First way

To disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi:

  • go to the settings of your mobile device;
  • open the ” Advanced settings “;
  • Click on the column ” Language and input “;
  • Select “Google Voice Input”;
  • Enter the ” Voice Match ” tab;
  • Deactivate the slider in front of all options.

You can also disable the synchronization of Google contacts. This will be useful if you do not want your subscribers list to be online, even in a protected form.

Google Assistant on Xiaomi: how to disable, enable, configure, delete

According to statistics, the average user picks up his phone up to 100 times a day. Therefore, in order to automate most tasks, the largest manufacturers of Android-phones release special voice assistants. From the article, the reader will learn how to enable and disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi and what features it has.

Google Assistant on Xiaomi (Redmi): how to enable it

Modern technology is capable of surprising, and Google Assistant, which is present on all Android smartphones, including Xiaomi, is one of them.

Google Assistant is able to recognize your voice among others, understand what you want from it and try to perform the task: create a reminder, send a message, launch an application and much more.

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But, of course, there is the other side of the coin. the background transfer of personal data to the servers of Google.

Remember: if you do not pay for a service, you are paying for a service. In other words, Google has developed a very sophisticated technology that they give you for free. In return, the corporation collects your voice queries, uses them to better target ads to you, to train their neural networks for voice recognition, and also uses the data to make reports, statistics and, most importantly, predict the future. ideally, the corporation is able to predict when you might need a particular product or service, or when you want to learn about some phenomenon. And if right now it’s not that noticeable, be sure that after a few years you’ll be surprised how cleverly Google showed you the ads you needed, and at the right time interval. Or Google was able to give you a hint before you formulated a query about the subject of the discussion.

But let’s leave that kind of reasoning for another post, now let’s look at the seemingly simple question of how to turn Google Assistant on Xiaomi, or off.

After all, it should be easy, but Google deliberately hid the ability to disable Google Assistant very deeply, so that the user would not disable it, and so that the corporation would collect as much data from people as possible.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android Xiaomi (Redmi)

Technology moves fast, progress is unstoppable. This concerns not only the deep, hidden from the user, elements that ensure the operation of our usual devices, like phones. But also new types of interactions. human-computer interaction.

How to disable Google Assistant in Miui 12 and Miui 11 Android 10 with gesture on any xiaomi mobile

Google Assistant is one of the shining examples of how corporations see the future of human-phone communication. And although in some cases voice control is really useful, for example if you’re driving, but it’s usually faster and easier to do everything by hand.

In addition, if the Google voice assistant is turned on, the smartphone is constantly listening to what’s going on around it so that it doesn’t miss the “Ok, Google” command and fulfill the user’s request.

Continuous listening not only can be potentially dangerous due to the leakage of personal data, but it trivializes the battery of the phone reducing its autonomy.

So in this post I will show you how to disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi to save energy and reduce your worries about personal data security.

How to turn off Google Assistant on Xiaomi

Open general settings, find the “Google” menu. Now find the “Services in your account” line. In the new window, select “Search, Assistant and Voice Control.”. We’re almost there, select “Google Assistant” in the new window. In a long series of menus, you need to select “General Settings”. Finally got there, disable Google assistant. That’s it, now your smartphone won’t be listening to you all the time, it will waste less energy, and the level of security will increase.

To be fair, there has not yet been a case where personal data from Google servers was stolen and used for evil, but why play with fate when it comes to security.

Hopefully, disabling Google Assistant will not affect the efficiency of Xiaomi phone use.

How to disable Google Assistant in MIUI 12 on Xiaomi (Redmi)

Technology does not stand still, it evolves, and sometimes takes very bizarre forms, to which I would like to refer the Google voice assistant, which is forcibly activated on all Android smartphones, including Xiaomi (Redmi) with the MIUI 12 shell.

There’s nothing wrong with Google Assistant, it’s a useful feature, but not all people want their phone to constantly listen to them, compile a digital dossier on them and then sell that data to third-party companies that create ads and other activities that may affect the person directly or indirectly.

It’s no secret that Google collects a dossier on you, categorizing and organizing your interests, your passions, and those events that upset or depress you. You can find all this in your Google account settings, but in this article I’ll show you how to disable the Google Assistant in MIUI 12.

Either because of a cunning plan or it coincides all the time, but in each new iteration of the Android operating system, developers from Google every time re-hide the cherished setting to disable the assistant, they move it from one place to another, confusing the user to get tired of looking for an opportunity to disable the annoying assistant and it continues to work.

Here we are in MIUI 12, the way to disable Google Assistant has changed, and I have to write a new post with instructions.

