How to disable updates on huawei?

Scroll to the bottom and move the slider to the right or put the bird in front of the “hide notifications” option or disable (also depends on the Android version). Now we return to the list of applications and do the same for the “Update” and “Google Play” service. turn off the notifications in both.

How to Disable Android Application Update

  • Open the Play Market application.
  • Click on the menu button on the left at the top.
  • Select “Settings” (Depending on the screen size, you may need to scroll down the downstream).
  • Click on “Auto-updating applications”.
  • Select the appropriate update option.

How to prohibit android updated automatically

Personally, I would advise everyone to disable automatic update to be able to decide on your own, you want to install one or another patch or not. The fact is that sometimes updates are designed to sleep and as a result violate the work of smartphones. Practice shows that most often it happens to the devices of Chinese manufacturers. For example, Xiaomi, something and the case produces updates, which are introduced by company smartphones of the company in an endless reboot, they simply interfere with the work of certain functions of the gadget.

As for innovations that carry upgrades, almost all of them can be obtained by installing the appropriate application from Google Play. About traffic that consume updates and there is nothing to say. Often, the weight of updates may exceed 1 GB, the purchase of which on the tariffs of some operators can fly to you in a penny. Well, and final, it is, of course, a reboot that accompanies the installation of the update. Smartphone don’t care what you do. If he decides that he needs to perform the rear, so that the patch gets smoothly, he will do it, regardless of your will.

How to disable updates on the phone Huawei and Honor

Deactivation of such an option is needed for those who use the mobile Internet. In this case, the phone uncontrollamatically spends a lot of traffic, which is quite expensive, especially if you have a limit on the number of gigabytes used. To remove updates on the Honor and Huawei phone, use this instruction:

Thus, if the owner of the phone is needed to establish an improved version of some software, you will have to do this manually through the appropriate section of the Play Market.

Application Update Settings

The execution guide is quite understandable:

Saving this parameter, you save your traffic. Reinstalling will not start while you use a limited mobile signal. It will only be held when you connect to the access point, and take a fairly powerful stable signal.

Disable android update

Separate theme. Android operating system upgrade. New images go on it not so often, and when the developer produces such a utility, the message comes to the status bar. There it is possible to either accept or reject. The whole process is fully automated, so nothing will be needed anymore. Generally abandon the offer to reinstall the smartphone shell on a newer. impossible.

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How to disable auto-update only for individual applications

If you do not need to disable auto-update immediately for all applications, you can manually specify those applications that should not be updated automatically.

To do this, open the Play Market Application Store and find an application there that should not be updated. After that, you need to open the application page in Play Market and click there on the button with three dots (the right upper screen of the screen).

After that, a menu will appear with one single auto-update function. Uncheck the mark on this function and you will disable auto-update for this specific application.

In order to enable auto-update back, you will need to go to the application page in the Play Market and set this mark.

Why you need to disable updates?

Is it worth it to turn off this feature at all, you ask? After all, if an updated version of OS or the program came out, it must be downloaded, yes? In fact, everything is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, and here are a few weighty arguments:

  • Not every “new version” application works better than the same. As a rule, in the most recent updates, there are many mistakes, bugs and shortcomings, and only then correct them in the following firmware.
  • For many applications, you can not download updates, t.To the list of innovations and corrections too small. So that the system does not constantly download excess content, you need to turn off the automatic download of updates and check the list of added functions in each program, and then decide whether to download them or not.
  • Not all smartphones can “painless” upload in the background update mode. This is an additional load on the processor, especially if you have a huge number of different services, games and programs already installed on your phone. Very often there are situations when something is once again loaded something, and the user comes a message or an incoming call to which, unfortunately, it cannot respond due to the device’s workload!

Therefore, before turning off the update on Android, weigh all the “for” and “against”, appreciate the ability of your smartphone and the tasks that you put in front of him. Almost all versions of Android, if you take at least 2.2, have special items in the settings in the update control menu.

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Hi all! Bought here Honor 7C half a month ago, at the end of July 2019. I really liked the device! Response. Lightning, the sound struck me at all (of two speakers rusted chic and volumetric stereo sound)! But now is not about it. Applications put little during this time. At the beginning of the system update, then all applications were updated via Wi-Fi almost every day! But the most interesting beginning to happen in the last week. Phone in the increasing began to shy. At first, I didn’t pay much attention, but the last days began to happen here: just something to call had to wait quite a long time with each click of those or other keys, view mail or sms. also had to wait, and today I began to hang! After reading and making what they recommend on this site (disabled all system updates and applications), my phone began to fly as a new one, although it would be strange to call it old if he was a month! Thank you very much workers in this site. I recommend to everyone! But this is only my situation and with other phones I do not know what will happen!? Thanks again!

Ways to disable application updates

In addition to the system, updates come for applications. Despite the fact that they are noticeably less in memory separately, together weigh more than any kernel.

With an emergency lack of memory, this question must be solved quickly, otherwise you will have to clean the cache of each application subsequently manually or, even worse, to search for their outdated or Lite versions.

Through Google Play

Open Google Application Store, click on your avatar and open “Settings”. Tap to “General” and set to “Disable” to “Auto-Up.

You can still increase the application version, you can still be through the list of applications in Google Play, but now this process will not be automatically.

Turn off updates via appgallery

For owners and permanent users of AppGallery, the disabling process of the corresponding function is similar to Google’s competitor.

Open the AppGallery application, go to the bottom in the “I” section. Below, select “Settings” and disable auto-update applications in the appropriate menu.

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“How to disable updates on Android Huawei and Honor?”- a serious question for many users who feel irritation from permanent gadget alerts. They significantly reduce device performance. Developers are interested in the gadget worked without failures. The device independently improves the application versions than the mobile traffic spends and takes memory. But allows you to use only new versions of games and important programs without manual installation. For convenience, they can be controlled. How to do this in this article.

How will Honor smartphones be updated

Even with system updates in the devices on Harmony OS not everything is clear. Considering that Huawei has already deceived everyone several times, it’s not worth waiting for something incredible. Most likely, security updates for Harmony OS will not release, prehasting that this is the privilege of only Android smartphones, and to update the Harmony OS itself more often than once a year can hardly be able to. As a result, users will lose a lot, because the same Spectra applications like Google, Huawei has no.

And if you have a new Honor, he is shining at all all the updates characteristic of other smartphones

But there is another Honor, which has now become an independent company and is no longer susceptible to American sanctions. It can produce smartphones that will work on a full-fledged Android, and therefore will receive all the updates that are due to everyone else. Another thing is that so far independent Honor has not released a single smartphone who would work with Google services, so that it is especially about what.

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