Browsing history. How to view and clear it

All people are naturally very curious. Therefore, it is always very interesting for them to know what others are doing at their personal computer. There are several ways to view your browsing history. It all depends on what exactly you need. You can view the history of browsing the Internet or track the correspondence a person had, and so on. You can see which programs were launched on the computer, what is the browsing history of sites.

Another situation may arise. For example, you read some interesting article on the Internet. You liked it, but you did not add it to your favorites. It was not possible to find this page again, especially if you got to it completely by accident. This is where the browsing history is needed. In it you can see a list of all visited Internet projects. In the browser, the browsing history includes the browser cache and cookies.

How to delete your browsing history

Any browser installed on a computer keeps a history of visits and movements of users on the Internet. This happens by default and can be viewed by anyone. If you need to delete these entries, the browser itself provides such an opportunity.

How to view deleted browsing history

In order to find out the history of browsing sites, you can use a special program. For example: DiscDigger, Easy File Undelete, Recuva. After downloading and installing the program, you need to run and find a special file called Places, which has the sqlite extension. This is the history of browsing Internet projects.

You need to know that if a user has deleted such a list using specialized programs, then it will be very difficult to restore it. In this case, the browsing history will be lost forever.

To view it in a browser, press the CtrlH key combination. All history is stored in the memory of a personal PC as files. When you delete it, you are, in other words, deleting certain files from your hard drive. You just need to know where they are located.

If you are using the Explorer browser, then this file is located here: C: \ Users \ user \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows \ History

In Firefox browser: C: \ Users \ user \ AppData \ Roaming \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \

In Google Chrome, the file is located here: C: \ Users \ user \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default

Here it is necessary to replace the “user” with the name of the one whose history we need.

Another interesting program for viewing history

Let’s consider another option with which you can view history. To do this, you can use a program called Punto Switcher. This program has a very convenient function. It’s called Diary. It is there that the recording of everything that the user did on his PC takes place. In order for only you to have such access, you can set a password for it. It must be remembered that this file must be cleaned periodically, otherwise the program may not work correctly.

How to delete history in Yandex

Yandex also provides many opportunities for users. It saves every visited internet project. If necessary, you can view both the browsing history and the download history.

To delete the visited Internet pages, open the browser and click on the icon that looks like a wrench. It is located in the upper right after the address bar. Here we find the item “History”, and there will be a list of all visited pages. We put a tick on those pages that need to be deleted and delete them.

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How to delete the history of site browsing and search on a computer in Yandex

Internet users browse millions of resources every day in search of the information and materials they need. So that you can quickly find the studied link to the site or the download file again, the history of visits is stored in Yandex, to which you can return at the right time. You can erase the chronological list if you wish. How to delete history in Yandex, this article will explain in detail.

How to delete your browsing history: instructions for beginners

Today, this article will discuss the question of how to delete the history of visits to sites. This operation can be done using standard browser tools. But in some cases, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with third-party programs. As an example, I will use the most popular browsers, namely Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer. So, below you will learn how to delete the history of visiting sites.

delete, search, history, laptop

  • Turn on the program.
  • Click on the gear icon. It is located in the upper right area.
  • Go to the “Security” tab, and select the first item “Delete browsing history“.
  • Check the box next to “Journal”.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking the “Delete” button.
  • Open the program.
  • Click on the icon with the image of three horizontal stripes. It is located in the upper right location.
  • Select “History”.
  • Click on “Clear”.
  • Select “Clear history”. Confirm your choice.
  • Open the program.
  • Click on the application icon, which will be in the upper left corner.
  • Click on the inscription “Erase Recent History”. It’s on the left side of the menu.
  • Check the box next to “Visit log”.
  • Confirm the operation by clicking on the inscription “Clear”.

Removing the tabs “Google Chrome”, “Mozila”, “Internet Explorer” is done according to the same principle. It is enough to press RMB on the bookmark of interest and select “Delete“. It should be noted that after this operation, it will no longer be possible to restore the tabs. Using the built-in tools, you can also delete information such as: cache, download history, site settings, saved passwords, etc.

