T9. what it is?

T9 is an auto-correction mode, or rather a prediction, used in typing. We can use it in different ways: as a way to remove errors or as a means for predicting words (just enter a couple of letters, the ending will be selected automatically. Of course, the system works imperfectly, in some smartphones it is better, in others it is worse. Samsung j5, Honor 7a and other budget class devices.

  • Who is the creator of T9? Cliff Kashler and Tegic Communications.
  • What does T9 mean in correspondence? If we see a similar record in Viber or another messenger, then the auto-correction mode is now active.
  • Can we disable T9 keyboards for Android? This function is provided by the developers.

How to turn off T9 on Android? Enabling the function

T9 is a controversial feature, on the one hand it speeds up the typing speed, on the other, it creates a lot of incorrect words, which are then inconvenient to edit. This is a pre-installed option. T9 mode is included in most smartphones, including Nokia, Meizu, Asus, Xiaomi, the entire line of Samsung Galaxy, etc. The technology is already 10 years old and during this time it has managed to cause a lot of dissatisfaction. All because of constant incidents with incorrect word substitution. Now we will figure out how to turn off T9 on Android. and touch on more minor issues related to the use of the mode.

How to disable T9 on Android?

There is one way to turn off AutoCorrect. It is implemented in a similar way on most smartphones, but the names of the items may differ slightly depending on the operating system and the keyboard installed.

How to remove T9 on Honor (for example, Honor 9 Lite with GBoard):

  • We open any application where we can enter text.
  • Click on the text line to bring up the keyboard.
  • Click on the image of the gear in the top panel of the keyboard.
  • Select the option “Text correction”.
  • Disable “Show hint string” and “Suggest words”. If you do not want to use auto-correction, turn off “Auto-correction”.

Not all devices are exactly the same, so there are several alternative situations worth considering:

  • How to disable T9 on a key phone? Go to the SMS creation menu, click on the “Functions” button and go to “T9 Settings”. It remains only to select “Predictive input”, and then. “Disable”.
  • How to disable T9 on Android (Samsung)? Open the “Settings” application and select the “Language and input” tab. Click on “Samsung Keyboard” and among the parameters, switch “Smart-dial” to “Disabled”.

How to bet t9?

If the default settings are set, there should be no questions like how to enable T9 on Android. However, if you have previously turned off the option and forgot about its location, this instruction may be quite appropriate.

  • Go to the settings section “Language and input”.
  • Open the “Samsung Keyboard” and look for the item “Smart Dial”.
  • In the column “Mode T9” set the value “Enabled”.

Since we cannot always install T9 on a phone using this method, an alternative guide may well come in handy. Its essence: go to the keyboard settings, open the “Text correction” page and activate the options for word suggestion and autocorrection.

How to set up T9 on your phone?

Important! Most keyboards collect user information and write frequently used words into a dictionary. There is not always a desire to leave a phrase for other people to see. In such a case, the question arises, how to clear T9 on Android ?

How to remove words from Android keyboard:

  • Open the settings by clicking on the gear in the keyboard.
  • Go to the “Dictionary” page.
  • Select the saved words and click on the “Delete” button.

We now know the basic techniques. How to disable T9 in WhatsApp on Android devices from different manufacturers. Finding the right guide will most likely work. If you are using a device with a different interface, we recommend looking for tabs that are similar in meaning. Most likely the shutdown principle will be the same.

How to disable T9 on an Android smartphone

Modern smartphones, for example. Samsung in its TouchWiz shell, can offer T9 fast input technology. The disadvantage of this input may be a small vocabulary that you use in everyday communication, because of this you will have a lot of mistakes and wasted time. If for some reason you have T9 activated, we recommend that you follow the steps below to disable it.

  • Open the “Settings” app on your smartphone.
  • Next, open the “Language and input” section. In which there will be settings for keyboards and voice input.
  • In the subsection “Keyboard and Input Settings” select the keyboard you are using (possibly: Default Keyboard).
  • Disable “T9 Mode” in your keyboard settings.

By following these instructions, you will be able to quickly and accurately enter text, which will increase your productivity and the pleasure of typing :-).

How to disable T9 and autocorrect on Android

Android smartphones have an automatic word prediction function, similar to the T9 typing technology, which helped speed up the typing of a message on a standard QWERTY keyboard. However, this function is not convenient for everyone and even increases the typing time to a greater extent. In this article, we will look at step-by-step instructions on how to disable T9 on Android and disable auto-correction. This is not difficult to do and will take very little time. But it will allow you not to return to incorrectly auto-replaced words in the text.

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How to turn off autocorrect on Android

Also, many today understand the word T9. autocorrect words when typing a text or message. As a rule, this function works correctly and in most cases fixes it correctly. But some device owners do not need this, so there is a desire to disable auto-correction on Android.

  • Open the “Settings” app on your smartphone.
  • Next, open the “Language and input” section.
  • In the subsection “Keyboard and Input Settings” select the keyboard you are using.
  • Entering the section go to the “Text correction” tab.
  • In the “Correcting text” subsection, disable auto-correction items, hints or other functions you do not need.

