How to block calls from unknown numbers on the Android phone

Every day there are more and more companies that advertise their services through phone calls. Permanent calls with obsessive proposals are bored, so users are interested in how to block calls from unknown numbers on the Android phone. The answer to this and a number of similar questions can be found below.

Almost every Android smartphone has the ability to block calls from unknown numbers. The whole problem only lies in the search for the desired section and activation of the option. Depending on the version of the operating system and the installed firmware, the principle of actions may noticeably differ. For example, on the telephone Xiaomi, the lock is carried out as follows:

  • Open a phone book.
  • Click three vertical stripes located in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Go to the “Antispam” section.
  • We put a tick near the item “Enable Antispam”.
  • Go to the “Call Lock” menu and put a tick opposite the corresponding item. A window appears on the display, in which you need to select “OK”.
  • You can also block SMS messages from unknown subscribers by visiting the section “Lock messages”.

If you use the phone from Honor or Huawei, then for blocking calls from unknown numbers you need to perform some other actions. For clarity, we recommend using the following instructions:

  • Open the application through which you make calls.
  • Press three points located in the lower right corner of the screen. In the menu that appears, select the “threat filter”.
  • Click on the icon in the form of a gear.
  • Go to the section “Rules of Interception”.
  • We put a tick near the item “Block all unknown numbers”.

Now the call will only come from subscribers listed in the telephone book of the device. As for Samsung smartphones, to block calls from unknown numbers need to do the following:

  • Open settings.
  • Go to the “Notifications” section.
  • Activate the “Do not disturb” mode, and then go to the subcategory “Allow exceptions”.
  • In the “Calls from” paragraph, select “Only Contacts”. You can also limit receipt of messages from unknown senders.
  • Returning back and activate the option by clicking on the “Enable Now” button.

If you use the phone from another manufacturer, the principle of action is often similar. The ability to block calls from unknown numbers by default is present on each modern smartphone.

What does the ban of calls on the tele2?

Using a call to tele2 allows you to limit unwanted calls, but only on a certain condition. So, you can completely limit all incoming, without the possibility of selecting individual numbers.

Tabay “Settings” (or “Extended Settings”), hereinafter. “Calls” and “Prohibition of Calls”; Now on the “Call Prohibition” screen, “all incoming calls” are taped; We enter a call ban password (as a rule, this is a standard combination like 0000, 1111 or 1234);

For Huawei (Honor)

Some of the most popular devices in our market (along with Samsung). There are already built-in functions for solving such a task (which cannot but rejoice).

  • First you need to open the call log (just click on the icon with the “tube”);
  • Next, in the top menu, select a “three-point” icon and go to the “Blocked” menu;
  • After switching to the “Call Lock Rules” section.

In this section, you can enable blocking of all strangers and hidden numbers. After that, all calls from numbers that are not in your phone book will be discarded (they will be sent a “Lesk for Trimmer Busy” signal).

Thus, these calls and you will not distract, and the line for the trimmer will not occupy.

Applications for blocking calls from unknown and hidden numbers

In addition to the built-in Android, you can always use third-party applications for telephone spam filter from Play Market. One of the easiest and most clear free applications. “Black List”, affordable here: https: // / Store / Apps / Details?Id = com.vladlee.EasyBlackList

Deal with the blocking of unwanted calls in the application, I am sureless. A couple more similar applications with very good user reviews:

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How to block the phone number using the standard functions of Android?

The inclusion of the subscriber to the list of unwanted it became possible on smartphones with the version of the Android operating system above 6. Blocking is carried out at the hardware level. The algorithm for its inclusion is as follows:

  • Go to “Settings”. This item can be found in the menu with all applications, it is indicated by the pictogram “Gears”.
  • Go to the “System Applications” section or if you do not have it, you can simply select “Applications”.
  • Select the “Call” application from the list.
  • Next you need to go to “Black List Numbers”. If you have not added anyone to him, on the opposite it will stand the figure “0”.
  • The screen opens will be the Add button or “”.
  • You will be offered two options. enter the number manually or select a subscriber from the contact list.
  • Next, make the necessary number and select Lock Option: Calls, SMS messages. You can stop your choice on both options.
  • Click on the “OK” button.

If you want to remove the subscriber from a black list, it is enough just to hold its number in the list and click on the Delete button.

This general algorithm may not work if you use an operating system modified by a smartphone manufacturer. In this case, add the contacts to the black list directly from the call list or notebook. This is the easiest option, how to block the caller subscriber.

Just call the context menu using the restraint of the contact line or three points above its card. SAMSUNG smartphones users have such an opportunity. Miui shells. Gadgets from Asus.

If you did not find the blocking features on your phone, you need to use other features. contact the operator or download and install a special application.

Black list

Some users require not a complete ban on incoming calls, but only from certain subscribers. This can be implemented using a blacklist, both system and third-party.

System solution

Incoming from an undesirable subscriber can be blocked like this:

    Open the phone app, then tap three points and select “Call Log” (“Call History”).