Of course, the usual built-in tools can also delete the browser history. But if you want to get more advanced functionality, you should take a closer look at various third-party software. Typically, such narrow-profile programs allow you to flexibly configure browsers. For example, you can make automatic deletion of viewed pages, which will occur every time before exiting the utility. From such software, I recommend using a utility like CCleaner. It has many advantages. To start with, it’s completely free. You can download it from the official website. This program allows you to delete all temporary information from web browsers with one click. In this case, you can format the history in several utilities at once. The program interface has a fairly intuitive control. Therefore, it is difficult to get confused in it. But in which case, you can use the built-in help, which allows you to decipher all the actions. You can download another similar utility to your computer. There are enough such programs on the Internet now.

The question “How do I delete my browsing history?” quite often asked by new users. In this article, I have provided instructions for the most popular browsers. If you are using other software to browse the Internet, you can install a generic third-party tool. I hope you now know how to delete your browsing history.

Zero hard drive

Above, I wrote to you, for the paranoid, an option, one hundred percent deletion of data from the computer without the possibility of deletion, its meaning is that you replace the deleted data, write useless garbage, in the form of zeros, and the same Ccleaner will help us with this. in the Service Erasing disks, specify the disks that need to be erased and the number of approaches, the more there are, the more reliable your disk erasure.

delete, search, history, laptop

I think I managed to answer the question how to clear history on a Windows computer.

How to delete history on a laptop

How to recover

It often happens that you need to restore a link to the resource that contained the necessary and important information. Have you already searched the entire Internet, but you still can’t find the address you need? The question immediately arises as to whether it will be possible to recover the lost information. In theory, the process is real, but in practice, it is very complex and rarely achievable. Searching for a recovery program on the Internet will work, but with the help of it, it is unlikely to resume the resources passed through. You can only recover various deleted files.

We erase the history of visits on the smartphone

To delete the viewed pages in the Google Chrome browser (mobile version), open the application and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner. Select “History” from the pop-up menu.

delete, search, history, laptop

Next, you need to click on the “Clear history” button located above the list of visits.

Check the boxes which information should be permanently erased, and tap “Delete data”.

delete, search, history, laptop

Google Chrome Browser: clear the search history

You can remove previously made search queries in Google Chrome in almost the same way that was used for Yandex Browser. go to the official website of the developer and, if required, log into your account. Both PC and smartphone can be used for cleaning.

Instructions on how to clear your Google Chrome search history:

  • Open the application menu in the upper right corner and click on the “Account” icon.
  • Select the Data and Personalization tab.
  • Open the link “My actions” located in the right pane.
  • To perform manual cleaning, click on the “Filter” button located at the top of the list of recent actions.
  • Specify the period for which you want to erase the history, and tick the items that you want to clear.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click on the button “Delete results”.

You can also remove items one at a time, without filtering. To prevent requests from being saved by default, select the “Activity Tracking” section and deselect this option.

We erase the history of visits on the computer

We will show you how to remove information about visited web pages on a PC. Let’s take the Google Chrome browser as an example. In other web browsers, the procedure is similar.

Instructions on how to delete history on a computer in Google Chrome:

  • Open your browser and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Additional Tools” from the pop-up menu.
  • Click on the link “Clear browsing data”.

Now you can erase information about visited pages and downloads. Mark the period for which the information should be erased, and click “Delete”.

How to clear your browsing history

delete, search, history, laptop

By default, Internet surfing programs store both your searches and information about the pages you visit. This is usually convenient: you can repeat the action without re-entering the search parameters. It may be necessary to delete browsing history if a lot of unnecessary information has accumulated in the history of a web browser. or if several people use the same browser.

By cleaning the data, you will delete all information about previously made requests, visited sites, viewed on online video pages, whose social media pages you visited. No one else will be able to see what you were doing at the computer. and you will remain completely confidential. If, after reading the instructions on how to clear the request history, you still have questions, contact the “Good Deeds Service” for help. our computer masters will provide remote support!

Yandex Browser: clearing the search log

To erase information about the last searches in Yandex Browser, follow the instructions:

  • Go to the official website of the developer You can perform operations both on the computer and on the phone.
  • Log in to your account. If the authorization is done automatically, you can skip this step.
  • Open the settings menu in the upper right corner and select “Portal settings”.
  • Click on the button to delete the history of previous searches.

