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The touchpad does not work on the laptop? 5 ways to solve TouchPad

Touchpad centuries.old feature, has long replaced alternative mouse control. With the help of it, we can completely control our device, whether it is a laptop or a hybrid tablet. Many laptops (Acer, ASUS, HP, LENOVO, DELL) have problems during the operation of the touchpad. What to do if the touchpad does not work on the laptop in Windows 10? We will analyze 5 ways to eliminate this problem.

One story happened with me when I turned on Wi-Fi on a laptop and accidentally turned off the touchpad touch panel. For a long time I was looking for the reason, not immediately realizing what happened. It turned out everything simple, in the laptops there is a button of additional functions called fn with the left from the bottom of the keyboard. To turn on some function on the laptop, clamp the combination of FN and F1 buttons. F12. On the same F1-F12 buttons, pictures or symbols for applying the parameter are drawn. For example, in order to turn on the touchpad, you need to click FNF7, on the F7 button will be the image of a type of touch panel. You can press all the buttons in order fnf1. F12, but remember that there is a display turning off function, click on the buttons on which the screen went out.

On some HP brand laptops, the touchpad turns on and turns off, with a double touch along the edge of the sensory panel itself. On the brands ASUS and Acer there may be a separate button next to the touch panel. If the touchpad still does not work, then we are moving on.

Removing other mouse drivers

There are times when you have a whole bunch of drivers from different mouse devices in the past and you never removed them. Some drivers from mouse manufacturers, themselves automatically turn off the touchpad. Go to the device manager by pressing the combination of Winr buttons and enter in the DevmgMt line.MSC.

Find the line pointing to mice and other indicating devices, click on the label to push the category and delete all the mouse drivers in order, until the touchpad starts to work on your laptop. If you haven’t earned, try to restart the system after removing all the drivers. The touchpad has not earned? Moving to the next point.

How to enable and disable TouchPad through the device manager

The touchpad on the laptop can be turned on and disabled through the device manager. For this:

  • Press Winx and select the device manager
  • Expand the mouse column and other indicating devices
  • Press the TouchPad with the right mouse button and turn off the device or turn on

How to disable and enable TouchPad in Windows 11/10

To enable and disable the touchpad on a laptop with Windows 11 and 10:

Windows 11: Open the Bluetooth parameters and the touch panel device and turn off or turn on the touchpad using a slider.

Windows 10: Open the parameters of the device touch panel and turn off or turn on the touchpad.

How to turn off the touchpad on different brands of laptops

Before you climb into the register and understand the intricacies of the system settings, you should try to solve the problem with sensory input with the simplest methods. Then we will consider the most common (and working!) Ways to turn off the touchpad for cars from the most popular brands.

Most often, you can turn off the touchpad in ASUS by a combination of keys FN and F7 (or F9). Indication of settings changes is displayed on the screen.

The HP company tries to make the life of its customers easier, therefore, in many modern models of laptops from this company, the sensor is disconnected by a special double touch of the upper left angle of the sensor.

Determine whether it is possible to disconnect the touchpad on the HP laptop in this way is very simple: if there is no special icon with a touchpad on the F1-F12 keys, then the shutdown with a double slippage is valid. If it is present, you should use this button in combination with FN.

Another method available to owners of models from HP: press on the upper left corner of the touchpad and hold a finger on it for at least 5 seconds. This option is available only in laptops with a pre.installed OS, since such superstructures are not included in the standard Windows supply kit.

Here is a small guide for those who want to know how to turn off the touchpad in Dell laptops with OS Windows version at least

disable, touch, panel, laptop
  • Open the settings of the touch panel (in the search line “Start” enter the “touch panel”).
  • Disconnect the sensor using a special switch (if any).
  • If there is no such switch, enter the menu “Additional mouse parameters”.
  • Activate the Dell Sensor Panel and click on the sensor image.
  • Find the touch panel activity switch there.
  • Save changes.

For Windows systems, whose version is below 8.1, follows:

  • Go to the “Dell Sensor Panel” tab and click on a picture with a touch panel.
  • Turn on or disable the touchpad using a slider.
  • Save the entered settings.


Before you turn off the touchpad on the Lenovo laptop, find the desired icon on the keyboard. Combinations that work for Lenovo laptops most often: F5 or F8 in combination with FN.

ASER company prefers stability, so if you do not know how to disable the touch screen on the Acer laptop, try FN F7. Most models of their production use this combination.

In this article, we tried in a simple and understandable language to tell about such a complex and multifaceted process as turning off the touchpad on the laptop. Use one of our advice and make your life even a little easier and more convenient!

disable, touch, panel, laptop

In Windows 10 parameters

Press the Win i keys on the keyboard and in the parameters go to the “Devices” section.

In the left column, open the “touch panel” section and in the right turn off the point of the same name. You can also turn it on, only the slider must be put in an active position.

Through the dispatcher of the devices

Press the Win R keys at the same time and enter the command. DEVMGMT.MSC

In the devices dispatcher opened, open the “Mouse and other indicating devices”. Find the device here with the word TouchPad or Pointing, click on it with the right mouse button and turn off.

Important! In some cases, it can simply be called a HID-compatible mouse or PS/2 mouse. In this case, you will have to turn off the poke method. If you accidentally turn off the mouse itself, then just open the device by pressing the Enter key, switch to the Driver tab and turn it on back. To move on points. press the Tab key.

Hardware or touch button

Also, to turn off the touchpad, you can use hardware. On many models of laptops, a special button is placed next to the touchpad to turn it off. If there is such a button, then you just need to click on it.

If there is no separate hardware button, then maybe there is a touch button on the touchpad itself. Typically, such a button is marked with a point. In order to turn off the touchpad using a touch button, you just need to press it twice in a row (double click).

