Do not launch. How to disable advertising in Xiaomi smartphones on Miui 13 by the simplest methods

Xiaomi smartphones (especially Redmi) are famous not only for a good balance between characteristics and price, but also by the fact that you have to pay for this balance, looking at advertising in systemic applications. In this article, we will talk about the simplest ways to get rid of it to the maximum without resorting to flashing the gadget

The attitude to the most sewn in a smartphone shell for the majority, as a rule, is unequivocal: “I paid nothing to watch advertising!»over, the manufacturer does not prescribe this feature of its gadget in advertising materials. Only when you see “recommended programs” or “recommended actions” in a particular system application, you understand: that’s why the device was cheaper than analogues! And this is not only Xiaomi-similar “recommendations” (sometimes in a rude form) can be found, for example, in Tecno and Infinix smartphones, to some extent-in the apparatus of Huawei and Honor (but as part of the branded appendices). However, the fact that Xiaomi is not alone makes the life of the owners of smartphones on Miui with advertising blocks is much more pleasant.

However, hardcore cases, such as banners that appear right in the gallery when viewing a photo or on the notification panel, no longer. now Xiaomi acts much softer and “native”. Various “Recommendations” can be found in a company service with Mi Picks applications (previously Get Apps), system applications (where they are issued for tips for smartphone care), Mi Video and Mi Music applications (recommendations from there to view/listening indeed. tape on the notification panel) and some other, not always obvious places. Miui tries not to annoy the user. but if it is still annoying, then use the instructions from this article and get rid of advertising completely. It is not necessary to receive a ROOT-right and perform some specific operations with a smartphone for this-everything we are talking about in the material can be done by simply plucked by the settings of the device. We will talk about the latest version of the proprietary shell. MIUI 13.

We take the authorization from the advertising service

To withdraw permission from the advertising show. the first and most important action in the exemption case from advertising. In the Appendices and individual services, Xiaomi openly indicates advertising settings and allows them to be turned off by hand, which we will talk about below, but there is also a general advertising service that collects information about the user actions and “piercing” the system for advertising. It is hidden under the MSA not immediately understandable abbreviation, which means Miui System Ads, which can be translated as “advertising in the Miui system”.

You can find and disable it at the following address: “Settings” “Password and Security” “Access to Personal Data”. Also, some users recommend taking a checkmark with a nearby Miui Daemon service, but this, apparently, is excessive action-this service collects information about the user actions for service purposes, and not in advertising. However, if you wish, you can turn it off and it will not affect user experience.

It is also worth noting that for some reason the MSA is not always turned off on the first attempt-it is worth going and checking whether the checkbox remained after rebooting the gadget, for example. And possibly remove again. it must definitely work.

After disconnecting the MSA, most of the advertising in Xiaomi smartphones should disappear. But in some applications it will remain-you need to go on them and turn off the advertising show manually.

If you decide to leave recommendations in Miui, but do not want the smartphone to collect personal information, you can do it and so. This is done at the address: “Settings” “Password and Security” “Privacy” “Advertising Services”. And there you are already turning off personalized advertising.

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Disconnecting updates of the Miui system on Xiaomi

Many users of devices operating on MIUI Xiaomi OS turn off the automatic option, leaving notifications about the availability of data packages that can replace the old.

  • Go to the “Settings” of the smartphone and select the section “Update components” (differs depending on the brand of the phone and the OS version);
  • make the required settings.

Deactivation of the automatic procedure for systemic components is not recommended, since in this case the manufacturer will not be able to guarantee the correct operation of the OS.

This option does not affect the state of applications and system components on the device, but will help save information at the risk of its loss. Disconnecting automatic synchronization is not recommended for system sections. For example, “contacts”, “call magazine”, “user settings”, etc. D.

Disconnecting unnecessary services

By default, a lot of tools and services are activated in Xiaomi smartphones that you are unlikely to ever use. This functionality consumes a battery charge, so it is worth disconnecting them to extend your smartphone lifetime.

Next, we will deal with Wi-Fi, or rather with an automatic network choice. The function is not very necessary, its disconnection will not lead to some big difficulties. But the percentage of the battery charge is saved.

Ты ими пользуешься? Почему я удаляю эти стоковые системные приложения от XIAOMI ?

Now the turn of GPS services, which in the background consume a lot of energy.


Separate applications are automatically loaded when the gadget is turned on/reloaded. These applications hang in the memory of the OS and consume energy in the background, but we do not need it at all.

MIUI has functionality to optimize the system. With its help, unused processes that work in the background are unused in the memory in the memory. RAM is cleaned and the load on the processor falls.

Having done all the shaped manipulations, you got rid of the advertising software and unnecessary services, cleaned the operational memory of the smartphone and reduced the load on the processor. Thus, not only the speed and stability of the system as a whole increased, but also the percentage of the battery charge was saved.

How to disable applications auto updating on Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite and similar Android smartphones and tablets

On Xiaomi, applications themselves are updated, there are constantly reports on the availability of updates and you do not know where to turn off the auto reinforcements in the settings? On this page you will find detailed instructions with attached pictures how to disable automatic applications updating on Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite and similar smartphones and tablets on the Android operating system.

