How to clean iPhone headphones

By purchasing an iPhone, the owner automatically becomes the owner of the branded headset. Starting with the 5th iPhone, high quality headphones (EarPods) are included. But over time, they get dirty. Let’s take a closer look at how to clean iPhone headphones.

How and how to clean EarPods headphones?

Disassembling the headphones is necessary if the headphones stop working. In this case, disassembly will help replace broken parts and restore functionality. High-quality cleaning of the headphones takes place without disassembly using certain tools.

Cleaning your headphones is a simple procedure. The main thing is to make it carefully and not damage the speakers. Remember to take regular care of your headset to ensure a pleasant appearance, clear sound enjoyment and a long life. And also take note of the recommendations:

  • Practice your own hygiene: clean your ears regularly.
  • Do not give your “Ierphones” to unauthorized persons.

By purchasing an iPhone, the owner automatically becomes the owner of the branded headset. Starting with the 5th iPhone, high quality headphones (EarPods) are included. But over time, they get dirty. Let’s take a closer look at how to clean iPhone headphones.

How to clean the connector pin?

Cleaning the contact must be approached with special responsibility, since the performance of the headphones depends on it. Of course, the plug, in the event of a breakdown, can be replaced, but do you want to waste your time on this unnecessary process, if you can just clean it well and reliably?

This procedure is carried out so that the connector contact is not covered with dirt and does not oxidize. Such processes can instantly disable it. To clean it you will need:

  • Ammonia;
  • Plain warm water;
  • Enema;
  • Rag.

To start cleaning, moisten a dry cloth with ammonia and squeeze well. After that, you need to carefully wipe the connector contact, without disregarding any part of the plug.

As soon as the cleaning with ammonia is finished, we proceed to water procedures. Having typed water into the enema, the contact of the connector must be rinsed well with water in order to wash off all the remnants of ammonia with dirt and other “harmful” elements for the plug. At the end of the procedure, the plug must be well dried with air, for this you can also use an enema.

Procedure progress

Peroxide solution copes well with sulfur and the rest of the dirt adhering to the “earphones”, on the speaker grilles and on the wire itself, quickly dissolving it. We act in stages:

  • Disconnecting the headphones from the iPhone.
  • Moisten a cotton pad in H2O2, squeeze out excess liquid, wipe the mesh on the speakers.
  • After 1-2 minutes, moisten the cotton swab with peroxide, process the mesh again.
  • Use toothpicks as needed (be careful!).
  • After completing the procedure, wipe the headset with discs.
  • We leave to dry. Some people prefer to use a hairdryer. To do this, we select a gentle mode for a minimum time of blowing warm air.

This method guarantees getting rid of contamination, provides the appearance, like the new “Hieropods”.

Hydrogen peroxide works best on earwax. If absent, it is replaced with alcohol (ethyl, boric) or vodka.

Procedure progress

Peroxide solution copes well with sulfur and the rest of the dirt adhering to the “earphones”, on the speaker grilles and on the wire itself, quickly dissolving it. We act in stages:

  • Disconnecting the headphones from the iPhone.
  • Moisten a cotton pad in H2O2, squeeze out excess liquid, wipe the mesh on the speakers.
  • After 1-2 minutes, moisten the cotton swab with peroxide, process the mesh again.
  • Use toothpicks as needed (be careful!).
  • After completing the procedure, wipe the headset with discs.
  • We leave to dry. Some people prefer to use a hairdryer. To do this, we select a gentle mode for a minimum time of blowing warm air.

This method guarantees getting rid of contamination, provides the appearance, like the new “Hieropods”.

Hydrogen peroxide works best on earwax. If absent, it is replaced with alcohol (ethyl, boric) or vodka.

What you need to clean your headphones

Contamination is visible to the naked eye. In addition, the sound quality and volume deteriorate. The easiest and most profitable way to solve the problem is to clean the earwax from the iPhone headphones yourself.

“Ierpods” have a laconic, comfortable shape and reproduce clear sound. Speakers with metal meshes to prevent yellow-brown secretion from internal parts. The headset needs to be cleaned from time to time.

The mesh is clogged with a layer of sulfur, the white wire takes on a gray-dirty shade. For cleansing procedures you will need:

  • hydrogen peroxide (H2O2);
  • cotton pads or napkins;
  • toothpicks;
  • cotton buds.

disassemble, iphone, headphones

How to clean iPhone headphones with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide copes well with both fresh bloom and dirt stuck in the body. It is not recommended to use the agent for internal cleaning, but for external cleaning it is good. It is enough to moisten a cotton pad with peroxide and walk over the contaminated parts.

