How to turn off Google Assistant on a Samsung Galaxy (Android 7)

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Three ways to disable Google Assistant on Android

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Google Assistant. an appendix based on artificial intelligence. Its main possibilities:

  • Search for the necessary information on specified parameters,
  • Dialogue with the user, response to voice queries,
  • Simplification of the set of numbers, speech transformation into SMS message,
  • Operational provision of information: data on the weather, road situation, etc.P.

You can activate Google Assistant on any modern smartphone with the Android operating system using the phrase “Okay Google”.

Many users say that Google Assistant can perform completely undesirable functions, sometimes even annoying. So, he can appear several times after unlocking the phone and, before performing any action, you have to close it, which takes time. It accidentally starts when the phone is in a bag or. catches part of the conversation and perceives it for the question. Well, of course, he answers at the most inopportune moment.

Therefore, there is a natural need to deactivate this application on Android. About the ways to turn off the assistant on Xiaomi, HTC, Fly and other devices will be discussed in today’s review.

What is Google Assistant for

Presented by Google in 2016, Google Assistant is a voice assistant based on cloud technologies and artificial intelligence, providing Google products Management. It is applicable as a tool for “communication” with a device and preinstalled on many smartphones and tablets operating on Android, a PixelBook laptop, Smart hours on Android Wear, the Google Home column and Pixel Buds wireless headphones, and is also used as part of Alllo application. Recently, you can download the application on iOS.

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In 2018, a Google assistant focused on a Russian.speaking user started. The application not only executes commands, but can also build a dialogue with the user using the language processing algorithm and machine learning. Along the way, the assistant collects information on his own server for the purpose of development, so as the user interacts with the dialogs become more meaningful.

Google Assistant knows how to lay a route, inform about traffic jams on the road, help to find out the weather forecast, news, currencies, suggest the closest establishments, as well as make a call, convert a user to SMS or a message, set timers, alarm clocks and much more. With the Voice Match function, the assistant will be able to recognize the user by voice, providing personal information. Up to six people can use your own calendar, phonotec and other services, which is very convenient if the device is used by several family members. The application can control the settings of the device, and thanks to integration with the Google search engine, it will allow access to any information that is only on the network.

The possibilities of already smart smartphones are significantly expanding when installing useful programs. So, the voice assistant will be an excellent tool for simplifying the performance of routine tasks, and allowing to save precious time.

Removing updates

If you firmly decide not to use the Google as an assistant, it makes sense to remove its update to free a little free memory.

  • Open the main settings menu.
  • Go to “Applications”, then “Applications Management” (or “show all applications”).
  • Find Google there.

Now you know how to delete Google Assistant. This is done elementary, only a few minutes and inappropriate artificial intelligence will no longer interfere with you at the most inappropriate moments.

How to delete Google assistant on Android

On some Android phones, the Assistant Assistant Assistant is installed as a separate application. In this case, it can be removed from the system, just as it is done with other applications. Unfortunately, this option is far from always available. Most often Google assistant is part of the Android operating system and it cannot be removed.

In order to remove Google Assistant, Open Android settings and go to the “Applications” section.

After that, look at the list of installed applications and find an application there called “Assistant” or “Google Assistant”.

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Next, open the page of this application and click on the “Delete” button.

After removing the voice assistant Google, the assistant must disappear from your phone.

How to disable Google assistant on Xiaomi phones?

Google assistant instructions for Xiaomi phones will be a little longer. It looks as follows:

  • At the beginning, you need to open the settings of the mobile device.
  • Then select the section “Applications”.
  • In the list, select the line “All applications”.
  • Click on the Troetogo in the upper right corner of the screen and select in it “default applications”.
  • Open “Assistant and Voice Entering”.
  • In the line “Assistant” to activate the “No” button.

Disconnect the voice assistant for headphones

The fact that this assistant can turn on by itself is already clear to us. But, sometimes he can not only turn on, but use the headset. For example. headphones. If this happens, then the assistant will become activated while connecting headphones or while pressing the “headset” icon. If the voice assistant began to turn on independently, using headphones, then turning it off is possible using settings. To do this, we will go on the following steps:

  • We enter the settings of the voice assistant using the Google profile or through the application;
  • We cross the “Device” tab;
  • In the “Personal Devices” tab, select the “headphones” command;
  • We move the toggle switch to the “Off” position above the line “Use Google Assistant”.

Conclusion: We considered the Google assistant deactivation for the most popular smartphone brands. I hope this information can help you. Success!

GOOGLE OF GOOGLE Assistant in Android

The most effective way to quickly disable Google assistant is to use the application settings. At the same time, the assistant will be deactivated forever, and only the user will be able to turn it on again. To turn off the Google assistant on the Android device, act in this way:

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    Launch Google from the menu. Slide on the icon of the account avatar, which is located in the upper corner on the right.

After that, the virtual assistant will be completely disconnected, and all the functions and capabilities associated with him are also deactivated.

If you need to turn off only the recognition of the phrase “Okay, Google”, then you can do this through the “Voice Match” section. It is enough to choose it, then turn the function switch into an inactive state.

System “settings

GOLD ANSIDENT ANSIDENT ANSIDENT on Android devices can be removed in a standard way through a section with installed applications. For this, act like this:

Through the application settings window, you can also temporarily stop its operation by clicking on the corresponding button, but it will be launched the next time the smartphone turned on. Using the “Memory” section, it is possible to delete temporary files that take up place on the storage, the assistant itself will remain in place.

Removing Google assistant from the screen of a smartphone

You can remove the assistant from the phone screen through a pre.installed application from Google. It is important to consider that after performing actions at any time, you can return the assistant back to the display. To do this, just repeat the process and at the last stage turn on the option.

    Launch Google on a smartphone. Do not mess with the Google Chrome browser.

How To Turn Off Google Assistant On Android! (2022)