If you have a limited Internet on the Xiaomi phone, then updates can spend a large volume of Internet traffic. Also, with a weak Internet, on the phone, auto.updating applications can interfere with normally using a browser, messenger or other application. If you have a message about the availability of updates on your screen and this interferes with you, then the information below will help you find out where automatic application updating is turned off in the Android settings and how to make sure that there are no longer reports on the availability of updates. I hope the information will help you solve the problem of updates on the phone.

Let’s see how Xiaomi Android configure the ban on automatic update. Open the Play Market application on the phone by clicking on such an icon. Next, open the “menu” Play Market by pressing three horizontal stripes, look below at the attached picture where it is highlighted in red. In the window that opens, select the “Settings” item next to which there will be a gears. Now we need to configure three points. Clause “Notifications”, paragraph “downloading: settings” and the paragraph “Auto Board of Appendices”.

So that the applications themselves are no longer updated in the “Auto Environmental Automation” Never “Never”. In the “Notifications” paragraph, remove all the checkmarks and you will not be disturbed by notifications about the availability of updates. In the paragraph “Downloading: Settings” Choose “Always Ask”. If you select “only through Wi-Fi”, then applications will be updated only when you are connected to Wi-Fi networks.

I hope the information helped you disable auto.reinforcements on Xiaomi. Do not forget to leave a review and indicate the model of a smartphone or tablet to which or not infa higher, so that other owners of Android devices remain useful from you.

Renew the review page Author: Nafis 03-12-2019 13 hour. 07 min.Message: Redmi6a thanks, everything worked out. Author: Tatyana 20-11-2019 01 hour. 48 min.Message: Thank you! Helped for the mode with 2 Author: Xiaomi Yukhnya 18-11-2019 10 hour. 28 min.Message: If you turn on Wi-Fi and connect the charger, this phone begins to update and she does not care for your shutdown Author: Art 31-07-2019 20 hour. 15 minutes.Message: I have Xiaomi A2 Lite. Everything became good! Author: Volodymyr 27-07-2019 01 hours. 34 min.Message: Super! Everything is simple and clear! I also have Xiaomi A2 Lite. THANKS. Author: Antonina 28-01-2019 14 hour. 32 min.Message: Thank you very much. Your article was very useful. Author: Irina 15-01-2019 15 hour. 35 min.Message: Super! How simple and clear! I also have Xiaomi A2 Lite. THANKS. Author: Andrew 20-11-2018 18 hour. 08 min.Message: I have just Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite C Android This is the most sensible and short description of all that I came across.

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Disconnect automatic loading

For the convenience of users, Xiaomi has added the function of automatic update loading when you do not use the phone and there is a stable Internet connection. Sometimes this can become a problem, for example, in the form of consumption of a very large amount of Internet traffic. Consider by example how to disable the update on the Xiaomi Redmi 3s smartphone.

  • We go to “Update
  • Click on three points
  • Choosing “Settings”
  • Disconnect “Auto Expert” or “Automatic update loading” (the name depends on the MIUI version)

This possibility is available on firmware miui 6 versions and later.

Freeze the update service

If the combination of the two previous methods did not help you for any reason, then this method will help to completely freeze (stop) the entire activity of the Updater process.APK, thereby checking the notifications will be disabled and nothing will download. It will be impossible to even go to the “Update” application. The plus is that if necessary, you can always defrost the application.

This method is suitable for devices with a ROOT POSITION, we tested it on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, you can use it on all Android devices, even without a MIUI shell. The only difference is that the process responsible for updating may have a different name.

We will need Titanium Backup. You can find it in Google Play.

Disconnecting update MIUI

To turn off the automatic firmware update on Xiaomi:

  • Open the settings menu;
  • Enter the tab “On the phone”;
  • Click on the point “System update“;
  • Click on three points in the upper right corner;
  • Choose “Settings”;
  • translate all the boxes into an inactive state.

The procedure does not require confirmation. If the listed actions are performed correctly, the system will cease to be updated in automatic mode.

Disconnection of the notification of update

To completely turn off the program providing the update, follow the following actions:

  • Enter the settings menu;
  • Go to the System Applications tab;
  • Open the “Updating components” program;
  • Remove the checkmark opposite the line “S soheat on the availability of updates”;
  • Here you can put “not updated” in additional settings.

After that, the system will cease to report on the output of new versions of miui.

System update shutdown

To turn off the update of the smartphone system, follow the following steps:

  • Enter the settings menu and open the “On the phone” tab;
  • Click on the line “System update“;
  • Click on three vertical points in the upper right corner and select the “Settings” column;
  • Deactivate checks opposite the inscriptions “load automatically” and “update automatically”.

After that, the firmware Miui will not be able to update without verification and confirmation of the user.

Turning off the update of applications

Even when the auto installation of new versions of the application firmware used on Xiaomi Redmi will continue to be periodically updated in the background. To solve this problem:

  • Open the Play Market;
  • Go to the Settings tab;
  • Click on the line “Auto.update of applications” and put a checkplace opposite the “NEV” option.

