Removing a search string

A smartphone user can turn off Google Assistant or remove the Google search bar from the desktop. On Xiaomi phones, this job is not difficult. Click on the search line, hold it until the basket appears and move the line to the “trash”.

In the case of Android One smartphones, you will not be able to delete services. There are two ways here. disable Google Assistant on the Xiaomi phone using one of the methods suggested above, or install a launcher from another manufacturer. The best option is a design suitable for a device with MIUI

Using settings

To disable the assistant through the settings, do the following:

  • open the phone settings;
  • scroll down the page until an item with advanced settings appears;
  • open “Language and input”, then click on “Keyboard control”;
  • on the page that opens, select “Settings”, then click “Voice Match”;
  • move the slider to the inactive position.

Disconnect by gestures

often than not, we involuntarily call the Google Assistant by accidentally holding down the Home key. To disable the search window call:

  • go to smartphone settings;
  • find “Advanced settings”;
  • click on the words “Buttons and gestures”, then “Launch the Google Assistant”;
  • on the page that opens, you can select “No gestures” or change the call button if the “Home” key seems inconvenient.

How to disable completely

If you are sure that you will no longer use the assistant’s features, you can turn it off completely. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • open the “” section in the browser;
  • tap on “Settings” and open the “Google Assistant” section;
  • on the page that opens, click “Assistant”, then “Phone”;
  • next to the “Google Assistant” label, move the slider to the left.

You have completely disabled the function, and now it will not turn on both when working with the device and on the locked screen.

Attention! You can remove the search bar if necessary. To do this, click on it and hold until the “Recycle Bin” appears. Then move the line to “Trash”.

Complete shutdown

  • In the Google application, go to the additional menu by clicking on 3 dots.
  • Choose “Google Assistant Settings”.
  • Open the appropriate tab, find the item “Phone”. This is where the assistant turns off completely.

Many people prefer Alice from Yandex as artificial intelligence. To do this, the Google Assistant is disabled, and then in the settings they select the item “Default Applications” and activate Alice in the item “Assistant and oh login”.

Whether or not Google’s built-in assistant is used is up to everyone. If the proposed functionality is not needed or interferes with work, then the assistant function can be disabled.

How to completely disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi

The above are options for how to disable the Google Assistant on Xiaomi in parts. But there is no need for such complex manipulations if you decide to get rid of the application once and for all. In such a situation, it is easier to completely remove the program and not remember it again. To solve this problem, take the following steps:

  • Open google browser.
  • Click on the icon on the right side of the page.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Look at the section Google Assistant which needs to be disabled on Xiaomi.
  • Find the settings tab, and then scroll down the page and click on the Phone button. Alternatively, next to the column with the name of the application, move the slider to the off position.

Many are racking their brains on how to remove Google Assistant on Xiaomi, and do not find an answer. But this is not necessary. you just need to disable the application and no longer worry about its intrusiveness in the future.

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How to customize an assistant for yourself

Google Assistant is installed by default in the memory of any Android phone. The fact is that the Android operating system is a division of Google, which is why the use of Assistant is a must. To start interacting with the assistant, you need to hold the button of the main screen of the smartphone. Next, you need to follow several steps:

  • Click on the compass icon.
  • Click on the profile picture, and then go from the “Settings” section to the “Assistant”.
  • Select your device and click on “Sample Voice”.
  • Record your own voice using your own instruction.

Ultimately, the assistant will be able to recognize the voice of its owner and will be launched every time the person utters the phrase “Ok Google.”.

Method 4

Download the Google app from Google Play and without launching it, uninstall it right away. Quite a few were helped by this option, since the parameters are reset and the obsessive inclusion offer will no longer pop up.

If it does not help, you can try to turn it on first, and then delete it. Anyway, it’s worth experimenting as in different variations, this option turns out to be working for users.

Method 3. for Honor

On phones with EMUI shell, open basic settings, go to “Advanced options” and go to “System navigation”.

Go to Gestures options and turn off Google Assistant.

Important! Remember that depending on the version of the firmware itself and the EMUI launcher, the names of the menu items may differ, and sometimes they are located in a slightly different place. Therefore, if you cannot find something, look for a name that is close in spirit.

Method 5

Go to the device settings, open the applications and find everything from Google there and deny access to the microphone for each of them in the rights.

This can help because such software quite often likes to address the microphone when the user wants to enter something. Google itself advertises this to some extent and wants to transfer everyone to voice control of the functions of their devices.

How to Turn Off Google Assistant on XIAOMI Mi 9T – Disable Google Assistant

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

Users of phones based on the Android operating system often face a problem. turning off and uninstalling built-in and unnecessary applications.

Among which there is also Google Assistant. how to disable it? This can be done using several different options, after which it will no longer take away the resources of your smartphone and constantly pop up with a proposal to turn it back on.

You already know what a swipe is. Now we will deal with one annoying process for many, you will learn how to disable Google Assistant on Honor, Samsung, Xiaomi and other Android devices.

Interesting! It is better to try all the options, and if one does not work, try another. If you have your own method of how this can be done. share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, everyone will be interested to find out.

Method 2. in the Google app

If you did not find the items from the first chapter in the parameters, and the Google application is installed, then launch it, go to the settings and already in them go to the Google Assistant settings.

Again go to the main settings and from there to the item “Voice search”.

In the “Headset” section, make all the items inactive, then go to “Voice Match” and disable everything here.

