Contain players turn off Cross-Play in Call of Duty so as not to meet cheaters with PC

Last week, Infinity Ward reported that she had banned over 70,000 cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone. According to some players, this is not enough: in the matches there are still crackers. Users of consoles are especially strongly affected by playing a cross-play with PC.

Eurogamer passed the Sabreddites of the Call of Duty series and found several videos with Chiters. All of them use Aimbot and do not shy at all: the sight jumps like a crazy one and instantly shows exactly to the target.

Many Reddit users who upload videos with cheaters say they will turn off the cross-Play with PC until Infinity Ward will begin to protect the game more efficiently. Yes, there are also lovers of abuse of gameplay gaps on the consoles, but thanks to the closed essence of Xbox and PlayStation, scammers come across much less often than on PC.

However, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare insists that the players leave the inter.platform multiplayer turned on: it potentially improves the quality of the matches, because the search time is reduced, the lobby is packed to failure, and the players ping are more equal.

According to Eurogamer, if you try to disconnect Cross-Play in Warzone on PlayStation 4, the game shows a window where it asks to change your mind. If the player still starts the search for a match without a cross-country, and the waiting time is delayed, the window pops up again. The Xbox One will have to climb into the console settings and prohibit connection to networks outside the Xbox Live, but on PC matches in Warzone without a cross-country do not seek at all.

In addition to Warzone, the inter.platform matchmaking is also supposed to be the “ground war” mode with spacious cards. As users write, if you play the consoles and met with Chiter, you can’t even send a complaint about it due to the restrictions of the cross-country.

The audience is worried that Activision and Infinity Ward will never be able to defeat the cheaters in Warzone, as this part of Modern Warfare is distributed on a conditionally deposit-it is worth the developers to ban the fraudster, as he will immediately create another account.

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Ahahahahaha you have a sick, sick Aim Assist. His skill is no different. I laughed so for a long time. See how many banks are washed down with crutches in your games so that you do not feel like an autistic, shooting from a gamepad. In the game where TTK is so low, it has the same skill on the gamepad, yeah. Super quickly you aim at gamepad boshki on mobility and aiming people running in fullness. Be at least honest.

Well, the consoles do not care, she will live, but the PKShniki will be as usual, to flounder in this all together with the cheates in the semi.empty lobby.

The best antitheism that I saw was in computer clubs. If someone was caught in a dishonest game, he was taken out into the street and began to actively “ban” the face.

I don’t understand at all what is the point of playing with cheats, what’s the interest in the game then? And it is also interesting how the crossplay works. Clavysh on the PC against the gamepad on the console connects chtol? Then for console and ordinary PKARI, cheaters will seem.

Not true. And the VPN tunnel can sometimes be ordered even to the neighboring city, and 20ms for delay of Aimbots never interferes with.

I will add to your comment that many providers do not give out ip-static ones, because they are not, only for a separate denyuzhka, while you can order a “IP address change”, that is, ultimately they will overdo a bunch of IP addresses, which later Honest players will go, and they will find that they cannot play because of some cheatterist. Change the provider is not cunning, and many providers “Change of IP addresses” are automated. The same thing with the Ban of VPN providers, well, the highlight on the IPV6 cake, until it is used in games, but this is for now, but to overcome all IPV6 Good luck.

As a result, no one will ban on the IP, this is not a locker where you can come and fill the face for cheats, a huge number of innocent people will suffer from a ban to IP, there have already been cases when chiters banned by IP, and this was an external IP Provider from which 300-400 people were sitting.

My result, the screamers “ban on IP” must go to study a little better match in order to understand how the networks are arranged, what, how and when can you change, how difficult it is and so on. There I would send those who are sure that “banning the gland” the best solution.

Banning to identify software is also such an idea, on his own experience I once felt the idiocy of BF with their pancombaster, when, because of the X7 OSCAR, I was not allowed into the game launched by OSCAR! But as soon as it was closed and voila! And the fact that the macros actually get loaded into the mouse well, ok, you don’t start Oscar.

