Encrypted and password protected Private folder on Honor phone

For privacy purposes, the Private folder on Honor allows you to encrypt photos, videos, audio and other files on your phone. In this article, we will show you how to enable a private encrypted and password-protected folder on your Honor phone, how to delete it if you forgot your password, how to find a hidden private folder on your phone.

You can enable the Personal folder on your Honor phone and transfer photos, videos, audio and other files there, which will be encrypted and password protected. In another article, we showed how to hide a photo album with photos and videos, and in this article we will show how to create a Personal folder on Honor, in which you can hide any files and which will be reliably protected with a password. You can also configure the protection of the folder with a fingerprint, that is, you do not need to enter the password every time, you can unlock the protected folder by placing your finger on the fingerprint scanner. For example, we use Honor 9 Lite, I hope the info will work with your smartphone or tablet as well. Also see the comments below, perhaps someone has already shared useful information about a personal folder specifically for your phone.

How to enable the Private folder on Honor:
– Open “Settings”. and go to the item “Security and privacy”. You can also open the file manager “Files” on your phone and in it “Personal”.
– Next, you need the item “Personal” and get into “Create Personal”.
– Select the location where the Personal folder will be saved on Honor “Memory card (recommended)” or “Internal memory”.
– Now you need to enter the password for the protected folder and confirm the password again. (Attention! Set a memorable password or be sure to save the Personal password on your Honor phone so that you don’t forget or have to look for ways to reset the password from the protected folder.)
– Next, you will be asked to enter the answers to security questions. this is in case you still forget the password for the encrypted folder on your phone. I think this is a good way to reset forgotten folder password if forgotten.
– Now you will be asked “Link Huawei Account” or not. this is another option that allows you to reset your personal password if you forget it and forget the answer to the secret question.
– The Personal folder is ready, now you can “Add” to this folder images, audio, video and other files that will be encrypted and password protected.

To delete your personal folder, change your password, create a new protected folder, move the folder to another location, click on “Settings”.

Where is the secure folder on Honor phone, how to find it.
The “Personal” folder is saved on the phone memory or on a memory card, depending on the choice when creating it, and the encrypted folder / File_SafeBox / is usually located on the memory card. Look at the picture below.

Since the folder is encrypted, corrupted and hidden, you cannot find it without turning on the visibility of hidden folders and files. You can remove the memory card from your phone and view hidden files on the USB flash drive on your computer. You can also download a free file manager application “ES Explorer” from the Play Store, which allows you to enable the display of hidden folders. The “ES File Explorer” application will help you find the hidden protected folder both on the memory card and in the phone memory. If you have forgotten your Personal password and there are no important files in it, then simply delete this folder and then you can create a new protected folder. Unfortunately, we could not find a way to reset the password from the Personal folder on Honor, if you know how to do this, then be sure to share in the comments below.

How to delete protected folder on Samsung

At the top right, click on the Properties button (three dots). In the window that opens, click on the Settings tab.

In the settings, click on the Advanced settings tab. Please note that here you can use the Backup. Restore function.

In the window that opens, confirm the deletion. All files will be moved to the device memory.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

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Hey! Today I will show you how to create a secure folder on a Samsung Galaxy phone. You can delete the folder if you no longer need it. In the settings, you can archive or restore all files from the folder. Everything is very simple and fast. See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Go!)

On the home screen, find the Protected Folder icon and click on it. Can’t find it? Use the search at the top of the screen. Just enter the relevant query.

Here you will be shown a short presentation of the application. Click Next.

How to uninstall “Secure Folder” on a Samsung Galaxy (step by step)

Next, you need to log into your Samsung account. Click below Confirm.

You need to choose a way to protect the folder. If you chose a pin code, enter the 4-digit code twice. Click Continue.

All is ready. You have created a protected folder. Here you can add apps or files to the folder.

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What it is

As the name suggests, it’s just a folder that sits on your desktop. It does not stand out from the rest of the icons. You can hide it in a bunch of other buttons, rename it or hide it altogether. In the latter case, it will be available only when performing some manipulations that reveal its existence. In order to enter it, you need to enter a password or configure unlocking by biometric parameters. a fingerprint or face scanner.

Anything can be inside. from simple text files to entire applications that will be accessible only from this folder. over, they will disappear from the normal desktop. The system creates a copy of the application for hidden mode, which will contain its settings, its own search history in the browser, accounts.