If the actions are performed correctly, the Play Market will notify the release of updates, but will not install them without confirmation.

Did not find an answer to your question? Ask him to the expert, and together we will be able to deal with your problem. Get the answer to the mail.

What pre.installed programs are not recommended to touch

It is important to understand which applications can be deleted on Xiaomi Redmi and other models, and which cannot be touched under any circumstances.

  • update.APK (will cause problems related to the forced closure of other applications and malfunctions in the system);
  • Xiaomiaccount.APK (will lead to problems with cooling and arbitrary shutdown of the smartphone for any overheating);
  • FindDevice.APK (will cause a system failure and forced shutdown of the phone);
  • Documentsui.APK (will lead to the fact that it will become impossible to transfer files and photos to the SD card and work with additional memory).

Also, do not touch files with SIM card settings that are directly related to the operation of the network operator. This will lead to the fact that Xiaomi will stop receiving calls and will not be able to work normally without flashing. All these applications cannot be touched.

This is not a complete list of system applications that cannot be deleted without causing a failure of the device. The list shows the most important ones that will be difficult to restore on your own.

How to delete unnecessary applications on Xiaomi

To do this, go to “Settings” and select “All applications” or “System applications”. Find the one that we decided to remove and click the corresponding button.

The second way is a visit to PlayStore. To do this, open the settings inside the platform and select “My applications and games”. Then you need to find an application that needs to be deleted and select the corresponding function.

The third way is the fastest. Just press the application icon and hold it. To “remove” on top of. We drag the application to the “Delete” section that appeared on the screen. Ready.

Disconnecting programs through settings

This is easier to do using the application. Download in the Play Store program “Quickshortcutmaker”. After installing and starting the application, we perform the following actions:

  • Enter the word “application” in the search line. If a bug occurs and the search is not performed, we remove one or more characters, and the right one will appear on the recommended list.
  • Select “COM parameters.Android.settings ”and from the opening list of options, click on“ Try/see ”. This will see the list of all applications that can be disabled.
  • Click on the corresponding “close” button and agree with the warning of the system.

Before you turn off the application, you need to remove the updates. To do this, first select “clean”. And it is necessary to act in this way only in relation to those applications that you know. Otherwise you can delete the software that will lead to a smartphone job failure.

Removing unnecessary applications with ROOT laws

To use this function, you need to disable all safety applications. These are “anti-krazh”, “parental control”, “antivirus” or “launcher”. Otherwise, all attempts to remove the applications will be in vain, as the system will try to prevent washing.

To do this, open “Settings”. We move to the “Password and Security” menu “Applications” and click Off. Or “disconnect this application of the administrator of the device” and agree with all warnings.

Depending on the version of Android, the settings will differ. For example, for some smartphones from Xiaomi, you need to go to the section as: “Settings” “Confidentiality” “Management” “Applications of the Device Administrator” (or “With special access”). Here it will be necessary to turn off all applications if such are configured when buying a smartphone.

Then it will be possible to remove interfering applications in standard mode by performing a long.term pressing on the corresponding icon and dragging it into the area “remove” it.

Obtaining a ROOT access on Xiaomi will set user settings by improving the service life of the battery and much more. But this will lead to cancellation of the guarantee without the possibility of repair in the service center.

To get the right-ROT, download the Titanium Backup application on the Play Store and act according to the instructions:

  • At the end of the load, we start the program and click on the “Allow” button to provide the ROOT right, and click “OK” twice.
  • Select the “Reserve/Restore” tab located at the top and open available applications. To remove, press the desired button and click “Yes”. It is done.

Before deciding which applications can be deleted on Xiaomi 4PDA or other models, it is important to carefully consider your actions. Otherwise you have to restore the entire system due to a failure.

Titanium Backup uses certain colors to highlight the category of each application: red. systemic and basic, green. containing useful data, white. are not part of the operating system and can be removed without the danger of failure.

Using Xiaomi Adb Fastboot Tools

This tool helps when there is no way to solve problems using USB debugging. To turn on the latter, you need to unlock the menu in this way:

  • We go to the “Settings”, click on the “MIUI version” item 7 times in a row, we see on the screen “Now you are a developer”;
  • We return to the “Settings” “Additional Settings” “Developer Parameters”. And click on the lever in the “USB debugging” item.

We read a warning, wait a few seconds and click OK on all messages that appear on the screen.

Then click on the ADB tab and select “Removal” (from above). We put checks opposite the name of the applications that need to be removed and click “Unistall” from below. We answer a warning and complete the procedure.

If doubts arise, then one or more remote applications can be restored. To do this, go to the “Reinstaller” section and put a checkmark next to the names of the programs that need to be restored and click on the Reinstall button to return.

Using Activiti Launcher

This application can be downloaded by Playmarket. It does not remove standard trash, but simply disables it to reduce the load of free space and free the RAM. It is enough to perform simple actions to work:

  • Download the application and open.
  • We slip from above on the inscription “Last actions” and choose instead “All actions”.
  • Choose “settings”, and then go to “all applications”.
  • There will be many repeating options in the list that appears. Choosing a second or third.
  • We look through the programs and block those that the least like.