Oooh there are many reverse sides. Starting with corny equipment in a shitty state (greasy claws, strewn mice, headphones, for which only one ear works and after they need to wash their hair at once), and in general, it was, to put it mildly, there was always a low level, ending with a cattle-consultant with Pivasik and all sorts of persistent regulars without money that just sit in the club and constantly look at someone’s game, distributing advice, and periodically beging to “play 5 minutes”. How good is that all this horror remained somewhere in the past.

Let them give the opportunity to play on Juan and PS together without PC, what is the problem in such an obvious solution?

Damn SG without the function of editing Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Many do not see them because they play in Europe. We have a company of friends, we are from Vladivostok. One comrade from Krasnodar. We play through it in Europe and in general everything is fine. In Warzone this is generally normal flight, although the ping bites. But as soon as we return to Japan, the fierce game begins. It is clear that the Asians of Super Number and T.D., But stably every 2 days a cheerful guy with VX comes across (mainly VX or AIM, they don’t really use speedhaks). And this is not a whining of a person with hands from another place, just like a fact. It’s one thing when you know the shots and you have a good reaction with Aim, and another thing is when you have a ghost, composure, there is no UAV or glad in the sky, but the guy comes out with the prefer, and where he shouldn’t wait for you. Because of the same problem, for example, Japanese servers in BF5 turned into a garbage dump, because guys with a score of 150/1 and bastards began to appear too often through textures. Summarizing the above, go to Asia, you will be cheaters.

If you play the console and met Chiter, you can’t even send a complaint about him due to cross-country restrictions.

disable, cross, play, warzone

Actually, it is possible, it’s just that it is so inconvenient on the Kosnsoli that there is even a desire to try (when you can immediately turn on the mouse on the account, choose a reading room and immediately throw him a block block (because if you hit the lobby with a blocked player, the game will report And he will offer to go out about this), but the console people need to go through the recently played C, and there you understand stupidly)

Yes, no, just much less. There you can catch a console ban for this. This is not a ban of an account, but your prefix. We can say that you get a couple of tens of thousands at once, getting a dead brick without online.

To hope that a player with cheats is simply “fades” is also Especially if you take into account that it is possible to create virtuals with tunnels in the same data center where the play capacities are placed (and all game companies place their infrastructure on top of existing datasants, and do not build their own), which will even be almost the same as with an unchifted connection. and icing can be changed at least every hour by clicking fingers.

then a normal player can order a static IP from the provider and, through the support of the publisher of the game, ask him to divide him by honestly until the first case of using Chita

Because the multiplayer entertainment market is overflowing and “ban” the entire network of the provider is to potentially ban thousands, and maybe millions of players (depending on the region and the scale of the provider), among which the majority will say “or KA in the ass.activist” and will go to play in the ass. Other multiplayer projects? Well then, then activon will potentially lose profit from these players who could buy microtransactions.

In general, I neighing the news “banned 70k cheaters”, because just a few days before it there was news about the peak of 50kk players. Nevertheless, I can’t help but note that either I am too lucky, or I play little, or the cheaters who come across to me in the game are too well encrypted, because for more than six months I probably only ran into the guys who unrealisticly play, but even They did not have such hellish speeds in Aima or obvious VX misses, in theory they are just super people (although more than 24×7 noliferators, they can be found in any multiplayer).

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The Introduction of Crossplay On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Marks The First Time in Call of Duty Franchise History that Players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Can Play Together. Along with this Unified Experience, CrossPlay Also Enables Cross-ProgRogResion, Which Means Your Progression in Call of Duty: Warzone Will Carry Overss All Platforms Linked to the Same Activision/Call of Duty Account.

The Following Information Gives You An overview of How Crossplay and Cross-Progression Works and Will Help You Add Friends on Other Platforms and Party Up Using Activision Activision Activision Activision Activision Activision Activision Activision Activision.

How sages Crossplay Work?

To Make Crossplay Possible, The Game Now Requires Players to Log in An Activision/Call of Duty Account. IF YOU DONIT HAVE ACTIVISION/CALL of Duty Account, You Create A Free ONE HERE ON THE GAME WHEN YOUNECT Online For Time Time.

Your Activision/Call of Duty Account Comes with a Unique Activision ID, Which is How’ll Appear in Game and How You Friends Can Identify Each.

