How to remove the answering machine from the phone samsung?

SERVICE “Voice Mail”: Send a combination of USSD. 111902 # Call or SMS with a 90 2 command to the available service number 111; SERVICE “Voice Mail”: Send a combination of USSD. 1119002 # Call or SMS with a 90 10 command for an available service number 111.

Type 8450 from your own mobile phone. He who is used to controlling his SIM via the Internet may disable MegaFon answering machine in the Personal Account on the official website. After turning off the service, you must remove the redirection.

How to disable answering machine on samsung?

To disable the answering machine, the subscriber is the easiest way to contact the cellular operator with the appropriate request. This can be done by appearing personally in the interlock with a passport. Plus, the method is that it is easy to check whether you are not connected to your smartphone Samsung additional paid services and subscriptions that you do not suspect. This happens often.

Disable the answering machine and without leaving the house by a USSD request or a short number messages. The necessary data on cellular operators are summarized in the table.

Mobile operator USSD request Call to short number
Beeline 110010 # 111
Megaphone 1056020 # 0567
MTS ## 0890
Tele2 1211 #

Alternatively, you can register on the website of the cellular operator. The way is convenient to independently manage the options of the phone. So options for how to disable the answering machine on Samsung, a lot.

How to disable the answering machine on the phone using USSD commands

You can disable the voice mail function without leaving home and not even having access to the Internet. For this purpose there is a number of special USSD commands. It is enough to type a specific combination of numbers and characters on the keyboard and click on the call key. The necessary codes in the form of tips are pushed in the table. With their help you can connect and deactivate the service.

Operator Deactivation code
Megaphone 8450 #
Beeline 110010 #
Tele 2 1211 #

MTS is the only operator that provides its customers is not just an answering machine service, but as many as three different voicemail packages:

disable, answering, machine, samsung

To abandon the use of the service, you will need to send the relevant USSD commands:

disable, answering, machine, samsung

Disable an answering machine performed absolutely free. But if the version used is provided for daily charges, the Chamber for the last day of use of the service will be removed. Since the arrival of a short notice to a mobile device, the service will be terminated.

How the answering machine works?

The answering machines with one cassette write a greeting and incoming messages to the same cassette. this leads to additional time delays on the rewind of the tape. After playing the greeting, the answering machine must rush already recorded earlier messages, and then record a new message.

How to enable or disable an answering machine on the iPhone

  • Open settings.
  • Select Basic Universal Access.
  • Next go to the sound source.
  • Select Auto Answer.
  • Press the switch to activate the function.
  • In the settings, select Do not disturb.

How to listen to voice message by number 0525?

To listen to the voice message to the megaphone subscriber remains to call the short number 0525. Automatic informant reports on received calls, call time, and will include a voice greeting. But it is important to remember that the data storage period is 1 day, after which they will be automatically removed.

  • “Voice Mail (Basic)”. send an SMS with a command 2919 to number 111 or USSD request 1112919 #
  • “Voice Mail”. send an SMS with a 30 command (space) 1 to number 111 or USSD request 11190 #
  • “Voice Mail”. Send SMS with a 90 (space) 9 command number 111 or USSD request 111900 #

Description and cost service Answering machine Beeline

The answering machine works as a mailbox where voice messages accumulate. Users who will call you will hear your greeting, then the signal, after which they can record your message. If the caller does not want to leave a message, then you will still find out about his call. you will receive an SMS message with the date and time of the missed call.

Before you start using the answering machine, you must configure redirection to it. without this, the service will not work. Redirecting incoming calls to voice mail is possible in the following situations:

  • The user is out of the network access area;
  • The subscriber’s phone is busy;
  • The user does not answer the call for a long time;
  • The subscriber wants all incoming calls to receive an answering machine.

Connect the “answering machine” on biline can be free on any tariff plan. Also free will be listening to voice messages and record. But the service is provided for the monthly fee: for users of the preparing system of calculations. 1 per day, subscribers of postpositive tariffs will need to pay 21 per month.