Where can it come in handy

To understand how you can use the hidden folder, it is enough to remember what a modern smartphone is for most people. It contains recipes for your favorite dishes and notes for the day. Photos and videos of relatives and friends or even intimate ones. Documents, personal data, bank numbers, cards, passwords from accounts in various social networks, services. The telephone is an integral part of life, and it will be unpleasant at best if someone takes possession of it. Even simply handing over the phone to a work colleague to view vacation photos, immediately after the gadget falls into other hands, it becomes uncomfortable: suddenly a person minimizes the gallery and sees some program on the desktop or scrolls too quickly to photos that he should never see. These thoughts haunt you even when you are in close proximity with a person.

Often, when crossing the borders of countries, censorship obliges customs officials to check the smartphones of visitors. Any person has the right to refuse, and any customs officer may not allow him to enter his country or send a request to higher authorities. Even if you immediately change your mind and still transfer the gadget for verification, there will be more suspicions and they will look for something there more thoroughly. A hidden folder will allow you to transfer the device for verification without fear and delays and be sure that nothing personal will be found there.

This is a brief refreshment for those who, when reading the title, could not immediately remember, and what and from whom, in fact, to hide, there seems to be nothing important. The key word is “like”. It has already been said above that people are used to, and it is even easier not to think about security, relying on minimal means in the form of a password for the entire device. But if there is a password, then it can be deceived, and the fingerprint scanner is used forcibly. If the attacker does not find anything suspicious or interesting on the smartphone, then he will not look further. The main thing is not to forget to hide the folder.

Using Secure Folder on Samsung Phone

The transition of life to the digital space has long ceased to seem an attribute of fantastic literature. Today, many personal data, passwords and generally all information about a person in one form or another is on the Internet or, at least, in electronic format. Different companies need them to identify their customers and protect them from fraudsters. At the same time, the organization requesting personal data assumes responsibility for the safety of information about the client. In this regard, people are used to the fact that they have nothing to fear: all their gadgets are reliably protected, and it is difficult to hack a computer, and there is nothing special to look for there.

Therefore, the smartphone stores files that can lead to dire consequences if they fall into the wrong hands, and attackers use this. To simplify the process of protecting against strangers, Samsung has developed the Protected Folder application on its Android phones. It is a simple yet functional method of keeping your valuable data safe.

Deleting a protected folder

To delete a protected folder on Samsung, you need to:

  • click on the vertical ellipsis;
  • select settings;
  • go to additional;
  • at the bottom, tap on the delete button;
  • in the pop-up window, confirm the deletion, agreeing with the transfer of data to the device’s memory.

Attention! The data will not be deleted from the device, but transferred to where it usually is. to the desktop, to the gallery, and so on.

How to hide protected folder

This can be done in two ways. The first is to deactivate the protected folder in the notification bar. To do this, you need to lower the curtain and find the appropriate button.

The second method will hide the folder along with the button on the panel. To do this, go to the application settings and find the appropriate item. In this case, it will be possible to make the folder visible only by re-activating it in the settings.

How to enable secure folder on Samsung

The application does not need to be downloaded or installed, it comes as standard operating system software. You just need to activate it and add your files there. This requires:

  • find the program “Hidden folder” in the application menu. You can use the search;
  • in the short description, click “Next” or “Skip”. When the start button appears, click on it;
  • sign in to your Samsung account. If it is not there, then you need to create it. It is required to work in all proprietary applications of the company. This can be done in the application, through the settings or on the company’s website;
  • press the confirmation button;
  • choose a protection method. Come up with a password or pin code that is difficult to guess, but easy to remember.

Now you can start using the protected folder. Sometimes the setting you need is in the Biometrics and Security section. Depends on the firmware version and smartphone model.

To enter, you need to click on the icon and enter your password. Buttons for adding files and programs will appear at the bottom. To remove an application from the protected folder, you need to hold down the icon and press the delete button.

In the upper right corner there is a vertical ellipsis, after clicking on which a small menu will open, where you can close the folder (you need to enter the password again to enter), change the appearance and name of the icon on the desktop, go to the settings, as well as the button for contacting technical support.