How sages Cross-ProgRogResion Work?

Game Progress in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone IS Stored on your Activision/Call of Duty Account, Not Your Platform Account. That Means Your Progression Carries with You No Matter Which Platform You on as Long as the Platforms are Linked to the Same Activation/Call.

Cross-Progression Includes XP and Weapon XP, Items You’ve Earned Or Unlocked Through GamePlay, Battle Pass Progress, Campaign Progress, And Missions and Challenges Youth Completed.

disable, cross, play, warzone

CROSS-ProgROGRESION DOCE NOT Include Call of Duty Points (CP), Howver. You can only spend CP on the Platform on Which They Were PurchaSed, But items you PURCHASE with CP are shared across all linked pladomms.

Please note: If you choose to link a platform account to another Activision/Call of Duty account, your progress will not carry over.

How do I Add My Friends?

Head to the Social Menu to Manage Your Friends. Friends Appear in One of Two Categories: Activision Friends and Friends on Your Current Platform.

Follow Thures to Invite Friends from Other Platforms.

  • Select Social from the Main Menu.
  • Select Invite Friends While On the Friends Tab.
  • Select Enter Activision Account to Send Invite.
  • Enter Your Friend’s Activision ID (EX: Playername#1234567).

Please Note: Some Older Activision Ids Do Not Include Numbers after the Playername.

You can also than the space to add Players You Recently Played with to Your Friends List.

  • Go to the Friends Tab in the Social Menu.
  • Select Invite Friends.
  • Scroll Through The List of Recently Met Activision Players and Select the Friend You Want To Add.

How to TURN OFF Crossplay in Call of Duty Modern Wafare and WARZONE (Best Settings!)

A Friend Invited Me. What do I go to Accept the Invitation?

YOUR Invites Will BE Under Receved Requests. You’ll also see the readsts you.

How Do I Start a Party?

Follow these stps if you’d like be a Party Leader.

  • Go to the Party Tab in the Social Menu.
  • Select Manage Party.
  • Navigate to the Invite Players Tab.
  • Choose The Players You Want to Invite from Your List of Friends.

Return to the Party Tab in the Social Menu and Select Party Settings to Adjust Your Party’s Privacy Settings.

What are My Crossplay Options?

Crossplay is enabled by Default. However, If You Only Want to Play with Other Players on You Current Platform, You Can Choose to Disable Crossplay.

On the Account Tab, You Also Choose To Enable Or Disable Text and Voice Chat with Players on Other Platforms.

All perks in the game

The perks are called the amplifiers with which you can supply a fighter. You have three slots for perks of different colors:

  • Blue. enhances speed characteristics.
  • Red. specializes in Kilstriki.
  • Yellow-improves any technical components.

In addition, when you reach the 29th level, you will open a special system of “specialist”. With its help, you can use 6 perks at once, instead of default 3.

Blue perks

  • Running march!. You can use tactical running 2 times longer. You also move 30% faster in the squat.
  • Sapper. lowers damage that explosives and fire (not kilstriks). Also makes it possible to hack “branders”, anti.personnel mines, C4 and SAZ of the enemy.
  • Handicap. makes it possible to wear two main weapons.
  • Cold.blooded. AUTO AUTOSSIBLE and thermal imagers cannot notice you. In addition, the scanning grenade ceases to act on you.
  • MARODER. allow collecting cartridges from the bodies of killed players.
  • Quick treatment. when killing opponents, as well as capturing and holding goals, you are faster to regenerate health.

Red perks

  • Replenishment. allows you to restore equipment after 30 seconds from the moment you used it
  • Stubborn. makes Kilstrik 1 murder cheaper.
  • Vigilance. if the enemies notice you outside the field of your vision, then your screen flashes.
  • Ghost. various types of UAVs, as well as heart rate sensors, cease to notice you.
  • Watch. a series of murders becomes a series of glasses.
  • Mass murder-when you commit the murders of Kilstick, they count for the subsequent series (only during your 1st life).