After cleaning, be sure to wipe the device dry.

Why iPhone headphones get dirty

Any objects that a person uses in everyday life lose their true color over time, become covered with dust and dirt. This is due to contact with the environment. Earwax is released continuously and this process is considered the norm. Even if the user constantly cleans the passages, this will not protect the device from contamination. When listening to music, earwax is deposited on the speaker mesh. In addition, the headset is in daily contact with other surrounding objects. Lint, dust and food particles can get inside when the headphones are in your

The headset is cleaned 1-2 times a month

How to properly clean earwax from iPhone headphones

How to clean iPhone earphones from earwax is of interest to many users, since a person is most often encountered with this contamination. The most popular method for removing sulfur at home is with a cotton swab. They are soft and fit well. They are used to clean all parts of headphones of any kind. You can use the sticks in their usual form or moisten them in a solution.

It is easy to clean the outer surface with cotton pads, especially if the headset has lost its color. They are also used after cleaning, when it is necessary to remove the remnants of liquid products. Discs clean wires well. This part of the device can be rinsed with plain water by squeezing a cotton pad well beforehand.

How to Clean iPhone Headphones. Proven Methods

Headphones are an indispensable item that allows you to enjoy your favorite music and movies anywhere. The headset, being in the ears for a long time, gradually becomes dirty. Because of this, there is poor sound and the presence of dirt particles in the speakers. Every user should know how to clean iPhone headphones. In addition to aesthetic inconveniences, the remains of dirt on the headset can provoke fungal diseases.

How to disassemble iPhone headphones

To understand how to disassemble iPhone headphones, you need to study their structure. The headset consists of two parts, which are glued together in production with a special substance. To properly reassemble the device, you must purchase glue in advance. Otherwise, the headset will not work again.

Note! Both parts of the earbuds are perfectly matched in size and shape, so there is nothing to catch the instrument during disassembly. For this reason, it is impossible to open them without traces of hacking.

To disassemble the device, you need to find a thin seam on the surface and walk over it with a scalpel several times. Each time you should go deeper, but without extra effort, so as not to damage the headset. The actions are repeated until both parts are corroded.

There is an opinion that it is possible to disassemble the air of the pods by turning one part away from the other, and also assemble it. This is true, but the reception works only on fake equipment. The same technique works on the headphone net, where it is enough to pry it off with a needle to detach it from the case.

Opening the headset with a scalpel

In original devices, everything is kept on a special glue, which ensures reliability and safe operation. After you can disassemble the device, both parts are carefully spread apart. Do not jerk them, as the components are connected by a wire. Finally, you need to clean the headset and close it back.

How to open iPhone headphones

As mentioned earlier, you need a scalpel to open the iPhone headphones. Some people use a knife, but the blade is often not sharp and thin enough. Therefore, in order to cause minimal damage to the appearance of the device, it is advisable to use a scalpel. After passing several times along the seam, the headphones are separated into two parts. One contains a speaker and wires, and the other contains a mesh through which sound passes. For reassembly, it is advisable to use Moment glue. It is applied in a thin layer to the seam of the headset on both sides and connected. After that, it is recommended to leave the headphones for a few hours so that the glue is firmly attached.

Note! The further functioning of the Airpods and the protection of the interior from moisture and dirt depend on neat and consistent actions.

How to clean iPhone headphones with rubbing alcohol

Alcohol is used much more often than peroxide, since it evaporates faster from the surface. This greatly speeds up the cleaning process and reduces the risk of speaker flooding. First, you need to carefully remove large particles of dirt from the mesh with a toothpick.

Apple AirPods Teardown with iFixit

Note! EarPods have side grids that should also be cleaned.

After removing significant contamination, you need to take ear sticks and treat them with alcohol. Remove excess liquid from the sticks with a tissue before cleaning the headphones. Wipe the surface of the headset for a few minutes until all the dirt is gone.

In addition to common alcohol, formic alcohol is often used. However, it should be used with extreme caution, as it is more caustic and can damage the coating. It can be used to clean the internal parts if you cannot remove dirt with a regular cotton swab.

