Possible malfunctions and their elimination

If the TV stops responding to the remote control, the first step is to check the connection to make sure which of the two devices is causing the problem.

  • The first step is to check the connection of the equipment to the power source. If the TV plug is connected and the current is supplied to the outlet, but the TV does not turn on, check the wire itself, it so happens that the cable from the TV to the plug is frayed, bent, etc.
  • If both the plug and the cable are in order, and there is current in the outlet, and the TV does not want to turn on, then try to start it using the button, which is located on the body of the equipment itself. If the equipment does not respond, then it is worth sounding the alarm and checking the performance of the TV itself.
  • In the case when, when turned on with the button on the panel, the TV works as if nothing had happened, and does not want to respond to the remote control, then the question arises of why this happened. Most likely, in this case, the problem is specifically in the remote control.

The most common reasons for the breakdown of the remote control are

  • Mechanical damage Most often, it is found in families where there are small children who can drown the remote control in the bathroom, bucket. Or throw the remote control at the wall. In such a situation, only a complete replacement of the remote control can help, and it is recommended to remove the new one away from children.
  • Batteries. Typically, TV remote controls are powered by batteries that go into a separate compartment. And to restore the device’s performance, it will be enough to replace the batteries with new ones.
  • Scheme. The circuit can hide various breakdowns, including loose contacts and ending with more serious malfunctions. The most popular chip in use today is Adam24P20G.
  • Quartz remote control device.
  • Buttons. Sometimes there is a thinning of the special gasket between the buttons and the circuit.

Most of the problems can be noticed in the early stages, paying attention to the appearance of the device. For example, the body of the remote control may be melted or cracked, which already indicates possible problems that in the future can lead to a complete failure of the device. However, some breakdowns can still be eliminated if they are detected in time.

If you know the cause of the breakdown, the device can be reanimated if done on time.

Some malfunctions can be dealt with on your own. For example, if the power supply is insufficient, the batteries must be replaced. No soldering or disassembly required.

  • Remove the control panel cover;
  • Remove the batteries;
  • Insert new.

If there is a bad reaction of the buttons to pressing, you will have to check the integrity of the gasket located between the buttons and the microcircuit.

If there are any cracks on the case, it is recommended to replace the remote control with a new one, or use materials at hand to fix the case and prevent further cracking.

But not in all situations you can cope on your own and then you will need the help of a specialist.

How to properly disassemble Samsung TV remote

It often happens that the remote control stops working, sometimes insignificant reasons lead to this, for example, the buttons get stuck, in this case it is enough to disassemble the device and fix the problem.

Therefore, for every TV owner, it is important to know how to disassemble the Samsung TV remote control.

Dismantling the Samsung TV remote

To open the Samsung Smart TV Remote, turn it over and slide the back cover down towards the indicators.

If you slide the back of the puller towards the indicators, a small gap appears on the front of the remote control.

Open gap makes it easy to grip the back cover so you can remove it.

Removing the back cover reveals the battery compartment, which usually contains the necessary fasteners. A Phillips screwdriver will help you remove all the screws and unscrew the case. It is advisable to take a special jar or a small container for the screws so as not to lose them.

The rest of the remote is held by plastic clips, but it can be glued, pay attention to this point.

On the right side of the console, when facing up, there are two large areas for opening from the outside. These large clip opening areas are located on the right side of the console only. If the manufacturer did not use special glue, then you can carefully slide a plastic card around the perimeter of the device and pry off the case to start separating the case seam through the large clamping areas.

Once the case is open, you can see the top and the keyboard with a rubber membrane. Then disconnect the microcircuit, but it is not recommended to unscrew the sensor from it.

It is advisable to wipe the area from the remote keyboard with alcohol, like the keyboard, which will get rid of sticking buttons and pressing will become smoother.

To remove the PCB from the case, use a flat-blade screwdriver or knife to gently pry up the bottom of the PCB on both sides near the battery compartment area.

Close inspection reveals two small holes on the board. These holes are for the two MEMS microphones in the remote control.

The LED is also located next to one of the microphone holes.

The top of the remote housing has an acoustic spacer for the top microphone. The rubber membrane keypad is used as an acoustic pad for the bottom microphone.

Turning our attention to the reverse side of the PCB, we can look at the components that make the console work. There are a number of discrete parts, transistors, and power supply integrated circuits. For example, a universal electronic remote control with voice control and Wi-Fi Direct UE878NMEG, consists of:

  • Wi-Fi chip, Knowles SiSonic microphone and infrared LED.
  • After cleaning and repair work, you can assemble the remote control, observing the reverse order.