Yellow perks

  • Rangers. your opponents will begin to leave traces and tags in the places of their death.
  • Setting. field skills recharge 33% faster.
  • Shrapnel. allows you to get another lethal equipment during the revival. Also reduces the restoration of the health of enemies affected by explosives.
  • Pumping. you change the weapon faster, and also reload the rocket launcher faster.
  • Veteran. outbreaks, deafening and Amy opponents become less effective.
  • Observer. makes it possible to see equipment and kilstriki opponents through the walls. Also gives you the opportunity to mark them for your allies.

How to get training again?

It may happen that you need to repeat the basics of the game that you were told about in training. To do this, use the training mode through the main menu. Select “Training” or “Training match”.

You can add both to people with whom you recently played, and old acquaintances.

How to add a player from one of the recent matches?

  • Use the “Community” button, which is located on the right on top of the main screen screen. You can also call this menu using the F1 key.
  • Next, go to the tab with the name “Recent players”.
  • Then choose a player you want to add as a friend and go to his menu.
  • Send a “request for friends” there and wait until he adds you.

How to add to a friend of an old friend?

  • Go to the “community”, this can be done using the F1 key.
  • Open the tab with the name “Friends”, then select “Add friends”.
  • Enter the nickname of the player you want to add to find his profile.
  • Send him a “request for friends” and wait until he accepts him.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Gagroki ask to remove cross-flesh in Call of Duty: Warzone due to cheaters on PC

The Infinity Ward team, responsible for the release of the Royal Battle of Call of Duty: Warzone, at the beginning of the week informed the community that she had banned 70 thousand cheaters’ accounts.

First of all, the problem bothers the owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. They complain that opponents make automatic shots in the heads from colossal distances, are able to see through the walls, they have no return and damage is reduced. We are talking about cheats that any PC owner can establish.

Console users turn to the developers with requests to change the rules of the so that the owners of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can only play among themselves. Players recommend changing the profile settings, for example, attach an account to the phone number. Otherwise, the banner’s banner simply creates a new account and continues to read.

Call of Duty: Warzone is full of errors that Infinity Ward cannot cope with. Users are faced with immortal players, endlessly revitalized characters, winnings from the Gulag and so on. Many write that developers should more attention to solving problems, and not adding cosmetic objects. Otherwise, Call of Duty: Warzone will turn into Call of Duty: Cheatzone.

So the crossplay can be turned off in the settings, what is it nagging?!

disable, cross, play, warzone

People_on_pg_speak_kokoko but it’s too complicated

People_on_pg_speak_kokoko is even funny

People_on_pg_speak_kokoko players do not want to disconnect the cross.platform.They ask to change the rules.(exclude PC sigment) and play between observing (PlayStation 4 Xbox) did not try to read the text more carefully?

People_on_pg_speak_kokoko in Varzon cannot be turned off

Flaur74 Yes to these smart people just to increase here, even if not in the subject. ARM_SERJ Well, apparently you played little if you write such nonsense. I have played decently since the exit and before the Varzona release not a single Chiter in the multiplayer met. A week after the release, he met one Chiter, who ran with MK2 and could run out to 4 enemy and have time to register all the hedgehogs. Now a month after Varzona’s release, in multiplayer I meet cheaters every day, some of whom are not even trying to park. And some, on the contrary, try not to fall, but sometimes they accidentally scorch. Yesterday I had a case that I was running behind a wooden wall with a dead quiet (a cold-blooding and a ghost I had in all the hollows), and the person in the house did not understand because of the cheats that behind the wall, sharply turned to the right and killed me through wall. A lot of cheaters with snipers run, thinking that they are less painted. Well, in Varzon, cheaters do not meet as often as in a multiplayer, but. Unfortunately, it is also not such a rarity already rare.

IY1982 said the one who is sitting at the Chitersky Forum)

LexSiskot I don’t play in the network crap in principle just because of the readers of these, enough, there was enough fifa

Clavo mouse for console are always cheat.

Chiters (Auto Scream with Rodney Chita) are asked to remove troops because of cheaters, lol)))

Hog2012 and on what platform auto.item is found? I want to buy it like a rakal and bend it.

