How to untie apple ID of the old owner not knowing password?

You recently bought a supported iPhone on which there is still on the site of Apple ID of the old owner? And do not know what to do, or how to untie this apple id? You do not need to be sad, since there are enough people who have passed through this situation, but managers in one way or another to cope with the removal of Apple ID of the previous owner. There are several techniques that can help you with easily untie apple ID. In today’s article, we will show you several techniques who will definitely help you untie the Apple ID of the previous owner with iPhone. Carefully read about all the techniques, in order to know which will be most useful for you.

There may be several cases when you need to remove Apple ID from the device. If you plan to sell your device or transfer it to someone from family members / friends, then you should first remove your Apple ID from the device so that the new owner adds your account, and accordingly used the device.

If you forget to remove Apple ID from the device, then the new owner will not have the ability to add your Apple account, as well as download anything from the App Store, as it will not know your password. It can even lead to an ICloud activation lock or IDEVICE disconnection if the new owner tries to enter the wrong password several times.

Enter the correct password from Apple ID

You probably have already tried it, but nevertheless. Carefully enter a faithful password from your Apple ID. Sometimes notification does not indicate that you enter the wrong password, and just disappears for a while to return again.

  • Open the “Settings” application, enter the password from your Apple ID and copy it.
  • Open the website If you are using Safari browser, you will be prompted to quickly log in using Face ID, Touch ID or password from the device. Do not do it, but instead manually enter the password from your apple id. If you log in, the password is correct. Now enter it on the device on which requests constantly appear. You can also go to the “Settings” application and click “Update SettingsAppleid” to enter a password.

Relevant Hint: How to disable the function Find the iPhone without a password (for the latest version of iOS 14)

In the last part, we talked about how to disable the function Find the iPhone without Apple Password ID on iOS 10, then, if you have an iPhone, which is updated to the latest IOS 14 version, which can be done? The easiest way to perform such a task is easy to use Tenorshare 4MeKey.

Tenorshare 4Mekey can disable the function Find the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch without Apple ID and Password. It has easy-to-use inteeis and a responsive tech support system. After you have disconnected this feature, you do not need to worry about the pop-up activation pop-up. Although your iPhone / iPad will be reset to factory settings. At the moment, this software works well on versions from iPhone 6S to iPhone X, which work on iOS 13 to iOS 14.

First, Guide to Use 4Mekey

Below, give a detailed guide about what actions to do:

After installing and opening 4meKey, the page will flash 2 options: Remove the ICLOUD activation lock and disable find iPhone. Select “Disable Find iPhone” and follow the next page.

Disable Find iPhone without password iOS 14

Connect the iPhone with a computer, and wait until the iPhone is recognized by the program.

Finally, you are at the last point of the process of disconnecting the function to find my location. At this stage, you will see an option that will allow you to write the “ON” option (turn off). Just write to the OFF option, and then click the “Confirm” button to complete the process.

Yes, now the task is close to completion. Last Step. Remove Your Apple ID. It will roll back the iPhone to the factory settings.

How to reset the settings and delete all information from the tablet

Quite often, users for certain reasons want to completely erase all information on the tablet. Make it pretty easy. Before the process itself, you must enter a password to the device and the Apple ID code. Do not forget to get out of the “cloud”. The procedure will take a few minutes:

Very often on the Internet, users are interested in how to remove iCloud on iPad without a password. This can be done in one way:

How to untie an iPhone from apple id

If you have a password from Apple ID account, to which your iPhone is tied, you will be even easier for you. Despite the fact that such luck becomes infrequently, it happens that people sell their smartphones along with accounts. For example, if many applications and games are tied to them, which are defining for the buyer. Yes, this is not entirely safe, but the fact remains a fact. such cases really take place.

So, if you have a password from the account, answer the question how to remove Apple ID, even easier:

Erase the iPhone, and then untie it from icloud only with password

  • Select your iPhone and click “Erase iPhone”;
  • After resetting the device in the device, an account of the account will appear. click on it and confirm the action.

Delete Apple ID via iTunes

The same can be done using iTunes or Finder, depending on the operating system you use. There are no fundamental differences from the previous way, only the exception that the iphone of the iPhone through the computer does not require the use of a web browser. But according to the effectiveness and number of actions that you have to do, it is no different. So just choose the way that it seems to you convenient than the other.

Reset iCloud can even via iTunes if you have a password

Disconnect iMessage and FaceTime

Go to “Settings” “Messages” and disable the iMessage service. Now in the settings, select the FaceTime section and disconnect it.

If you go to a newest iPhone, this step can be skipped. If now you will use a smartphone with Android, you can completely delete your iMessage account. So you make sure that you will not skip the usual messages that you send to your number.

How to disable messages from iPhone on iPad

After that, your iPad will no longer come with iPhone. This includes notifications with banners. Stored messages with iPhone on iPad too will not be.

It is worth noting that you can not send messages from the iPad either. In fact, the application message on the iPad will be useless. When you open it, the system will propose to enable the iMessage feature. This requires Apple ID authentication, which means not everyone can turn on the function again.

If you like to have access to your messages and on the iPhone, and on the iPad, the function is to keep the included. It all depends on your preferences.

Experience shows that many divide one iPad for the whole family, so the instruction is relevant.

By the way, the iMessages function can be turned off on the iPhone, but there is no weighty reasons for it.

Like any other function, this, too, can be turned on again at any time, returning to the settings.

Cloud synchronization

If you need to update only information in applications, some notes or calendar with mail. it makes no sense to borce yourself with long settings through a computer. Using the iCloud service, you can configure all this in several actions. After that, all data will be updated when connecting to the Internet.

The advantage compared to the computer method is that there is no need for long-term settings, something to remember, connect and do at all some actions for synchronization. The disadvantage is only that not all data types are supported.

The only parameter that needs some kind of connection instructions. Photos. To synchronize the iPhone photo from iPad, you need to create photo spells on devices. You can do this by going to the photo gallery by clicking on the creation button of the new photo stream. Specifying it the name and turning on the “Open Website” function, click “Create”.

Disabling cellular calls on Mac

If you need to turn off the obsessive calls on the Mac computer, do this:

Step 1. On the MAC computer, open the FaceTime program, go to the settings (from the top menu of the FaceTime) and remove the checkbox opposite the “iPhone (cellular calls)”

Honestly, at the moment, almost all of my devices include call function with iPhone. Apparently I do not strongly mans the fact that “parallel” calls are distributed on the second iPhone and Mac.

I even sometimes accept calls to Mac and communicate with people in this way. Conveniently because :)))

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