Features of disassembling the TV remote control

It should be noted right away that there are no significant differences when disassembling remotes from different brands, since they have a similar design. Often, remote control devices are distinguished from each other only by the size and location of the buttons.

Therefore, further we will consider the general principle of disassembling the remote control, which will suit most models. However, it is recommended to carry out only cleaning on your own, since repair requires certain knowledge regarding the functioning of microcircuits, which may differ in different devices.

  • small Phillips screwdriver;
  • knife or flat screwdriver;
  • a plastic card.

Connecting and configuring the remote control

After you have disassembled and reassembled the remote control, you will need to reconnect it to the TV.

After inserting the batteries, observing the polarity and closing the cover. Then find in the instructions how the first connection is made. Different models are activated by different keyboard shortcuts. But usually you need to set the play and return keys, holding until the corresponding icon appears on the screen.

This will mean that the devices have successfully connected with each other. For modern universal remotes, no special setting is required, it is important to know only the purpose of each button.

Owners of modern Samsung TVs with Smart Touch Control may find it difficult to get used to using the new system.

The remote control is equipped with a hydrosensor, and Smart TV control is obtained when it moves in space.

The body of such a device has few buttons, since all its functional part is concentrated on the touchpad, which is located in the center.

So, for example, when you move your fingers, you navigate through the menu, and the touchpad on the panel can call the cursor.

You can select an item from the list by touching the touchpad. Some models have keyboard mappings to help speed up searches.

But even taking into account all the functionality of touch-sensitive remote controls, users prefer to use universal push-button analogs, because they are cheaper and more familiar to operate at a price.

How to Disassemble and Repair Samsung Smart TV Remote?

Modern TVs are powered by remote controls. A person is so accustomed to this invention that when it fails, the use of the TV becomes difficult and is accompanied with a number of inconveniences. Today we will help owners of Samsung Smart TVs to deal with the malfunctions that most often occur with remote controls.

How to open the touchpad remote

Samsung has recently started releasing touch panel remote controls. Despite the broader functionality and differences in the device, such designs are disassembled similarly to conventional models.

The touch sensor is not a problem with the parsing of the remote control.

The main point concerns the train, with which you need to be careful.

A ribbon cable connects the touchpad to the board. We take out all the parts from the plastic case, carry out cleaning, after which we repair the product according to a single scheme.

How to disassemble

Samsung Smart TV remote control repair begins with its disassembly.

This job will require some tool:

disassemble, samsung, remote
  • a screwdriver with a Phillips head of a suitable diameter for the dimensions of the fasteners on the console;
  • flat screwdriver;
  • knife;
  • a plastic card.
disassemble, samsung, remote

The disassembly process includes a number of steps:

This completes the disassembly process. Then you can do cleaning and repair work.

Repair features

Problems can arise with a new remote that may not appear to work. The solution to this situation can consist in several actions:

  • First you need to make sure that the device fits your TV model. This information may be contained in the instructions for use or on the official website of the manufacturer.
  • After checking the compatibility of the TV and the remote control, you need to remove the batteries and put them back.
  • And you can also disconnect the TV from the power, and after a few minutes insert the plug back into the outlet.

Poor button performance is a common problem. The reason for this behavior of the remote control is heavy dirt or spilled liquid.

Let’s consider how to act in such situations:

disassemble, samsung, remote
  • We disassemble the remote control. Using a lint-free napkin dipped in alcohol, we wipe dirty areas.
  • It will be more difficult to remove dirt from the microcircuit. you need to be careful here. Excessive pressure or careless action will render a fragile part unusable.
  • Don’t forget about the contacts in the battery compartment. They also need to be cleansed. Some people use sandpaper for these purposes. Experts advise against practicing this method.
  • After removing the dirt, the disassembled control panel must be left to dry for a day. After that, you can collect it and check for performance.

During operation, the remote control may be subject to mechanical damage. impacts and falls. These situations result in cracks and contact failures. Thin loops are used to connect the microcircuits. You need to check each board and solder those that have been damaged.

Mechanical wear is a common problem for all devices. In remotes, the conductive layer under the buttons is most often erased. You can cope with this problem yourself by restoring conductive spraying.

For this work, you can purchase a special kit or use ordinary foil.

It is worth talking about remotes with a touch panel separately. The most common problem is the increased discharge rate of the batteries. Over time, the remote stops working even with new batteries. This problem is associated with a malfunction of the capacitors, which are located at the positive input. The solution to the problem is simple. you just need to remove the capacitors.