Is it possible to disassemble the headphones from the iPhone

How to disassemble iPhone headphones is of interest to many users. Genuine Apple earbuds have a peculiar shape and are therefore not cleaned normally. Wireless and wired options are considered collapsible, but this is very difficult to do. This feature is due to the fact that the manufacturer wanted to protect the device from damage by water and other liquids. Because of this, there are no open latches on the surface for disassembly. The speaker head can be opened with a sharp knife or scalpel.

Note! For reassembly, you will definitely need high-quality glue.

Experts do not recommend disassembling headphones unless absolutely necessary, since cleaning is easy to carry out in the usual way. Be careful when handling the speakers as the surface is easily damaged. In the first step, large dirt can be removed with a toothpick. Then a cotton swab is soaked in a cleaning agent and the surface of the headphones is treated. Be sure to follow this sequence so as not to push the debris into the interior of the headset. The procedure is repeated until all dirt is removed.

Start parsing EarPods

The EarPods are made up of two parts, which are glued together securely at the factory. Disassembling the headphones and assembling them later will not work without special glue. over, even if you have glue for assembly, you will not be able to disassemble the headphones without traces of hacking. both parts of the body are perfectly matched in size and there is nothing for the tool to catch on. Also, the EarPods are very firmly glued and you won’t be able to pry them off and spread them apart with a sharp tool. donated one pair of earbuds to show you how they are made and alert your curiosity.

Nevertheless, if you are on fire and want to disassemble the iPhone headphones, you will need a durable, thin and sharp tool, such as a scalpel. You need to find a seam on the case of the headphones and gently walk over it with a scalpel several times, each time going deeper and deeper and trying to cut the glue and separate the two parts of the headphones.

There are videos on the Internet that the EarPods case can be disassembled simply by unscrewing one part from the other, and then also assembled by simply snapping one part of the earphone into another. This is only possible if the Apple headphones are fake. There may not be any glue at all and they can really be disassembled simply by snapping off a couple of small latches. But we are talking about real headphones, and they are tightly glued into a single whole and you cannot disassemble them without a scalpel.

The same goes for the protective metal mesh; there are videos on the Internet that you can pry them off with a needle or even the bristles of a toothbrush and disconnect them from the earphone. It is possible, but only for fakes. In the original Apple headphones, the grids are very tightly held in the case and it is impossible to get them out without damaging them.

Partially open Apple headphones

After you manage to break the glue layer, you can open the EarPods. Do not jerk them very hard in different directions, because they are indirectly interconnected by a wire. As you can see in the photo above, a driver and an insulating membrane are attached to the inside, a wire goes to the driver, which passes through the inside of the earphone. Thus, if you jerk the parts too hard in different directions, you will have a chance to tear the wire and disable the headphones.

How to Disassemble and Open Apple Earbuds from iPhone

Warning: Do not disassemble EarPods and Airpods by yourself! Even if you can put them together, they will no longer sound the same, due to damage to the special membrane that prevents sound from penetrating into the back of the earphone.

Parse the EarPods driver

Now let’s disconnect the driver and the protective film. By the way, EarPods have a paper driver membrane rather than a plastic one, which makes them sound more natural and even. But for the same reason, it is highly undesirable to expose headphones to water. There are rumors on the Internet that the headphones were washed in the washing machine, then dried and they play like new. Yes, with some luck, EarPods can remain functional after washing, but the sound quality will drop. Paper is paper, and once wet, it will no longer be what it used to be.

Why you need to disassemble Apple headphones

If the headphones are in good working order, then you need to disassemble the headphones for only one purpose. to clean the protective nets from earwax, dust and dirt accumulated on them. If a lot of debris accumulates on the mesh, the sound will stop passing through it normally and you will feel that one of the headphones is playing quieter than the other. Of course, this situation is unpleasant, which is why they want to disassemble the headphones.

However, just for cleaning the EarPods, you can do without a complete disassembly. You just need to have some handy tools to clean the external protective mesh and get back the original volume level of the headphones.

But if you are very interested in what is hidden inside the headphones for iPhone, I will show you in the photos so that you do not disassemble your own headphones.

The design of the driver and membrane of disassembled headphones from the iPhone

Now that we have completely disassembled the Apple headphone driver, we can take a look at the driver itself and the membrane with the coil. The coil is attached to the membrane and, when assembled, is immersed in the magnetic field of the permanent magnet of the driver. The photo shows the membrane and the driver from both sides.