In the menu, in addition to erasing data, you can cancel the display of visited sites, search tips and other data by unchecking the corresponding checkboxes.

Incognito mode

This mode does not store information about the web pages you visit, searches and downloads made. After closing the window, all information will be automatically deleted and cannot be restored. To enable anonymity mode in Google Chrome for PC or smartphone, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select “New window in incognito mode”.

delete, search, history, laptop

As you can see, clearing your browser history is not difficult at all. Still have questions or more serious problems? Call or write to the “Good Deeds Service”. we provide remote assistance, and if necessary, we leave for Moscow and St. Petersburg!

How to clear Yandex search history?

But in general, you need to go to Browser Settings and find the History or Browser History item there. Go to it, find the Clear History button and click on it. Most likely, after that, the settings window will pop up, in which you need to select the desired parameters and click Delete data or Clear history.

How to remove a website from your phone?

You can delete and restore your sites created on the Google platform. How to delete or restore a site

  • Open the new version of Google Sites on your computer.
  • Click the icon next to a specific site.
  • Click “Delete“.
  • To permanently delete a site, empty your Google Drive Trash.

Which file is the browser history stored in?

The history is stored on your hard drive in a file called “History”. It is located at the following address: In Windows: C: Users username AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault. On Mac OS X: Users / username / Library / Application Support / Google / Chrome / Default.

How to clear Google Drive history?

  • Open the My Activities page. Sign in to your Google account if needed.
  • Click on the menu icon Delete actions for a specific period.
  • In the “Delete by Date” section, click the down arrow All time.
  • Click Remove.

How to clear history from only one site?

  • Go to Menu (three dots) History History (or press Ctrl H).
  • Check the boxes next to all pages in the list that you want to remove from history.
  • Click on the Delete button in the upper right corner.

What file is Google Chrome history stored in?

Click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome browser window to open the menu (in other versions of the browser. the wrench icon or three dots). Then select History. History. The browsing history window can also be opened by pressing the CtrlH hotkeys on the keyboard.

How to remove all Google prompts?

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app
  • At the top of the screen, click Data & Personalization.
  • In the Activities & Timeline section, click My Activities.
  • To the right of the search bar, click the icon
  • In the “Delete by Date” section, click the down arrow
  • Click Remove.

Browser hotkeys

Agree, using the example of clearing the history, it is very convenient to use “hot keys”, and you do not need to search for the required function through the menu for a long time. Let me now make life easier for the future and you can use the browser twice faster without using a mouse at all!

Windows 10. How to Delete Browsing History

Yandex, Opera, Chrome, etc.

Recently I was asked, in my opinion, a stupid question: how to delete the search history in the browser. It would seem a common thing, but previously a person did not have to do this. I told in a nutshell how to clean the history of search, sites, passwords, and in response I saw only surprised eyes.

My second advice was: “look for an answer on the Internet,” and the next day I was told that nothing you said was there. Out of curiosity, I myself climbed to see, indeed, all sites only complicate your task.

Let’s now get down to business, and you will find out the easiest and fastest way to clear the search history and site visits in any browser (Google chrome, Opera, Mozilla firefox, Yandex browser, Yandex search and search on other sites (YouTube, etc.) ):

How to delete (clear) the history of visits (views) of the Google Chrome browser.

In today’s step-by-step instructions, we will look at a convenient way to delete the history of visits in the Internet browser, clear the cache, delete cookies, and also clear the history of file downloads. Let me remind you that we will do this in the world’s most popular Internet browser, Google Chrome.

In order to clear the cache (temporary files) in the Google Chrome browser, you will need to perform the following operations on your personal computer:

Open google chrome (in the upper right corner just above the “Close” button) by clicking on the button with the image of three horizontal lines. After completing this action, an additional menu of the Internet browser will open.

delete, search, history, laptop

In this menu item, you need to move the cursor to the item “History” or “Tools” in the drop-down menu, click delete data on viewed pages.

Also, the Google Chrome browser has very convenient hotkeys for performing these actions.

The combination of keys CTRLH (simultaneous pressing) in any browser window leads to the opening of the “History” tab. In this tab, you can click on the “Clear history” button. After completing this action, a new tab with a choice of actions will open. You can choose by yourself which data to delete and for what period. For example, you can delete information of visits for the last hour, day, week, or delete history for the entire time of working with the Google Chrome browser. To do this, you need to check all the boxes and select “For all time”. All browsing data will be erased forever.

If you choose a different action, do not forget to check the boxes next to the data that you want to delete in the window that opens. For example, you do not want to delete the data of the autocomplete forms (the function helps to automatically fill out web forms, such as saving a username and password when entering a mailbox or a login form on a site in a contact). If you want the data in the input form to remain, you must uncheck the two checkboxes: “Clear saved passwords” and “Clear saved data of autofill forms”.

delete, search, history, laptop

Let’s proceed to the description of the second method of deleting data using a combination of hot keys

CtrlShiftDel (means pressing all these keys at the same time)

After pressing the CtrlShiftDel keys, the “Clear history” form will open, with which you are already familiar from the description above.

I hope that the implementation of all these simple steps was not a hassle for you, but if something is not clear, then you can leave a comment. We will definitely answer.

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How to clear all history in Yandex

To completely get rid of information about requests, you need to know how to delete history from Yandex browser. This can be done through the browser settings or use an additional extension.

How to clear the search history in Yandex Browser (on PC and mobile versions)

When visiting pages on the Internet, the user may not be aware that information about them remains in the history of Yandex Browser. Gradually accumulating, this data takes up space on your hard disk and slows down your browser. In addition, if more than one person is using a computer, each of them can find out what the others are interested in. This significantly reduces the security and confidentiality of personal data. All these problems can be avoided if you know how to clear your search history in Yandex.

Let’s sort it out in order. First, we need to find out where the same request history is located in the Yandex browser.

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How to delete some records from history in Yandex Browser

In addition to clearing the entire browser history, the user can only delete individual sites. There are two ways to do this.

Opening history with hotkeys

  • Launch the Yandex browser and press the Ctrl H key combination on the keyboard. A special History tab will open.
  • In the left column at the very bottom there will be an item to clear history. Click on it with the left mouse. (then use the same key unless otherwise specified) A small frame will open in the center of the monitor.
  • Click on the gray mini frame and select the lowest item of all time. Place checkboxes everywhere and click clear.

Three Ways to Clear Windows 10 Explorer Search History

In addition to file management operations, Windows Explorer is responsible for displaying the desktop, taskbar and Start menu, which is part of it. There is also a search in Explorer, different from the UWP search, which is integrated into the shell of the system. To save the user from having to enter the same queries into the search field every time, the developers have implemented the function of saving the most frequently used queries to history.

How to Delete Search History on Google Chrome Laptop!

When the user starts to enter a request, Explorer prompts you to select it from the saved list.

delete, search, history, laptop

This is very convenient, but sometimes it becomes necessary to completely clear the history of requests, for example, for privacy reasons.

In Windows 10, you can do this in three different ways.

To delete a specific request from history, start entering its first characters in the search field and when it appears in the list, select it (hover the mouse) and press the Delete key.

If you need to remove all elements, we do differently.

Open the Explorer ribbon, in the “Search” section, click on the “Previous search queries” icon (it looks like a watch face) and select the “Clear search history” option in the menu that appears.

delete, search, history, laptop

This action will completely delete all requests.

The same can be done with a simple registry tweak.

With the registry editor open, expand the branch:

And remove the WordWheelQuery subsection on the left.

delete, search, history, laptop

The result will be similar to clearing history through the interface.

In Windows 11, Microsoft has replaced Explorer context menus with more minimalist and better fit.

Along with many improvements, Windows 10 introduced the function of transferring images and videos to remote.

Windows 11 has received a qualitatively redesigned, with an improved look and usability, Explorer, adapted for devices with.

Restarting Explorer is the fastest way to get rid of the effects of temporary glitches that led to incorrect display.

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Only the registry method worked. First.- I do not have the “Search Tools” tab in the explorer, the second.- does not work, requests remain in the list.

Thanks, the first way with the delete key helped.

But in “Windows 10 Home” in the explorer there is no “Search” section, and it is better for the teapot not to go into the registry, and therefore only sequential deletion with the “Delete” key works.