To disable the voice assistant from Google, open the settings and find the “Google” line with the same name. In the first tab, scroll down the long list of settings until you find the line “Services in the account”. Next, we’re interested in the “Search, Assistant and Voice Control” line. In the new menu, select “Google Assistant”. And here’s where the little trick begins, in the long list of different options you need to find the humble inscription “General Settings”. Here’s our goal. disable the “Google Assistant” switch in MIUI 12, of course, this action will bring up a scary warning, but you just click “Disable”. If you’ve done everything correctly, you should see one orphan setting in gray showing that the feature is disabled.

Of course, only you will decide whether to turn off Google Assistant on Xiaomi or leave it running. As you are reading this review, you obviously have a desire to deactivate the intrusive assistant, either temporarily or permanently. That’s why it’s worth mentioning the main reasons that may prompt such a decision.

  • The robot often turns on involuntarily. it perceives common words as a command to activate and starts working. Many people are embarrassed by this, it can interfere with important matters No wonder there is a question of how to disable the Google Assistant on Xiaomi forever.
  • Assistant consumes a significant percentage of the resources of your phone. the device begins to work more slowly, and the battery is consumed much faster.
  • You have found an analogue. a free assistant, which is installed additionally (such as Alice or Cortana). Working with two robots at once is inconvenient, so you choose one of them and want to disable Google Assistant on Android Xiaomi.
  • The service collects quite a lot of personal information about you. it almost always runs in the background and hears what you say. And also “sees” what you do, search, where you go, what pages you open Some users think this is too much.

A few words about how to remove Google Assistant on Xiaomi completely. Unfortunately, it is not possible, because the Assistant is “embedded” in the shell of your device and interconnected with other elements of the operating system. You can deactivate it and never use it again, but you can’t completely and irrevocably delete the service.

But we know how to disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi. and we’re happy to share with you effective ways.

How to disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi

One of the most “smart” features in mobile gadgets is the system-wide work of the “Voice Assistant”. Gjogle Assistant acts as an “assistant” for Android smartphones. But its functionality is not necessary for every user. Hence the question. how to disable Google Assistant on a smartphone.

What is Google Assistant?? It is an Assistant that facilitates even the smallest actions with your mobile gadget. Google Assistant is one of the most popular and, for many, the best Voice Assistant on the market (i.e. Siri from Apple and Alice from Yandex).

Google Assistant is most often used to search for information by voice: movie listings, bus schedules, movie and music searches. It’s very easy to search for information about the weather and upcoming events. Because Assistant is deeply integrated into your device and the rest of Google’s products, you can use it as a fast way to record important matters and plans. that way all future events are sure to stay in your Calendar. Well, and, of course, you can use the Assistant to make calls, both to numbers saved in your notebook and to numbers from all sorts of organizations.

And although all of these options greatly simplify the experience of using your device, not everyone needs it. Some may not like the increased battery consumption, and some may be worried about their privacy. For such cases, Google has provided an option to turn off the Assistant.

Removing the search bar

A smartphone user can disable Google Assistant or remove the Google search bar from the desktop. On Xiaomi phones it is not difficult to do this work. Click on the search box, hold it until the trash appears and move the line to the “trash.

In the case of Android One smartphones, you can not remove services. Here there are two ways. to disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi phone using one of the methods proposed above or install the luncher of another manufacturer. The best option is the design suitable for the MIUI device

Disabling Google Assistant on Xiaomi Android smartphones

In a situation where your Xiaomi smartphone needs to prevent unplanned openings, accidental launches, and similar annoying manifestations of Google Assistant, it’s often enough to deactivate the individual action options that lead to the Assistant being called, rather than turning it off completely.

Voice command “Ok, Google”

In case you, on your Xiaomi smartphone, are faced with the need to prevent the Assistant offered by the “corporation of good” from launching on the “Ok, Google” command (for example, and including, simultaneously with other instances of voice assistants on your (and often other) devices, which can “hear” the instruction at one time or another), proceed as follows:

    Open the “Settings” of MIUI, go to “Advanced Settings”.

    Immediately confirm receipt of the notification that the disabled voice command will continue to work when using Android Auto.

Launching with buttons

You can prohibit the use of methods other than saying “Ok, Google” to launch the Assistant from the “good corporation” on Xiaomi smartphone (which, by the way, will then allow you to assign another MIUI function to the “freed” combination of buttons) using the following instructions:

    Go to “Settings” on your operating system, scroll through their list, and open “Advanced Settings”. In the list that appears, select “Button Functions”.

By following both of the above instructions, you will ensure a situation where Google Assistant will not actually be completely disabled on your smartphone, but it will be practically impossible to start it. The only option of opening the voice assistant in MIUI, which is not separately disabled or configurable, will be a gesture from the bottom edge of the screen along its left or right edge (and that will only work when “Gestures” is selected in the “Borderless screen” setting as the “navigation WAY”).