There is nothing else inside the earphone, except for the insulating membrane. These are regular EarPods, not Airpods, no electronics or additional sensors.

How to disassemble the earphone

Each earphone has two main parts and they are glued together with glue. which makes it difficult to parse.

In order to disassemble the earpiece, first of all we pass the edge of a knife or blade along the joint of the parts in a circle:

For the sake of clarity, I will call the silver part in front of the speaker the front wall. and the back white part with the earcup.

1.1 Disassembling the Beats Studio Wireless and Beats Solo Wired Headphones

Remove the cover from the battery compartment. It is located on the left side of the earpiece. To do this, carefully turn it counterclockwise. You also need to remove the pads. It’s easy to do. click on them from the side and separate from the speaker.

We now see two speakers. To disassemble the earphone further, we need to carefully remove them. To do this, take a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the screws and take out the speakers.

Next we see two wires coming from the speaker (soldered to it). In order to remove the speaker itself, we need to carefully unsolder them.

After removing the speakers, you should have an arc and a side case (spoons). In one of the headphone cases, you will see a board. You need to carefully remove it. This must be done from the side of the speaker itself. Behind the speaker, you will see a plastic mount held in place by two bolts. To remove the board, we need to unscrew these bolts, then both the board and the mount itself can be easily removed.

Now you need to unsolder all the wires soldered to the board.

Separate the side case of the earphone from the arc.

To do this, first unscrew the bolts on the arc itself, then on the body. Then gently bend the inside of the case from the outside (they are held on latches).

After that, calmly remove the necessary wires from the bifurcated case. You will have one arc left.

Now the headphones can be considered practically disassembled. If you wish, you can unscrew 4 more screws and detach the rubber bands from the latch to completely disassemble the arc. But, if you only need the wire from the arc, then it can be removed without problems immediately after completing step 7.

The headphones are assembled back in the same way.

How to disassemble AKG headphones

In the vast majority of cases, the cause of a headphone malfunction is a broken wire near the connector. however, it also happens that the wire breaks at the input to the earphone. It also happens that you need to disassemble the earphone for some kind of mod. This is not always as easy as it seems. The article will show you how to disassemble a vacuum earphone similar to a standard Samsung headset and not only.

How to disassemble vacuum headphones

Consider the analysis of droplets using the example of Philips vacuum headphones.

  • Gently pry the silicone ear pads with a screwdriver (you can use a file or nails) and remove them.
  • We take a clerical knife and carefully cut a seam, after which we move the halves of the case with a screwdriver.
  • If there is a need to remove / replace the speaker, then carefully solder the wires and disconnect the speaker:
  • The headphone mesh can be easily pulled out by prying it with a thin needle:

That’s all. The earpiece is disassembled. Also assembled in the reverse order. Only the previously glued parts will have to be glued again.

How to disassemble vacuum headphones:

1.2 Wired Beats Solo HD

Removing the ear pads. To do this, turn them counterclockwise. The pads can be glued on, so to remove them you need to grab a scalpel and carefully separate the pads from the body.

Now you need to remove the two speakers. To do this, take a Phillips screwdriver and remove the screws. Gently pull out the speakers themselves.

Now carefully solder the wires from the speakers.

After that, we were left with only the arc and the side case with the wires sticking out of it. Now take a scalpel or flathead screwdriver and bend the inside of the case from the outside (they are attached with a latch).

After bifurcating the side case, carefully pull out the wire. We only have an entire arc.

If you want to disassemble it, then unscrew 4 screws on it and detach the rubber bands from the latch.

The headphones are assembled back in the same way.

We disassemble the earphone into parts

Now we are trying to disconnect. if you don’t want to, then we crunch a little more and again try to disconnect)

It is better to do this with a scalpel or an all-metal knife, a paper knife will not work. it can fly apart, which is quite dangerous.

In the process of disconnection, it is best to act as shown in the photo. hold on to the outlet of the bowl and with a knife, resting on your fingers, push out the front wall. I strongly advise against pulling the sound guide with your fingers (a white thing sticking out of the front wall on which the ear cushion is worn) it is quite easy to break it off, and break it off so that you cannot restore it later.

That’s all. In such a simple way, you can open the headphones. This option is suitable not only for vacuum plugs but also for shells.

Well, then you can turn the mod, for which these ears were sorted out

In this article, we will take a closer look at how to disassemble headphones of different designs (including wireless) using the example of popular brands (JBL, Sony, Samsung, etc.)

