶y̶y̶y̶y̶i, and, with the help of a rusty and crypt fabric found in the house, I began torment.

The photo clearly shows where I sawed. After drinking in a circle so as not to hurt the batteries, I tried to break off the lower part. The case did not give in, but in the process I found that the upper part was staggering suspiciously. Armed with a screwdriver and courage, I began to torment the upper part to drive a screwdriver into the joint and break everything with a lever. I broke long enough, gradually losing patience and caution, but in the end the insides were not affected. After taking out the batteries, I swore herself from now on to look for places for the screws.

Realizing what kind of hand I am, I went to inspect the official paths of analysis.

And how could everything be simple. Let’s move on to the insides.

Funny batteries. Samsung ICR 18650-26F. 2600MAH 3.7V.

Since I have a knowledge of knowledge in electrical engineering and the only identifier of the electronics breakdown I have external damage (and better soot), then I did not understand the reasons for the breakdown.

This post was not created for advantages for the sake of, but to help someone else to make out the same or similar PowerBank.

Dismantling Mi Power Bank

To make out the first.generation Xiaomi blast of the Xiaomi, you need:

  • Put and remove plastic plugs on the ends of the device.
  • Unscrew the fixing screws from the side opposite the placement of the ports and pull out the contact plate.
  • Twist 4 screws on the other side.
  • Pull out the control board and batteries.
  • Unscrew 2 screws on the board and bend 2 latches fixing the black plastic lining.
  • Remove the pad.

Dismantling Mi Power Bank 2 and Pro

You can check originality according to the following signs:

  • When connecting an external battery to the network, the charging begins automatically, without pressing the button.
  • On the packaging there is a sticker with the erased coating. The serial number of the device is hidden under it. You can check it here.
  • When connecting MicroUSB and USB connectors using a charger cable, the LED of the charge indicator does not light up.
  • The original blank can simultaneously charge its own battery and connected smartphone \ tablet.
  • In the charger cable, the contact site is white, but there is no company logo on the plug.
  • The case is matte, as it is made of anodized aluminum.
  • Inscriptions at the end are light, clear, without typos.
  • The holes of the charge indicator are small.
  • In the USB 2 connector.0 School for contacts is white, with the company logo.

Summing up, we can say that special tools are not required to disassemble the Powerbank, and the process itself does not take more than 15 minutes.

Repair Power Bank

These Power Bank is a fairly convenient thing. you can use it for its intended purpose, loading smartphones and mobile phones from them through USB in the absence of an outlet under the side. And you can take 5 volts from them and squeeze various flashlights, devices and gadgets, check the work of all equipment. A Power of Power Bank of several lithium batteries, united in one battery, charge block, inverter 3.7-5 V on TD8208 and controller, which controls the entire farm, at the same time showing LEDs of the charge of the state of charge.

In general, this device was bought from the Chinese a couple of years ago, for some time it used it, and then for a whole year it remained in the garage, after which it has already stopped turning on. You have to repair.

A plastic box can (albeit difficult), open with an ordinary knife, splitting the latch in the ends of the case. You need to do this very carefully so that pieces of plastic do not break off, otherwise the presentation will be lost and the joy of the owner of Power Bank is a little rest.

Having opened the case, we see several Li-Ion batteries, the size of 18650 (as in the battery battery). Each bank, according to the manufacturer, should give 4000 mA/h. So there will be 6×3500 = 20,000 mA. But this is natural in theory. In practice, you will be very lucky if half of the declared capacity is, but often it is even weaker.

It depends on the price of Power Bank and the manufacturer’s branded. It is naive to assume that the 50 ampere devisin will correspond to the sticker bought on Ali Express 50. When buying, it is better to choose a middle ground. For example, this copy does not have not only the name of the company, but also stickers on batteries. But we were distracted. back to repair.

Pressing the button (one single on the device) for 2 seconds launches the device, as evidenced by the sunbathed LED (or several-depends on the degree of category). At the weekend of USB nests, 5 volts will appear. But this does not happen. Why? We’ll figure out…

First of all, we measure the tension on the banks themselves. They are all bluntly, which is not very good, since it will be technically difficult to find problematic. everything is welded and it will not work to solder. Secondly, with this mode of operation, a skew on charging current and voltage of elements is possible, and this also does not affect durability well. And if one of the cells is cropped inside, everyone will suffer.

Fortunately, this did not happen, but the voltage of only 1.1 volts. This is clearly not enough to launch Power Bank, since I know that you need at least 3 in. The circuit “does not see” a battery with such a low voltage and cannot begin to charge it. I will have to do this manually, pumping it from the usual adjustable power supply, setting the current 1 A and holding them on charging for 10 minutes, to level 3 volts at least.