If you forgot your password

It is highly undesirable to forget your password. If you can restore access to the phone as a whole and reset the password using your Google account, then the protected folder will not open so easily. In order to get into it, you only need a password or a pattern that was invented at the start. For reliability, do not come up with something too complicated. If it is possible to write down the password somewhere in such a way that even when it is detected it is not clear what kind of character set it is, then it makes sense to make a corresponding note. Although this will severely undermine the protection anyway.

Bottom line: if you forgot the password for the protected folder, then you cannot view its contents.

You can use the protected folder on all Samsung smartphones running Android, starting with the budget A01-A50 and ending with the top-end Galaxy S line.

Disabling the application

The annoying software can be easily removed and disabled. all this can be done in the general menu of your A5. We’ve already figured out how to hide an app on your phone, but now we’ll look at an alternative scenario. This mechanism will appeal to those who have swung at Samsung’s system applications. It will not be possible to destroy these programs, but to temporarily disable them is easy. The steps are:

  • go to the section with applications through the settings menu;
  • click on an inconvenient program;
  • tap on the “Turn off” button.

In some versions of Android on Galaxy, the user will see a Disable button. This is an insignificant detail. the meaning remains. If later there is a desire to restore the old picture, repeat the route taken.

How to hide an application so that it can be used

Many Samsung Galaxy models have an option called “Secure Folder”. The logic is that you hide the application, but have the right to access it after entering the password. This is a fairly effective method to hide an app on a Samsung Galaxy. Novice users do not even know about the existence of a protected folder. But in vain. this is a useful function.

Moving on to the details. The software is installed directly into the specified folder, information from the main repository is dumped there (if desired). A copy of the program is also protected. You can even get a separate account. Start by setting up a secure vault (some users seal the folder with biometric data). Click on “Settings”.

Get busy adding the software you want. This is done from the phone memory, Galaxy Store or Play Store. In the last two cases, the account information will have to be typed again.

Done. In regular storage, the application can be easily removed. its copy is installed in a protected folder. Encrypted access will not affect the operation of the program in any way.

How to manually hide an app from the menu

The easiest way is to operate through the menu. The program will not disappear anywhere, but it will cease to be conspicuous and interfere with work. You don’t need to install anything, you will still receive notifications. Algorithm of actions:

  • Go to the section with settings.
  • Move to the “Display” tab.
  • Find “Home Screen”.

The second option is to click on the “Home Screen Options”, which is hidden in the tab with applications. This is not quite standard, but the easy way.

Unscrew the bottom of the list. there will be an option “Hide applications”.

Here you need to mark the programs that are currently interfering with you. Now look for the “Apply” button. it is present in all the latest versions of Android.

Now your smartphone displays what you wanted. Everything is working, don’t worry. When returning icons to their previous positions, use similar settings.

How to hide an app on different Samsung Galaxy models

Hide an app on a Samsung Galaxy. why do you need it at all? There are enough reasons for hiding. The most common reason is that unauthorized people have access to your mobile device. Someone is annoyed by the abundance of icons on the phone screen. Let’s see what you can do if you own a Galaxy. The instructions below apply to different models including A50 and J3.

How to uninstall an app

If you downloaded a third-party application to your tablet, then clean your gadget from it without any problems. Regular files will not be affected. The algorithm is familiar:

Remember: the scheme does not apply to system software. Android OS reliably protects files, the deletion of which will affect the functionality of the shell. The “Delete” button will not appear next to important applications. it will be replaced by the option to temporarily disable.

How to find a hidden app

Click on the round “Application bar” icon. Move to the menu (top of the display). The option “Show hidden applications” will appear (in some models of smartphones, you must act through the “All” section). You already know how to hide an application on your phone. And what about the reverse process? You can also act through the setup menu. Algorithm:

  • Tap the gear.
  • Select a section with installed software from the list.
  • Touch the “All” key.
  • Enjoy the result.

Done. Now you can hide and find programs on Samsung mobile devices. Use this skill and do not be afraid of prying glances at the smartphone screen.

Easily hide an app from the menu

The first method is the simplest: it simply removes the application from the menu, while it remains on the phone with all the data, and can even continue to work if it is running in the background. For example, hiding some messenger in this way from your Samsung phone, you will continue to receive notifications from it, and by clicking on the notification it will open.

The steps to hide the application in this way are as follows:

  • Go to Settings. Display. Home Screen. The second method: click on the menu button in the list of applications and select the item “Home screen settings”.
  • At the bottom of the list, click “Hide Applications”.
  • Check the applications that you want to hide from the menu and click the “Apply” button.

Done, unnecessary applications will no longer appear in the menu with icons, but they will not be disabled and will continue to work if necessary. If you need to show them again, use the same setting again.

Note: sometimes individual applications may reappear after hiding them with this method. this is primarily the SIM card application of your operator (appears after restarting the phone or manipulating the SIM card) and Samsung Themes (appears when working with themes, as well as after using Samsung Dex).

How to hide an app on Samsung Galaxy

One of the most common tasks after purchasing a new Android phone is to hide unnecessary applications that are not deleted, or hide them from prying eyes. All this can be done on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, which will be discussed.

The instructions describe 3 ways to hide the Samsung Galaxy application, depending on what exactly is required: make it so that it does not appear in the application menu, but continues to work; has been completely disabled or removed and hidden; was inaccessible and not visible to anyone in the main menu (even in the “Settings”. “Applications” menu), but if desired, it could be launched and used. See also How to disable or hide apps on Android.

Removing and disabling applications

You can simply uninstall the apps, and for those where it is not available (Samsung built-in apps), disable them. At the same time, they will disappear from the application menu and stop working, send notifications, consume traffic and energy.

  • Go to Settings. Applications.
  • Select the application you want to remove from the menu and click on it.
  • If the “Remove” button is available for the application, use it. If there is only “Disable” (Disable). use this button.

If necessary, in the future, you can re-enable disabled system applications.

How to hide Samsung apps in a secure folder with the ability to continue working with it

If your Samsung Galaxy phone has a feature such as “Protected Folder”, you can use it to hide important applications from prying eyes with password access. Many novice users do not know exactly how the protected folder works on Samsung, and therefore do not use it, and this is a very convenient function.

The bottom line is this: you can install applications into it, as well as transfer data from the main storage, while a separate copy of the application is installed in the protected folder (and, if necessary, you can use a separate account for it), which is not related to the same application in the main menu.

  • Set up the protected folder, if you haven’t already, set the unlocking method: you can create a separate password, use fingerprints and other biometric functions, but I recommend using the password and not the same as for simple phone unlocking. If you have already set up a folder, you can change its parameters by going into the folder, clicking on the menu button and selecting “Settings”.
  • Add applications to a protected folder. You can add them from those that are installed in the “main” memory, or you can use the Play Store or Galaxy Store directly from the protected folder (but you will need to re-enter the account data, which may differ from the main one).
  • A separate copy of the application with its data will be installed in the protected folder. All this is stored in a separate encrypted vault.
  • If you added an application from the main memory, now, after returning from the protected folder, you can delete this application: it will disappear from the main menu and from the “Settings”. “Applications” list, but it will remain in the protected folder and can be used there. It will be hidden from everyone who does not have a password or other access to the encrypted vault.

This latter method, although not available on all Samsung phone models, is ideal for those cases when you need privacy and protection: for banking and stock exchange applications, secret messengers and social networks. If such a function was not found on your smartphone, there are universal methods, see How to put a password on an Android application.

How to remove unnecessary desktops on Xiaomi?

How to remove the desktop on MIUI? Removing the desktop is as easy as shelling pears: you either transfer icons to another desktop, after which the empty desktop will be deleted, or you delete all applications from the device by transferring their icons to the trash, after which it will also be deleted.

What files cannot be deleted from android?

  • efs. information about IMEI, Mac, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • etc. configuration files used when booting the system and processes of various firmware.
  • lib. libraries required for the operation of programs and modules.
  • mnt. images of mounted systems.

How to delete a folder with files if it is not deleted?

How to delete a folder if it is not deleted

  • Restart your computer
  • Use the archiver
  • Delete the folder using the administrator account
  • Check your system for viruses
  • Check that there are no locked files inside the folder
  • Use a third party file manager
  • Delete the folder in safe mode

What happens if you delete the Android folder on your phone?

Android is where the app cache and data are saved by default. It is not recommended to delete this folder unless you want to lose application data. Deleting this folder may cause some of them to malfunction. Screenshots are most often saved in the folder with pictures.

How to close windows on a Samsung tablet?