At first, the console shouted that the Xboxpc ecosystem is good, that there would be more people in the multiplayer, that they will prove “that the gamepad is no worse than clamp”. But their rainbow dreams defeated all sorts of nagibators from severe reality.

Wardevil, as it were. The fact is that those who bought they said so that it would be interesting to compete, realizing their purchase. And here they released Warzone free. And all the low.rogle piles climbed to install the sorcerer, not even understanding the rules and mechanics. For such udodov, and I am sure that 90% of Varzon is like free noobs and invented nagging about Chiteorv on PC. I haven’t seen a single chita on PC! I have a skill above average. So players constantly write that I read. and I laugh from these nubasov that already kapets!)))

God-emperor do not bear nonsense. If you have not seen, this suggests that it is you Nubas, since you cannot distinguish a really skilled player from Chiter, Profan)

What are the cheaters?! For the whole time of playing Call of Duty MW, I saw Chiter once, the rest of the cases were my fault that I lost by underestimating the enemy especially liked to kill the noobs through the walls seeing them along the sensor or reconnaissance with penetration cartridges and I directly feel their indignation, although they just noobs who do not put percrocks to protect against scanning grenades and other P.S on the consoles it is very convenient to play, why play a chair at a computer, when you can play and have fun on the couch to ko, the gamepad is created for convenience to which. Well, play with your comfort against people who play in a chair and it is more convenient for him to kiss you without comfort and convenience of the XD gapad

Warzone has a cross-game?

Call of Duty: Warzone supports a cross-platform game, so if you plan to play PC, but you have friends who prefer to play consoles, you can still unite. Cross-game in Warzone is included by default, so, fortunately, there are not many settings here. All you need is the Activision identifier.

After loading the game, you will be invited to create an Activision / Call of Duty account. This account allows you a unique Activision identifier. New Activision identifiers are as follows: [Playername] # 1234567, but more old ones may not contain numbers. This is the code that you share with your friends so that they can add you to your list of friends, and vice versa.

How to add friends using Warzone Crossplay

Adding your friends to the list of friends in Warzone is just. Do they play PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you can add them by performing the following simple steps:

  • Run Warzone and click on the social networks in the upper right corner located under your title and Activision ID.
  • In the social menu, click add friends on the left side. You can look for a friend using it Activision ID, Battle.NET ID, PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Gamertag Network.
  • Click “Send the invitation” to close the deal, and wait until your friend confirms your request.

When your friends are online, they appear on the social menu. To invite them to the game, click on the right mouse button by their name and choose to invite to a party. To join their game, select “join the game”.

Why turn off a cross-game?

Simply put, cheaters and hackers. If you play only on the console, you may encounter some of them on the PC platform. While Raven Software steadily released waves of banks on the eve of the second season, some cheaters will continue to elude problems.

We strongly recommend continuing the cross-game so that the time in the queue remains short, we also understand that to run into cheaters. not interested.

Unfortunately, if you work on PC, the shutters of the cross-game will significantly increase the time of selection of players. We do not recommend turning off the cross-game if you do not use the console.

Why should I continue the cross-game?

If you are wondering why you should continue the cross-game. First of all, the relationship. By turning on the cross-game, you can play with friends in Call of Duty on other platforms. If this parameter is disconnected, players on other platforms will not be able to join your sessions, and you will not be able to join them.

Secondly, if you turn off the cross-game, this will affect the time of the selection of players. on PC than on other platforms, but the pool of the selection of players in which you enter the consoles will be against players without the factory ID and other players who turned off the cross-group.

Finally, connections. You will fall into a narrower circle of players, so this can also negatively affect your ping. In general, you still have to fall into the best of the available games.

how to disable cross.poles on xbox?

The crossplay is the Xbox function, which allows players to compete with each other, regardless of which console they use. However, sometimes players may want to change their crossplay settings in order to play against people only on their consoles. This can be done by performing the following actions: go to the “Settings” and select “Crossplay”.Under the heading “Preferred Platform”, select the platform on which you want to play against other players.Under the heading “The best region for selecting players”, select the region in which you want to find other players.Click a to save changes.