In this form, the remote control will work fine, but the safety of its use is questionable.

If the touch panel malfunctions, you need to calibrate it. It is performed as follows:

  • batteries are changed in the remote control, their type is indicated under the cover;
  • the Guide button is held for 5 seconds;
  • Calibration completed. you can check the operation of the touch panel;
  • if the touchpad still does not respond, you need to reconnect the remote.

Prevention measures

In order for the remote control to last as long as possible and require less repair, it needs proper care.

Compliance with simple rules will extend the life of the TV remote control:

  • The device needs periodic cleaning, the frequency of which depends on the intensity of use and the conditions in which it passes. To clean the remote control, use an alcohol-containing liquid, paper napkins, toothpicks for treating hard-to-reach places.
  • To make it easier for yourself to reassemble the remote control, when unscrewing it, all parts and fasteners must be folded in the appropriate sequence. There should be no unnecessary items on the work surface. only parts and tools.
  • The remote control should not be stored near food and drinks. For the device, you need to take a separate, permanent place so that you do not have to look for it all the time.
  • Cellophane foil or a special cover will protect the device from dust and food particles. But the buttons will not be overwritten so quickly.

details, parsing and cleaning the Samsung Smart TV remote control. further in the video.


First, inspect the remote control carefully. Please note whether the cover is fastened with screws or not. Then follow these steps:

  • Open the back cover where the batteries are located.
  • Remove the batteries and see if there are any mounting bolts in this compartment. They are usually small and suitable for a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Next. take a screwdriver and unscrew the screws along the entire perimeter.

Important! Don’t forget the battery compartment. Otherwise. in the process of disassembling the remote control from the TV, you will forget about the fasteners, and you can mutilate the entire body.

The insides of the console

After you open the back cover, pay your attention to how and how the board is attached in the remote control circuit:

  • If these are screws, then just unscrew them.
  • If these are latches, then open them as carefully as possible.

Important! In most cases, it happens that the microcircuit is simply pressed using the back cover, which we have already opened.

How to clean the remote?

In order to properly remove dirt from the console, prepare the appropriate inventory:

  • nail polish remover, alcohol or a liquid containing it;
  • specialized product for professional cleansing;
  • clean rags;
  • soft brush;
  • cotton buds;
  • toothpicks.

Important! Perhaps, when using such modern technology, our other reviews, instructions, and useful tips will also come in handy. Read individual articles:

IR diode

Pay attention to how the IR diode is positioned inside the socket. In most cases, it is free. If in some way it turns out to be fixed, then simply take it out with extreme caution or free it from its socket. Next. dismantle the board.

Remote control buttons

The rubber buttons are incredibly easy to reach. You need to shake them out of their seats. In the event that they do not have the desire to go out, then you can press on them from the front side and release.

Now you can start doing what you have planned, for example, cleaning this device, because you have already managed to cope with the disassembly. And this is one of the most important tasks in this process.

Important! To reassemble the entire device in the reverse order, place the parts on the table in the exact order in which you remove them. It is desirable that on the surface, in addition to the details of your technique, nothing else is present.

Step 3

After opening the back cover, pay attention to how and how the board is attached to the remote control system. Again, if these are screws, then just unscrew them. If these are latches, then gently open them.

Important! It happens in most cases that the microcircuit is simply pressed by the back cover, which we have already opened.

The situation when you urgently need to switch the TV to the desired channel, and the remote control does not work well is a frequent occurrence if you do not start cleaning your equipment in time. Various contamination is to blame. this is food, because who does not like to eat in front of the TV, and pouring liquids. from banal tea to nail polish remover. The result of all these situations is the same. we are wondering how to disassemble the Samsung TV remote control in order to clean it, because this process is not an easy matter, it requires a certain skill and knowledge. Now we will take a closer look at how to open or open the Samsung TV remote control.

Step 2

  • Take a plastic card and insert it into the remote control with a corner, gently tucking the cover.
  • Pass the card around the entire perimeter of the case. be careful not to break the latches. After you have done this, you need to carefully remove the battery contacts from the grooves.

Important! The lid itself contains the batteries and their power system, that is, those springs or terminals that provide the remote control with power.

Step 4

Pay attention to how the IR diode is located in the socket. In most cases, it is free. If it is somehow fixed, then simply release it from the socket with extreme care. Next. get the board.

Step 5

The rubber buttons are easy to reach. You just need to shake them out of their seats. If they do not want to leave, then you can press on them from the front side and release.