In some cases, to turn off the touchpad, you just need to press twice along the left upper corner of the touch panel. This disconnection method works in laptops from HP.

FN button on the keyboard

On laptops there is a functional key FN. It uses to turn on and disconnect the various functions of the laptop. If there is no button on the laptop to turn off the touchpad, then there should be a combination of keys with the FN button. which implements this function.

Below we will consider the key combinations that are used on laptops of various manufacturers.

Using programs

And finally, another way to turn off the touchpad. For these purposes, there are special utilities. There are few of them and some of them may not work on senior versions of Windows. The most popular of them is TouchPad Blocker. After installation, this small free program settles in the system tray, automatically blocking random presses on the touch panel.

In the TouchPad Blocker settings, you can turn on the automatic loading, set the time to block the touchpad and set the necessary “hot” keys for this.

TouchFreeze. a utility for blocking the touchpad used before the appearance of Windows XP. It is very unlikely that she will work in Windows 7/10, but as an option, you can try it and. The utility is completely deprived of any settings, is included in the work immediately after installation. You can close it from the system tria.

TouchPad Pal is a similar functionality to Touchfreeze program, it only turns off the touchpad at the time of entering the text. Sets deprived of settings, is controlled from the field of notifications.

If the tools described above do not suit you, try installing the Synaptics TouchPad Driver driver. In theory, after installing it in the properties of the mouse, you should have an additional tab “The Parameters of the device”, and in it. the control tools of the touch panel. By and large, the TouchPad Driver serves the same purposes as the Microsoft Windows driver controls, but it also offers a number of additional opportunities, supporting the shutdown of the touchpad, the use of three fingers during control, rotation and some other functions.

How to turn off the touchpad through the “Device Manager

If desired, you can get rid of the driver’s driver and turn off the device through the corresponding menu. To do this, perform a few simple actions:

disable, touch, panel, laptop
  • Pick up the key combination “Winr”.
  • In the window opened, enter “Devmgmt.MSC “without quotes and press the” OK “button. The “Device Manager” will display on the screen.
  • Find and open in the list of devices the item “Mouse and other indicating devices”.
  • Find the touch panel, click on it PKM and use the “Disable device” item. Please note that the name of the touchpad may vary depending on its model. Most often found “Synaptics. Also, the touch panel can be in the “HIMAN Interface Devices)” device) “. In this case, it is necessary to disable the HID-compatible touch panel device.

If the panel does not turn off, then you can experiment at your own peril and risk: disconnect in the presence of another device in the sections “mouse and other indicating devices” and “HID devices (Human Interface Devices)”. Nothing terrible will happen, so if an attempt is an unsuccessful attempt, the user will be able to turn it on in the same way. The indicated example will allow you to turn off the touch panel forever.

How to disable the touchpad in BIOS

There is another way to turn off the touch panel on laptops. In this case, the user needs to go to BIOS before loading the system. To do this, take a few steps:

Replace Screen on HP Laptop 15.6 inch

  • Reload the laptop.
  • When restarting the device, press the DEL or F2 key until the device is turned on and download the Windows operating system. Most often, the button necessary for turning on the BIOS is displayed at the bottom of the screen. In some cases, CTRLF2, FNF2, CtrLaltDel, or CtrLaltesc key combinations are suitable.
  • After starting the BIOS, go to the “Advanced” section.
  • Open the Internal Pointing Device and switch it to the Disabled position.
  • In the “Save Exit” section (F10 key), keep the changes and restart the laptop.

The specified method will disconnect the touchpad forever. Please note that in this case, for its inclusion, you will have to go to BIOS again and switch the Internet Pointing Device to the Enabled position. Also, some versions of BIOS may differ from each other. Our material indicates the most popular way to turn off the touchpad in BIOS.

How to turn off the touchpad on asus

On the ASUS laptops to turn off the touch panel, the “FN” keys “F9” are used. Some models use other key combinations: “FN” “F7”, and sometimes: “FN” “F6”, “FN” “F3”. In most cases, a crossed touchpad is drawn on a functional key.

Convenient Windows 10 System capabilities

The above thing, of course, is convenient. But let’s look in the eye: you always remember that you need to turn off ClickPad? If not, then, here is the recommendation from the official website of Hewlett-Packard. How to automatically shut off the touchpad when connecting a mouse via USB Windows tools.

  • To get started, we will sew in search (Win 10) “Turning on or off the touch panel” and in the results we will choose the proposed option.
  • Before us is a beautiful window in which we can slightly include a touchpad. If you move the slope “touch panel” to the OTL state. Then this will give us a complete shutdown of the touchpad.
  • If you leave that switch in place, and below remove the checkbox “Do not turn off the touch panel when connecting the mouse”. Then both manipulators will work alternately, but at one time. When the mouse is connected, then the touchpad will turn off and vice versa.

If you do not pay attention to my lyrical digressions, then the implementation of this operation to turn off the touchpad should take you no more than a minute.

Your own way to BIOS

I wanted to finish it already. After all, the remaining method of deactivation of the sensor through BIOS is the same as in other models (judging by navigation in the menu). Choose “Advanced”, looking for “Internal Pointing Device” and deactivate this device. In Russified UEFI, everything is easier, and more understandable.

But, there is one “but”. the entrance to the system settings in the HP is carried out by “its” keys:

  • If your equipment is released until 2008 to enter the BIOS, you need to click “F10”;
  • For later PC during rebooting, you first need to intensively work with the ESC button. And then calmly click “F10” and go to BIOS.

This is all that “changing it” to the owners of these laptops. I hope I helped you solve the question of how to turn off the touchpad on the HP laptop.

In the meantime, I wish you all good luck and say goodbye until new meetings on the pages of my blog.