Using the command line

By entering special commands in the CMD field, it is also very easy to see the model of a notebook. To do this:

  • press WinR and type cmd at the same time;
  • then the command line working window opens, where you enter either SYSTEMINFO or wmic csproduct get name and press Enter to confirm.

The first one gives full information about all the characteristics of the device.

You can also use the same commands by typing them into PowerShell, but for me this is less convenient.

How to know the model of a laptop Asus: using the command line

If your notebook turns on, it means that not everything is so terrible. The most important thing is that it works at all, and the ways, how to find out the model of a laptop Asus, there is not one, but a whole army. You start by opening the Start menu and typing cmd in the search box. This will bring up a command line, and you will see in front of you a black screen with a flashing black cursor, as in the picture below. Immediately type in the string wmic csproduct get name and press Enter. The next line will display Name, and even below that. Your notebook model name or number.

How to determine the model of the laptop Asus?

It happens, it serves you laptop faithfully for several years, and then there is some kind of damage and have to carry it for repair. And in these cases it is desirable to know the model of your notebook.

But as the computer has served for a long time, the documents from it can be lost. You have to visually identify your notebook model. Today we will consider how to do this with laptops firm Asus.

testing pc parameters using windows tools

The computer is on, what to do next? Let’s start with the processor and RAM.

Processor and RAM. The main characteristics of these components can quickly be determined as follows:

Note everything highlighted in the image above:

  • Windows 10″ operating system. This can tell a lot. If the computer “pulls” the latest version of Windows, this already means that it is more or less modern.
  • Opposite the “Processor” parameter you can see the clock frequency of the processor (in our case it is 2,9 GHz/GHz). If only one value is given here, the processor is a single-core processor. If two or more. multi-core.
  • Installed RAM memory. This is the amount of RAM. In this case we have 6GB.
  • Opposite to the “System Type” parameter, you should first specify the bit-size of the operating system, and then, separated by commas, the bit-size of the processor. Even if Windows is 32-bit, the processor can still be 64-bit (or x64).
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What else we have not defined? Number of cores. The System window does not always show the actual number of processor cores, especially if there are more than two. Let’s use the System Information system applet to get the CPU information you need:

determine, model, your, asus, laptop

Hard disk capacity. The amount of available disk space affects the performance of the computer to a lesser extent, but affects its cost. To see full information on hard disks (and not only) connected to your computer, you can use Computer Management system application:

Disk Management

Memory capacity of the video card. The way to determine the memory capacity of a graphics adapter depends on whether or not a driver is installed on it. All recent versions of Windows (especially for laptops) usually include drivers for various graphics cards, so there should be no difficulties in determining the required parameter.

You can also get the memory capacity of the graphics adapter from the System Information app.

  • Open the “Components” section.
  • Go to the “Display” subsection.
  • Opposite the “adapter RAM” element will be the amount of video memory in bytes:
  • If you divide this figure twice by 1024, you can find out how much memory you have in megabytes. In our case it is 2 147 483 648/ 1024/1024 = 2048 MB (or 2 GB).

However, in the case of graphics cards there is another important parameter. the width of the bus (more often it is called the “bit rate” of the video card), which significantly affects the performance of the graphics adapter. And to determine this characteristic it is better to use specialized utilities. Working with one of these programs is the next topic of this article.

How to find ASUS Model Name? | ASUS SUPPORT

How to find out the model of your Asus laptop: all ways

Many users, no matter how long they have had their computer, are not able to give the exact name of the model. And, in principle, easily do without it. However, there are situations when you need to specify the exact name of your device. For example, when manually downloading drivers from the manufacturer’s website, where each specific model has a different set of. Or by contacting technical support.

In this article we will talk about how to find out the model name of the laptop Asus. Nevertheless, all of the methods described below will work with computers from other manufacturers as well. Whatever brand your device is, there is a lot of information associated with it that can easily get confused: serial number, motherboard model, unique ID, and so on. Everything is not so simple, so this article can help everyone, even the confident user.