Now you can continue to do what you planned, for example, cleaning the device, because you have already managed to cope with the disassembly. And this was one of the main tasks in this process.

Step 1

First of all, examine the remote control. whether the back cover is secured with screws. Then you need to:

  • Open the back cover where the batteries are.
  • Take out the batteries and see if there are any fastening bolts in this compartment. They are usually small and under a Phillips screwdriver.

Next. take a screwdriver and unscrew the screws around the entire perimeter.

Important! Don’t forget the battery compartment. Otherwise, in the process of disassembling the Samsung TV remote control, you will forget about these fasteners, and you can break the entire case.

How to open Samsung TV Remove and Repair it. Change Battery On Samsung TV Remote

How to disassemble the Philips TV remote control?

How to disassemble the remote yourself at home? If your case is a Philips TV and you don’t know how to disassemble the Philips TV remote control? You don’t have to go far, since the remotes of all brands of TVs are almost identically assembled at the manufacturing plants. Therefore, if you use our tips above on how to disassemble the Samsung TV remote control, then you will not make mistakes and successfully carry out this manipulation.

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Samsung TV remote control: how to disassemble

Malfunctions of the TV remote control are not such a rare phenomenon. Sometimes the breakdown is minor, for example, a button sinks. But this is not a reason to change the remote control. You just need to open it and fix the problem. So how to disassemble Samsung TV remote?

How to disassemble

To clean the remote control, or to fix loose parts, you must be able to properly disassemble and assemble it. For this you need:

  • we find small screws in the case, we twist them with a small Phillips screwdriver;
  • since the sashes are most likely glued together, you need to act carefully and without haste;
  • the glued gap is cut with a knife so as not to damage anything, after that we remove the cover;
  • after removing the cover, unscrew the microcircuit, thus, the entire device is disassembled.

So you can disassemble the Samsung remote control in a short time. It does not require much effort and cost, now it is open for home renovation. For us, this is an important component of further repair.

Required tools

Simple tools will help you to disassemble the Samsung TV remote control. It should be remembered that such work is carried out in order to clean the device. If more complex problems arise at the microcircuit level, then you should contact a specialist. So, for disassembly you will need:

  • small Phillips screwdriver for screws;
  • not a sharp knife.

These simple items will help you easily disassemble the remote control. You should also know that the remotes of modern technology, for example, such as LG or Sony, are not very different from each other, like Philips. The principle of coupling the elements is approximately the same, and the repair is limited only to cleaning the elements so that the buttons do not get stuck.

Cleaning the elements

This is the most important moment of self-repair, other than this, no other actions are possible. After the device is disassembled, the microcircuit is removed, the moment comes to clean all these parts with a cotton pad and alcohol. With an external examination, it will become clear what is the cause of the malfunction, if it is clear that the microcircuit is damaged, further actions should be aimed at replacing the remote control. If not, then it is enough to clean everything with a cotton pad and place it in its original place. In this case, it is important to know how to properly clean the TV remote control.

Actions in case of using other remote controls

Modern television broadcasting systems do not depend on which control devices are installed for them. The Sony remote is not much different from what a Philips remote looks like. In both cases, independent communication with the client depends on how the control element is arranged. But for Philips technology, the most suitable control device is Philips itself. There is no better one for this system, so you should not disassemble it, but it is better to buy a new one. Read also how to choose the right remote control.


Synchronizing the universal control panel is easy enough. Each manufacturer provides instructions for such remote controls, which must be read before connecting the device. This type of remote control is used by people who do not like standard devices. The user chooses a universal device independently, depending on the preferences of the appearance, price and functional equipment. Instructions on how to bind the remote control to the TV are supplied with the device itself.

Remote Control for Samsung TV

The remote control plays a very important role in watching TV. With its help, all operations are carried out: setting channels, image and sound, enabling various functions and many others. The TV can be controlled using the original remote control, or a universal device.

In this article, you will learn how to disassemble the remote.

On the phone

Samsung TVs from the N, M, Q, LS, K, J and F series are equipped with Screen Mirroring. It allows you to establish a connection between your phone and your TV. This function provides a mirroring of the smartphone screen to the TV, and also makes it possible to control some TV functions using a mobile phone.

How to disassemble the remote

Experienced craftsmen advise not to carry out repair work to people who have not previously had experience in repairing microcircuits. In such cases, it is easier to contact a service center, where they will carry out a high-quality repair of equipment for a fee. If you start repairing the remote control yourself and spoil it, the cost of buying a new product can be much more expensive than repairing it at a service center.