Cross game is a function that allows players on different platforms to play together. If you do not want to play with players on other platforms, you can turn off the crossplay. To do this, go to the settings menu and select “Cross.platform settings”. From there you can turn off the cross-game for both network and local multiplayer game.

I have problems with turning off the cross-games for the combat zone on Xbox. I went into the settings and disabled “allow cross.platform parties”, but it does not seem to work. I do not want people on other platforms to join my game and prevail over it. Is there a way to fix it

At the moment, there is no unequivocal answer to this question. Some people say that you can turn off crossples in the Fortnite version for Xbox One, while others report that this is impossible. Epic Games did not make any statements about this, so it is unclear whether something can be changed. If you have problems with entering the game or you just don’t want to play against people on other platforms, you may try to try.

The Xbox One does not have a crossplay function, so you will have to use a roundabout path. One of these bypass routes is the use of the Free Appendix Xlink Kai. Using Xlink Kai, you can create a server that will allow the players Xbox One and PC to connect and play together.

Since the release of Xbox One in 2013, Microsoft has worked hard to create functions so that their console stands out against the background of competitors. One of these functions is a cross.platform game that allows gamers on different platforms to play together. Sony offered this function for many years for its PlayStation 4 and PC platforms, and Nintendo followed her example with Switch. Initially, Microsoft announced the cross.platform game for Minecraft in 2015, but it was not implemented until 2017.Since then, Microsoft has been working on the deployment of cross.platform games for other games, starting with Forza Horizon 4 in September. 2018. In November of that year, the company announced the expansion of cross.platform support for all games for Xbox One. However, not all games will be able to use this function. Those who do not have a dedicated server will not be able to participate in the cross.platform game.


One of the most common complaints among players on consoles is that they are often forced to play with players on PC. This can lead to a number of problems, such as decreasing performance and unfair advantages.Consoles players have long claimed that they should be able to play only with other console players. This would help create more equal conditions of the game and make the gameplay more pleasant for all participants.Unfortunately, games developers reluctantly make this change. They claim that it would be too difficult to separate console and PC players, and this would create too many problems.However, many console players do not believe in this. They believe that developers are simply trying to avoid making changes that can be unpopular among gamers on PC.

No, you do not have to play crossplaces in Warzone, but this is recommended. The crossplay in Warzone will give you the best game experience, as you will have more players with whom you can compete.

In short, yes. However, there are some restrictions on what you can do. You will not be able to join the group with players on other platforms and will not be able to see friends who play on other platforms. In addition, any progress that you achieved in the game on one platform will be inaccessible on other platforms.

In order not to play with PC players in Fortnite, you will first need to go into the game settings. From there you will want to choose a “game mode”, and then change it from “default” to “console”. »This guarantees that you will play only with other console players.

To turn off the cross.solders on the Xbox Apex, open the main menu and select “Settings”. From there, go to Gameplay, and then CrossPlay. Finally, remove the “Turn on the cross.platform game”.

Cross-platform game is an excellent function for games in which it is, but sometimes it can be an obstacle rather than help. If you play Fortnite on PC and want to get rid of the cross.platform element so that you can only play with people on the same platform, there is a way to do this. Here’s how: open the game and click on three lines in the upper left corner of the screen of the main menu. The menu with various parameters will open.Select “Settings” from the list.Click the “game process” in the menu on the left side of the screen.Scroll down to the item “Cross.platform game” and remove the flag next to it.

There may be several reasons why you cannot turn off the crossplaces in Fortnite. One of the reasons may be that the developers want to encourage players to interact with each other. The crossplay creates a more single game community, which can contribute to the popularity and durability of the game. In addition, the coercion of all players to use the same account on all platforms helps Epic Games to monitor the data and statistics of the players. Then this information can be used to improve the game and/or create new content.

First, make sure that your Xbox has the latest version of Fortnite is installed.Then open the game and select “Settings” in the main menu.Scroll down and select “Crossplay”.Transfer the switch to the “v.”And click” Ready “.

Fortnite in the world seems that no player is too great to fail. A popular video game has existed for several years, and the number of its players continues to grow. What was once a game only for PC players quickly became a cross-platform sensation. But does this mean that everyone can play together?Short answer:. Epic Games, Fortnite developers, worked hard to ensure that they could play as many devices as possible in their game. This means that you can play Fortnite on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android devices. However, there are some restrictions.For example, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can play with each other only if they are in the same group.