  • Full-size on-ear headphones, as exemplified by wireless Bits and wired Sony;
  • Vacuum headphones using Phillips as an example;
  • Earbuds (Apple EarPods);

Why press like that at all?

We figured out how to push, now let’s figure out why to push. The front wall is glued to more often with some kind of Chinese super-glue. This glue is very strong, but at the same time fragile. When squeezed with pliers, you will hear a slight crackling sound. If you can hear it, then you should not press harder, otherwise the earpiece itself will crunch. In this manner, gently squeeze in a circle along the joint.

How to disassemble iPhone headphones

This fall, Apple released an updated iPhone and iPod, next in line is the iPad mini, which means that soon all these stylish gadgets will be disassembled by all kinds of specialists. We will not only see the internals of the new products, but also learn more about their characteristics, since Apple in this regard is stingy with information. The first to be dismantled were the new bundled headphones already on sale. EarPods.

Opening EarPods

The new remote is equipped with a microphone and three rocker buttons. Outwardly, it differs from the previous generation remote control. The wires on both sides of the console are much better protected from kinks.

Looking at the next photo, you might think that there is no microphone hole at all. This is true. Even in previous generation headphones, the grille was decorative and only served to let users know where to talk. Now it has been replaced with a microphone icon.

Autopsy is best with a pick.

The remote control consists of two plastic covers (top and bottom), a flexible board, an elastic band with buttons and a metal plate.

Repair Apple iPhone Earpods/Earphones or repair any earphones| no fake techniques

The plate has a hole for the microphone.

The flexible board houses the microphone itself and one unidentified circuitry. Chipworks thinks it’s an analog-to-digital converter or volume control device.

The insides of the remote control are very different from the previous one, and it is less protected from moisture.

Carefully open the headphones with a scalpel. EarPods do not have latches, parts of the “drops” are glued.

The internal structure of the EarPods looks quite expected. As with third-party “droplets”, it uses a diaphragm, voice coil and magnet.

New for EarPods is a paper membrane instead of a plastic one. This will have the best effect on the low and mid frequencies.

whats in Earpods? Earpods disassembly.

On the

Top down on

What Apple has done well is the durability of the earbuds. After disassembly and repair, none of the headphones will sound as before, so this is a very important parameter. EarPods are well protected from moisture and proved to be quite durable, and the problem of kinks in the wire was also taken care of.

It remains to wait for the first analysis of the iPhone 5, iPod touch and nano. And in October, the iPad mini should be announced

How to clean the mesh of your Airpods?

You can easily try cleaning your Airpods yourself. Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to clean the cabinet. Then clean the microphone and speaker grids with a dry cotton swab and remove any dirt from the grids with a clean, dry soft brush. The main thing is to make sure that there is no liquid in the openings of the headphones! 23 May 2019.

How to clean wax from iPhone headphones?

Lightly dampen a cotton swab with peroxide and wipe the surface of the mesh. In this case, you need to be careful so that excess moisture does not get inside the headphone case. Do not wet the stick too much. Then you need to wait a while until the peroxide dissolves the earwax.

How to clean the ear pads of your headphones?

How to clean the silicone ear pads of in-ear headphones

In the usual case, silicone ear pads are washed in running water without the use of detergents. Any, even serious, dirt can be easily washed off with water. If water does not help, you can use regular soap.

What to do if dropped Airpods into water?

If you are unlucky and you have dropped your Airpods into water or are exposed to heavy rain, it is recommended to do the following manipulations:

  • Wipe the headphones / case with a microfiber cloth and wait until they dry;
  • Turn the case with the lid down, open the lid itself;

What to do if water gets into Airpods?

If you are caught in a heavy downpour or dropped your Airpods into water, then the headphones must be removed from the case, wiped dry with a cloth or napkin, and left to dry on a towel. For complete confidence, you can put headphones in rice at night.

How to remove the iPhone case properly?

Even with a more durable material, you must be careful to remove the case from the iPhone without damaging it: Gently bend the left side of the case (starting from the top left corner, holding it down to the bottom left). This will allow you to pull the cover out of the “grooves” and release it on one side.

Why does the microphone not work on Airpods?

Before determining the cause of the broken Airpods microphone, check if the headphone output is working. To do this, you need to turn on the music; phone settings are down. If the microphone does not work for this very reason, it is enough to activate it by pressing the Mute key.