When the computer is turned on, the browser with the site opens how to remove?

This problem appears suddenly. You start your computer, the usual Windows is loaded, after which suddenly, without any of your actions, the browser starts that launches any advertising page. This behavior of your PC causes bewilderment, especially in the case when you have not encountered a similar earlier. The causes of what happened are usually associated with a malicious program that has fallen on your computer in various ways. Below we will analyze why when the computer is turned on, a browser with the site starts, and how to eliminate the problem that has arisen.

Typically, this problem appears after installing any third-party program on a computer. For example, after installing any pirate repack with a game. You can meet with the arbitrary launch of your browser, opening any advertising (or even porn) site at the next time Windows.

Another option is the user transition on a suspicious link after which a third.party program is installed on your computer. After starting it, the computer can begin to behave in a strange way. For example, a browser is spontaneously launched, during sewing, additional windows open on the Internet, unknown programs are downloaded and installed themselves and install.

Typically, the launch of a browser with the site is associated with the initial malware, which prescribed the autorol of your browser in the PC register. This program also added various addresses as a home page of the browser, to which it should go when starting. Such pages usually reflects various types of advertising and invitations to go to dubious links.

How to turn off the auto.loading of Yandex Browser

As I said, the Avtings of the Yandex Browser is useful, but not everyone needs a function. Therefore, you can disable the auto.loading of Yandex Browser in the settings of the program itself. To do this, do the following:

  • Open the browser;
  • Go to the settings. for this, click on the icon with three lines on the top panel and select the “settings” in the menu that appears;
  • Then go to the system settings and in the “Automobiles and Brown Regime” section, select the “Never” option under the paragraph “Open the browser window at the start of Windows”;

This is how you can turn off the auto.launch of the Yandex Browser when you turn on the laptop or computer.

How to stop the opening of Chrome when starting Windows 10

Some Windows 10 users are annoyed by the fact that their Google Chrome browser opens automatically at each system launching. The attached users are actively looking for a method that will prevent the launch of a web browser after each loading sequence. The process of preventing the opening of Chrome at each start may seem simple, but some of the touched users reported that the Chrome process is still automatically launched even after they turned off the automatic launch through the browser settings and from the tasks dispatcher.

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Google Chrome opens automatically

What causes the automatic opening of Google Chrome?

We have studied this specific problem by studying various user reports and recovery strategies that were deployed by the most vulnerable users to prevent the opening of Google Chrome with each launch of the system.

Based on what we collected, there are several different reasons why this problem will arise in Windows 10 with Google Chrome:

  • Chrome can be launched at each start of the main reason why Chrome starts with each launch, is that this is allowed by the Windows launch controller. If your Chrome Assembly is quite old, you can prevent the browser starting at every start by turning off its launch key.
  • Chrome is configured to get the default tabs Google Chrome is configured to re.open all closed tabs at each browser launch. Fortunately, you can quite easily change this behavior by changing certain settings.
  • Chrome is configured to launch background applications if your browser is allowed to launch background applications, you may notice that some processes associated with the browser are launched automatically with each system launch. In this case, you can solve the problem by opening the “Settings” menu and forbidden to launch the background applications Chrome.
  • Startupapproved Elements force Chrome to open if you are the victim of the hijacker of the browser or mistakenly set some dubious PUPs (potentially undesirable programs), you have some elements approved for launching that force Chrome to open when each launch. This can be fixed using the registry editor to clean unknown launch keys.
  • The rapid closure of the tab / window includes one specific experimental function in Chrome, which, as you know, causes this specific problem. If you turn on the fast closing of the window / tab in the “Experimental Functions” window, it must be turned off if you want Chrome to not open with each system launch.
  • Chrome was hacked by malicious software, you may also face this problem if you are dealing with malicious programs. It is known that some browser hijackers periodically force Chrome to open users, trying to direct the user to certain malicious websites.

If you are currently trying to solve this specific problem and prevent the Google Chrome automatically launch at each start, in this article you will find several steps to eliminate problems.

Below you will find a set of methods that other users fighting with the same problem were used to solve the problem. To achieve the best results, please follow the methods in the order in which they are presented.

Note: All methods given below can be reproduced in Chromium and Canary browsers.

Disconnect Chrome on the Automobile tab tab

If you are just starting to look for ways to prevent Chrome opening with each launch of the system, this should be your first stop. You must start your quest, making sure that Windows is not able to stop the process on your own. The Automobile Boat tab is a wonderful menu in situations where you want the program not to use your system resources at every startup.

Here is a brief guide to the Google Chrome shutdown on the Automobile tab:

  • Click Windows key R Open Run the Dialog box. Then enter “MSCONFIG” and click Open the Configuration of the Screen. Launch of the MSCONFIG utility
  • Inside the system configuration, select start the tab and click on the opening of the task manager. /Opening of the tasks dispatcher through the configuration of the system
  • If you have not been accepted directly to the start of the tab, click on it yourself. Then scroll down to the application list and click the Google Chrome with the right mouse button. Then click on the prohibition to prevent the start of the Google Chrome process during the following system launches. Disconnecting the starting process of Google Chrome
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If you have already tried this method unsuccessfully or Google Chrome is absent in the list of auto loading elements, go to the next method below.