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How to know the model of a laptop Asus

There are a lot of ways how to find out the model of a notebook Asus, but for what it is necessary? Suppose a user needs to update Windows to a newer version.

So it will need new drivers, downloadable from the official site for a particular laptop series.

If the model is unknown, forget about the normal operation of the network and sound cards, printers, webcam and other devices. In this case, your computer will just collect dust and not perform its functions. This is just one example of why a person may need a model device, in fact, the reasons can be varied.

In order to find out the exact brand of the device you need to use one suitable method from a dozen of possible ones. From viewing documents on the laptop, to searching data through the command line or BIOS. The following methods work on any of the versions of Windows.

Almost all firms that produce laptops, have their own “lineup” of devices. For example, Acer has the Aspire, TravelMate and others. In each of these “lines” there are several varieties of devices.

Different series differ from each other in design, performance, size, weight. Notebooks of the same model range can differ only in their configuration. Smoothly we come to the methods of finding the serial number of your own laptop, first consider the most obvious.

If the exact model of Asus laptops or other manufacturers can not be found out from the accompanying documents or packaging that was thrown away, it is worth paying attention to the front. On the laptop or the bottom of the laptop manufacturers stick stickers with complete information. There you can find the data for your HP laptop. the name of the manufacturer, the series and the model.

If the stickers are missing or frayed, you can find the model on the laptop battery. Turn your device over and look for one or two latches. The number depends on the brand of the laptop. Open them and remove the cover to remove the battery. There will be the exact name of the manufacturer together with the model and series.

How to see your laptop model: Windows tools

Many users have difficulty with where to find out the model of the laptop. After several years of use, the information label on your device is often completely missing, or the information on it is erased and unreadable. But even in this case it is possible to obtain the necessary information. In particular, you can find out the model of your notebook by means of Windows.

Command Line

To find out the model of your laptop through the command line, you must first run it.

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This is done using the “Run” command. In the window type CMD and hit OK.

You can also perform a system search for. Enter CMD in the search field and, if the corresponding line appears in the list, start the program.

After starting the command line type in “wmic csproduct get name” and press Enter.

System Information

You can also find out the name and model of your notebook by calling the system info. To do this, perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Run the “Run” command. Right-click on the “Start” menu in the list that appears and select the appropriate item.
  • Type msinfo32 in the “Run” window and hit OK.
  • This will launch the System Information utility.
  • Here we are interested in lines “Maker” and “Model”, where the necessary information is specified.
determine, model, your, asus, laptop

DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Another way to find out the notebook model is to use the DirectX diagnostic tool. Use the following algorithm:

  • Start the “Run” command.
  • Type dxdiag in the window that appears and press OK.
  • You will be taken to the DirectX window.
  • Go to the “System” tab, where in the “Model” item you will find necessary information.

Let’s see how to find out the notebook model in the BIOS.

To call BIOS press and hold F2, Tab, Delete keys when you turn your PC on. You will see the BIOS menu. In the System information or Main tab find the Product Name item, where the notebook model is displayed.

Computer Properties

An elementary way to find out the model of the laptop.

  • Run the standard Windows Explorer.
  • Choose “This computer”.
  • Right-click on the icon.
  • Click on “Properties” in the drop-down menu.
  • Look for the “Model” line.

The disadvantage of this method is that it does not work with some laptops.

You can hardly rely on the package or some documents. usually they are thrown away right after you buy the laptop. But if you still have the user manual you can look in it to find out more about your notebook.

A more realistic way is to look for stickers on the laptop’s front or bottom. They contain complete information about the device, including the manufacturer, series, and model. For example, Acer Aspire 5745G.

If the labels on the case are torn off, try looking at the model on the laptop’s battery. Turn it upside down and look for the two tabs (maybe one). Slide them to the open position and remove the cover to remove the battery. On the battery will be written the manufacturer (for example, HP or DNS), as well as the series and model.