First you need to look at the instructions on the Internet on how to disassemble the Samsung TV remote control. To disassemble the remote control, you need a small curly screwdriver and a plastic card. First of all, you need to inspect the body for the presence of bolts. Most often they are located in the battery compartment. Since they are small in size, you can unscrew them with a small screwdriver. In order to get to the remote control microcircuit, you need to gently press on the surface of the case, and hold the plastic card between the two main parts of the remote control. Be careful not to damage the edges of the remote control.

After you have removed the front panel with buttons, you need to disconnect the spring located in the battery compartment. After that, you can inspect the microcircuit. If this part is burned out, then it is necessary to purchase a new remote control, and not a separate microcircuit. Also, the masters do not advise to disconnect the sensors from the microcircuit.

There is a variant of remote controls, which are fixed using special glue. If it is present, but the analysis needs to be done very carefully. This type of remote control can be opened with a flat screwdriver or a mild kitchen knife. We install the remote control in a horizontal position and, using the selected tool, which is inserted between the two main parts of the remote control, we produce ajar cases. This procedure must be carried out around the perimeter of the entire building. After you have opened the remote control and fixed the malfunction, you must also use special glue to close the remote control. Important! It is necessary to apply the glue evenly, since small gaps can cause dust and moisture to enter the device, which in the future may affect its performance.

To repair the touchscreen remote control, you must use an appropriately sized screwdriver. You also need to disconnect the touch sensor located below the keyboard. Dismantling of the screen is carried out with increased accuracy in order to avoid damage to the connecting cables. However, manufacturers and craftsmen strongly advise, if a remote control of this type fails, contact specialized service centers.


Regular push-button remote controls that come with Samsung TV do not require any special setup. The instruction for operating the buttons is attached along with other documents to the TV. Since 2012, TVs have been equipped with Samsung Smart Controls. It provides control of the TV, as well as the set-top boxes that are connected to it. This remote control is also equipped with a voice control system and automatic locking. You should be attentive to the last function and immediately read the instructions on how to unlock the Samsung TV remote control.

When you turn on the TV for the first time, the Samsung TV should be paired and configured automatically. Please note that the device needs to be charged. If there is no automatic connection, you need to hold down the two buttons located to the right and left of the “Play” button for 3 seconds. Then follow the application in the book and configure the TV.

Universal remote controls require special setup. When buying a device of this type, the seller must give you an application for connecting the remote control. There are a large number of universal devices for controlling TV, as a result of this, there are also many ways to set up the connection. We’ll look at two main options.

The first method is available if the keys of the main TV manufacturers are present on the remote control. You need to select the “Samsung” key and the remote control should quickly connect to the TV. It should be noted that it is necessary to turn off extraneous digital devices located near the TV in order to avoid any interference. At the moment of pressing the button with the TV brand, it is necessary that the TV is turned on, and the remote control is directed to the front panel of the screen. You must hold down this key for several minutes until some action occurs on the TV screen.

REPAIRING A SAMSUNG TV REMOTE CONTROL(complementary)Cómo reparar el control remoto de Samsung

Second way. You can set up the connection by following the instructions for the remote control, which should be in the box of the device. On it you will find a large number of numbers. these are codes. They are required to pair the remote control with the TV. To start tuning, install the batteries in a special compartment of the device and press any keys. The indicator light located at the top will give certain signals when you press the keys. After that, find in the instructions the necessary numbers corresponding to the firm of your TV. The next step is to point the remote control at the TV and long press the power key. After a while, the lamp should light up, after which you should enter the digital value of the corresponding code. After that, the remote control should be paired.


The remote control is actually very fragile, and only people who have experience in repairing various microcircuits need to repair it. The first step is to determine if your model of device can be repaired at all. The phone camera can help you determine if an infrared signal is being emitted from the remote control. If there is no such signal, then the device does not function and it is necessary to replace it or repair it.

Attention! Only a person who has experience in the field of electronics can restore the functionality of the old remote control on his own. If you do not understand this type of technique, then it is better to contact a specialist!

In most cases, the problem is that various keys on the remote control stick or partially do not work. This can be caused by a malfunction of the graphite deposition, which performs the function of a conductor. To restore performance, you must perform the following steps:

  • Parse the remote control according to the instructions;
  • Cut the aluminum foil into small square pieces;
  • Then you need to stick these pieces to the contact surface;
  • Assemble the remote control in reverse order.

How to choose a remote control for your Samsung TV

There are several options for selecting a remote control for Samsung TV:

In this video, you will learn more about this remote control: