How to delete search history

I recently asked in my opinion a stupid question: how to remove the search history in the browser. It would seem that the usual thing, but, before, I did not have to do this. I told in a nutshell, how to clean the search history, sites, passwords, and in response I saw only surprised eyes.

My second advice was: “Search for an answer on the Internet,” and the next day I was told. nothing you say, there is no. From curiosity, I myself climbed to see, really, all sites only complicate you the task.

Let’s now go to the case, and you will learn the easiest and fast way to clean the history of the search and visits to sites in any browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex Browser, Yandex search and search for other sites (YouTube and T.D.)):

Delete on the server

On the main search page, you authorize, speaking a login and password from email. On the computer, go to the settings. On the right at the top click: Select: Select:

Algorithm of action for browsers about the same. Consider the example of Yandex. Browser.

In the browsers, remove the information about the activity of a person on the Internet: viewed sites, autofill, lists of downloaded files, cache.

How to clean in Yandex Explorer

In the browser, go: Next: Choose for what period Remove:

Stages of quick cleaning of the search history on the computer

First you need to download the program to your computer. Make it easy and just here. After the download is complete, double click on the distribution. A installation wizard will appear, which will help unpack the archive and correctly install the software on your computer. Select the folder in which the program will be located, and after wait for the installation of the application. Do not forget to create a shortcut on the desktop. it will greatly simplify access to the program in the future. How to enable scan and select the necessary browsers to clear the search history:

  • Run the program by clicking twice the shortcut of the software;
  • In the opened menu, select Full System Scanning;
  • Click the “Cleaning” button;
  • On the left, find the names of those browsers you use, and check the box opposite the Count “Magazine”;
  • From sections that do not need to be cleaned, remove the checkboxes;
  • Click “Fix”.

Mark partitions, run scan and eliminate all errors

You can not check the system for errors completely, but clean only browsers. To do this, immediately go to the “Cleaning” section and start scanning. The process will not take and minutes: a report on the work done will appear on the screen, where the name of the proven browsers will be submitted, in which unnecessary files were detected. You can double-click on any item. In this case, the program will provide information on the location of the detected data and their volume. Click “Fix”. “Computer Accelerator” will eliminate all the data on the sites you visited.

Downloading the program

Removing history in Yandex

So, we turn to how to remove the story in Yandex on the computer. After starting the “accelerator” you will see on the screen the main menu in which the software will offer to carry out a global PC scanning for garbage and errors. To delete only the search history, go to the “Cleaning” tab.

Conditionally, this window can be divided into two parts: on the left side, the scan parameters are presented, with the right. check results will be displayed. To begin with the search. Find the “Yandex Browser” item in the list and check the box next to the Log string. Remove all other marks if you want to scan only this section. Then click “Scan”.

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Check will take a few seconds. After that, you can read the report: information on the total volume and number of objects found will be presented. You can also go to view a more detailed report: for this you need to double-click on the “Yandex Browser. Magazine” item. Click on the “Fix” button to instantly delete the search history from your PC.

Cleaning history in browsers

In order not to enter each browser and not clean the story. it is much more convenient to use specials. Utilities (cleaners). I recommend CCleaner, System Care, Wise Care for this purpose (first, in my opinion, most preferable. it is in it and show the whole work process).


My blog has an article about the best Windows cleaning programs from garbage

In addition, these specialized utility-cleaners have such a function as rubbing remote files. t.E. The utility makes other programs to restore deleted files.

As a result, we clean the story completely and compete. so that it will be subsequently impossible to restore!


CCleaner. one of the best utilities for quick and efficient cleaning of Windows from garbage. The utility is very careful about its work. removes only garbage files that will not damage your system.

In addition to its immediate task, the utility can defragment the registry files (to improve performance), delete non-removed programs, control the autoload and. Functions.

After starting the utility, click the “Analysis” button. it will allow for a minute. another to evaluate the degree of “pollution” of Windows with various garbage information (temporary files, broken shortcuts, tails in the registry, browser cache and t.D.).

Analysis of the system and browsers in particular (we evaluate how much garbage has accumulated)

In my case, CCleaner found about 21 408 MB of garbage. what, you see, not enough!

Note, the left menu shows which browsers will be cleaned. If you do not want to clean the story in a specific browser. uncheck the ticks opposite it.

To start cleaning. click the bottom button at the bottom (see. Screenshot below).

To keep the story to be restored

If you want your story to be able to restore with the help of special. programs (for example, such: https: // Ocomp.INFO / 10-PROGRAMM-DLYA-VOSSTINOVLENIYA-DANNYIH.HTML), you need to make another operation. to wash the free space with zeros.

Essence here in what.

You did not notice that copying information on the disk lasts long, and removal. 1-2 seconds. and no file. Why is that?

The fact is that when deleting a file, Windows simply begins to assume that at this address on the disk it does not have anything, and at any time you can record new information.

BUT! The file itself, until a certain point, it does not disappear from the disk, and while this place on the disk will not be overwritten. It can be restored.

Operation of rubbing free space. just go through such sites on the disk, and scrolls them with “zeros” so that there is nothing to restore.

