How to disable screen time without password and Apple ID (recommended way)

FoneLab unlocker for iOS can help you disable screen time by restoring or deleting it. This is universal software that can also erase screen access code, remove Apple ID and unlock Touch ID and Face ID. What’s more, these operations don’t require a screen password or Apple ID for your devices.

  • Easily disable screen time limit without password or Apple ID.
  • Remove screen time password with simple clicks.
  • Supports all devices, models and versions of iOS.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.

FoneLab Helps you unlock iPhone screen, remove Apple ID or its password, remove screen time or password restriction in seconds.

disable, restrictions, iphone
  • Helps you unlock the iPhone screen.
  • Removes the Apple ID or its password.
  • Remove the screen time or password restriction in seconds.

Step 1 Download FoneLab Unlocker for iOS on your computer and run it. Connect your device to your computer via USB cable. Then click the Screen Time Button to detect your devices and automatically recognize your device’s information.

disable, restrictions, iphone

Step 2 Then press Start button to reset the screen time password. It takes you a few seconds. Wait a while and keep a stable connection between your device and your computer.

Step 3 After that, you will see the message “Obtaining restriction password successfully”. And your device’s screen time password code is shown below. You can use this password to turn off or reset the screen time right now.

Note. Don’t worry, we will NOT save your password.

This is a very easy way to remove or restore the screen time password that forces you to use the feature or quickly change settings again. If you still remember your Apple ID, you can also try the following steps.

FoneLab Helps you unlock iPhone screen, remove Apple ID or its password, remove screen time or restriction password in seconds.

  • Helps you unlock the iPhone screen.
  • Deletes Apple ID or its password.
  • Remove the screen time or restriction password in seconds.

Where are the “Restrictions” in iOS 12 on the iPhone?

With every new version of iOS, Apple developers move different menus and settings from their usual places. And users, of course, are not warned about it. And iOS 12 is no exception, with the “Restrictions” suddenly disappearing. At least they’re gone from their default location. Find the relocated “Restrictions“, however, is not difficult.

How to disable iPhone data saving mode

Your iPhone has what’s called “Data Saving Mode,” which is designed to cut down on the amount of traffic you use your cellular network. It may be useful in cases where there is a traffic restriction, but more often not: in this mode notifications may not come, synchronization tasks and other functions that require Internet access are stopped.

This tutorial details how to turn off data saving on your iPhone, as well as what to do if updates don’t arrive and the status of some apps doesn’t update even though data saving mode is turned off. A similar topic: How to turn off data economy on Android and Samsung Galaxy.

Configure the Privacy and Content Restrictions option

Be sure to select a password that is not the same as the one used to unlock the device. To change the passcode on your child’s device, go to the Settings menu Screen Time [your child’s name]. Then click Change Screen Time passcode or Disable Screen Time passcode and authenticate the changes with Face ID, Touch ID or device passcode.

If you’ve forgotten the restriction code password set in a previous version of iOS, or the password code for the Screen Time feature, delete all data from your device and set it up as new to remove the restriction code. When you restore your device, the old password is not deleted.

How to reset the restriction password on the latest versions of iPhone 13 and iOS 15

By setting a restriction password, you can lock certain apps or features on your iPhone. If you don’t enter the correct iPhone restriction password, you will be able to use all the features. However, if you forget the restriction password, you will also lock certain functions. During this time, you can reset the restriction password on your iPhone using the following solutions.

This article presents 6 ways to remove and reset the password of forgotten restrictions on iPhone. You can bypass password restrictions with third-party and default tools. Given that some people can’t remember the old restrictions password, here are 2 different types of resetting iPhone restrictions password. You can choose the best method to reset screen time password depending on your needs.

How to reset iPhone restriction password

To keep my iPhone more secure, I leave the restrictions enabled with a slightly complex password. I forgot my password unfortunately. Please any way to reset password restrictions? Thanks to!

Parents usually use restrictions to limit device access to their children and ensure that unauthorized access to important apps or important features is completely prevented. Such a powerful tool prevents other users from changing device settings, making in-app purchases or buying from the App Store, etc. Д. Can you imagine what would happen if you forgot the password restrictions on your iPhone, as the above circumstances? Can you reset a forgotten restriction password on your iPhone or iPad? What if I remember my password??

This is a separate settings item, where you can select which services and applications will be allowed and blocked access to the selected device. For example, you can easily restrict access to specific games, disable GPS, prohibit logging into the Apple Store without entering your password, use wireless networks, pay for purchases, and more.

This item is designed more for parents whose children own appliances from Apple. This is a kind of control, which will be carried out automatically.

Parental controls on iPhone and iPad

This instruction details how to enable and configure parental controls on the iPhone (methods will work for the iPad as well), what child permission management features are provided in iOS, and some other nuances that may be useful in the context of the topic at hand.

In general, the built-in restrictions in iOS 12 provide enough functionality that you do not need to look for third-party parental control programs for the iPhone, which may be required if you want to set up parental controls on Android.

Remove age restrictions in Apple Music in all ways!

All absolutely welcome! The first paragraph, out of habit, will be “water”. No, well, how else could it be?? After all, in “those Internet sites of yours,” it’s customary! At the beginning of the article, you should definitely talk about how great Apple Music is (because a huge number of people use it) and, my personal favorite, write a sentence like this

Many users may face the problem that on their favorite iPhone or iPad some songs will not play due to so-called age restrictions. What is going on?? How did this happen?? How to remove this very age limit in Apple Music?

Etcetera, etc. Sometimes you read such things and don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Well, now that I have talked, we will begin:)

I will be brief. The “error” itself looks like this.

What does this tell us? It’s simple iPhone or iPad tells us that the content (songs, podcasts, videos) uses profanity or other unpleasant material.

What to do? First, the standard actions:

  • Open “Screen Time Settings
  • Move to the “Content and Privacy” section.
  • Look for the item “Content restrictions“.
  • You may be required to enter the restriction password (what to do if you forgot it or just don’t know it)?).
  • Here we are interested in two items “Age limit” (select Russia) and “Music, podcasts, and news” (select with profanity-free content).

Everything. After this procedure (according to Apple’s logic) all restrictions on censorship will be removed.

So, “sometimes” there may be a bit of a problem. What’s the problem? Usual you have done everything as it should, but no luck music still does not play because of the “Age qualification” error.

  • Check the age you specified for the account. If your Apple ID is specified as a child’s age, you will not be able to access abnormal content.
  • Close the music app and restart your iPhone (a hard reset would be fine).
  • Log out of your Apple ID (iTunes Store and App Store Settings) and log in again.

How to disable restricted mode on iPhone iOS 15 | How to turn OFF restrictions on iPhone iPad iOS 14

Did? Did not work? Last chance then.

  • Open the iTunes Store app (not Music) on your device!).
  • Search for any song with icon “E” (Explicit), which contains non-normative content.
  • Click on it and try to play.
  • Agree to play.
  • Victory!

It didn’t work again? Then we perform the same operation with “Podcasts” app.

Updated! The Комментарии и мнения владельцев suggest that (when you click on a song or podcast with an “E” on it) the prompt to play non-normative content does not always appear. How to be? Disable the screen time function (Settings Screen Time Disable)!

Now that’s exactly it, after such a push any age restrictions should disappear and leave your iPhone (iPad) forever. They simply have no other choice!:)

However, “should” does not mean “must. So let’s agree with you on this: