For Mac users. Editing GoPro Videos to iMovie (Download)

iMovie is arguably one of the best video editors for Apple devices, especially now that the company has made it free for all Mac owners (previously, iMovie was only available for free with the purchase of a new Mac). Unlike the default Movie Maker for Windows users, iMovie is a non-linear video editor with a much more advanced set of tools.

The iMovie interface is minimalistic and quite intuitive. it is noticeable at first sight. You can start a project in just a couple of seconds. Like VSDC, iMovie can easily open and edit files recorded with GoPro, including 4K video. One thing to note. when editing files in high resolution, additional computer resources are used, which means that the higher the quality and the larger the file size, the slower it will be processed.

To open a GoPro video in iMovie, click on the big plus button “Create New”. “Film”. Then go to “Import Media” and select the desired file on your computer through the explorer. Unlike VSDC, iMovie does not automatically add videos to the timeline, so you have to do it manually in the order you want. Please note that you can arrange files in a linear (direct) or non-linear sequence. for example if you plan to create a picture-in-picture effect.

iMovie is really very easy to use, even for those who have never edited a video before. Among the basic functions you will find cropping, adding various transitions, music and video effects. In the drop-down menu at the top of the preview window, you will also find tools for creating picture-in-picture effects, chroma key (removing the green or blue background from the video) and split screen (split screen). In addition, there is a library of title templates and backgrounds for videos in the top menu.

Editing GoPro videos often involves adjusting the color gamut due to the natural light “surprises” described above. The most common problem mentioned by owners of action cameras is the lack of color “richness” in the output image. In other words, digital video filmed through a lens does not always convey the colors that the author saw with his own eyes. and this is certainly disappointing. iMovie will help you fix this and bring the color as close as possible to the original.

Click on the “i” button located at the top of the timeline menu. this will activate the Inspector popup. Select the Video tab to open the available color correction settings. iMovie lets you work with exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, and of course, RGB gamma. You can also adjust the white balance as needed.

Below we have embedded a detailed video tutorial on how to correctly apply color grading in iMovie, filmed by blogger named Matthew Pearce.

To export a video, click the “Export” button and select an option from the drop-down menu according to your purpose. At this stage, you will be able to set the required format, quality, compression rate and resolution height of the final video file. If you shot the clip in 4K, the high resolution will be preserved when exported. The higher the compression ratio of the file, the smaller the file will be. Like VSDC, iMovie supports the latest H.265 / HEVC codec, which minimizes file size while maintaining high quality.

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Review of the best video editing software for GoPro

GoPro products are virtually unmatched and hard to argue with. Back in the early 2000s, they literally blew up the professional camera market with their tiny devices smaller than a human palm, which shoot in high quality. The newest model. Hero 6. allows you to shoot in 4K, 4K 4: 3, 2.7K, 2.7K 4: 3, 1440p, 1080p, 960p, 720p resolutions, and this is a serious advantage that allows GoPro to compete with such market leaders as Canon and Nikon.

And yet, it is not lenses that create gorgeous videos shot with GoPro. A much more important role is played by the person holding the action camera and directing the Focus as they see fit to capture the desired shot. In fact, videos that hit the Internet are almost always just a squeeze of footage. After all, if all the authors published the results of the filming in full and without processing, perhaps some of them would look less impressive. That is why the question of choosing a program for editing video with GoPro is one of the first to arise for every owner of the coveted device.

It is worth noting that until mid-2017, GoPro provided users with its native Studio video editor. At the end of summer 2017, the company officially announced that it would no longer support the development of the program and stopped updating. In response to numerous user questions about which video editor is best to use, GoPro officially recommends two free tools:

  • VSDC Free Video Editor. for Windows PC owners, and
  • iMovie. for those who work on Mac.

Both video editors are absolutely free, stable and allow you to work with footage captured on action cameras in high resolution. You will be able to open videos copied directly from GoPro. without additional format conversions, cut and glue the necessary fragments, add music and text, and also use more professional techniques. such as color correction, approximation of objects in the frame (zoom) and the creation of complex video effects.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at VSDC and iMovie in terms of GoPro video editing. In case, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the proposed solutions, at the end of the article we will provide a few more alternative video editors that are also compatible with footage shot with the legendary action camera.

In which program to edit video with GoPro? A selection of free video editors.

Basic set of options for editing video with GoPro

To understand what action cam owners look for when editing video, we analyzed questions and discussions on the GoPro Community Forum. As a result, we came to the following:

  • Firstly, it is important that the editing software can freely open the video shot on the GoPro. no one likes to pre-convert files to the required format. Not surprisingly, this request was the most frequent, since not all free editors are able to open the 4K resolution, which is popular with GoPro owners.
  • Secondly, the editor should have a function for fast cutting and “gluing” files, as well as adding smooth transitions.
  • Thirdly, you need a function to completely turn off the audio, and ideally. equalizer for sound processing.
  • Fourthly, the settings for processing videos recorded in low light or against the sun. which often happens when filming on the move in an open area.
  • Finally, it is critical for most users that the video editor works stably even on low-power PCs with a small amount of memory.

For Windows users. VSDC. free software for video editing with GoPro (download)

VSDC video editor. Official recommendation for owners of Windows computers. VSDC has low enough system requirements that you can easily install it no matter what version of Windows you are using: Win 7, 8, Vista or 10.

If you’ve ever used Studio’s video editor, you know that it was created to recognize and process files captured with a GoPro camera, while other formats often simply won’t open in this program. Just like a native video editor, VSDC seamlessly recognizes and opens for editing recordings made with an action camera, even if you were shooting in the highest 4K resolution.

To get started in VSDC, launch the program and click on the “Import Content” button. Then, through the explorer, find the desired file on your computer. During editing, you can add new files of any format at any time by opening the “Editor” tab in the top menu and selecting the “Insert object” option.

If you would like to import photos or videos directly from your GoPro memory card, you can do so, however, we strongly recommend copying them to your computer’s local drive first if you have enough storage space.

Basic video editing capabilities

Once you’ve opened your video file in VSDC Editor, you can start editing your GoPro video. First, you have complete control over the sound. It can be muted or completely removed. especially if the shooting was carried out in a noisy or windy place, and you want to use your own voice comments or music instead of extraneous noise. Secondly, you can rotate the video any angle clockwise or counterclockwise, as well as crop the edges of the video or change the aspect ratio to move the Focus to the subject. In addition, you can cut the desired video fragment with a split second precision.

The popular English-language video blogger GoPro under the nickname VidProMom has published detailed instructions on how to crop footage, join multiple video clips, and apply an acceleration effect, or vice versa. popular slow motion effect in VSDC. Since it is better to see such instructions once than read several times, we advise you to watch the video embedded below.

When you start working on a project. especially when it comes to a video consisting of many frames. we recommend that you activate the “Autosave” function immediately. Thus, even if an unpleasant surprise occurs in the form of a power outage or a wire suddenly cut by your beloved pet, your efforts will not be wasted.

Owners of action cameras, perhaps much more often than all other video lovers, are faced with the influence of weather conditions on the quality of the footage. When shooting in motion somewhere in nature, it is difficult to get perfectly stable light in the first place, of course. because of the sun. As a result, videos often turn out to be insufficiently lit, or vice versa. overexposed. You can rely on auto-correction, however, the results will not always be as expected. To know how to fix the situation, we advise you to understand the Brightness / Contrast / Gamma (BCG) settings. Most video editors allow you to manually change these parameters, and this is often much more effective than auto-correction.

If the video light is too bright (the video turned out to be too bright): Take your time to increase the contrast level or lower the brightness level, despite the fact that this seems like a logical step. Instead, try significantly lowering the gamma value (gamma determines the level of the midtones in the image), and you will immediately see how objects in the video take on clearer outlines.

If the video has insufficient lighting (the video turned out to be too dark): you find yourself in a slightly more difficult situation than what is described above, however, you can try to fix it. You need to increase all BCG levels. First increase the brightness to the maximum, and then raise the contrast and gamma, focusing on the result.

Adding Text While Editing GoPro Videos

Almost any video editor is “able” to work with text in a frame in one way or another. add comments, titles or subtitles. We urge you not to limit yourself to primitive text inserts, but to show a little imagination. because VSDC tools allow you to design them almost on a professional level. Here are just a couple of tricks that can be done in just a few clicks:

Outline text. Stroke the text with a color instead of a solid fill for the letters, play with the opacity and thickness of the outline. Outlined text looks more natural in the frame, which is why it is so often used by popular video bloggers.

Video-in-text effect. This is one of the most spectacular effects applied to text. It perfectly serves as a splash screen for any video or transition between frames. The effect is achieved in just a few clicks, and you can easily apply it, even if you are editing a video for the first time in VSDC. Just add a text object to the scene, double-click on it in the timeline and add the desired video file. Make sure the video completely overlaps the text. stretch it if necessary. Then find the Blend Modes (menu on the left side of the Timeline), select Blend. “Source In”. As a result, you will get something like this:

The export settings in modern editing software boil down to whether you will publish the video on the Internet, upload it to social networks, or plan to burn the resulting video to DVD and store it for viewing on family evenings. Therefore, many video editors no longer ask the question about the desired format during export. they ask the user about the future use of the video. than ten pre-configured export profiles are available in VSDC, including options for publishing videos to. YouTube, and Instagram. In other words, file size, resolution, quality and other parameters will be automatically adjusted depending on the requirements of the chosen platform. In addition, you can select presets for specific mobile devices if you know for sure that your video will be viewed on smartphones or tablets.

Our top recommendation for exporting videos. regardless of your future plans. it is the preservation of maximum quality.

For example, if you have the ability to customize the video codec in which the project will be saved. always choose H.265 / HEVC. It retains the maximum image quality with the minimum file size, and is the best option for subsequent online video download.

Alternative software for editing video with GoPro

If VSDC and iMovie didn’t work for you for one reason or another, there are quite a few other video editors to look out for. We will not do a detailed review for each of them, however, we hope that we will save you time by listing the most optimal options.

Yes, you got it right. Despite the fact that GoPro announced that it will no longer support the development of the program and its distribution, this does not mean that you will not be able to find old versions of it on the Internet. For example, Studio 2.5 can be downloaded from software catalogs at sites such as CNET Download, MajorGeeks, or TechSpot. For those who are already used to using this video editor and do not want to spend time and effort learning new things, this is a great option. What’s more, at the time of this writing, the GoPro team is still providing technical support and answering questions from Studio users.

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ShotCut. video editor for those who prefer open source

ShotCut. cross-platform program, which means you can use it regardless of what OS is installed on your computer: Windows, Mac or Linux. ShotCut supports 4K resolution and generally boasts near-perfect format recognition. ShotCut’s interface is very minimal and the toolbox includes many video effects, filters and transitions. The editor allows you to perform color correction at a basic level and work with the speed settings, applying the effect of fast forward or slow motion.

In ShotCut, you can also add background music and add text to the frame. At the time of this writing, the subtitle function is not supported. On the other hand, ShotCut. as in VSDC. there are built-in tools for recording video and audio, in case you want to create voice or even video comments.

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DaVinci Resolve. professional video editing with GoPro

Davinci Resolve. a program well known in the circles of aspiring filmmakers. It earned its fame primarily due to the unique set of color correction tools, which is incomparable with any other program on this list. DaVinci is not a minimalistic or lightweight video editor (you will need 2GB of memory minimum), however, if you are working on a serious project and strive for picture quality like a real movie. this is ideal.

Davinci Resolve is completely free and does not add watermarks on export. The program works on Windows and Mac. It will take you a while to learn all the Spectra features available, but the results are well worth it.

Videos shot with GoPro action cameras will impress viewers. What’s the secret? Of course, it’s not just the level of development and quality of parts, but also who is on the other side of the lens. brave and creative people, always ready to move towards adventure. Whichever editing tool you choose, we wish that inspiration never leaves you. Well, if you are looking for YouTube bloggers who are close in spirit, we recommend paying attention to the English-speaking MicBergsma, Expert Vagabond and VidProMom (for new GoPro owners). You can also join the Russian-speaking or English-speaking GoPro communities, where they discuss the most common questions that the owners of action cameras have.

Editing GoPro Videos: How to Split a Video File and Crop the Edges

Video splitting and trimming tools are located in the Delete and Split shortcut menu. this is the upper part of the program interface.

If you need to crop the video at the edges, just click on the corresponding icon in the menu. This will launch a pop-up window where you can choose which area of ​​the video should remain in frame and which should be off-screen.

If you need to split the video file into parts, do the following:

  • Place the timeline cursor directly at the point where you want the first frame to end and the second to begin.
  • After that, click on the “Split into Pieces” icon (see illustration below).
  • The video will instantly be split into two chunks sequentially located on the timeline.
  • Repeat the process as needed to split the video into more parts.

How to Edit GoPro Videos in VSDC Free Video Editor

So you’ve got your GoPro footage and now you’re looking for a free program to edit it before publishing it online and showing it to your friends. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to edit GoPro videos in the free VSDC video editor. You will learn how to quickly rotate a video to the desired angle, cut it into fragments, overlay audio, apply slow motion and reverse playback effects.

VSDC is a free video editor for Windows PC and has been officially recommended by the GoPro team since their own editing software, Studio, was no longer supported by developers.

Unlike many video editors that require additional video conversion to the required format, VSDC recognizes files recorded on GoPro without any problems. The program specifically supports 120 fps video, 4K resolution and the latest HEVC / H.265 codec. This is a great advantage for the user, since you not only save time for converting before editing, but also you will be able to preserve the maximum recording quality during export.

How to flip video recorded with a GoPro camera?

To get started, launch the program, start a new project and import the desired video file. To do this, use the green round button “Insert Object” in the top menu of the editor.

One of the most common tasks faced by GoPro camera owners is rotating video 90 or 180 degrees. Sometimes you may even need to rotate the recording to a non-standard angle. for example, if the camera is tilted during shooting. One way or another, all this is easily solved in a video editor.

Standard 90 degree clockwise and counterclockwise rotations are literally one click away. The illustration above shows which menu buttons will help you with this. If you need to rotate the video to any other angle, this is done as follows:

  • Go to the “Video Effects” tab. it is located in the top menu of the program.
  • Select “Transform”. “Rotation”.
  • The pop-up window will show the parameters of the object’s position. click OK.
  • A new tab will appear on the timeline with the “Rotation 1” layer placed on it.
  • Right click on it and select Properties.
  • In the Properties window, scroll down to the “Rotation angle” line and set the desired parameters. You can focus on the illustration below.

Editing GoPro Videos: Applying Slow Motion & Rewind Effects

Slow motion (or slow motion) is arguably one of the most popular queries when it comes to editing GoPro videos. This effect allows you to make the video more spectacular and focus the viewer’s attention on the key moments of the filmed action. The effect is very simple to apply:

  • Break the video into parts using the method described above and click on the part you want to slow down.
  • Go to the Properties window and scroll down the menu to the line “Speed%”.
  • Manually select the speed you want to see on the recording. To instantly see the result of a speed change, use the red preview button above the timeline.

If instead of 100% you set the speed value to 50%, the video will play exactly twice as slow as in the original. If you choose 25%. the speed will decrease by 4 times, and so on.

Another great video timing trick is the rewind effect. You will see this setting directly above the “Speed%” menu line. Just change the option No to Yes in the Play from end field.

Editing GoPro Videos: How to Add Music

Finally, let’s see how to add a soundtrack to your video.

First, if you just need to delete the original audio track, go to the Properties window and scroll down to the Audio track line. Change the setting from “Track 1” to “Do not play sound”.

Then click on the green button “Insert Object”. “Audio”. Select the appropriate file on your PC. If necessary, you can easily edit a new audio track: adjust the volume, cut, shift in time.

When you’re done editing your GoPro video and you’re ready to save it to your computer, go to the Project Export tab and select an export profile that suits your future goals. For example, if you plan to upload a clip to YouTube. or Instagram. VSDC has special pre-configured export profiles for this purpose. You will see them in the top menu of the program by selecting the “Internet” option. As you know, u. YouTube and other social networks have their own recommendations on the parameters of uploaded videos, and by choosing any of the pre-configured profiles, you save the video in full compliance with them.

If you want to save the video to your computer in maximum quality for further viewing and use, we recommend choosing the AVI format and the H.265 codec. Codec, format, quality and other parameters can be configured in the “Change profile” menu. it is under the preview window.

Editing GoPro videos isn’t all that VSDC editor is capable of. We have prepared 3 more instructions for creating impressive video effects in this program:

You can get more information about the program on Free Video Editor ‘description page.

Delete other people’s videos

Sometimes it so happens that it seems to you that a video that is posted on another YouTube channel needs to be deleted. Either it violates someone’s rights, or offends, or something else, the main thing is that it can be done, but not the fact that it will work out.

The easiest way is “dislik”, that is, you put what you don’t like in the video. If there are more of them than “like”, then this video, with a high degree of probability, will be deleted.

Also, you can write to the support service, telling what exactly you do not like this video, and it may be deleted. I don’t know, of course, I don’t care about other videos, let others post what they want, but if something doesn’t suit you, then you can try this method.

To summarize, everything that I wrote a little above, then in order to delete your video, on your own channel, you need to go to the channel. Next, find a video manager or creative studio there. All your videos are there, select the one you want to remove, click the action. remove and that’s it. It’s very simple, I think you can handle.

On this, let me take my leave, there are other things to do, I hope you liked today’s post, I tried to write it in the simplest possible words so that everyone understands.

Well, if you write your comments, questions, objections, if any, I will be glad to talk to you. Thanks everyone, bye, good luck!

How to delete a video from YouTube

Greetings friends, I am glad that I can again write something useful in my diary. As I promised, I will now write posts as often as possible, so the topic today is: how to delete a video from YouTube.

Of course, I am not an expert in this field, but based on my experience, I can tell you something. By the way, have you already started your YouTube channels to conquer everyone with your knowledge? If not, then create, believe me, it’s really cool, soon I will launch a series of my own video tutorials on blogging and making money on the Internet.

Deleting your videos on the channel is not difficult, I will try to show you everything from A to Z, as they say.

New generation video hosting. Watch your favorite channels, share videos with friends, create your own video collections.

  • no advertising;
  • free background video playback from a mobile application;
  • streams without restrictions;
  • free download of videos to your device to watch or listen to where there is no network;

And so, to remove, we need to do the following:

We go to the Youtube site. I will not give you a link, I think that everyone knows this site, so he can easily find it. At the top there is a button “Login”, click on it. 2. We will be asked to enter our data, namely login and password. To secure my account, I made two-level authorization, that is, I also receive a special code on my phone, which I also need to enter. People are different, so it’s better to secure your channel. In short, we enter and press “Enter” 3. Further, at the top there is a special button (look at the picture), so you need to press it and select “My channel”. Click and move on. 4. Now, at the top right, there is an icon (your picture) that you need to click on. 5. Click on it and the next window pops up, with our picture, in which there is a tab “Creative Studio”, click on it. 6. Now we get to our main window, where you can edit and delete those videos that we need. Believe me, this is done quite simply, look further. 7. We see that there are our videos that we added. Now, at the bottom there is a “View All” tab. I click it so that all my videos will be thrown out to us, and then they can be deleted, edited, improved sound, video and whatever. In general, click and see the picture below. 8. Now, next to each video you can put a “bird”, and at the top there is an action tab. That is, we put a “bird” next to the video that we want to delete, and at the top, in the “Actions” item, select “Delete”.

Well, that’s all, we simply and easily, one might say, deleted a video that we don’t like in a couple of minutes. Agree that this is not difficult, especially since it is done on your YouTube channel. Many people think how to delete their video from YouTube, well, now, you won’t have such questions, now you know how to do it.

How to remove a video from YouTube: 37 comments

Interestingly, to be honest, I usually only uploaded the video, and I didn’t even know how to delete it. I thought that there was no such possibility at all

As you can see, there is, and everything is done very simply. Well, at least that’s how it seemed to me.

Now I know. For some reason, I always thought that there were always some problems with the removal. But it turns out everything is actually very simple

Hello. Not bad you spun up your blog here!

I agree that the attendance has already been over 500 visitors, I think a thousand is just around the corner at such a pace. Good luck, Yuri!

Hi Yura! In principle, deleting your videos is not that difficult. The first time I added my first video, I thought that I did something wrong there and after half an hour I deleted it, and then it was shown with the inscription that the user deleted the video, for a while.

To be honest, I have never watched Masha and the Bear, but I know that children love this cartoon. I heard that Masha was “getting the Bear” there. I’m surprised that there are so many dislikes. And that the video is actually being deleted?

To be honest, I don’t know that. But, I know that if there are a lot of dislikes, they can delete, but infa is not 100%.

Thanks for the detailed layout, for a beginner everything is clear and shown in detail. There are many of us dummies) There are a lot of subtleties in YouTube, so the topic is infinitely interesting.

I’m not talking about the usefulness, but where did you get it, if there are more dislikes, the video will be deleted? Where does this infa come from? a huge number of videos with 20,000 dislikes and a minimum of likes. Regarding the complaints, you are right, if the video is contrary to the law, or violates someone’s right, then the channel is given a strike (warning). A certain number of these strikes. channel ban and video deletion for a certain period.

Well, I seem to have read about it, I could be wrong).

By the way, you would brag about your views. you have already typed the first thousand on the channel?

The cartoon is cool, my sister used to watch it. The girl who sings the voice of Masha sings in an original way. In general, everyone chooses what to watch. About deleting videos, useful info, while I recorded a couple of videos, not so hot, of course, but we are working. A. Borisov issues a course on this topic, but again the price is high.

You are as always))). Although you may need to wait than pay 3000 rubles).

With this approach, your courses are also unlikely to be bought by anyone. A person works, and I think not for free

Yes, no one says anything. He sets the price he thinks is right.

GoPro Hero 7, 8,9 How to Erase Files

That’s nothing, see what cartoons, where they show how to do operations, and so on. Or online games for children of 3 years old, like a cool-looking game you turn on and then you need to do a skull trypanation. The meaning of the game. That children at the age of three are already chasing their hair on end!

Yeah, there are a lot of such jokes on YouTube. Previously, hits were “screamers”, like you look at the video, and then suddenly, as a muzzle pops out, you can fall from the chair.

Children are being entertained with such nonsense now. I looked my heart almost stopped and the children were watching. It’s like, it’s normal in general, and they still want a normal generation to grow up. Horror and nothing else

Yuri, hello! Regarding likes and dislikes on YouTube, no one will delete videos for a large number of dislikes, in their own way, dislikes, like likes, are useful for promoting videos, but only if there are thousands of times more dislikes, then this will have a bad effect on the ranking of the video, the YouTube robot will consider the video not very useful and send it to the end of the search results. This is so in general terms 🙂

Ah, that’s it, so the video bloggers didn’t explain it correctly. I’m sorry, so no one will delete videos for dislikes.

Thank you so much ! I just added some bad videos to my channel! and I was thinking how to delete ? !

Dear Yuri! Please help me! To spite me, a colleague put my photo on YouTube, terribly ugly. I saw him before and asked him not to put it on, not to embarrass me, I hoped for his word, but he put it anyway. I was ill then and in general, as a woman, I am very worried. How can I remove it? It was not me who put it, and this is not a video, but only a photograph.
Help me please.
Victoria Koltunova

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Helped.

Thanks for the tip. Everything explained in such detail!

Yuri, please HELP! How to delete your video if it is not listed in my account!

Victor, I have never encountered such a situation. If you see your video on your channel, then it must be in the creative studio. It’s weird that he’s not on the list.

Getting rid of unnecessary programs

How to remove unnecessary things from drive C?

Selective cleaning of the system partition should be done regularly. This requirement is primarily related to the specifics of Windows operation. (During its operation, unnecessary files in separate directories accumulate arbitrarily, without user intervention). And besides, you run less risk of losing useful content and valuable data (that is, deleting something very necessary from the C drive during the formatting process).

use of the regular function

Run the System Computer Cleanup Utility.

  • Windows 7: open “Start”; in the search box, enter “disk cleanup”; select the C drive in the drop-down menu; click “ok”;
  • Windows 8: right-click on the “Windows” shortcut (in the taskbar); click “Find”; in the panel that opens, type “disk cleanup”; in the menu click “Free up disk space.”.

GoPro Hero 8: How to Delete Photos & Videos (One by One, Several or All at Once)

Wait for the directory analysis to complete (in the average utility, this task takes 2-3 minutes to complete).

In the settings window, on the “Disk Cleanup” tab, select the checkboxes by clicking the mouse next to the items that need to be deleted or cleaned.

In the window that opens, click “Delete files”.

Advice! It is possible to get rid of OS restore checkpoints (if you don’t plan on using them!). Go to the “Advanced” tab and in the “Recovery.” section click the “Clear” button. In the additional window, confirm the start of the function.

All in one fell swoop out of sight.

Before globally deleting everything that is on the computer, clean up, of course, you must first look through all the sections one more time. Suddenly, after all, there, somewhere in the folder, there was something useful: photos, videos, text files with passwords and logins, reports or some other valuable documents.

When you are 100% sure that you do not regret anything from the existing data in the directories, proceed with cleaning.

We destroy useless media content

Remember Plyushkin from the book “Dead Souls” by N.V. Gogol? Well, mountains, or rather tens and hundreds of gigabytes of seemingly useful, but seemingly useless content on your PC’s disks clearly indicate that you are very similar to this literary hero.

Books, movies, TV shows, huge software distributions, games that don’t really need to take up precious free disk space. And they also burden the user with the need to constantly increase it when you need to download something else.

To remove this category of files (but not installed programs!), Use the standard Windows option:

Right click on the file or folder you want to destroy. And then in the context menu, click “Delete”.

Remember to empty the Trash after cleaning is complete. Also hover over it, right-click and select “Empty Trash”.

disk cleaning with cleaning utilities

There are a huge number of programs that free the C drive from “digital junk” in automatic and semi-automatic modes. In this quick tutorial, we’ll look at the most popular solutions.

Reg Organizer

1. In the vertical menu, select “Disk Cleanup”.

In the adjacent panel, click the Scan button.

Wait a bit: the utility will analyze the partition directories.

When the procedure is complete, click “Perform cleaning”.

Standard uninstall

Open the system start menu. Go to “Control Panel”.

In the list of software available in the system, right-click the unnecessary program.

How to remove a program from the list of installed in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7

If in the list of installed programs in Windows Programs and Features you have programs that have already been removed or in a situation where you need a program not to appear there, you can easily remove it from there.

In this instruction, there are two ways to remove the program from the list of installed in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7. manually in the registry editor and using third-party software, as well as a video where the whole process is shown clearly.

How to remove a program from the installed list using CCleaner

In the well-known CCleaner program in the “Tools”. “Uninstall programs” section, there is also the ability to remove the program from the list of installed.

To do this, you just need to select the program and click the “Delete” button instead of “Uninstall”. as a result, the same entry in the registry will be deleted, which we deleted manually in the previous method. The result of the action is similar.

Removing an item from the list of installed programs in the Registry Editor

Information about what programs were installed on the computer is stored in the Windows registry and we can delete it from there. At the same time, the program itself (if it is still installed) will continue to work, moreover, its normal complete removal will remain possible. using the uninstall file in its folders. The removal steps will be as follows:

  • Press the WinR keys (Win is the Windows logo key), type regedit and press Enter.
  • Go to the registry key
  • In this section, you will find subsections: some of them may have program names, some. identifiers, some are not associated with the list of installed programs at all. Having selected any section, in the right part of the editor window, pay attention to the presence of the “DisplayName” parameter and its value. If the parameter is present, and its value corresponds to the name of the program to be removed from the list, delete the entire section with this parameter (right-click on “Folder”. delete).
  • If your program was not found in the specified section, look in another registry section, where individual programs from the list may also be located:

As a result, an unnecessary item in the list of installed programs will be deleted (for this, you will need to close and reopen this list).

As already noted, if the program is still on the computer, it will not go anywhere and will continue to run and perform its functions. And to completely remove it, in the future, you need to go to the folder with the program and find the file to uninstall, usually its name begins with unins (from the word uninstall).

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DMITRY, I have questions for you. After running the Geek Uninstaller and before uninstalling the program of my choice, I go to the Registry entry and immediately delete the entire registry of the program I have selected, except for (By default) REG SZ (no value assigned). Here is the first question: is it safe to delete the registry or…. After closing the registry editor, I delete the program of my choice. After rebooting, I look for leftovers (I know where) and then I open the registry editor and look there. Sometimes it gives out a folder or file of a remote program and I delete them too. And here is the second question: is it necessary to delete the remnants of the deleted program in the registry editor? Does it interfere? I have no more than ten installed programs

I try to answer.
1. It depends on exactly where you are deleting. I would recommend not doing it before uninstalling the program. For some programs, there may be dependencies with other branches of the registry, where the path or name is not directly indicated (and the link to the program is only in the form of its identifier from letters and numbers) and theoretically we can damage the process of removing the program from such branches, and there are invalid items in context menus and other potential problems.
2. Usually does not interfere. I myself am not a supporter of the idea of ​​”cleaning the registry”, except in those cases when it creates problems (autorun of non-existent programs, unrecovered file associations, abandoned and continuing to start services). The registry today is hundreds of megabytes and a couple of text lines indicating the service information of the once installed program do not affect anything.

DMITRY. I completely agree with you on all the points that you have written. It is better to use all means of programs from MicroSoft Windows. No third-party programs are needed, unless in a pinch. You have to do it with your own hands and not be lazy. Using Geek Uninstaller, I ran a test with uTorrent and its registry to uninstall. The system was not damaged, and then by pure chance. You can say: lucky. And so yes, it’s not worth doing at all

Better tell me how to return it back to the list of installed ones? I deleted MS Office 365 so accidentally through CCleaner, instead of uninstalling. Now I can not delete it, there is no uninstall file.

Delete YouTube videos from someone else’s channel with a guarantee

What you need: contact the agency “Reputation.Moscow”.

Can I delete videos from YouTube? In each case, the solution is selected individually. too many factors affect the task. Therefore, we are often contacted after unsuccessful attempts to delete.

We don’t have a magic eraser, but at the time of this writing, we have removed over 1.6K negative links. Clients have kept confidentiality, and their reputational issues are resolved with a guarantee.

Think about this: There are generally accepted rules on the Internet. You can’t just delete the video without consequences. From the point of view of the author, this is theft and more proof of one’s own righteousness. Most likely, a new wave of negativity will be a response to rude actions. Legal pressure and threats have the same result.

We do not hack accounts or threaten. Instead, we look for an approach to interested persons and conduct negotiations. Therefore, our clients are confident that the old negative will not return.

If you want to remove someone else’s video from YouTube without risk, fill out the “Ask the Experts” form. She is on the right.

Article outline

Read this warning first

Before deleting someone else’s video from YouTube, read this section carefully. Otherwise, you run the risk of using the given tips for other purposes.

  • You cannot delete the video because someone did not like the author’s manner of speech or hairstyle. over, it will not be possible to do it for free and without consequences.
  • YouTube is one of the most explosive sites on the Internet. Everything that is done on YouTube is done in full view of the entire Internet. There is a developed community and algorithms, and content makers are ready to forget disputes when one of them faces problems.
  • To remove someone else’s video from YouTube, you need to try hard. Even with an unpopular video, there is a small, but still monetization. To pick up a video means to get into the of its author.
  • Each case with an unwanted video is different. Therefore, you cannot blindly follow any instructions, including ours, although we regularly update this article.
  • We advise businesses and media people who want to remove someone else’s video from YouTube. If you have a real problem with negative content, please contact. All negotiations are confidential.

Agree with the channel’s author to remove the video

What you need: the ability to convince and gently achieve your goals.

Disadvantages: if you choose the wrong “key” for a person, he will not make contact.

Creating a video for YouTube takes a lot of time and effort, so the video will be removed or changed only for a good reason. For each person, these reasons are different, and they will have to be calculated.

Small channel → offer a discount or small gift in return.

Regular user → find out the causes of the problems, what prompted the person to record the video. If you solve his problem, in the future you can ask to delete the video.

Mentioned in a popular video → explain that the author has jumped to conclusions and that the company’s employees are suffering from this.

The author’s contacts are hidden in the “About the channel” section, sometimes they attach links to social networks. Screenshot

To contact the author, you need to go to the “About the channel” section and click “Show email address”. If there is no such button, then the user did not provide an address for communication. you need to look for it in social networks.

Important: before deleting a video from another user’s YouTube, compose a letter. It should be clear and non-aggressive. For example, like this:

How to delete someone else’s video from YouTube without angering half of the Internet

We will tell you how to delete someone else’s video from YouTube. We will show the methods that we use ourselves, and also warn against careless steps. Tips will help businesses, media people and anyone who is hindered from living and working by some content on YouTube

Express your point of view

What you need: contact a blogger and ask for the floor or shoot your own video.

Disadvantages: Negativity is likely to remain or be changed.

The method will not help remove someone else’s video from YouTube, but will give it an informational counterweight. In the current conditions, this is already a worthy result.

If the business is sure of the correctness, you can contact the author of the channel.

At our webinar, they asked what a manufacturer of medical products should do if a devastating video was released on its products, and he himself was called a fraud. We replied that if there is confidence in the product, it is necessary to submit it for examination. A state-recognized certificate will increase confidence in the company and its work. Plus, the certificate will become a significant argument in the dialogue with the blogger. At the very least, this will help to speak out against his words.

The podcast “Ismailov and Babajanyan” is usually made a third party in disputes. There are enough such channels on the Runet

Alternative options are to contact another blogger or release your own video. It is normal practice when, in response to criticism, they release their point of view on a question. In Runet, there are enough conversational shows when controversial situations are dealt with.

Think about this: removing someone else’s video from YouTube doesn’t have to be an end in itself. The main thing is that the negative does not harm business. Therefore, in many situations it is wiser to fight back.

Courts, complaints and copyright

Disadvantages: high risk of conflict escalation and the emergence of new negativity.

We have combined courts, filing and copyright protection into one category. Not that they are not suitable for deleting someone else’s video from YouTube. Rather, they are too risky.

Courts. Let’s say that the court took the side of the applicant and the video was removed. Most likely, it took time and money for a lawyer and related expenses. But this is not the main problem. Usually such cases are accompanied by hype in the media.

Trying to delete one video can generate dozens of negative news feeds. This was the case with the Synergy University, a deputy from the Novosibirsk region, Oleg Tinkov and others.

Complaints. If an author has violated YouTube rules, you can report this to the moderators. To do this, click on. under the video and select the reason for the complaint.

In order for a video to be removed, it must violate one of the rules of the service. screenshot

Here it is worth considering the psychology of bloggers.