Thus, to fully delete history, after the program is reported on the successful completion of the cleaning operation, go to the “Service / Disk Erasing” section and select the following parameters:

  • Only a free place (from the busy we already deleted the story);
  • Simple overwriting (the easiest option. And quickly, and quite reliably);
  • Local disk “C: \” (Specify that disc where your browser is installed).

Erasing free space (so that all deleted files cannot be restored)

Erase operation can last long enough. 1-2 hours may be required to drive in 1 TB. But, usually, still a system disk with Windows makes smaller, and therefore the operation passes much faster.

In any case, if you are worried about the story. unnecessary 10-20 minutes do not play a big role.

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There is one more important point. Some browsers are enabled by default one very interesting feature: synchronization of history (for example, it is in Chrome).

And if you are registered and authorized in the browser. then the whole story will not only be copied in your hard disk, but also on Google servers (data from time to time go to the cloud).

Thus, removing the whole story on the disk, and then opening the browser. you can see that the story has not lost anywhere, the whole log of visits will be filled, as before. Therefore, before cleaning, I recommend to disable the synchronization of history in the browser.

In Chrome it is done simply, you need:

  • either open “Settings / Synchronization” and turn off synchronization;
  • Or open the Chrome: // Settings / SyncSetup page. and similarly move the slider to off.

Disable History Synchronization in Chrome (Settings / Sync)

After this disabled option. The story will not be recovered after it is removed from the disk. You can save calmly.

Although we removed the story completely, but there are some more ways that help partially learn what web resources you visited. About how it can be done, I told in one of my articles, I bring the link to it below (I recommend to get acquainted).

To help!

How to see the history of visits to sites, even if it is removed. see. Instruction

How to find and remove browser history in Yandex.Browser

Yandex browser created by the same rules as Google Chrome. Find the icon with three vertical lines, choose a “story” to see the next few sites in the pop-up window. Want to see all visits? Choose in this window again “History”. You will see all the visits and the removal button.

How to remove history on a computer

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From this article you will learn how to delete history on a computer that includes recently viewed files and search engines. You can clean the story on Windows Computers and Mac OS X. To clear the history of viewing web pages, delete the story in the browser settings.

Scroll down and click Clear Device Stories. This option is in the “History of Devices” section. So you clean the search history on the device.

Click Edit History Settings. This option is located at the top of the Bing page. The menu opens.

Click Yes. When the query appears. So you fully clear the story of the search for Cortana, both locally and online.

Hide the future search history. Remove the checkbox from “Show the latest files on the quick access panel” and “Show the latest folders on the quick access panel” in the section “Privacy”. This is an optional step, but it will allow you to hide search elements in the conductor search bar.

Click OK. This button is located at the bottom of the folder options window. So you clean the history of the conductor.

How to delete search history

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Deleting the search history allows you to save the confidentiality of information and hide it from third parties with access to your computer and account data. Most browsers and search engines have built-in tools for cleaning and deleting all history history, including search history. From this article you will learn how to delete your search history on the most popular platforms.

  • If you are not automatically entering your account, click “Log in” in the upper right corner. Select your account, enter the password and click “Next” to enter the system. If you do not see your account, click “Log in to another account” and log in using the email address and password associated with your Google account, and click “Next”.
  • If you use Google without logging into account, you can delete the search history, clearing the browser history. This can be done in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.
  • If you have chosen a “Special Range”, use a calendar under the drop-down menu to select the initial and end range of the range. Click on the calendar icon in the “After” field to select the start date, and then on the calendar icon in the “earlier” field to select the end date.
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Click apply in the lower right corner of the window. Your search history for the selected time period will appear on the screen.

Click on ⋮. This is an icon with three vertical points to the right of the search string at the top of the page. A drop-down menu appears.

How to remove site visits story

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From this article you will learn how to clear the application log, the history of the conductor, the history of search and history of viewing web browsers on a Windows computer.

Right-click on the taskbar. Taskbar is a panel at the bottom of the screen. The menu opens.

Click Delete Usage Log. This is a link at the top of the window. The use of each application will be reset.

Click View. This tab is in the upper left corner of the conductor. The toolbar opens (at the top of the conductor).

  • If you secured some folders or files on the quick access panel, they will not be cleaned. To disconnect the folder or file, right-click on it, and then click “Out from the Quick Access Panel”.

Hide the future search history. To do this, remove the checkboxes from the “Show recently used files on the quick access panel” and “Show frequently used folders on the quick access panel” in the “Privacy” section. So you hide the search history in the conductor.

Click OK. This option is at the bottom of the folder parameters window. The history of the conductor will be cleaned.

Clear browser history manually

This option is suitable in cases where to install or launch any portable programs for cleaning personal data is not possible. So you do not clean the story on the computer completely, but only remove the history of visits in a separate browser.

The algorithm of actions for all Internet observers is approximately the same. We will consider as an example only cleaning history on the example of Google Chrome, as this is the most popular browser.

    Click in the upper right side of the intees by the button in the form of a three-way. From the context menu, select the “History” option, and then go to the “story” again. Also, instead of the described actions, you can simply use the combination of hot keys.

In other browsers, the process of cleaning the history of visits is made in the same way.

As you can see, there are many tools that allow you to clear the tracks of custom activity at the computer. The choice is yours.