Disable Automatic Updates on Samsung

Android operating system and all programs downloaded to Samsung with Google Play are configured by default in such a way that they are immediately installed on mobile devices. This is not only positive, but also negative moments, since the download of new files bypassing the user can lead to strong current traffic traffic. Yes, and not always fresh software versions work stably. Therefore, we consider how to disable automatic updating applications on Samsung Galaxy.

Main appointment of updates. elimination of various bugs and flaws available in old software versions, as well as creating more efficient performance and protected from program viruses. However, not all updates are useful. In some cases, they cause various failures in the operation of the OS and can lead to loss of user data. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of the owners of smartphones are interested in how to disable auto-update on their devices.

By intended purpose, all updates for mobile devices are divided into two types:

  • For applications downloaded from Play Market and Samsung Apps. Produced quite often and weigh relatively a bit (an average of 10-15 MB). However, if a large number of programs are installed on the phone, they can go to the gadget daily, which will adversely affect traffic.
  • For Android. Come out no more than 3-4 times a year and occupy more than 50 MB. They allow you to eliminate the errors of the previous version of the Operations, as well as increase its performance and functionality.

Next, consider how to turn off or cancel software and system updates on Samsung Galaxy.

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How to delete program update?

If the update has already been established, but after it there were difficulty in using the application: hang, errors, bugs or you just did not like a new design. On Android you can always return the previous version of. To do this, disable automatic updates and perform such actions in the settings:

How to disable Android apps on Google Play

Do not everyone know that the Automatic Application Update option may be enabled on Google Play. This can lead to unforeseen expenses, if you have a tariff package with payment for online traffic. This screen-caste describes how to disable automatic application updates.

How to disable automatic application update on Android

How to disable automatic application update on Android

Default, Android applications loaded from the Google Play store are automatically updated, as well as the smartphone operating system. If you prefer to view changes that relate to the application or system of the device before downloading them, we recommend reading this manual to the end and select the most optimal method for you, which will allow you to block all updates.

When android 11 will be updated on Samsung?

September 8, 2020 Google introduced Android 11. After 3 months, Samsung announced the dates when smartphones of the company will receive an update. The list includes more than 40 devices. In addition to the new version of the operating system, the update includes the latest version of Samsung‘s branded shell. One UI 3.0.

The information base configuration update is required when there are situations during the operation of the applied solution that require changes to the applied solution. In these cases, the information database administrator can update the applied solution configuration

How to disable auto-update application application in Google Play:

Step 1: Run Google Play, pull the curtain from the left side of the screen and select “Settings” below.

Step 2: Tap on the first item in the list “Auto-updating applications”

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Step 3: In the menu that appears, three options are available: “Never”, “always (a data transfer fee may be charged)” and “only via Wi-Fi”.

How to stop automatic updating applications in Google Play

Step 4: Select the first option if you want to disable auto updates or the third to receive updates only when connecting to Wi-Fi.

Firmware update

As for the disconnection of the automatic loading of the firmware on Samsung. everything is still easier.

Open the smartphone settings, select the “Update software” item and change the position of the switch near the “Automatic Download” item.

Now, to check (and if necessary) firmware updates in manual mode, it is enough to go to the “Update” section and click on “Download Manual Update”.

If a new firmware version is detected. its name is displayed, the list of changes, as well as the “Download” button by clicking on the download process and further update installation.

Disable updates for all Android applications

To disable updates for all Android applications, you will need to use Google Play Settings (Play Market).

On this shutdown process, it will not be automatically downloading updates.

In the future, you can always update the applications manually, going to Google Play. Menu. My Applications and Games. Updates.

How to Disable Application Update on Android?

Surely you have already noticed that when you connect a smartphone to the Wi-Fi network, applications start updated automatically? So and programmed by the Android system. But if you do not like this approach, you can change the settings. applications will stop updated automatically. Is it good? Rather, there is no yes, because the updates often carry patches for “holes”, so you need to update the applications, but you can do it manually.

To disable automatic updating of Android applications, you first need to turn on the Internet.

It may also be necessary to guide the login and password from your Google account if your smartphone is not attached to it. If it is tied, the main PLAY MARKET with applications will immediately open. But they do not interest us in this case. click on the button that we have allocated in the screenshot below.

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After that, the menu will open where you want to select “Settings”.

Here you find the line “Auto-updating applications” and tap it.

In addition, you can disable automatic update for some separate application. Find this application in Play Market, you can via the search.

On the Application page, click on the button specified on the screen below.

This application will not be updated when connecting to the Internet. unlike other. It works this method only in cases where you are not going to refuse to auto-update applications.

Instructions for renewing updates

  • If the user is interested in the firmware update directly, it is enough not to activate the automatic update function. You can find it in the “Details” item “Update” (through the “Device Settings”).
  • To disable automatic updating of applications and programs installed earlier, go to the Play Market and remove the checkbox from the Auto-Upennery item.
  • Many users also complain that they regularly come to update anything, and are interested, is it possible to disable this newsletter.
  • To begin with, it is advisable to try to go to Google Play settings and disable the automatic notifications and updates feature. Settings are started through the corresponding menu button (left below in GP).

Second step: Setting up the updates of the Android system itself

  • Again, go to the settings. In the category “Other” are looking for “about the phone”. Click there.

In the second case, you do not need to install a tick, then the system will be updated only with your consent.

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