Now all incoming calls from this number will be automatically reset.


Unfortunately, not all embedded dialer are equipped with lock capabilities. In such a situation, a third-party solution is useful. in particular, the BlackList program available in Play Market.

    When you first start, the application will request several permissions, issue them.

Third-party blocker is largely functional and reliable in the built-in OS.

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How to disable calls from unfamiliar numbers on Android

Modern smartphones on the Android operating system standard possess a function to block calls from unfamiliar numbers. This means that you do not need to search and install additional software. Basic solutions are quite suitable and there will be enough to eliminate unwanted calls.

For this, it is enough to press the usual “green tube”, which translates into “Contacts” mode. From there via the corresponding button you can immediately get away.

  • Choose the item “Black List”. (If such is missing, choose the most similar in the semantic component. For example: “Lock numbers”, “call blocking”, “Antispam”);
  • In the “Call Lock” item, drag the switch near the line “Block calls from unfamiliar numbers”.

After these not cunning frauds, all calls that are not added to the telephone book of the device will automatically be rejected. Also, in the same menu you can additionally block call receptions from hidden numbers. This manual is universal, since all Android smartphones have similar inteeis and intuitive semantic markup.


Here we will talk about how guaranteed to block the call from whom he would not come. Many people for any other reasons do not want to answer a certain kind of challenges. It can be advertising calls that are simply tired, lawyers, collectors, windows, beauty salons and any other nonsense that we do not need. People start looking for a way to block the number. As a rule, they go to Google Play and the App Store, there are a lot of different applications that promise to protect your phone from certain calls.

Downloading such applications is calculated by thousands. This suggests that this topic is very relevant. You install such a program, for example, to protect from collectors, but they called it and continue to call, why? All those who call us without end, quite easily bypass such means of protection, they buy numbers of different operators packs and constantly change them. While the program will update its database of unwanted numbers, you will already have to offer to go to the “best beauty salon” or ask the threat to return the debt.

We tried a lot of different applications to block the number, but they do not work and do not guarantee one hundred percent protection, constantly calling off. Our method is checked on a number to which collectors call and it turned out to be the best and giving result of 100% blocking.

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Everything is very simple

There are two reliable ways to get rid of those with whom you do not want to communicate.


Who is looking for a long time will definitely find, so we found. In order to block the number of anyone, you need to install the Avast Antivirus smartphone.

It has a blocking function of absolutely all numbers except for contacts, that is, no longer will be downtowed by any number, repeat except contacts. Just add your relatives and loved ones as well as friends in contacts, they will be able to call without problems, and all other numbers will simply cut off, you will not even know what they called.

This antivirus is free and all we need to eat in it, namely the call blocker. Now we will tell you how to activate protection against all unwanted calls.

Turn on blocking

After installing it, you need to go to the menu and select “Call Lock”

As you can see in the screenshot, we blocked all strangers and all hidden numbers. Here is the most important point. it’s “all unfamiliar” they give the opportunity to cut off all those. who you don’t like.

But if you want to add only a few numbers to the black list, then do it as written below. What to choose which numbers block, you need to click on the red circle. After that, the choice will appear:

Here we showed you a simple and 100% working way to get rid of yourself from unwanted calls, now you can not be afraid that for example collectors will constantly call and threaten. This method was checking on the number for which 2 agencies called collectors. Before installing Avast, calls were constantly and programs that promised 100% filtering, poorly worked. They missed the challenges of almost 7 out of 10 or all in a row. After installing the antivirus, they called about another week, and then realizing that they would not be able to talk. stopped calling.

disable, calls, phone, incoming

If you want to know who gets you, then you can see who and when I tried to get through. On this photo, for example, the collectors attempts to contact the owner of this phone are shown. But this method sent them by.

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On other smartphones with other applications used for calls, the function may be missing or turned on slightly differently: but in most cases the desired setting can be found somewhere in the parameters of the dialer application.

Permanent glitches from updating to update. An application that implements the main function of the device works absolutely unstable. Periodically not displayed who calls, sometimes there is no possibility to answer the call. just a blank screen. Well, it was necessary instead of the perfect dialer from Miu.

Google user August 12 2021. Uncomfortable, disgusting application, in contacts one information in this application is different. Not all contacts are displayed, some kind of. To find the right contact you need to go wrong to the phone, but to look for it in contacts. Remove. Return the dialer

Very much bad reviews about this application from Google

In ZTE, only a teletype mode, I would like to know what it is.

On ZTE, it seems to be the original phone application and, if right, make sure that it is updated and restart it (or reboot the phone). maybe the voice acting will appear. About Teletip: Function for text transmission with “voice” connection

I think no. I have no devices on this system, but I assume that the last Google phone app is simply not able to install.

I did not turn on at all, it says itself, although in the settings everything is turned off. I do not know how to get rid of this saying. Samsung 2021 year. Infuriates just tin

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