But now the matter has gone! Power Bank starts and lit up one blue LED, showing that the charge is only 25%. The rest will be 50, 75 and 100%, respectively. Now we put it on the adapter (or connect to the USB computer) and catch up with the charge to the maximum (about 8 hours). For a long time because the charging current is limited to a circuit up to 0.5 A.

After successful repair, do not rush to close the body. Let Power Bank stand still open before the end of the day to measure the rate of voltage drop on the battery. Perhaps there is a quick self.discharge. In my case, in half a day the voltage fell from 3.76 to 3.74 volts. in principle, this can be attributed to the error of the multimeter itself. If the fall amounted to 0.1 V and above, this may indicate a problem bank that needs to be found and neutralized, otherwise your bank is flying a couple of weeks again.

That’s all the work. As you can see, in simple cases, the repair of this thing can be done with your own hands, unless of course the breakdown does not affect the electronic part. Then it will be easier to replace the entire module using this scheme and instructions.

Repair of all kinds of electronics #9 repair PowerBank ⁠ ⁠

Good day, dear pickups! This post will tell you how to fix the jam if you suddenly stopped charging.

He gave a comrade to the repair of Dlubank, with a request “Catched when the battery soldered, confused polarity, and he shouted. You can fix it?”

This blank was already under repair, comrade cropped him when he charged batteries. I had to change the charge controller for him.

After smoking the manuals and poking the testers, it was revealed that these 2 micrush were out of order. Protection against reinforcing and controlling the charge, but as they write on the Internet, protection is so, for a checkmark. In fact, they (mikrukhi) are flawed, for a second. Almost everything burns out if you are not lucky. In my case, lucky, the mikrukhs themselves shred.

Sold up new ones, check. Everything is working. It is better to handle it gently, do not short and not confuse plus with a minus.

Damn well, write pliz guide to find a problem. Cheto is the type, here is a dead device connected food. There is no nifiga. We look at the fee we see that, probably this, because the current should first get here. Now we do this, nickname, measure, poke it with a wand, yeah does not work further. Well, in general in that spirit.

Found a monitor, the screen sometimes blinked. I opened it, there are three candiers of bloated, soldered others, but more capacity (they were 820 mf for 1000 with that de Voltage). Turned on, and he died at all. Even the slag is squealing inside. What I did not do it?

I probably are unoriginal, but I will ask the coordinates 🙂


There is a tablet Lenovo ThinkPad 8 (which on Windows 8), it lay idle for almost a year and stopped turning on. Charging does not help. I want to revive the sickness, because it can come in handy.

Why is it interesting at the entrance do not put the diode, in the worst case, the path would burn out, causing a minimum of damage. I recently burned a rocky, stuck a power supply with a reverse polarity

Where you can repair PowerBank Xiaomi Mi 16000?

hehe. So I spit in your post. Boring from the morning. You have to go to work. )))

Friend, such a problem. HTC One S phone broke the screen, while he independently changed something wrong and stopped charging. You insert charging there “!”And that’s it. I worked on the battery and died, bought a new battery and the story repeated itself. I gave some local to the SC, they did not do it. Tell me what to do? can it be made?

I have already invested 2 tr and a tuel 0. Maybe it makes sense to send it to you? I will pay for delivery and work!

And one more question. If it works from the battery, it can be in a cunning way to charge your phone?

At the moment I want to stir up a HUD projector on the windshield. gepka you have no accident on this topic?

I used to write that the iPad Air sensor squealed, “just fucked the sensor on the Air iPad, brought for repairs. The screen began to take himself strangely, press everything, to smell. It is clear that the train of the sensor spins the brain. And it turns out that I broke the sensor at 16:00 and did not earn fucking nichrome, but left the minus. The inner voice told me, “do this tomorrow”. Everything is as usual, after all, he did it a hundred times. Ugh fucking. “Today everything was repaired, the new sensor, this time used another tape, not 3M, the colors of the green I would even say metallic (I mean the protective layer), it is more dense, and the hairdryer lies well. All nishtyak!

Tell me where the manuals are looking for a miracle to toys on these Chinese miracle, I want to fix a dead router, I don’t know where to start.

Write yet, author. And you can advise intelligent literature, video and the like, where you can gnaw the granite of science about repairing technology, reading schemes and so on? There are initial knowledge, but they are very scarce. I will be grateful.