Calls to the answering machine and recording sound letters are charged as ordinary outgoing calls.

How to connect “answering machine” Beeline?

To take advantage of all the advantages of this service, you must first put it. You can connect the service using special commands:

  • To connect an answering machine in Russian. dial the number 067409011. Or send USSD request 110011 #
  • Connection in English. Call 067409012. or use the command 110012 #

Just as in the case of all other options, the connection is possible in the Personal Account on Bilain, through the phone application, in any operator’s sales office, as well as in a single USSD menu 111 #.


Beeline will not work without settings. To control the answering machine there is a service number 0600.

Initially, it is desirable to install your password out of 4-6 digits. Default password. 9999. After that you need to write a greeting. If this is not done, the person who called you will hear the standard greeting.

The most basic is to configure call forwarding, specify, in which incoming calls will come to the answering machine. To do this, you need to dial one of the following commands:

  • If the subscriber is not online. 620600 #
  • If the phone is busy. 670600 #
  • If the subscriber does not respond. 610600 # or 610600 interval_loves #
  • Forwarding all incoming calls. 210600 #

The default time interval is 30 seconds. You can set a more convenient time interval. from 5 to 25 seconds in increments of 5 seconds.

You can reset the settings and cancel the set forwarding using USSD commands ## 002.

When setting up several redirects from Bilain, the main call is considered to forward all calls.

How to use an answering machine?

To listen to the answering machine, call the number 0600. and follow the vocal menu prompts. Depending on which commands you need, dial the corresponding numbers in the menu:

  • Listen Voice Message. 1
  • Save listened message. 4
  • Delete unnecessary voice message. 5
  • Call the subscriber who left the message. 0

How to turn off on biline?

Before you turn off the option, make sure that you have listened to all voice messages, because the shutdown will automatically remove the entire mail.

You can disable the “answering machine” option using a special command 110010 #.

In addition, there are a number of universal ways. to disable the service, you can use the personal account of the subscriber, the mobile application, or contact the specialist, by phone or in the Beeline Salone.

The reasons for which the Subscriber cannot answer the call

Your friend suddenly discharged the phone, and there is no possibility to put it for charging. Maybe he is on the road or, for example, in the cinema. It is possible that your friend for some time. descended to underground parking or went to the store located in the ground of the building. After some time, he may well appear in touch, not even noticing that he disappeared from Ether. Perhaps your friend went beyond the city and found himself in the zone of a weak reception or where the telephone coating networks are not at all. Remember, maybe he has old relatives living in rural areas, or work involves frequent rides for the city. Maybe he flew on vacation abroad? In this case, the included SIM card of the Russian operator will plunge into serious costs, therefore, most likely, it is at the time of vacation or turned off the phone, or use another SIM card. Sometimes there are situations when turning off the phone require circumstances

For example, your friend is sitting at an important meeting, where everyone is obliged to turn off the phones, or fell ill, drank the medicine and went to bed. After some time, the connection will be restored. you just need to get a little patience. The most unpleasant case

You do not want to communicate with you, so your phone is listed in the “black list”. Check it is very simple: you need to call this person from another room that is unknown or not related to your personality.

What is used auto answer on Android

Several reasons for which users of phones resort to an answering machine service:

  • Permanent employment. Man physically does not have time to answer all the challenges entering the device. Therefore, he has to set call calls to subsequently listen to the conversation conversation.
  • Using other features of the program. Applications in which there is a built-in answering machine, are endowed with a set of useful features. They may not be indifferent to many users.
  • Recording in the conversation process. The answering machines allow you to record a conversation with another subscriber. This is done for safety.

Where in the phone answering machine?

Setting the function “Visual answering machine”

  • Open the “Phone” program and go to the “Auto answer.”.
  • Click “Set up”.
  • Enter an answering machine password and click Finish.
  • Enter the password again to confirm it, and click “Finish” again.
  • Select “Own” or “Default”
  • Click “Save”.