How to disable Google Assistant. permanently

It is better to do all the methods in order to make sure to turn it off and not to pop up a suggestion to turn it back on. Menus may be called slightly differently on different Android OS versions.

Method 6. dramatically

A cardinal option, but one hundred percent off. Go to device settings, open applications and search there for Google and / or Google Assistant.

Delete data and turn off. You will have to use a different browser, but the offer with a request to enable will no longer be sent out.

Method 1

Open the settings, go to “Apps and notifications”, then go to “Default apps”.

disable, google, assistant, xiaomi

Find and open the “Help and voice input” item and set the “Assistant” parameter to “No”.

Open the device settings, go to “Google” and then go to “Search, Assistant and Voice Control”. If it is not there, then look in the section “Services in your account”.

4-1. Open the “Google Assistant”, then in devices with an assistant, open your phone and first turn off the “Ambient Mode” function, and then the assistant.

The “Ambient Mode” function may not be visible if the assistant is turned off, check this by turning it on and then turning it off.

4-2. Open “Voice Input”, go to “Voice Match” and disable everything here.

Disable the background recognition of the command “Ok, Google” by the voice assistant Google Assistant on the Xiaomi phone

Google Assistant is promoted by Google through the Android operating system in which it is built.

With all the advantages that the technology of voice control of the phone provides, there is one fundamental drawback, which simultaneously uses energy throughout the entire period of its operation and represents a potential problem with keeping personal confidential data secret.

If the assistant on Xiaomi is active, it constantly works in the background and listens to everything that happens around. This is done so that when you utter the coveted phrase “Ok, Google”, he instantly reacts to start listening to the next command.

The company claims that wiretapping records do not leave the phone anywhere and are stored in memory for no more than 30 seconds, after which they are deleted. But who knows what’s really going on? In addition, it seems to me that it is more pleasant to save energy, which is spent on constant useless wiretapping on something more interesting.

Now I will tell you how to turn off the Google Assistant wiretap on a Xiaomi phone in a few clicks. If desired, this function can be returned to the active position.

Go to general settings, find the “Google” menu and enter it. Now you need the item “Search, Assistant and Voice Control”. Select the Voice Input menu. Find the item “Voice Match”. We got to the option “Access using Voice Match”. background wiretapping of the environment by the phone. Disable it, and the “Ok, Google” command will stop working, while the battery consumption will decrease and be calm. no one is spying on you.

This can be helpful:

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How to disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi

Google Assistant is a voice assistant preinstalled on the Android operating system. It is designed to help users create quick reminders, find places on the map, check the weather, turn on the timer, and more. Despite the extensive functionality, some users tend to disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi as unnecessary.

Installing Alice instead of Google Assistant

The reason to put Alice instead of Google is the expanded number of functions for residents of the CIS countries and synchronization with services released by Yandex. Before setting up the assistant, install the Yandex. with Alice or Yandex.Browser applications on your smartphone. Then:

  • Visit “Settings”.
  • Go to Applications, select Default Applications, click on Help & Voice Input.
  • At the top, select the “Assistant” tab.
  • From the list, select a product accompanied by Alice.

Interesting! Also, users can enable or change the assistant to Mi Assistant from Xiaomi. It has problems with Russian language recognition.

How to disable Google Assistant via the search app

The voice assistant is integrated into the Google search application to disable it:

  • Tap on the Google search bar widget on the main or secondary screen.
  • In the lower right corner, select “”.
  • Pull down the window that appears and go to “Settings”.
  • Follow the path “Google Assistant”. “Assistant”. “Phone”.
  • A menu will open, click on the toggle switch next to “Google Assistant” to turn it off.
  • Below is a line with the “Voice Match” function, disable it if you do not want to call the assistant for the phrase “Ok Google”.

Interesting! This guide works on all Android smartphones with Google Services Updates enabled.

Turn off Google Assistant in settings

If the assistant was randomly turned on by accidentally tapping on the microphone, or you removed the widget to increase free space:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll down the page, select “Advanced settings”.
  • Go to the “Language and input” tab, go to “Google voice input”.
  • Here in Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, tap on the item “Recognition Ok Google“. Click to deactivate the mode “On any screen”.

Note! Uncheck “From Google app” if you want to remove the assistant from everywhere.

How to remove widget from Xiaomi desktop

On Xiaomi smartphones with preinstalled MIUI shell, just hold your finger on the search bar and move it to the trash can icon that appears at the top. Similarly, they remove the widget from the phone from the Android One program.

Note! Moving a line to the trash does not delete it, it only removes it from the screen. It can be restored and displayed at any time (increase / decrease the size).

As a last resort, on Xiaomi Mi 9 and other devices of the brand, you can remove some of the built-in and Google services using a computer or root access rights. Doing this is not recommended due to possible failures in the operating system.

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Disabling the call with gestures

By default, device control involves calling the voice assistant while holding down the Home key. This often happens involuntarily, but entails the appearance of a search window. To remove the activation of the assistant with a gesture:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to “Advanced Settings”.
  • Select “Buttons and gestures”, followed by the transition to “Launch Google Assistant”.
  • Here you can replace the hotkey or select “No gestures”, deactivating the function.

You can disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi smartphones using the standard system management tools without resorting to root rights. He is also replaced with assistants from other companies.

How to disable Google Assistant in Miui 12 and Miui 11 Android 10 with gesture on any xiaomi mobile