Chrome prevention to pick up where you stopped

If you are worried about the fact that Chrome automatically opens all your last open pages at every launch of the browser, there is a quick solution for this. Remember that Chrome by default is configured to save and automatically receive tabs, which were left open at the last closure of the browser.

Fortunately, changing behavior by default is quite easy. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Google Chrome and press the action button in the upper right corner of the screen (action button).
  • In the menu that appears, click on the settings from the list.
  • In the settings menu, scroll down to the start tab.
  • As soon as you get there, change the switch C Continue, where you stopped in open a new tab page.
  • There is no need to maintain a configuration. You just need to close Google Chrome, and the settings will be saved.

How to disable auto.launch Firefox

In this small article, I will show how to disable the auto.launch Firefox. You can prohibit the browser’s water load in different ways: in the browser itself, in the Windows loading and using group politicians.

Disable Firefox autonave in a browser

Open Firefox and a new tab panel. Click Enter.

  • You can get a notification with the inscription “Your guarantee!””. A warning page may appear.
  • Click I take the configuration page.
  • In the search bar, enter Toolkit.WINREGISTRAPPLICATIONSTART and twice click it.

Changes come into force immediately. There is no need to restart firefox. This will prevent automatic launch of Firefox.

Delete Firefox from Windows Automatic loading

  • Click the right mouse button on the taskbar and select the task manager.
  • Switch to Start-up and find Firefox.
  • Click the right mouse button on it and select disconnect.

You can also use the application so as not to open applications when starting.

Remove Firefox from auto loading through group politicians

Group policy disconnect Firefox when starting

  • Enter in the invitation GPEDIT.MSC and press input.
  • Group policy editor will open.
  • Go to the user configuration Administrative templates system entry into the system.
  • Check if you can start with the entrance to Windows.
  • If so, delete it.
  • Save and go out.

Now you know how to disable Firefox automatic starting when downloading Windows and, if necessary, delete other programs installed in Windows.

Registry editor

There are several sections in the system registry, from which the programs start with the operating system.

  • Instead of the “computer”, insert hkey_current_user \ software \ microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVERSION \ RUN instead of “computer” and go to the branch.

Do not be alarmed by Googlechrome, Yandex.Browser is assembled with him on the same engine, therefore it has a lot in common. In the line “meaning” or properties you can see to which file the recording refers.

disable, browser, auto, launch, turn

Now get rid of the service for automatic updating.

  • Go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlset \ Services \ YandexbrowService and Change the Start key to 3.

At the next time you launch a computer Yandex.The browser and its components will be disconnected.

Automatic load

Another way to disable the launch of the Yandex Browser when turning on the computer is to remove the program from the automatic loading of the operating system (that is, with the standard tools of Windows itself).

For this, enough (for the example of Windows 10):

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How to Block all Adult sites with single setting in 2022

  • Run the Windows Tasks Manager (use the CtrLaltDel key combination or click with the right mouse button using the Start button → Select the corresponding item);
  • In the dispatcher open the “Automobile” tab → Click the right mouse button on “Yandex” → Disable.

After that, Yandex Browser will no longer open at the start of the system (it does not matter what is indicated in the browser settings).

How to Stop any [ Browser Opening Automatically ] Simple Step


This method consists in changing the configuration of the system through the MSConfig utility.

  • Open the Start menu on the computer, enter the MSCONFIG in the search query and click on the Enter keyboard.
  • Next, the system configuration window opens, inside which we go to the “Automobile” tab “. Next, we are looking for the line “Yandex” and remove the box to disable the browser autonomus.

If the “Yandex” lines are not at all in the auto start of the system, then, most likely, the autost of all is already disconnected, or hidden as a virus. Next, we consider another way to turn off the auto.launch of Yandex Browser.

Yandex Browser opens when downloading a computer. how to disable

There is already an instruction on this site that sets out information on the shutdown of the automatic reception of programs when the computer is turned on on Windows. But because of the policy of the arbitrariness of Yandexes, I just can’t pass by and duplicate this article.

So what to do if Yandex Browser opens when downloading a computer, how to disable it? It all depends on the version of the operating system. For Windows 7, one instruction, for Windows 10. another. We will consider everything!

Yandex Browser is launched when the computer is turned on. how to disable it to Windows 10

Automobile loading of programs on the Windows 10 operating system is configured in the task dispatcher. Automobiles Yandex, respectively, is disconnected there too.

How to disable Yandex Browser when you turn on the computer (Windows 10):

After the actions done, opposite the “Yandex” point in the “state” line, “disconnected” should be displayed. If so, then you can reboot the computer and make sure that Yandex Browser will no longer open.

Yandex Browser is loaded when you turn on the computer. how to remove from a bus load on Windows 7

In the Windows 7 operating system, everything is slightly different. But also nothing complicated. The following actions must be performed:

After all the settings are made, a window will appear with a proposal to reload the PC. You can make it right away, but not necessarily.

There is a 3rd way to turn off the automatic launch of the Yandex Browser when turning on the computer-universal, which is suitable for any version of the operating system. And it consists in using the CCleaner program. You can read about it in this article.

How to disable the program for loading the Windows computer using CCleaner

On the network you can find specialized programs that allow you to disable the auto loading of unnecessary programs when you turn on the Windows computer.

How to disable the automatic loading of programs when you turn on the Windows computer using CCleaner:

At any time, you can cancel the ban on the launch of programs, just carry out feedback.