How to close tabs on an Android tablet

  • Open the Chrome app. on Android tablet.
  • On one of the tabs, press and hold the “Close” icon.
  • Select Close All Tabs.

How to remove unnecessary pages on the android desktop?

To remove the desktop, you need to pinch the screen (yes, put your fingers on the screen and pinch). You will see a picture like this: These are desktops. To remove any of them, just drag the desktop to the trash can icon at the top of the screen.

How to close windows on a tablet?

How to close an app via Android settings

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone / tablet, find the “Applications” item and tap on it.
  • A list of programs available on the device will open.
  • Tap on the name of the required application to open its information window, where the button for closing the program is located.

What are the factors for successful data recovery?

For a successful recovery, you must stop using the device until the required files are fully returned.

If it is an external drive, memory card or flash drive, then connect it to the PC and analyze using the program.

If data is deleted as a result of formatting the system disk, resetting the system, or reinstalling Windows, then stop further installation of the system and programs. Connect the drive to another computer and restore.

The recovered files must be saved to a different drive.

The disc is write protected

If, when you try to delete a file or folder from a flash drive, memory card or hard drive, you receive the message: “The disk is write-protected“, then it is write-protected.

We have a separate article on how to unlock a write-protected USB flash drive, memory card or hard drive. The topic is quite extensive. Therefore, you can familiarize yourself with it by going to the article at this link: How to unlock a write-protected USB flash drive, memory card or hard drive in Windows 10, 8, 7.

The program will recover data after reinstalling Windows or resetting the computer to its original state?

The utility is designed to recover data from deleted partitions and re-partitioned disks. Follow these steps:

  • Abort Windows installation or reset operation.
  • Connect the drive to another computer if you cannot load the operating system.
  • Use ‘Full Analysis’ across the entire physical device to recover data from previously deleted partitions.

Is it possible to access the passwords saved in the browser?

The passwords saved in the browser are protected by the operating system, the password of the current user.

Run the program under the desired user to gain access to passwords.

Could not find this item

If while deleting a file or folder, you receive the message: “This item could not be found. Check the location of this element and try again ”, there may be several reasons for its occurrence:

Failure in the system (glitch with the rights to the file or folder being deleted; problem with the folder or file name: it can be either too long or contain some characters that the system conflicts with during deletion, etc.)

In such a situation, to delete the file or folder that gives the error, try using utilities such as:

If the use of the above programs did not bring the desired result, then boot the system in safe mode and try to delete the desired file or folder from under it. If the blocking is caused by a virus, then in most cases you will be able to delete files without any additional steps.

Comments (6) #

I have a file from the mafia 2 data1.bin does not delete I tried everything I tried everything writes open in sistem please tell me how to remove it from nowhere, then thanks in advance

Files are restored after formatting. Please tell me how to remove them?

That is, they are restored, if you formatted the disk, then you can restore them only with the help of special software. They can only be deleted by overwriting. That is, you format the disk, then rewrite a large file (for example, a movie) several times, all the empty space on the disk will be filled with this file. Please describe your question in more detail? You have a PC or Laptop, what is the operating system? How did you try to solve the problem? What exactly did not work out? What error does it give? At which step the error occurred?

“The action cannot be completed because the file is open in another program.” No program specified. Is it possible to delete? Through Total Commander or FAR or something similar, quasi DOS does not roll.

Alternatively, use the Unlocker program

Samsung Galaxy S9: How to Activate / Deactivate Secure Folder

If you still have questions about how to delete a file or folder that is not deleted, write-protected or there is no access to them, ask them in the comments.

The tool recovers files from any device, regardless of the reason for data loss.

Recovering data from damaged RAID arrays inaccessible to a computer.

A program for analyzing and restoring the history of web browsers.

Compare the functionality of the programs and make the right choice.

Answer simple questions from the wizard for recommendations.

⌛ If I pay for the program now, how long will it take before I receive my registration information??

It depends on the payment method you are using. If you pay online with your credit card or PayPal, you will receive a registration key immediately after payment.

How to delete a file or folder that is not deleted, is write-protected, or cannot be accessed?

Can’t completely delete a folder or multiple files from your computer or laptop? Windows gives an access error message? This can happen for a variety of reasons when deleting, editing, or overwriting files. Read how to delete a file or folder that is not deleted due to write protection, lack of access, virus infection, or opening a file in an unknown program.