Mouse against the gamepad. Reflections on the Callon of Call of Duty: Warzone

Having talked with players in Warzone, having listened to their opinion, I would like to share with you thoughts about Cross-Play in the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare and the justice of the game in a single space of console players and adherents of PC.

Recently, the forums are drilling from screams about cheaters on PC with requests to protect players from such injustice. Since I played quite a lot of hours in the Warzone on a PC with a gamepad connected to it, I can say with confidence that in most cases the players on the consoles are outraged not so much by cheaters as with their helplessness in shootouts, but the pcs-PC incorpected contributes to self-justification ( it, by the way, can be turned off).

I will say right away. I like to play shooters on the gamepad, but I do not agree with the statement that the gamepad is just as effective in managing the sight. It is worth recognizing that playing on the gamepad is nice, all the buttons are at hand. But players using these devices (we do not take into account “professionals”, because their percentage among the players is negligible) lag behind in speed and accuracy of guidance on small objects, whether it is firing at long-distance distances or firing on the heads sticking out due shelters.

That is, the problem is not so much in Chiters as in the failure of the console audience of the fact that for a comfortable game you need to change the style of behavior to more aggressive, so that the difference in accuracy of the score of the sight is offered by a reduction in the distance to opponents.

Do not sit still!

We all know about such a method of play as “khaper”, with which a huge number of players suffer and not only on consoles. Inability to play with the gamepad indulges in this style of the game. And as soon as such players fell on the same site with PC-Boyars, they were awaited by a great disappointment, because they began to methodically destroy them in Warzone, which gave rise to a huge wave of discontent. After all, it is much easier to say that you were killed in the head using AIM, because such a player is used to playing in battles with the same console, who cannot quickly take the sight on a small target sticking out from behind the barrier.

In no case do I want to equalize everyone under one comb, but on the consoles objectively fewer players who can masterfully control with the fungi of the gamepad, rather than PKShnikov, accustomed to “rodents”.

I myself prefer to play on the gamepad, because I am not embarrassed by this control style. I believe that each PC player should try this type of interaction with the game, at least for familiarization. I also urge the entire game community to be more loyal to the subjective opinions of players of various platforms, because everyone selects for himself, suitable for him, the device. We all need to adapt to a joint game with each other-this will allow you to extend the life of future projects supporting cross-Play (I hope they will be).

All good and happiness, and cheaters are awareness of the stupidity of this style of the game 🙂

Disconnecting the in Cod Warzone turned out to be an exclusive PlayStation 4

Players on PC and Xbox One without Cross Play simply cannot be played.

A week ago, players in Call of Duty Warzone began to actively complain about cheaters who especially annoyed the owners of consoles. Then it seemed that to protect against dishonest players using PC, it is enough to turn off the crossplay.

In the version for PC, one cannot turn off the crossplains, but it was assumed that such an option is on both consoles. It turned out that this is not so: Eurogamer journalists conducted a study and found out that the shutdown of the cross.layer is an exclusive for PlayStation 4.

On the PlayStation 4, the Warzone client constantly offers the player to turn on the crossplay back, but the player may not agree. There is no disconnection of the crossplay in the version of the Xbox One version, but the players believed that this was done through the options of the console itself.

To do this, you need to enable a special option: blocking multiplayer matches with the Xbox Live players from outside. However, after activating this setup, the COD Warzone client generally stops looking for a player for matches.

Most likely, journalists believe, Warzone developers tried to remove the shutdown of the cross-layer due to the scale of the game.

Unlike ordinary royal battles, 150 players participate in the Warzone match; In the future, this number can increase to 200. Without, players in some regions where their platform could not be popular with the selection of so many rivals.

Activision representatives refused to explain why the crossplay in Call of Duty Warzone can be turned off on only one platform. Perhaps this is explained by Sony’s policy: the company is still approaching the organization of Cross Play very carefully and requires the developers to provide PlayStation owners with the best conditions.