But you can question where you can order inexpensive glass on Cat B25. otherwise the Chinese have more than 25 bucks, and this is a little expensive however

Repair of a smart feeder or help save the cat from gluttony⁠ ⁠

In November, I had such a wonderful fluffy friend:

I took it from the shelter to adults (either lost, or threw it away). The cat turned out to be kind, cute, playful and affectionate.Martin called He took the habit of waking me up early in the morning with requests for feeding, as well as due to the fact that I have a shift schedule of work and on working days I can be absent from early morning until late in the evening, the Xiaowan Smart Peteder was purchased on Alishachka:

Setting it. Fascinating dance with tambourine. It includes the installation of the custom version of Mi Home, as well as the settings menu in Chinese (at least at the time of the purchase, there was no global version). Well, where ours did not disappear! Is it a person who worked in technical support and with his paws has gathered a computer for himself with such a nonsense?One way or another, the device served by faith and truth until the moment he ceased to correctly dose portions. That is, at a time instead of one I gave out pieces 10.The cat was very happy about this fact. I am not (the cat, of course, is not able to control the amount of food consumed and begins to turn into a colobochka, and also, after the attacks of particularly violent gluttony, he, excuse me, is pouring).Here we approach the reason for writing this post.Information about such a malfunction neither in the instructions or on the Internet could either be found, or those crumbs that managed to get out of somewhere turned out to be useless.Therefore, I turn to you, my dear, for help. I really hope that there will be someone who will save us!And now about the details of the malfunction. Symptoms: 1. The average indicator on the case is on

The “gear” inside spins for a long time and in different directions, instead of spinning a short period of time and only in one direction. This is how it looks:

I disassembled the device several times and washed all the parts, the consumable (drainage in the upper cover) was replaced by a new.So, gentlemen of experts, your versions. what is happening, why is this happening and what to do with it?In addition to solving my problems personally, I will be very glad if, as a result, an intelligent answer appears on the Internet to the question “What to do if the Xiaowan Smart Peter gives too much food”. To make my brothers in misfortune easier to deal with this issue in the future.P.S. And how would you formulate a request in the search line, trying to find a solution to this problem?P.P.S. Martin, while I’m going to work:

UPD managed to remove one wall. After the next picking in the insides, the indicator stopped burning, now it blinks. Insides:

Glass replacement Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra⁠ ⁠

Replaced the glass with Mi 11 Ultra, the client ran for the services for a month until I got it.

How to Create a VT in the New REMAX Design Center

The ultra is rare, you can’t buy a display, from China to bring 30 thousand

Nobody took it for him, even those services that are overwhelmed by bent devices

The glass is bent from 4 sides, almost like on Huawei P40 Pro and a bunch of sealant along the edges, as on all the last Chinese.

The back is complex, but I’m already used to the bent, cut the glass. The matrix is ​​thin as paper.

Then we glue the film in a vacuum on the wasp, I put the glass only the original. All according to the technology, in the anti.drummer, I center the eye on the matrix relative to the glass, press in the center and putting it in the press.

I drive out bubbles in the barorammer and check the result.

Ideal, the display seemed to be not defeated, we collect the entire device, we plant everything from the factory to a double.sided tape and an expensive sealant around the edges.

I plant a display exclusively on thermocles, no b/t7000 for 80. Tube of thermoclay costs 2k, and the machine that heats it and squeezes it from 25k. All according to the hairdryer.

And yes, I glue without dust and hair like most retraining. In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems when you know how dust is attracted (those who at least once glued protective glass know how statics sucks dust under the glass like a vacuum cleaner)

For the money for the client, 14k was released, happy as an elephant

I have been repairing phones for more than 10 years

I change glass from pixels and vanplasses to iPhone and samsung

What is this note about?

I once bought it at the sale of a jar. An ordinary blank for 5 cells, noun, marked as 20,000 mah. Understanding that the real 10,000 are real there, but in fact 7500, for a penny, purely for the experiment, acquired. And at least I did not expect anything surprising from him, he showed full.fledged 10,000 mAh. This was arranged for me and for almost a year terrible creation served faithfully, charging the phone and warming up electric insoles in winter boots. It served until the moment I purchased a car USB on the same aliexpress.

In fact, I bought them three, per dollar, five dollars and nine dollars, and wanted to test for the maximum current. But the very first charging when turned on the smell of the pairing and, showing at the exit of 9.43V, burned me a jam. The second charge showed 5.1 V and the maximum current of 0.9A, and was sent to the reserve to the rest of the same (in fact, despite the labeling 2.1a, the AD85063D chip was stood inside the two, which simply does not know how, more than 1A, And they did not even have a hint of a fuse, which was the cause of the death of a slobber). And the third, Tronsmart, turned out to be completely delightful. She knows how to give 3a, supports Quick Charge up to 3 versions, very tightly and without backlash sits in a cigarette lighter nest. Actually, I will still write an article about this, but the time I became the owner of a burnt blank, which had to be fixed.