Here’s how easy it is to get rid of AutoCorrect and T9 on your Android smartphone. Do you use these functions in your device or have you disabled them? Share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Disable T9

Some modern smartphones still suggest using T9 for text input. In this case, the keyboard takes the form that is familiar to us from push-button mobile phones. But often, such a virtual keyboard does not have a rich vocabulary, which is why it picks up words incorrectly. As a result, the user gets upset and starts thinking about how to disable T9 on Android. And this is done very simply.

Attention: on some proprietary shells, the process of disabling T9 may differ. Our example is for TouchWiz. that is, for Samsung smartphones.

Go to “Settings”.

Go to the Language & Input section. It contains all the settings related to virtual keyboards and even voice input.

In the “Keyboard and Input Settings” tab, you must select the virtual keyboard that you are using. Which one you are using. you can find out by looking above, at the item “Keyboard by default”.

You are in the settings of the selected keyboard. Here look for the item “T9 mode”. Deactivate the switch next to it.

Please note: many virtual keyboards do not have T9 support. For example, Google Keyboard offers a QWERTY layout by default, so after installing this utility, you will not need to visit the settings. Yes, and on modern Samsung smartphones, the need to turn off T9 is extremely rare.

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How to Turn OFF Predictive Text and Auto Correction on All Samsung Galaxy Phones

How to disable T9 on Android?

At one time, we could not imagine working on a phone without T9. Writing text without this technology turned into a real torment. T9 in those days was absent only on super-budget devices. Now the situation has changed. The real T9 finds its place on smart gadgets less and less. The large screen allows you to use a full QWERTY keyboard instead. How to enable it. will be described in today’s material. We will also mention how to remove auto-correction.

Disable Auto Correction

Sometimes by the words “disable T9 on Android” the user does not mean the notorious technology, originally from the 90s, but autocorrect. The Android operating system in general and virtual keyboards in particular can automatically capitalize letters, dot and correct words. Sometimes the user doesn’t need all of this. You can easily turn off auto-correction.

Please note: this time we will show the steps on the example of “bare” Android. this is how you see the operating system on devices of the Nexus family.

Go to device settings.

Go to the section “Language and input”.

Now pay attention to the subsection “Keyboard and Input Methods”. Here select the virtual keyboard that you use to write text.

On the page displayed, click on the item “Text correction”.

Now you can turn off the auto-correction items you don’t need. So you can make the smartphone not capitalize the first letters in sentences. You can also turn off automatic word correction.

You can also disable auto-correction on your T9 phone in another way. To do this, just launch any application and bring up the keyboard. After that, click on the gear icon and in the window that opens, select “Text correction”.

This is where you can customize various typing options. For example, disable “Autocorrection” and “Hints”. Depending on the version of the application and other features of the device, the names of some items may differ.

This is how easily you can remove T9 mode from the keyboard designed by Google. In other similar applications, a similar method is used to disable auto-correction. And some virtual keyboards do not support this function at all.

How to disable T9 on Samsung

The T9 function is a special option that is already preinstalled in a tablet or smartphone. On the first push-button phones, T9 guessed words when pressing buttons with the desired characters (without having to make several clicks on one key). Manufacturers have revised the algorithm of the program today. Unlike the first versions, the modern T9 works more accurately. In this mode, the user is offered a choice of several variants of words and even the end of a sentence. In addition, work is being done to automatically correct errors.

Regardless, many users ask how to turn off T9 on Samsung. This happens when a person rarely types messages or texts, and the dictionary is not replenished with additional words.

To disable T9 on Samsung, follow these steps:

  • Enter Settings, and then go to the System category.
  • Find the Language & input section.
  • Click on the link Samsung Keyboard.
  • Switch to T9 mode.
  • To disable the option, move the toggle switch in the opposite direction. In this case, the lever should turn gray.

Another method to disable T9 on Samsung is to use the virtual keyboard. Here’s the algorithm:

  • Enter the application where you want to type text.
  • At the bottom, click on the gear sign.
  • In the window that appears, touch the T9 Mode toggle switch.

If you have new Samsung models at your disposal, the principle will be slightly different. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Go to Applications, and then Settings.
  • Enter the General Management section, and then Language and Input.
  • Click On-Screen Keyboard and then Samsung Keyboard.
  • Select Predictable text (T9), and then turn the toggle switch to the Disabled position.

After completing this work, you can enter words and sentences as usual. In this case, the T9 function is not activated. Many users note that such an option is inconvenient, because to use it you need to get used to it.

How to disable T9 on Samsung Android if you don’t use it?

When typing, some smartphone owners get in the way of the auto-detection function, and they wonder how to turn off T9 on Samsung. To do this, you can use one of the available solutions. make changes through the settings panel or using the virtual keyboard. Below we will consider each of the options.

Now you know how to remove T9 on Android in different Samsung Galaxy models. In the future, if you want to use this function again, you can turn it on. To do this, it is enough to go through the manipulations already discussed above and move the slider towards activation.

How to Turn off Autocorrect on SAMSUNG Device