How to fix the burned shutter

Repair of a plug, especially nameless, does not imply a search for burnt spare parts, rations and other abstruse pieces. Well, almost does not suggest. Because repair can go in two ways:

  • Buying a control board suitable for your body. Here you will have to work with a soldering iron: first, solder the two wiring from batteries to the board, and then solder them again, already to the new board.
  • Buying a new building along with control board.

Both options have the right to life. A simple bank control board costs a dollar on Aliexpress, about the same amount of the case without a battery. The most valuable thing in your plug. not electronics at all, but batteries. And precisely because the “honest” blank for 20,000 is costs almost 30, that it contains batteries from an honest manufacturer. And precisely why there are no compact blocks for 20,000 mum, that the coolest battery cell 18650 has a real capacity of 3,500mach, t.e., The maximum capacity of the four elements may not exceed 3500×4 = 14000 m.

By the way, I recently made an overview of the Dullbank case with the function of the charging device of the batteries 18650, maybe you are looking for it.

Actually, this is why the repair of the plug comes down to a simple and inexpensive procedure: ordering a suitable board, or building. When disassembling a burned handbag, its body usually suffers, then it has to be repaired, so you can order the body as a whole. The price of a good control board for a handle 450.85, and the price of a decent case with a board. A little more than three. Is it worth a sheepskin. you decide.

Repair of a plug

Last week, a colleague from work asked me to see what was wrong with his jabbing. As it turned out, he tried to put the battery in it, but at the same time confused his polarity. After that, blue smoke went from the blank board and it stopped working.

The turn.looking blabank looks like a typical cheap Chinese blank :). There are inscriptions in Chinese from behind, something apparently about the general capacity of 20,000 mah. Although, where did she get from there? You can install a maximum of 5 Li-Ion accumulators of 18650, if you take each 3000 mAH capacity, then there will be about 15,000 mAH in total. It is also clear that he has two exits. for 5 volts 2 amperes and 5 volts 1 ampere. At the same time, the batteries in the handle can be recharged, for this there is MicroUSB on the housing and it seems to be able to take 5 volts at 2 amperes through it. From the side, near MicroUSB there is an LED, most likely a flashlight, and possibly an additional indicator.

If you consider the internal device of the plug, then its schematics is as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

All batteries are connected in parallel, into a single chain. This is bad because the batteries have a scatter in characteristics and parameters, then when discharged, they will all be discharged until the last battery is discharged, with the largest capacity. If some battery is released the fastest, it will not turn off the discharge process, and, accordingly, will receive a redistribution. And when charging a group of batteries in this blank, charging will go until one battery is charged to a threshold value and charging will be disconnected. As a result, one battery will be fully charged, and the rest. who is lucky, depends on the characteristics and parameters of the batteries.

In general, I started repairing. a malfunction on the board of this blank is visible immediately. When looking at the board of this blank through a magnifying glass, I defined the burned element as a diode, but included in reverse polarity. Its marking “SS24”. With proper installation of batteries in Dlubank, the diode will be closed. If you install the battery in the wrong polarity in the slobank, then a short circuit occurs through the diode, it acts as a kind of “visual fuse” here. It would be possible to install a diode to protect against reinforcing, but in this case, charging batteries through the out.of.line stops working, therefore, the Chinese made such a primitive scheme.

In general, I started disassembly. I fell out of the burned diode and pulled out a fee out of the case. On the board there is the following marking-“BQ-X5LED 2016-04-25”. Visual inspection from the back side did not reveal any damage. Therefore, I decided to connect the fee to the laboratory power supply to check if everything was in order with it.

When turned on, the fee began to give signs of life, so most likely everything was in order with it. But the burned diode rang in both directions. a breakdown. Well, then, everything is simple. I did not have such a diode as SS24, so, from the old board from HDD, I fell out of the diode suitable for the sizes and sold it to the place of the burned out. Then he collected Dlubank in the reverse order. It would be possible to do without this diode, but in this case, if the owner again confuses the polarity, then other elements of the board will already be damaged. Well, after the repair, it was necessary to check it, and then another drawback of this blank turned out. it is impossible to install 18650 batteries in it, which have a protection board. But I have no batteries without protection. Therefore, some kind of diagonal I put my battery and tried to connect the load. As a load, I used the battery in the form of the “Croese Okcell 800 MAH”.

As you can see in the photo, there is a charge, at the output of 5 volts 1 ampere. In this case, the approximate capacity of the installed battery is 61%. In general, the performance of the plug is restored, the main thing is that the owner does not confuse polarity anymore, because how the installed diode will react, I do not know.